dear diary,

alec is my favorite person in the world. i know it should probably be my sister. or my moms…but definitely not my little brother, he cries too much. i like him so sos o much. not my brother!! alec. he said he liked my hair today. i drew him a picture of the two of us and he said he’d keep it forever.

sage and alec forever <3 <3


I crafted some sage and wildflower spell bundles, once they’re dried they’ll be available for purchase through @floralsgifts 🌾✨

Please promise me that if you try to create your own you’ll be extra cautious when harvesting these wildflowers as they both have very dangerous lookalikes!

✨🌻 Now available!! 🌻✨

‘Quiet Mind’ Sachet

This sachet spell is used for calming anxiety, worry, and intrusive thoughts to bring about inner peace. 


💙 Rosebuds
💙 Salt
💙 Basil
💙 Sage
💙 Green tea
💙 Lemongrass
💙 Violet sachet
💙 Turquoise Magnesite 

Charge your magnesite on the night of a full moon beforehand. Carry on your person in stressful situations. Recharge magnesite as needed. 

💙 Magick should not be used in place of professional medical assistance. 💙

✨🌙dream cookies🌙✨

witchy cookies to encourage good and spiritual dreams 😴✨🔮

1 cup oat flour *you can make this by putting whole or quick oats in a blender/food processor
3 tbsp. honey
1 ½ tbsp. lemon juice
½ tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. anise
½ tsp. sage

mix all the ingredients to form a ball of dough. pinch off small wallnut sized pieces and shaped into either crescent moons or circles. bake for 15 minutes at 350F and let cool for 10 minutes. makes ~12 cookies

🌛blessed be and happy dreaming :^))✨🌜

Witch Tip

Emotional distance can strengthen readings, and clary sage is the perfect herb for removing emotional stains and giving one perspective. Give your cards a gentle rub down or smoke cleanse with a dried clary sage sprig, polish rune stones or pendulums with a couple of drops of the diluted oil, or use a clary sage wash to wipe down your divination station before a reading. 

Offering Stones

Hello, there is a post on tumblr here that shows you how to make offering stones. They are beautiful! But additional reblogging of the post included mentions that baking soda is not safe for nature. So I tried to come up with a different type of offering stone that isn’t harmful. I attempted several experiments before I finally remembered making gingerbread ornaments as a kid that were not edible. The recipe I have for you is simple, completely environmentally safe and it will not mold over time.

Cinnamon Offering Stone Recipe:

¾ cup of applesauce

4 ounces of Cinnamon (about two jars from a grocery store)

Put the applesauce in a bowl and slowly mix in the cinnamon a little at a time. It will eventually start to thicken and ball up into a dough that you can form with your hands.

I added some herbs and flowers that I have dried myself just for an extra touch (although the cinnamon stones are a sufficient offering themselves) Pictured are thyme, rosemary, peppermint, roses, sage (leaf and flower).

Preheat your oven to 200° (fahrenheit) and bake them for 2 hours.

It’s up to you what size/shape you make them, so get creative! I made mine smaller (an inch to inch and a half) and made circular and heart shapes. I was able to get 33 cinnamon stones. (Added tip:  if you have a spot in your grocery store where you can buy “bulk” spices and measure your own, I suggest getting the cinnamon there. I was able to get 4 oz for about $3.15 which I know is cheaper than if I had purchased two jars of it.)

I am so glad these turned out this wonderfully! It really bummed me out when I found out the other recipe was no good. I wanted something that I could give back to nature if I take something (such as a rock or herb). You can leave these as a thank you or you can also offer these to a god or goddess.

The most important thing is that these are totally safe for the environment!