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Imagine how different things would've been if someone had actually told the mighty Commander Jane Shepard that she didn't actually have to die for the galaxy. She wants to run herself ragged for everyone? Fine, it's hard to stop her. But if they just told her she didn't have to die. She died for the galaxy once already. If no one else would finally take some of the weight from her, then they could just find another way, but she didn't have to die for people to know she tried

half of you are in my inbox sobbing and the other half is providing me with more angst to torment the world with

but realtalk, the whole issue was they didn’t see her as a person. no-one besides her crew and the people that loved her saw her as a person. she was a saint, an idol, a hero, a scrapegoat. always commander shepard, never jane. 

and so she shackled herself and dragged those responsibilities until she died, just so she could prove that she tried

¿Sounded Familiar?

Could ZEN be related to Jihae instead of Jiheun?, i know there´s some theories about but i agree, the resemblance is uncanny. Here. See that gif, feels familiar, hum?
Podría estar ZEN relacionado con Jihae en vez de con Jiheun? Sé que hay algunas teorías al respecto, pero estoy de acuerdo, el parecido es asombroso. Ved el gif. se siente familiar, verdad? 

26/05/2017, 100 days of productivity day 20

Update from mobile because I fear my laptop doesn’t “just” have issues with win 8. To be honest, I have no idea what exactly is wrong - it was super slow and kept filling up the hard drive very quickly yesterday (I stayed up till 3am calling my boyfriend and trying to fix that), but this morning at the archive (no wifi) it worked just fine. For now, I have decided to circumvent the issue by staying offline and not touching it till Monday morning. I have only one more week to go, after all.

Right now, I’m dead tired, but I’m going out with some fellow researchers later and have decided to give myself a proper break with coffee and Virginia Woolf.

(My data is all fine in my dropbox and on my external hard drive. I’m too much of a control freak for that.)


Professor McGonagall sat down behind her desk, frowning at Harry. Then she said:
‘Have a biscuit, Potter.’
'Have – what?’
'Have a biscuit,’ she repeated impatiently, indicating a tartan tin lying on top of one of the piles of papers on her desk. 'And sit down.'” (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

McGonagall was the first one who strongly believed Harry Potter would become an Auror, so here she is in my series of sketches :)

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... Somehow, Still Talking About This Captain America Shit (Now With Bonus Spider-Man and Agents of SHIELD)

So now Secret Empire has revealed its Shyamalan Twist and given the readers a Good Guy Steve Rogers as well as Hydra Cap, and the kinds of dickbags who, when this whole bullshit began were dismissing people’s complaints with “oh come on, don’t you know how comics works, it’s all going to be put back at the end, blah blah blah…” are crowing I-Told-You-So’s.

But here’s the thing:

Yeah, fucknuts.  We always knew this.

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