Body in well confirms Viking Saga

Archaeologists working in Trondheim in Norway are amazed by the discovery of a human skeleton in the bottom of an abandoned castle well. The skeleton provides evidence that confirms dramatic historical events mentioned in the Sagas.

The location and contents of the well are mentioned in Sverre’s Saga, a chronicle of one of the kings of Norway, and one of very few historical manuscripts describing events in the Norwegian Viking age and medieval period.

Scholars have questioned the chronicle’s trustworthiness as a historical document. But now, at least one part of the saga seems to hold truth – down to the tiniest detail. 

“This is truly astonishing. As far as I know there is no known example of the discovery of an individual historically connected with an act of war as far back as the year 1197. And the fact that this actually corroborates an event described in Sverre’s saga is simply amazing“, says lead archaeologist at the site, Anna Petersén. Read more.

—Me gustas.
—No eres Peeta.
—Tú no eres Katniss.
—No eres Cazador de Sombras.
—Tú tampoco una semidiosa.
—  Amor entre lectores. 
Nora: Mi novio es un ángel caído
Tris: El mío divergente
Jace: Vamos cariño, impresiona..
Clary: El mio es rubio natural
—  Perfect boy only exist in books. 
Patch: ¿Nora?
Nora: ¿Que pasa, Patch?
Patch: ¿Quieres que te cante una canción?
Nora: Si, por supuesto.
Patch: Okay, aqui va. “Tengo, tengo la camisa negra, porque negra tengo el alma. Yo por ti perdí las alas y casi pierdo hasta mi alma.”
Nora: ._.
Patch: Yo se que lo amaste
The signs as Sagas

Aries- Game of Thrones

Taurus- The Chronicles of Narnia

Gemini- The Maze Runner

Cancer- Twilight

Leo- The Selection

Virgo- Lord of the Rings

Libra- Percy Jackson

Scorpio- The Mortal Instruments

Sagittarius- The Hunger Games

Capricorn- Fallen

Aquarius- Harry Potter

Pisces- Divergent