A/N: this is my gift for precious Ginny dear ( @otomiya-tickles ) for our Anniversary. I’m sorry I’m late, sweetie. This is SFW but it has a few mentions of sex, nothing too intense or explicit.

A year really passes too fast. Ginny has been with me when I got my first job and she has been there, helping through my struggling with school and my life in general.

Talking with her is just something that happens everyday so when we don’t talk I do really feel I’m missing something. I wouldn’t change our frienship for nothing in the world. I think we help each other to grow and get through life.

I’ve got your back, sweetie. Thank you for being my friend. I love you so very much, I can’t express it with words 💕 I hope you enjoy this trashy fic, love.

Summary: Rei’s a romantic, Shougou is weak and what happened wasn’t planed at all.

Words: 2,490 (under the cut)

No matter how many times Rei seems to neglect Shougo, he’s always a romantic.

He seemed to know every aspect of Shougo. The things he likes and dislikes and also the things he loves and hates. Things that make him happy and unhappy and just in general, every little thing that makes Shougo him.

That’s why Shougo couldn’t stop feeling butterflies fluttering on his insides when their anniversary was right around the corner. He’s usually the one to take Rei to his favorite restaurant and then go to watch a movie or something like that.

But this time, Rei insisted, (he actually begged), that he wanted to take care of their Anniversary’s celebration. And seeing those eyes, Shougo couldn’t say no, but that only made him feel more excited for coming back home and indulge himself with some good Sagara Rei. He really felt his inside vibrating with excitement.

“It’s Rei!”, he shrieked as he picked up his phone and saw the picture of a rare smiling Rei on the screen. “Reeeeei, hello! I can’t believe tomorrow is our anniversary! It’s like it happened just last year!”, he bit his lip and was relieved when Rei chuckled on the other side of the line, Shougo beamed.

“Well, Anniversaries do tend to happen every year , Shougo”, Shougo giggled. “You’re coming back tomorrow right?”

“Of course!”, he yelled. “I already told everyone that I was taking a day off tomorrow. I’ll be there on time!”, he heardRei nodding.

“Good. I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be seeing you at my place, okay?”

“Oh? We’re not going out this year?”, Shougo asks, tilting his head to the side.

“You’ll see. Don’t be late, got it?”, Shougo nodded, even thought Rei couldn’t see him.

“I promise! See you tomorrow, Rei. I love you!”, they hung up and Shougo pouted because Rei didn’t say ‘I love you’ back to him.

When he lied his head into the pillow, the excitement rushing through from head to toe made almost impossible to fall asleep more than three hours, hopefully he would feel just as fresh by the morning.


He woke up by 5:50 am, beating his alarm and ready to part to his lover’s side, and by five in the afternoon, he was right infront of Rei’s apartment.

Shougo gulped a little, feeling suddenly too nervous as he tried to move the knob in the door and it opened on his own, much to his surprise.

“Are you here, Rei?”, he poked his head inside the room and gasped when the first thing he saw was a line of petals guiding him towards the bedroom. “Rei?”, he got inside the immaculated apartment, he stepped out of his shoes and he knew Rei was there since his shoes where at the entrance too.

And just knowing that this was the surprise Rei had for him, Shougo suddenly couldn’t stop the smile pulling at the corners of his lips and the blush to spread all over his face.

He noticed then the kitchen, food on the table and lights and candles all around the place, making Shougo’s heart feel warm.

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