This took me a while!! I had in mind what I wanted to draw as soon as Spider-woman was requested, but i’ve been unable to do it no matter how many times i tried and evn looking for refs : / Finally changed my mind and went for another thing or i knew i would never do this pic xP

But at last she’s here! Jessica Drew in #15 for shaliara!

I did a different and more elaborate CGing than in the other palette drawings, but what the hell, i felt like it .____.

Hope you like it!

Two Chiss princes here before you
That’s what I said now
Two Chiss princes who adore you
Just go ahead now…

So my Imperial Agent finally got to meet up with his Chiss homies on Hoth. I did a little digging around online on these guys after learning they’re doing some secret stuff on their own separate from the Empire. 

Turns out Aristocra Saganu (the heartthrob guy on the left) is romanceable if you’re playing a female Agent!! He calls her “my Red Flame”. Oh my god. *swoons* ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

WHY did I decide to roll a dude agent. Why. 

aegis | 03

03. COLD

SUMMARY. KotET fic, in the form of loosely connected drabbles. AU in that multiple classes are involved and Vaylin gets the redemption arc that Bioware so beautifully set up in the trailers and refused to follow through in-game.
NOTES.  in which val is still a dick, zaara still misses home, and rei still misses her near-tyrannical power levels
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Zaara braced herself against the holoterminal and squeezed her eyes closed, both nauseas and nostalgic at seeing Saganu again — even if only over holo. He’d called her Cipher Fourteen when he’d realized who he was speaking to; it was an old title, and not even really a title at all but a lie, like everything else from that year she’d spent at the mercy of the SIS.

Well, not everything. She’d learned to trust Vector during that year, and she’d met Raina, and the two of them had become an undeniable truth, a light in the darkness, an anchor while her entire world was being turned upside down, and every other imaginable cliche. She loved them both, and they were lost to her and it hurt, in a way that made it hard to believe and harder to breathe.

(Was it love, or was it the fleeting passions of a woman trying to find stability and safety in a life filled with disappointment and sacrifice? Valkorion asked, his voice nothing but a whisper at the back of her mind as he dredged up a memory she thought she’d locked away.

Legs tangled, body pressed up against Raina’s back as the scent of her shampoo filled Zaara’s nose. Vector laid still on the other side of Raina, a lock of sleep-tousled hair falling over closed eyes that flutter with what Zaara was certain was one of his vibrant dreams. There was nothing, no sound save for the faint hum of the ship’s engines and no light save for the thin line that marked the lower edge of the door to her quarters. Their quarters — and for the first time the thought brought her nothing but peace, because it was the first morning that they’d woken up free, nothing but ghosts in the Empire with no ties and no obligations. It won’t last, and they’d be negotiating a proper return to Intelligence — what was left of it, at least — by mid-afternoon, but for now there’s nothing but the three of them and an entire uninterrupted morning.

They’d shared breakfast in bed, once they’d woken. Raina had worn nothing but the top of one of Vector’s intricate robes, Zaara had taken charge of every run for more caf or tea, and Vector had tried — not for the first time — to explain to them the differences in their auras.

It had been a good morning, and the memory left Zaara’s chest aching and hands shaking. She tried to calm herself but it was so damn hard with the way Valkorion slithered through her mind like an insect, crawling amongst her thoughts and her memories.

He laughed, and the sound made her cringe.)

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As expected nobody asked me for anything about the meme i last posted, but still wanted so badly to do it. So i just made a list with some characters i like and with the help of a number randomizer i chose character and palette. Tony Stark was the unlucky one with palette #8.

Not very spectacular, but I’m happy I can draw something decent, I only was doing crap drawings for the past 4 days and wasn’t very happy >_>

You still can aks for characters and palettes if you feel like it!! Hope you like it : )