All right. Blog revamping time. And, Quebec.

Now that I’m off of school for a while, I’d like to make the most out of my tumblr blog, which includes speaking my mind and, if possible, receiving feedback. So I’m always open to commentary and if so, all I ask for is thorough and thoughtful commentary. Thank you!

First off. I was blown away today by some of the most recent Canadian news.

This is a documentary concerning Quebec students and their revolts against tuition hikes. Since their country was about to see a 75% increase in their tuition fees, they decided to become organized and fight against their own government for a freeze in tuition (and some others for free tuition altogether).

I see this as truly admirable and I ask myself, why is it so difficult for us as Americans to do something remotely like this. I understand that it’s more difficult to do something on a nation-scale since we’re so expansive, but even state-wide or regional!

Has it really to do with geography or pure laziness? Or apathy?

Things need to change!