sagan unit


Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he is a socialist.

Still relevant today in time when our tax dollars should be used to fix our broken society. Instead, our tax dollars is used to subsidizing the rich, big oil, supporting Israel, and paying for reckless wars.

Over 100 Tumblr users (including 2 cats..), interested in science, took images of themselves with their books by Carl Sagan and are now united in this image.

This astrophysicist, author, and science popularizer (the list goes on) has had a huge influence on so many humans: thanks to him, people have pursued careers in science, learned our place in the Universe, and started to care more about the Earth. It has now been almost two decades since Carl Sagan’s death, but a lot of people are still being inspired by him. That’s what I wanted to show by putting the image above together– a person who isn’t among us anymore can still live on through all of us who care about his or her legacy.

If you don’t know about his work, check out Cosmos: A Personal Voyage & A Spacetime Odyssey & his books