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Yes, watch Pushing Daisies! It's great :p But be prepared, they cancelled it and season two leaves you with some questions at the end :T BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT AND LEE PACE IS AWESOME AND YES I READ YOUR TAGS xD I'll leave now cause I'm feeling like a stalker

WHOOPS SOMEONE READS MY TAGS AFTER ALL well this is embarrassing …

anyway! yeah, I’m aware they had to cancel ‘Pushing Daisies’, that’s why it’ll probably become another 'Firefly’ for me (I ended up loving this show so much that I’ve never even finished watching it out of fear of being severely disappointed with the abrupt ending with no hope for continuation… one day, when the right time comes, I’ll watch it, but for now I’m okay with how things are).

Lee Pace is……….. incredibly appealing…. DAMN. even when he’s wearing an eyeliner, cough