Alien Covenant

Daniels + Walter

There’s just something about a grieving widow seeking solace from a compassionate/handsome michael fassbender android who knows her anatomy and biologic needs better than anyone that’s got me a bit shook.

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Dear sir or madam,

Congratulations! We’ve reviewed your application and decided that you would be a fine addition to the crew of the Covenant, a colony ship that Weyland-Yutani is launching into space with 2,000 frozen colonists and over 1,000 embryos with the explicit intent of starting a new planet. We’re not sure how we’re going to make any money off of this, since we mainly specialize in building robots who are preoccupied with the purpose of their own existence and filling random rooms with priceless works of art for those robots to look at, but we’re sure whoever is in charge of this wacky experiment has something in mind. Maybe?

Anyway, though this is a dangerous mission, we at Weyland-Yutani have the utmost confidence that you will survive and do us all proud, provided you follow these very specific guidelines.

I understand that space is quite massive and you are likely to be of the curious sort, given the nature of your chosen profession. But you are not here to explore. You’re not a scientist. And you are specifically not mandated by the head office to explore any possible evidence of alien life, like certain other ships. Your job is simply to get the thousands of innocent frozen people in your spaceship all the way through space to the cozy new planet we picked out for them. That’s it.

There is no reason to investigate any weird signals, even if they’re playing John Denver, and especially if Danny McBride is excited about it.

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