I’ve seen people whine about Vegeta’s seemingly OOC behavior Battle of Gods and early on in Dragon Ball Super.

Okay, yeah, it’s funny and second hand-embarrassing. He’s making a total ass of himself to make sure Beerus stays in a good mood. 

Now consider this.

If Beerus gets mad, he blows up Earth. 

If Beerus blows up Earth, he blows up the only family Vegeta has. 

Look at the big picture here.

Vegeta is putting his family before his ginormous ego and Saiyajin pride. 

Saiyajin saga Vegeta from early Dragon Ball Z wouldn’t lower himself to that.

Saiyajin saga Vegeta from early Dragon Ball Z would probably say, “This planet and its people mean nothing to me,” and take off in a space pod without a shred of guilt while Beerus trashed Earth.

Consider that before you say Vegeta is being OOC.

Because where people see OOC, I see character development.