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When Edward takes Bella to meet his family, and then she says she’s feeling “extremely insignificant,” and rather than try to reason with the silly girl, because she just won’t believe him, Edward starts playing her song and let’s her know she inspired it. Because if she won’t accept words maybe she’ll accept music - it takes more effort to write a song after all. But then he also goes on and tries to let her know that his family likes her and she shouldn’t be feeling insecure.

Sorta daily NaNo check-in: SO.  INSPIRATION HAPPENED TODAY.

Guess who just might actually hit the 50K goal on the 22nd like she wanted to do?  THIS GIRL :D

I’m not going to finish the story yet (there’s more plot still and I’ll have to take a hiatus due to family issues), but hitting the 50k goal on the 22nd is absolutely satisfactory given the unforeseen things that have happened in this challenge.

It helps a lot that my villain is in the picture again and is confronting Lionheart and Kid–but especially Lionheart–

Beauregard sighed.

“Well, I guess I can’t rightly blame you, Boy,” he said.  “The War wasn’t good to me—current state of affairs aren’t any better.  But you seem to have done well for yourself since the War ended—living like a king in this inn, with fancy clothes and money to spare…”  Beauregard glanced at a stack of money on the desk, and Lionheart quickly grabbed it and placed it in his pocket, frowning.

“Half of this is Kid’s; don’t you be getting any ideas,” Lionheart warned. “And I didn’t make this money just like that; I got it after years of being a decent human being.  Maybe you oughta try it sometime.”