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Places in Norse Myth- [2//?] Fensalir

Fensalir is the hall of the goddess Frigg, chief among the Ásynjur. The name means “fen halls” or “swamp halls” in Old Norse. Fensalir is attested in the Poetic Edda, in Völuspá (quoted above) and the Prose Edda, in Gylfaginning, wherein Snorri describes the hall as “splendid.” Whether this was a true facet of Fensalir or whether Snorri knew nothing other than the name and needed an empty embellishment, we cannot know. Several 19th century scholars believe Fensalir’s etymology denotes not a swampy area but rather a wet, sea-side atmosphere, making Frigg a water goddess. Some others believe that Frigg and Sága are the same goddess, and their names and the names of their halls are simply interchangeable forms, for use of alliteration in lines of Eddic poetry.

We gave some Live Recommendations at SXSW:

We had a panel at the SXSW Geek Stage where we asked some people what they liked and we gave them some comic recommendations, here are some of them:

“I like Saga, 1492, didn’t like The Sandman.”
Try Saga of the Swamp Thing

“I like Hulk books.”
Try She-Hulk

“I love violence in my comics.”
Try Secret Six, Leaving Megaloplis, or Rat Queens

“I like short bombastic comics, They’re Not Like Us.”

“I like Angry Bird/Transformers.”
Try Godzilla or How to Train Your Dragon

“I like Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run.”
Try Criminal, The Fade Out, the Authority, Planetary, Potter’s Field, Hickman’s Ultimates, Ultimate Hawkeye, or Ultimate Captain America by Jason Aaron

“I like Chris Claremont X-Men.”
Try Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force

“Looking for something similar to Rat Queens. Medieval-esque action and fun quirky badass main characters.”
Try Princess Ugg, Red Sonja

“Any space opera recommendations other than than the Dark Horse books and the new Marvel Star Wars comics?”
Try Prophet or SAGA

“I like time travel.”
Try Planetary, Ivar, Timewalker, Black Science, or Multiversity

“I like watching Scandal, House, and House of Cards.”
Try Letter 44, Ex Machina, Velvet, or The Losers

“I like dystopia.”
Try Trees, Sheltered, Bitch Planet

“I like books told by the villain’s POV.”
Try Superior Spider-Man or Irredeemable

“I need a jumping on point for The Flash.”
Try The Flash or Justice League Unlimited

“I like Manga, Heat Haze Daze series, and Teen Titans.”
Try Teen Titans Go, Lumberjanes, Ms. Marvel or Squirrel Girl

“I like Elfquest.”
Try Skullkickers, Korgi, SAGA, or Baldur’s Gate

“I like queer stories that aren’t overly sexual.”
Try Dash, Lumberjanes, the Pride, or Kevin Keller comics

“I love good horror with a story. The Walking Dead has great character drama that I love. Hack/Slash was great, but I wish it was more serious.”
Try Outcast, Wytches, Severed, Six, or My Friend Dahmer

“I want clever, funny, geeky, something like XKCD.”
Try Superior Foes of Spider-Man or Too Much Coffee Man

Fables, The Unwritten, Locke & Key