saga majin buu

Okay listen up dragonball fans, Frieza coming back isn't nearly as bad as you think.

Okay so I’m seeing a lot of backlash about the reveal that Frieza will be replacing Buu in the tournament of power, and it’s understandable why. Buu has been fantastic in the last few fights, and it seemed like we were finally gonna have a unique situation where rules were in place so we could see Buu fight without him being too overpowered. They’ve put a lot of effort into hyping him up for the tournament, and it seems like that’s gonna all go to waste. And to make matters “worse” this is all for the sake of bringing Frieza back, AGAIN. HOWEVER This isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of people are trying to make it out to be, and despite all of what I just said I am extremely excited to see Frieza return for this arc. So hear me out. Buu is still VERY overpowered. As of right now, the only single beings shown to be able to do any serious lasting amount of damage to him has been other version of Buu, and a god of destruction. Yes the no flying-ring out rules could certainly cause his defeat, but honestly I don’t feel like seeing Buu be included in the tournament just to get booted out later on so the arc can proceed with more tension. SO HE’D MOST LIKELY NEED TO BE KICKED OUT EARLY ANYWAY Should they not have hyped his fight up so much if this was the case? No, that was a poor decision. But moving forward, I’d much rather have Buu be out before the tournament so he can be replaced than have him be removed too late and they’re down a member like I’m the last tournament. Keeping Buu alive simply wrote Toriyama in a corner for any future works, so he needs to keep finding creative ways to cover up him not helping out. So, since we do now have an open space, what better option is there than to take Golden Frieza? Think about it, this is Goku we’re talking about. The others may not trust Frieza but Goku understands that Frieza is one of not the strongest mortal in universe 7, because without the use of god Ki he could outclass a Super Saiyan Blue. In good old Goku fashion he thinks “that’d be a waste” to have him stay dead, just like when he kept Vegeta alive. Cause honestly, it is! Frieza was such a waste of potential in that movie, and while yes he needed to be defeated at the end the lack of an impact his appearance had on the series overall was almost pathetic. Now Toriyama is a simple man, and it seems to me that he wants to make Frieza a recurring character in Dragonball, and as someone who like his fair share if gags I’m sure Toriyama thinks of it as a joke how many times he’s been revived so far. But now he’s doing it in a way that’s very creative and will get a lot of interesting interactions. The return of the 24 hour pass is great, and being able to see Frieza interact with all the main characters in an “causal “setting will be so interesting. I’m not expecting something earth shattering, but at least we might be a be to see the true potential of a trained Frieza, and honestly thats something I wish we could’ve seen already. So bottom line is, even though it’s rather disappointing that Buu won’t be in the tournament, it’s completely understandable why and his replacement seems to be an amazing choice with yet another tragically underused character. Not underused in frequency, but in quality. I’m a huge fan of Frieza, and the movie did not do him as much justice as he deserved. Now it’s the emperors time to shine and I am looking forward to it

Oh, and before anyone says the replacement should’ve been Future Trunks instead, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WANT TO BRING A TIME TRAVELER TO THE KING OF ALL. That’s a huge Nono, time travel like that is against the rules, even for god. When it comes down to Frieza really is just one of the best choices they have.