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I love Vegeta's character development.

Android saga Vegeta: Fuck that blue haired bitch and that little bastard child. They can both die in that car.

Current Vegeta: You fuckin crazy, Kakarot? I can’t go training right now. My Bulma is pregnant with our second child and I ain’t about to leave her unprotected. 

VEGETA: Android Saga VS. Black Goku Saga

Android Saga

Episode 132:

Black Goku Saga

Episode 47:

Episode 50:

Episode 52:

 Episode 54:

Episode 62:

Episode 65:

This last saga has allowed us to see the best side of Vegeta, mainly as a father. The evolution of this character is INCREDIBLE. Since he does not give a shit that his wife and son were about to die, to the point of risking his own life to protect his son.

Los hermanos juntos otra vez, pelearán en el torneo del poder. 

Espero que peleen como equipo ya que se conocen muy bien por ser gemelos. 

¿Creen que sean capaces de no perder? 

 Después de mucho tiempo estoy emocionado por ver al androide 17 aparecer en el anime otra vez, si lo utilizan bien posiblemente se vuelva de mis favoritos.

Brother and sister reunited at last will fight in the Tournament of Power. 

I hope they fight as a team because they know each other very well because they’re twins. 

Do you think they’re capable of not losing? 

After a lot of time I’m excited to see Android 17 in the anime again. If they use him well, he might become one of my favorites.