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Just imagine if you could reread your favorite manga as many times as you wanted but it still had the same magical effects as it did the first time through

20 Carlisle Cullen Headcanons

Once upon a time, my Secret Santa wanted my headcanons for everyone’s favorite vampire doctor, so here they are (or some of them anyways): 

  1. Although he always tries to keep busy at hospitals, he enjoys spending any spare time looking at newborns in the nursery. (Babies, not vampires)
  2. His favorite and least favorite surgical specialty is pediatrics since he loves being able to save and bring back happiness to children, but it devastates him if they die because they’ve barely experienced life.
  3. He prefers living in big cities rather than small towns because it’s easier to blend in more.
  4. With big cities come bigger hospitals with cooler equipment and more people to save.
  5. He’s fascinated by nightlife because he can’t always experience society to its fullest potential during the day.
  6. Tried clubbing once. Didn’t like it very much.
  7. Loves hot showers, even if he doesn’t technically need them, because it makes him feel just a bit more human for like 20 minutes, provides an escape from the rest of his family, and allows him a place to think quietly.
  8. He also tends to carry steaming mugs of coffee, tea, water, etc at work so his hands are warmer for patients and it makes it more plausible for him to be working so much/late hours. (Credit to ForksFiction and/or Panlight)
  9. Watches medical shows just to point out all the inaccuracies and prove his superior knowledge.
  10. Can actually be so sassy.
  11. He tries to avoid Italy like the plague.
  12. Loves visiting the rest of Europe though – there’s so much history!
  13. Keeps most of old historical clothes in a temperature-controlled archive.
  14. Since he’s the old man of the family, someone always has to explain to him new technology.
  15. He may not always understand the purpose of said technology – “Why use a Kindle when one can simply open a book?” – But he does his best to keep up.
  16. Memes confuse him.
  17. Grade A Dork. If he becomes obsessed with something, there’s no stopping him from talking and fanboying about the thing/topic.
  18. Owns like a billion scarves. That’s what everyone gets him for the holidays and birthdays.
  19. Favorite color is blue but he can’t remember why.
  20. Loves most scented candles, but loathes candle stores. Too many strong smells assaulting his nose at once.
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Sans and Grillby Saga Chapter 20: Teaser 1

I might be bedridden (again), but I’m still writing! (Or am trying to…)

Sans gave a soft sigh as he stood in the trees, his soul hanging heavily within his chest. He was tired of being forced to watch over the child, be had made a promise to his friend. It had not been an easy one to make. He regretted it, but he would never tell her that. By the Void, the stupid promise was the only link he had to her anymore. She had never come back. He had spent what felt like a year being forced wear his smile as he watched over the child, just as he had promised.

He watched as the child made their way down the snowy path, his smile dampening as he saw dust clinging to their clothes. The child ignored the branch, but that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary - they had stopped trying to lift the branch after their third reset. With a shake of his head, he stepped out onto the path and raised his head to stare at the child.

Something was wrong.

He felt a cold pang of dread pierce his soul, heard the howling of the Void as he stared into the child’s hollow eyes.

This was not the human he knew.


So I have torn apart and replanted the dwarf hairgrass clump, as well as attempted to tame the ludwigia glandulosa and stop it from smashing its crown into the plexi lid. Some of those stems can grow what looks like three inches in five days. Slow grower my ass.

Gorlomi the pearl gourami was added yesterday. He went from easily spooked to curious. He has realized the rasboras and tetras will move out of his way, and he can hold his own during feeding time. I will be acquiring some ladies for him shortly.

That first terrible photo is of him poking my finger with his feelers, ugh they are precious.


Dia 12: O personagem que você acha mais engraçado. 

Acho que todo mundo já esperaria por Emmett nessa categoria, Porque não há personagem mais engraçado do que ele, por isso o amo, super gostaria dele na minha vida, como irmão, marido, seria incrível. Qualquer coisa que ele diz é engraçada, além de ele ser o maior irmãozão com a Bella, sempre brincalhão, e eu simplesmente acho ele um dos melhores personagens.

umm… *heavy breathing* wow im bad at this. 

Recently caught up with a you-tuber i haven’t watched in a while, mobrienorwhatever / lifeandtimesofaloser and i really wanted to draw something for her. 

I don’t know alot about Saga (SP?) but i know Mo really loves adorable mythical creatures, and i figured Saga did as well. So i decided to do a bit of a quick sketch of Saga meeting my Satyr, Adagio.  

(i might take this into SAI and finis hit up, when i have more free time.)

i apologize in advance for a garbage-ness of this, and the fact that Saga’s outfit is probably wrong >.>;;


Color pencil + Pen - about 20 minutes. 

Saga belongs to Mo Mo 

Adagio is Mine