saga 20


I folded the letter carefully, and sealed it in the envelope. Eventually he would find it. I only hoped he would understand, and listen to me just this once. And then I carefully sealed away my heart.

Just imagine if you could reread your favorite manga as many times as you wanted but it still had the same magical effects as it did the first time through

PSA For All English/Literacy Teachers

Stop having kids take notes and log their pages in their independent reading book that they are reading for fun

the entire point of a book is to enjoy the story, and thats kind of defeating the point of being able to be creative and put yourself in that book if you have to stop at every page and “highlight the important parts” and “make predictions and ask questions” 


So I have torn apart and replanted the dwarf hairgrass clump, as well as attempted to tame the ludwigia glandulosa and stop it from smashing its crown into the plexi lid. Some of those stems can grow what looks like three inches in five days. Slow grower my ass.

Gorlomi the pearl gourami was added yesterday. He went from easily spooked to curious. He has realized the rasboras and tetras will move out of his way, and he can hold his own during feeding time. I will be acquiring some ladies for him shortly.

That first terrible photo is of him poking my finger with his feelers, ugh they are precious.


Dia 12: O personagem que você acha mais engraçado. 

Acho que todo mundo já esperaria por Emmett nessa categoria, Porque não há personagem mais engraçado do que ele, por isso o amo, super gostaria dele na minha vida, como irmão, marido, seria incrível. Qualquer coisa que ele diz é engraçada, além de ele ser o maior irmãozão com a Bella, sempre brincalhão, e eu simplesmente acho ele um dos melhores personagens.

My dash is dead

My dash is pretty much dead and I’m only following like.. 90 blogs? All not even active. I want more stuff on my dash. You don’t have to be following me, but it wouldn’t hurt. I mean.. I’m pretty cool and it’s always nice with mutuals.

So if you post a lot of

  • Destiel
  • Cockles
  • Supernatural in general
  • Funny/ cute text posts and random stuff like that

Or if you just want me to check out your blog then like or reblog this post. I would prefer a reblog to spread the word but liking works just fine. This isn’t a guarantee that I’ll follow you, but I’ll check your blog out! A tagging system will give you 5 ducks. Also, it would be nice if some of my mutuals wanted to help me spread the word or something.