Not In Remnant Anymore

It was game night, once every week Crimson would have a of playing games with his friends from team SAFR. Normally they pick a game to play, either horror, fantasy, action, etc. When it came to horror, Sable always seemed calm the most. Alani… well for some reason she doesn’t seem to trust Crimson. Flora seems to hate it when the characters you got to know end up betraying you, but hey, she’s basically the teams mom. Roderick… let’s just say that Roderick received many bonks on the head for making flirty comments on a few female characters. Crimson was almost done setting everything up for the night, he checked the scroll to look at the time. “They should be here soon.“ He says with a smile on his face.



song from Sudan

Alsarah & Nahid - Habibi Safr Mini - Aghani Albanat

أغنية حبيبي سافر مني - من الأغاني الشعبية السودانية