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hey, just wondering if you know any fics where keith/lance fight and make up afterwards?? id prefer modern au too!! the more tears the better :^)

prepare for angst friend

Blue is the Most Human Color by SeaBreezy (1/1 | 3,606 | Teen And Up)

He was usually in control of it.

Level-headed, clever, supportive. He could clear any tension in the room with a perfectly placed pun that left that groaningly funny taste in your mouth where you didn’t know whether to laugh or roll your eyes. He was always the one with the cocky grin and smooth one-liners, the one who kept conversation going and light. He was supposed to be the comedic relief that everyone needed in the tense atmosphere that was always surrounding them, ready to give that terrible pick-up line and be cut off by someone sharply saying his name when they realized what he was saying. It was what he did, it was what he expected, it was how people expected him to behave.

So why did he feel so empty?


Kiss and make me cry by Lynn1998 (1/1 | 7,997 | Explicit)

When will Lance tell his parents that Keith isn’t just his friend?

smile through it (I can’t) by purplehedgehogskies (1/1 | 4,862 | Teen And Up)

“I can’t, Keith.”
“You can’t what?” A pause. Lance peeked between his fingers to see Keith, the relief of resolution falling from his face as he realized this wasn’t over. Or rather, that it was.


Yo what’s this about POLICE AU JEANMARCO ???? 

Oh yeah! My friend @saffron-skies​ is writing one!


Chapter THREE is out now!! And she’s got so much more written, so please read it and maybe leave some nice comments or feedback or whatever!

Here’s a shitty police boy!Marco I drew for her during the planning stage and when she first started writing!
His uniform was inspired by a German police uniform I saw (hence the word POLIZEI on his vest, of course). I have plans to draw some scenes from the fic, but I can’t find the motivation right now;; (What I really want to do is encourage fanart about the fic from other people! It’d be so swell.)