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Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love. :DD

Oh oh oh I have one

So uh my ultimate otp never made it because one of them ended up dead…

… but I always think that he survived and was just not shown to the members of the main party when his “twin” appeared in the game’s ending because he’s really an anti-social guy.

So anyway, while everyone else is celebrating Luke’s return that doubles as his Coming-of-Age Ceremony, Natalia is all sad and gloomy because Luke returned, but Asch didn’t. She knows that she shouldn’t be sad because Luke is back with them, and is making Tear happy and at ease, but Asch isn’t, which got her all down and sad.

But Asch surprises her just when she excuses herself to go to her room to mourn quietly and tells her that he’s back, and he’s not backing down on his promise to her this time around.

[excuse me while I try not to cry from my own headcanon orz]

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Once you get this, you have to share 6 random facts about yourself. Then pass it to your 10 favourite followers. :D

Ohhh thank you <3 ;__;

Let’s see…

  1. I used to do Taekwondo, but because of health issues (acute scoliosis), I had to stop.
  2. My most favorite videogame of all time is Xenogears.
  3. I only have two~three fandoms at a time because I can’t keep up with too many series (a.k.a. I’ll seriously be broke because I buy merchandise)
  4. My most favorite Tales of Series character is Asch the Bloody
  5. The most unsatisfying anime for me is Nobunaga the Fool
  6. The most painful OTP I’ve ever had is a tie between Jin Musou x Yunoha Thrul and Asch the Bloody x Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. Because shit, why the fuck did that have to happen

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About the revolutionary war (hetalia-wise), I was wondering why did America had to fight England for his independence even when the relationship between the two of them was good? I mean look at their past, England was a good guardian to him and America seems to love having England around (or something like that) cause yeah, he was like his big brother or father. So in the end I came to think that even tho the two had a good relationship with each other, both their citizens/government didn't.

Well I wouldn’t say their relationship was ‘good’ per say. There were definitely some faults in it. For the most part, it was civil. Though you could tell As America got older that he was having a harder time accepting England’s rules and policies toward him and his people. The last thing America said was ‘You used to be so great’. That line shows how the England he used to admire and look up to as a child is no longer there, and he had no choice but to break away.