Pregnancy Preference #4 Guessing Genders

Harry: “Babe, I am really sure that we’re going to have a girl.” Harry pressed. His never ending battle of trying to convince me that we’re having a baby girl. There wasn’t any way to tell right now because I was only 4 months and I needed to wait two more weeks to find out the gender. I had told Harry from one of my readings that if you get morning sickness frequently, usually you have a girl. Due to my ongoing morning sickness, Harry is convinced that the baby is a girl. I was hoping for a girl secretly.

Niall: Niall was getting antsy in waiting to find out the gender of this baby. He wanted to start decorating the nursery so it would be perfect for the arrival of baby Horan. He had been hoping that we would have twins, why, I did not know. But I on the other hand thought that two would be to much for new parents. “What if we have a boy and a girl? That would be so perfect. I would have my littlest princess and my football star.” Niall imagined. Niall had been reading about cravings and what they mean. My never ending love for a bowl of ice cream with salty pretzels made him believe that I was carrying twins.

Liam: “Babe! I bought some Drano and paper cups. Go pee in one and bring it back.” Liam told me while rushing in with paper bags from the market. “Why in the world should I do that?” I questioned. “I read that if you pee in a cup, add some Drano, you can find out the gender depending on the color the urine turns.” He elaborated. “If it helps you sleep at night…” I went up to the bathroom and did as Liam instructed me to do. Once I was done, I returned to Liam and placed the cup down. He poured some Drano into the cup and we waited for the color change. A few seconds later, we had a blue cup of urine. “A boy! Blue means a boy!”

Louis: “Boo, I know a way we can tell if we have a boy or girl!” Louis exclaimed. “And what is that?” I asked. Louis began to elaborate. “So, you take the year the baby is conceived, which would be 2013. That’s an odd number. Then we take your age which is 22. And even number. Then, if the two numbers are odd and even you have a boy. If you have two evens or two odds, you have a girl. And by the looks of it, we have a baby boy.” Louis said with a giddy smile, proud of himself and his supposed son. “If you really think it’s a boy that’s okay. But, where did you figure this out?” “I read that it was a Mayan thing. The internet never lies.” He smiled.

Zayn: I stared at my reflection in the mirror of our bathroom. My face is covered in zits and I can’t recall why. I have never had issues with acne and I’m unaware of why all of a sudden they appear like this. “Hun, what are you doing?” Zayn asked while I probed my skin. “Trying to get rid of all these ugly zits. I have never had a problem with acne before! I don’t know why all of a sudden I’m breaking out like crazy!” I exclaimed. “You know, my mum broke out in bad acne when she was pregnant with Saffaa. They say that if you have bad acne durning pregnancy, it means your having a girl because they are taking away from your beauty. But you still look gorgeous.”

Pregnancy Preference #7: Finding out the Gender

Harry: I had hardly slept last night knowing that today I would find out the sex of the baby. The baby had turned 20 weeks a few days ago, meaning I could book an appointment with my doctor. Harry and I were on our way to see our little baby and finally give it a name instead of just calling it ‘baby’. I signed in once we reached the office and waited for my name to be called. When a nurse appeared in the waiting room, she called my name and motioned us to follow her with a smile. We followed after her as she asked me how I was doing and if I had any questions of concerns about anything that the baby may be doing. We entered a darkened room with a ultrasound machine set up next to a examination table. The nurse instructed me to roll up my shirt as the doctor entered. She flipped on the machine and prepped me with the cool gel. The doctor waved around the wand, looking for the baby’s privates. “It looks to me like its a boy.” (Everyone makes Harry’s baby a girl so I’m trying to change it up a little.)

Niall: “I’m so excited to see my little babies today!” Niall squealed. “Niall, we still don’t know that I’m having twins.” I told him for the twentieth time today. He would always respond with 'I have a feeling that there’s two of them in there.’ We pulled into the lot of the doctor’s office we’re Niall rushed to help me into the building to see the 'babies’. We were quickly admitted into the back of the office to one of the rooms. The doctor was waiting for us to arrive, the machine up and running and ready for us. She helped with moving up my shirt and squirting on the gel. The wand moved around my stomach as Niall clutched my hand. We heard an abnormal heartbeat which made me worry slightly. “That sounds like two heartbeats. I think you have two of them. There is one of them. Looks like a boy. You can see another pair of legs over there. That looks to me like a girl, no willy on that one. Congrats you two, you have two healthy twins.” Niall’s face beamed. “I told you there was two!” He shouted. 

Liam: Today was the day. Today, Liam and I find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. I am hoping for a girl so badly. I grew up will only brothers, a girl will really suite my fancy. But of course, Liam wants a boy and is convinced that this baby is a boy. We entered the warm office building and I signed in. Liam and I waited until a smiling nurse called my name. We followed her to the examination room. The doctor entered a few minutes later and started the ultrasound. She poured the cold gel on the lower part of my tummy. She moved the wand around until a blurry picture of a baby appeared on the screen. “Let’s take a look. This look like a willy. I would say this is a boy.” She laughed. Liam cheered and gave me a big kiss.

Louis: “Lou Lou, you ready?” I shouted for my husband. I was excited to find out the gender of the baby today, so I was rushing to get to the doctor’s office. There was nothing in this world I wanted more than to start nursery shopping with Perrie. “Hang on a sec, love. Almost ready.” He responded. A few minutes later, Louis appeared with damp hair. “Let’s go.” I smiled as we made our way to the car. // We arrived at the doctor’s office were I practically dragged Louis behind me. “Babe, slow down.” Louis laughed. Once inside, I signed in with the women at the front desk and waited for my turn. “Y/N” a friendly nurse called. We made our way back with the nurse and entered a dark room. My doctor was waiting for me beside an ultrasound machine. She poured on the gel and started the examination. “There is the head and here is a ha-”. She stopped talking which worried me. “What’s wrong?” I asked with a frantic voice. “It looks like there is two of them. It looks like a girl and a boy. One willy and one pee pee.” We giggled, but very shocked to find there was two of them.

Zayn: “Y/N! Hurry up! I wanna see my boo!” I waddled to the car were Zayn was waiting for me. “I thought I was your boo.” I pouted. “Your my princess and boo. But the little one is baby boo.” He giggled. I kissed his cheek at his cuteness. We drove to the office in a matter of minutes were we saw Tricia and Yaser waiting for us with Saffaa. We greeted them and walked into the office. We waited until I was admitted back to the room. The doctor entered a few minutes after the nurse checked my vitals. “Who do we have today?” The doctor asked. “Grand-mum and Granddad and one of the proud aunties.” Tricia spoke. My doctor nodded and started up the machine. She waved the wand around after applying the gel. The picture of the blurry baby appeared on the screen. Tricia started to cry seeing her grand-baby for the first time. “This looks like a girl.” The doctor pointed out. Zayn and I smiled as he kissed my head.