Happy 2 year #Friendiversary to my #besty, #OtherHalf, #PartnerInCrime, #confidant, #FuelToMyMadness, #SafetyNet & the girl who taught me that putting effort into one’s appearance can be for YOURSELF & doesn’t have to be avoided to feel empowered (anyone who knows me during 11th-12th grade understands the transformation that occurred). I am eternally grateful for you & your joyous yet blatantly jaded personality.💚 I MISS YOU!!! 👯👯👯👯👯👯👯

SRC #309

you always ask me why i don’t believe you when you talk about how much you love me, how much you want to be with me, and how you wish you could have me. how am i supposed to believe you when you’re still with her? you talk big game yet you still have her. you told me you would leave her for me if i asked you to. i would never ask you to. why the fuck would i be your safety net? you’ll only leave her if you’re guaranteed to have me? if not, you’ll stay with her. clearly it’s all bullshit if that’s how it goes. if you want me and only me, prove it. i can only be so foolish. no matter how much i love you and how much i wish i could really be with you, i would never let it happen. not with the way you’ve juggled your women. 

how’s it feel to be the one juggled and not getting your way?

There is No Safety Net But There is God and He likes Surprises

I believe in God but not so much in religion. I believe that God is always with me and he gives me signs to do the right decision. Holding this faith is sometimes the most challenging part of my life. To believe I am a success before I begin is a daily test of will. Since I was young I’ve always had these parents who always emphasized the importance of being independent. To be no burden to anyone and solve your own problems, this value got deeply rooted especially when money was low. 

When money was low, people change, lifestyles change and in my family it always turned into a messy affair. As child I felt their safety net, the allowance, the always food on the table and the big birthdays. As I grew older, I saw the fights over money and I felt a rebelling feeling rise up. Their safety net then became a reason to control me, my cage. what I really needed was someone who can sympathize with me and my adolescent feelings. I was obedient kid but only to an extent when I want to question their ways that I didn’t agree with or understood. They were busy people always working and keeping the family together.

Older and wiser now, I understand they were doing the best they can with what they knew. I’m grateful for everything, even the safety net. I now look at the safety net as a big responsibility. It means to me family and sacrifice. Accepting this privilege is what it means to be an adult. I’m very grateful to my mother for introducing me to the metaphysical, mystical and self-help practices. It gave me new perspectives and alternative values to develop. It helped me believe in something greater than myself helping me.

I believe that God works in mysterious ways. I personally think he has a very good humor in surprising us when we least expect it. He wants us to be happy because it makes him happy, holding his miracles from you is one of them.

When I made the decision to move in with my now husband, 2 years ago, it was probably the most scariest and more liberating experiences of my life. I found online freelancing work and it wasn’t the most stable job in the world but I chugged on through believing in me and our future together.  I have a new safety net and it’s impenetrable one because God made it. It’s because of my faith in him, I can be bold and unafraid.

I expect big surprises and new skies for me in the future.

These girls have had me in floods all day! It’s so amazing to be appreciated and when they’re happy I’m happy! Anyone else can think what they want about me… I’ll do anything and everything I can to see them where they deserve to be! 😊

Love you girls! 💕💕

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The safety net dilemna

From the NY Times a few months ago:

Support for spending cuts runs strong in Chisago, where anger at the government helped fuel Mr. Cravaack’s upset victory in 2010 over James L. Oberstar, the Democrat who had represented northeast Minnesota for 36 years.

“Spending like this is simply unsustainable, and it’s time to cut up Washington, D.C.’s credit card,” Mr. Cravaack said in a February speech to the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce. “It may hurt now, but it will be absolutely deadly for the next generation — that’s our children and our grandchildren.”

But the reality of life here is that Mr. Gulbranson and many of his neighbors continue to take as much help from the government as they can get. When pressed to choose between paying more and taking less, many people interviewed here hemmed and hawed and said they could not decide. Some were reduced to tears. It is much easier to promise future restraint than to deny present needs.

“How do you tell someone that you deserve to have heart surgery and you can’t?” Mr. Gulbranson said.

He paused.

“You have to help and have compassion as a people, because otherwise you have no society, but financially you can’t destroy yourself. And that is what we’re doing.”

He paused again, unable to resolve the dilemma.

“I feel bad for my children.”

Do you ever feel like time is passing by faster than you can keep up? Not taking full advantage of your surroundings. Finding yourself stuck working for the same devil you despise day after day with no hope of stripping free from social bondage? Maybe that’s why humans live for love. Maybe if they find that one special person, it won’t hurt as much: #safetynet #sidekick #confider #supporter #1fan etc.. We all strive for something, you just gotta make sure it’s worth YOUR #Life. Ok thanks for listening (reading) me vent. (Taken with instagram)


Safetynet Campaign // Jahaziel - ‘Theft Of My Innocence’

Written exclusively for the Safetynet campaign, MOBO award winning Gospel rapper Jahaziel shares his testimony, through song, of his early exposure to pornography and the subsequent effects it had on his views of women, his relationships and even his marriage at one point.

'Theft of my Innocence’, produced by Grammy nominated Producer Steven Abramsamadu ,is a powerful account of how Jahaziel overcame his struggle in this area and found freedom through Jesus Christ. Jahaziel aims to encourage young people to speak out on this issue and to inspire them to overcome their struggles and live a pure life.

The track is available as a free download for a limited period of time from Monday 24th September. Visit or


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