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Face to face with the man who had tried to kill him, and his entire crew full of innocent people, Jim’s fingers balled into fists, ready to attack. He knew that his emotions should have fallen into a grey area, because if it weren’t for Khan, there was no way he would be standing there now. Jim Kirk had never done grey, though, it was all or nothing, his heart on his sleeve.

“Did you have a nice nap?” Jim asked, tone icy and jaw clenched. He didn’t know how the other man had gotten out of his cryotube, but Jim had every intention of putting him back.

Planting Seeds||Khan&The Testament Crew (Mosly Jennifer probably)

You could cut the tension aboard the USS Testament with a knife. The last few days of traveling through the black void of space had taken its toll on the whole crew, the senior officers especially. They had been assigned the lovely task of having to transport 73 men and women to an uninhabited planet of the edge of Federation Space. It had taken several months for Starfleet to reach this verdict, but when it was reached, no time was wasted in loading the stasis tubes into the cargo bay of the Testament.

Of course, given all the terrible things that had resulted because of this crew, several officers aboard the Testament where less than thrilled. Some even went as far as to sabotage the stasis tubes. Luckily, the culprits had been caught and now resided in the brig. he tubes that had been tampered with where now in Sick Bay, under the watchful eye of Chief Medical Officer Jennifer Midas.

Why blame the whole crew for something only one man did? she thought to herself as she scanned the man in question, Khan. She was thankful for the glass separating her and this man, even though he was persumably still in stasis. Unknown to her, however, the saboteur had disabled the stasis tube, and the man was going to awaken very soon.