Young punks of the early London punk scene ca. 1976-77, as documented by Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon in an amazing series of flash-lit b/w photographs, shot as part of their student collaboration at the time:

“…In Shakespeare’s time, the word “punk” was a crass synonym for “prostitute.”

Centuries later, the word evolved to refer to the proudly degenerate youth culture that cropped up in New York and London. Sporting Kabuki-ish makeup, chains, slashed T-shirts, and safety pins, the in-your-face aesthetic was reviled by the mainstream.

Punk style would eventually become co-opted by big couture designers (…) but here we get a look at the origins of the movement in all its glory….

…‘The street and the clubs are the stage upon which the everyday is transformed into an expressionist phantasmagoria’…


Pictured above is a blouse with hand-painted safety pin motifs and safety pins used as buttons, that Edith had suggested in magazines and newspapers. During the World War II, Edith often offered advice in newspapers and magazines to women on how to economize by sewing their own clothes.  She even wore safety pins for earrings (how avant-garde and punk of her).

Picture taken between 1944-1945.

Source: ‘Edith Head’s Hollywood’ by Edith Head and Paddy Calistro

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honestly hearing hanna talk is bad enough...."like i love like punk and like safety pins DAVID BOWIE, THE CLASH, LIKE PUNK" how did she write a book? i hope she talks about how she got Demi to relapse and then probably laughed when she wore a sober is a sexy shirt when she was clearly on drugs. Ohhh or maybe how her daddy pays for just about everything she can't get her boytoy of the moment to sling...honestly sorry Hanna pisses me off. hypocriteee.

lol, yeah, she is a hypocrite, but i still want to know what she has to say. it could be interesting. i’m sure she’ll only talk about the aspects of her life that make her look good though, not how her dad pays for everything and she’s a Hollywood and Warped Tour leech and all that junk.

Set of 2 14 goldfilled 16ga stack/stacking/stackable rings/bands - wedding

Set of 2 14 goldfilled 16ga stack/stacking/stackable rings/bands – wedding

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Bought as a t-shirt at Warped Tour and I made it into a fringe tank. Size small. Slits on the side that could show a bandeau or bralette. One side is held together by a safety pin for an extra punk look!

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**Wedding ring pair starts at 10,999

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