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Second Chances (James Conrad)

Pairing: James Conrad x OC

Warning: Little, tiny bit of violence. And giant bugs. Lol.

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I couldn’t relax. Couldn’t close my eyes without seeing it all over again. 

Choppers being tossed from the sky, like tiny toys. Flames licking away at molten metal. Bodies falling from midair. And those eyes. Those huge, yellow eyes. I squeezed my own eyes shut, desperate to make those horrible mental images vanish. Though the second I tried to think of something else, anything else, my mind wandered back to him.

To James Conrad.

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@sweetmisschesire sent me this and I loved it so much I asked if I could post it:

so imagine this, Keith and Lance both not only get stranded from the others, but they’re both poisoned only Keith doesn’t know lance is poisoned and lance is focusing all his energy and ill power he can into getting Keith to safety luckily there’s a village nearby and Lance manages to get Keith there and he;s tended to immediately and then the others find where they are and before Lance can go to get treatment as well he sort of gets absconded by the team as they try to find out what happened and get annoyed when lance can’t pay attention, everything’s blurry he hears ringing and he tastes something metallic before his vision completely goes black on him and the team just sort of panics cause Lance just coughed up blood and promptly fainted and um that’s all i got sorry it’s so long 

YALL should follow them!

To those saying “it’s her job”.

It’s so tiresome to read the same excuse over and over again.

“Sakura is merely doing her job as a medic nin.”

Well, it’s fine if you want to remain deluded to the truth and want excuses to explain why you shouldn’t be grateful to her saving your faves’ butts.

But newsflash - everybody in the series were doing their jobs the entire time.

Let me compile some of them:

  • It was both Hashirama and Madara’s job to ensure the survival of their clans, hence the peace treaty and the birth of Konoha.
  • It was Hashirama’s job as the Hokage to remove threats against the village, hence Madara’s “death” at his hands.
  • It was Tobirama’s job to preserve the interest of his clan above all others, hence his vehemence against preserving Madara’s life.
  • It was Tobirama’s job as the Hokage’s advisor to monitor the Hokage’s actions, hence him stopping Hashirama’s whim of handing the tailed beasts to the hidden villages.
  • It was Mito’s job as the wife of the Hokage to be the first container of the kyuubi.
  • It was Mito’s job as the wife of the former Hokage and resident of Konoha to ensure the village safety to appoint a successor in Kushina.
  • It was Hiruzen’s job as the Hokage to ensure the peace and should have erased both Danzo and Orochimaru when he had the chance (but failed).
  • It was Minato’s job as the Hokage to prevent the kyuubi to successfully annihilate Konoha, hence his sacrificial death.
  • It was Kushina’s job as the jinchuriki and the wife of the Hokage to keep Kurama in line, hence losing her life to make sure her successor and son, Naruto, will contain him.
  • It was Hiruzen’s job as the Hokage and the predecessor to Minato to ensure Naruto’s life to be comfortable and have him hail as a hero according to his successor’s wish (but failed).
  • It was Kakashi’s job to protect Rin as the stronger teammate and fulfilling Obito’s dying wish (but failed).
  • It was Itachi’s job as ANBU to execute the will of the Hokage, hence the Uchiha massacre.

I could go on and on but you already get the drift.

But more importantly, you know what else is somebody’s job?

  • It was Hinata’s job as the heiress of her clan to be the best at their signature movesets and kekkai genkai (but failed).
  • It was Hinata’s job to put the welfare and hardwork of her teammates above that of her crush (but failed). Hello, Chunin Exams!
  • It was Hinata’s job as the mother of Boruto to ensure her son’s safety (but failed). Hello Boruto the Movie and “take care of your father”.
  • It was Karin’s job as Orochimaru’s assistant to ensure the state of his prisoner and prevent escapes.
  • It was Karin’s job as the healer of Team Taka to ensure the survival of the team.
  • It was Karin’s job as Sasuke’s healer to save Sasuke from death after Madara’s stabbing (but failed). Hello, Kabuto.
  • It was Karin’s job as a healer to save Tsunade (but would have failed if it weren’t for Suigetsu’s coaxing).

And the most important thing?

Everybody were doing their jobs as Kishimoto’s characters.

Obviously, this means that it’s not just Sakura who played their roles. This also means that if Kishimoto neglected your faves’ feats in combat or storyline or their importance in the story, that’s already up to him. He also made it perfectly clear who got their jobs done better and who failed.

Therefore, there is no reason why antis would disregard Sakura’s feats as “doing her job”. At least, she has a job. At least she succeed in it. At least Kishimoto made her important in his story.

Your faves can hardly say the same.

When Ladybug is quiet enough, sits still enough, she feels herself multiplied by a thousand. 

She feels filled to the brim with ghosts of battle cries, mortal wounds, and ultimate sacrifices that feel foreign and familiar all at once. Like her suit that feels thick and heavy one day, and like it’s melted into her skin the next. 

Tikki says it’s because her miraculous loves vitality, loves spirit, loves passion. It doesn’t know how to let go of it all. 

Marinette wakes up screaming some nights for the safety of a village she can’t remember, can’t picture. Sometimes, she throws her yoyo into the air and she swears she feels the splintered shaft of a spear as it soars from her hand. Dull blows to the torso that send her flying for very brief seconds feel like bullet wounds that pierce deep and true. 

The Ladybugs before her fought wars. Led revolutions. Saved civilizations. She is just a little girl who stands in awe before her city and still finds herself unable to predict how she’ll manage to protect it tomorrow, and the day after that. Her legacy is already written, and it’s too vast for her to comprehend. 

Chat Noir finds her staring out into the lights of the city, her head tilted to the sky, listening to the dozens of voices, the hundreds of languages, the millions of cries for peace, for justice, for Ladybug. She tells him how much it excites her and how much it scares her. How unclear yet pristine her future looks. She is luck and creation. She is change. She is hope.

She asks if he ever feels like that. He admits that sometimes he’s petrified. 

He holds his baton and swears sometimes that it’s crumbling in his fingertips. He wakes up screaming because he swears his heart isn’t beating. When he’s flung against buildings, he sits there stunned for a moment like his blood is still and his skin is chilled. 

Ladybug asks him what he hears when he’s still and quiet. He says he hears screams, and then nothing. 

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Hello. I like to ask a request: Could you please do an analysis on Hiccup's reaction when he sees Astrid before their kiss in HTTYD2? He had such a soft, loving look and I would like to hear what you think was running in his head.

This moment?

This expression here?

Well, let’s do a quick recap:

Hiccup was just flying around fighting this ice-spitting Bewilderbeast, which had not only destroyed half his home already, but was also causing more damage as it tried to kill him. Now, I’m sure he was somewhat aware of the collateral in his hastily thrown together scheme–that there was no telling who was alive or not–but his immediate focus was Stopping-the-Thing.

Following his Stopping the Thing came the very taste of what his people had just gone through. After an adrenaline inducing ariel battle, Hiccup he goes and almost dies in a case of ice (something I don’t think caught up with him in the movie’s allotted space). Stares death right in the face, he does.

But he’s saved, by Toothless. He’s solely focused on ending Drago’s terror, but we can assume that when he speaks to his mother, he at least knows he has her by her side. That she survived. Maybe he spots Astrid out the corner of his eye. Maybe he can’t allow himself to check just yet. He has a single minded (and appropriate) goal of pulling Berk out of the dangah zone.

And then its done. He’s still high-strung, scanning the seas and not finding evidence of Drago’s defeat but knowing its a worry for another time. Berk is safe, for the moment.

Then comes the rejoicing and a lot of good comes rolling in in the wake of victory. Hiccup has a bro moment with Eret, safety bequeathing a likely-mourning dragon to someone he trusted. His mother agrees to stay–he won’t be alone. His family isn’t completely broken.

Which brings us to now: Hiccup spies Astrid approaching.

He sees her––alive, there––he’s still riding the high of surviving, of the immediate safety eclipsing his village, and in comes this stomach-loosening, indescribable rush of relief. Pure sensation, unidentifiable in that first instance upon setting his sights on her but potent nonetheless.

They’re alive, together. Berk is safe. He’s there, she’s there. Some part of Hiccupp’s brain acknowledges that they have a future once more.

That is the expression of a man allowing relief to overtake him.

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Request: Gabe/Jack - "Faerie Tithe"

R76 + Faerie Tithe

   Gabriel had been seven when he had first understood the meaning of the festival they held every year on the summer solstice, the first time he realised that the teenager who was dressed in the best their village could make and surrounded by the fruits of the harvest and hunting for that year, didn’t want to be there. He had sneaked away from his parents and sibling, wanting to get a better look at the person who was practically being worshipped, partly envious…because he wanted to dress like, to stay in the big cabin at the centre of the village and eat to his heart’s content, rather than fighting for every scrap of food. Which was why he found himself at the edge of the pallet where the ‘chosen’ was sat, crouched behind the offerings and peering up at them, only to frown in confusion when he realised that the girl was sobbing quietly.

   He must’ve made some sound, or moved something because her head shot up and for a moment their gazes met. Blue on Brown…and he didn’t know what to think of the terror in her eyes, or the brief flicker of hope as she reached for him.

“Help me…”

    He didn’t know what to do and so he shook his head, glimpsing the way her face crumpled before he turned and bolted without looking back. He hid for the rest of the day, not participating in any of the games or following the procession which would lead the girl into the forest and leave her by the sacred stones that lay beyond. Even as his age he knew that something was wrong, and all he could think was that he should have done something or said something…if it had been his sister he would’ve, because he could never bear her tears and that thought kept him awake all night.

   The next day he went searching for the girl to apologise, but he couldn’t find her. Nor the next or the next day…and when he asked about her, he was met by worried looks and told to forget about her. He didn’t. And in the end his parents had pulled him aside and explained.

It was tradition.

One life. One teenager was chosen every year, their life offered as a sacrifice to the Faerie that ruled over the forest. One life in return for the safety of the village and their prosperity.

  Gabriel refused to accept that. He had heard the legends of the Faerie and knew that no one had seen the being in years, there wasn’t even any proof that they would be punished if they abandoned the tradition. And surely it wasn’t fair for one person to be chosen? His questions fell on deaf ears… it was tradition, it had to happen. Don’t you care what happens to them? That they don’t want it? He asked, refusing to back down. It doesn’t matter. It’s for the good of the village. Empty words. Empty promises. And yet in their defence the chosen teenager always disappeared, never to be seen again, although there was never any evidence of violence or struggle which the older tales had always whispered.

They were just gone.


   It was that thought which was playing through Gabriel’s head as he bought his bound hands up to his mouth, this time tasting copper as he began to gnaw at the ropes. Gone. He would be gone, or dead by this time tomorrow if he didn’t escape, and yet after hours of work he had barely got anyway and a quick glance up at the window showed the sky outside was getting brighter and brighter. He was running out of time…

   His selection hadn’t come as a surprise. When he had refused to stop asking questions, to stop trying to end the tradition he had been banned from the ‘celebrations’, locked up at home to make sure that he didn’t interfere. He had been chosen so that they could silence him and protect their precious tradition… even his own parents had stood there and said it was for the best, even if they had done it with tears in their eyes. He wanted to hate them…but those tears stayed with him, merging with the cries of his siblings as he was led away because like him they knew the truth, they just weren’t as vocal about it and right now, as he spat out a mouthful of blood and fibre he was glad. Glad that they wouldn’t be chosen…


   He had failed. Dawn had come and with it the village healer. He wasn’t trusted to be a good tribute, and despite his best efforts there was no way for him to stop her dosing him with a foul-tasting concoction that left him numb and not really there.

   The day passed in a blur. More medicine being forced down his throat whenever feeling began to trickle back in, and trapped within the confines of his mind the anger rose and swell as he watched the village celebrating what was going to be his death. Through it all he was haunted by the girl he had seen years ago, remembering her fear and how he had turned away…and feeling echoes of it as he watched kids coming to stare at him before disappearing, only they wouldn’t be haunted by his voice or words because both were trapped by the medicine.

    Sunset brought movement, his anger giving way to terror as the pallet was lifted and borne away through the forest. He could see the light of their torches and hear their voice and yet they felt like they were coming from miles away. He didn’t want this to be how things ended. He had dreamt of a life beyond this village and now it was slipping through his fingers, sacrificed for people who had never thought of life beyond the forest, who were happy to bow to tradition.

He hated them.

   He could move his eyes, and he refused to look at his parents when they stopped to say their farewells before he was left within the stone circle, relieved that they had at least left his siblings behind. Their words washed over him as he turned his gaze skywards, the stars already coming out in force and as he felt the pallet move again all he could think was that at least he would die on a beautiful night.


   The stars he discovered, lost their appeal after a while. Feeling was slowly creeping back into his body and if he focused he could move a hand or foot and he knew that sooner or later he would be free, and something akin to hope began to burn in his heart. The hours were passing and there was no sign of the Faerie, no sign that this nonsense was real and he could feel his heart beginning to race when he finally managed to move his leg…he wasn’t going to die. He was going to be free. He already knew that he wouldn’t go back, that he was going to leave and find the life he wanted and it struck him as he shifted restlessly, that maybe that was what had happened…. that the others had reached the same conclusion and fled, leaving the Elders and the village to their delusions.

“If only it was….”

     It took him a moment to realise that the voice was real and not in his own thoughts, fear flooding him even as he rolled his head towards the sound and suddenly it felt like he couldn’t breathe. He had a fleeting impression of an old man, silvery hair framing a wizened face and deep blue eyes but then the image wavered and he found himself staring at a teenager about his age, his face framed by light gold and the deep blue eyes had turned the colour of the dawn sky and seemed to see right through him. He blinked again, half expecting the image to shift again, but the teen remained.

“Who…?” It was hard to speak, the medicine still holding it in his grip and the other boy frowned before moving closer and Gabriel felt his breath catch again. It was like watching someone dance, the boy crossing the distance in a few graceful steps before sinking to his knees beside him, eyes darkening as he scanned Gabriel’s body before focusing on his face once more.

“This is new…” He didn’t sound happy about it and Gabriel scowled…it sounded like he knew about what happened each year and he cursed the fact that he could move away when the boy reached out, brushing cool fingers over his face and down his neck, a strange warmth following his touch and Gabriel gasped when suddenly he found himself able to move again. At once he was up and scrambling away, eyes wide as he glanced down at himself before focusing on the boy.

“What did you do…?”

“I removed whatever they had given you,” the boy seemed unfazed by his response, sinking back on his ankles, eyes never leaving Gabriel. “Why would they give you something like that? They’ve never done that before.””

“You know what they’ve been doing?” Why didn’t you help?

“I know,” the boy looks sad, a deep sorrow that has Gabriel suddenly wanting to do or say something to ease it. “A tithe for the Faerie of the Forest…willingly sacrificing their own and for what?” He glanced down at his hands and this time Gabriel saw the glow that spread across his fingers. “A gift that would be willingly given anyway…”

“You…” Gabriel trailed off, shaking his head…because this wasn’t possible. It was supposed to be a myth. A legend. Yet…he glanced up, tearing his gaze from the glow and again the boy’s image seemed to waver, old and young merging for a moment before settling once more. “What did you do to them?”

“Nothing!” The blond protested looking horrified. “I freed those I could…took them to places they would be safe, gave them what blessing I could…” After years spent trying to learn the truth, and learning how to watch people Gabriel was confident that the boy was telling the truth and he took heart from the thought that there were others who had escaped this fate, before his eyes narrowed.

“Those you could?”

“There were times when I was too late,” the boy admitted, raw pain clouding his expression and his image wavered again and he glanced down. “Those ones were gone…taken by the forest, or by your own people.”

   By my own people? Gabriel frowned, before a sickening feeling spread through him as he glanced around the stone circle. They wouldn’t…

  They would. He knew they would. Hell, he was here because he hadn’t been willing to accept their traditions, and deep down he knew that if they found him here come dawn they would make sure he didn’t get a chance to keep questioning them. He felt sick…wondering just how many people had lost their lives to this tradition, how many people had been killed in this clearing. Part of him was tempted to ask but when he looked up he couldn’t get the words out, because the other boy was clearly hurting, the pain in the blue eyes when their gazes met a moment later he felt compelled to offer comfort.

“You weren’t too late this time…” It wasn’t much, he didn’t know who or what the boy was or what was going to happen to him now. Yet apparently it was everything, because the stunned smile that crept across the other’s face was beautiful and Gabriel couldn’t look away, realising in that instance that there may have been more to his village legends than any of them could have realised, his heart hammering in his chest when the other boy whispered.

“Thank you…”

Update Part 1

So it’s been a while since I’ve done much of anything on this blog ^^; School had consumed pretty much my entire existence so I’ve been behind on prompts and shirking the Zepheera-Visions, and I’ve also gotten myself deeply involved with the @brothersapart universe.

But that’s not all I’ve been up to.

Introducing Borrowed Magic, my first co-written AU in the BTaS universe!

Art  © @lotminx, a lovely commission of the babs

@neonthewrite has lent me her Bowman to join in the shenanigans of my borrower OC Zepheera and the Tenth Doctor in my crossover series Borrowed Time and Space. Fittingly enough, we’ve named this AU Borrowed Magic.

I’ve poked at ideas for AUs of BTaS before, mostly to allow for interactions with more of the Tenth Doctor’s companions, but this one has the potential for so much fun. Not only is Bowman a spitfire of a sassball, but it’s interesting to throw yet another non-human companion into the mix! His life in Wellwood has in no way prepared him for travel in time and space, and it doesn’t help that he’s the youngest and the smallest on board (due to the slight scale difference, Zepheera ends up a whole half-inch taller than the sprite, much to his annoyance). 

This is a young AU, but Neon and I do have plans in store for these dorks. I’ll start posting excerpts semi-regularly, and we’ll take any questions involving the AU!

For now, here’s a sneak peek at our first completed story!

“Zepheera, answer me!”

Who is Zepheera?

The insistent call deepened the concerned frown on Bowman’s face. He watched the tall man with hardly-blinking eyes for a moment before registering that there could be another human out there. That made his wings fan open and closed as he scanned the forest for another giant nearby.

He was thinking he might have to fly a short distance to find another giant crashing around in the woods. Keeping track of all intruders was imperative for the safety of the village. Bowman turned, aiming to look behind himself first.

He did a double take at the sight of someone on the branch with him.

“Spirit’s dance!” he yelped, flinching backwards. He stumbled off the end of the branch, but his wings caught him easily, flaring open and pulling him back up to hover level with one of the strangest people he’d ever seen. They had skin that looked a bit pale compared to his own, but not as pale as the tall human a distance away. Most important was the lack of any sort of wings on their back, despite otherwise being sprite-sized.

“What … who are you?!”

Look out for Part 2 of this update, coming soon

On today’s episode of What Anti-Konoha Sasuke Stans Think the Village Should Have Done Differently...
  • Sasuke: Hey I'm leaving.
  • Naruto/Sakura/Kakashi/Who TF Ever: what why
  • Sasuke: You know that guy that killed my clan, the most elite and powerful clan in history, single handed when he was 13?
  • Who TF Ever: Oh Yeah That Guy, Who Even Our Most Elite Ninjas In This Village Can't Defeat
  • Sasuke: I, a 12 year old, am going to kill him, this man who effortlessly put me in a coma that I only woke from yesterday.
  • Who TF Ever: We would be GLAD to help you do this very possible task [even though this guy is actually a spy giving intel on an evil organization]
  • Sasuke: You can't do that because you aren't strong enough
  • Who TF Ever: fair
  • Sasuke: So I will be leaving to train under Orochimaru
  • Who TF Ever: ah yes the Evil Scientist that performs torturous experiments on humans, specifically children?
  • Sasuke: Yes, the man who killed the 3rd Hokage
  • Who TF Ever: The Pedophile Man Who Wants Your Body?
  • Sasuke: Yes, the Pedophile Man Who Wants My Body.
  • Who TF Ever: The same guy who just lost in a fight to our current Hokage?
  • Sasuke: yea, the current Hokage, who is stronger, not evil, hot as hell, and lives right in the village.
  • Who TF Ever: Ok so lemme get this straight, you, a 12 year old, are leaving the safety of the village to train with an evil pedophile scientist who does human experimentation and killed our previous hokage and lost in a fight to our current hokage so you can become strong enough to defeat the man who killed the entire Uchiha clan on his own?
  • Sasuke: Yes.
  • Who TF Ever: Well What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Sasuke: Right? So I'll be leaving tonight.
  • Who TF Ever: Wonderful. Will you send us a postcard?
  • Sasuke: Well no, I'll be gone for good and I'll actually try to kill whoever tries to stop me.
  • Who TF Ever: Even your friends you spent the last year with?
  • Sasuke: Especially them.
  • Who TF Ever: I don't see anything wrong with that.
  • Sasuke: Well good-bye then.
  • Who TF Ever: Good-bye Sasuke-sama. Make wise choices.

The SS forehead poke is an over glorified token of Sasuke’s affections.

One, Sasuke as a child never liked the forehead poke. It was always being used by Itatchi when he didn’t have the time for Sasuke.

“I’m sorry Sasuke.” *forehead poke* “Maybe another time.”

This is Itatchi’s way of lovingly keeping his brother at a distance.

It becomes a motif of both affection and a need to be an arms length away.

However, when Sasuke finally speaks to Itatchi earnestly once he is a reanimation, Itatchi finally tells Sasuke the truth about himself.

Notice, when Itatchi was put into a position where he had to keep Sasuke safe, was preoccupied with the safety of the village, and Sasuke was rather young and naive - that was a forehead poke.

When Itatchi was finally honest and revealed his unconditional love for Sasuke, he pressed their foreheads together.

The distance was closed.

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Relocating, searching, building.

It was an impressive feat, seemingly impossible at the start. Their neighboring tribes all pitched in to help, tirelessly working together. Everyone agreed that it was time for change. Progress was an iridescent, wondrous thing, and they were making it possible. 

They traded their grubby animal hides and torn clothes for soft, clean linens. In the safety of their new villages, there was time for a more gentile existence.  Over the year, the children grew to value music and poetry, things that their parents had never focused on. 

Cato Imagine Request

can i please have a cato imagine where the girl is plus size and from district 12 and is a mentor and she meets cato and he is older than her but she thinks he is attractive but is scare he wont like her because she is plus size but he does, i love your imagines they are so good

AN: I went by the movie where characters are slightly older than in the books and thanks!!!!

You sat with Haymitch in your lavish District 12 home as the reaping began. Although you were in the safety of the Victor’s Village the anxious and depressive atmosphere swept over every inch of the district. It was the day of the reapings and everyone was on edge. “Got any more,” Haymitch shook his, now empty, flask.

“Not anymore for you,” you said smugly. You two were friends and neighbors but you couldn’t deal with his excessive drinking, especially when you’d have to train the new participants soon. “Try and sober up some before we have to catch the train.” The Capital music played through your television projector and you and Haymitch focused all attention on the sight before you. Watching district by district get their two participants selected you and Haymitch got more and more on edge until, finally, the TV projector showed your worn down district.

“Ladies first,” Effie spoke to the crowd. “Primrose Everdeen.” You gasped from horror. You knew Prim from around the village and knew her sister from school. Katniss was only a few years younger than you. You were pulled from your thoughts as Katniss appeared on the screen and shouted those words that were only spoke in the upper class districts, “I volunteer as tribute!” Katniss took her spot on stage.

“Peeta Mellark,” Effie called out next. A young man walked up with a frightened look on his face and glanced back and forth between Katniss and the crowd. The reaping was wrapped up and the tributes were taking inside.

“Looks like it’s time to go,” Haymitch drunkenly got up from your couch. “Ready for this again?” You didn’t have to answer; you both knew it never got easier.

You had won the games 5 years ago when you were just 15 years old. Your people skills, your ability to hunt and knowledge of the environment, and your ability to stay out of range from the others is what helped you stay till the end. You hid for a long time, listening as the tougher tributes killed each other off one by one. When there was 6 of you left the group of 4 tributes, from the more popular districts, turned on each other. Then it was just you, a District 1 girl, and a boy from District 2. The only way you were able to beat the two of them was because they didn’t know how to find food when the drought came and they didn’t know that not all leaves were safe to eat.

Now, at 20 years old, you spent your days taking care of the people in your district in order to help the younger kids steer clear from adding their name into the drawing. You grabbed your bag and headed out to your meeting place where you’d be taken on train to the Capital.

When you got on the train the first thing you did was drop all your stuff off at your room. Looking around the room you sat on the bed and buried your head in your hands. Being here meant another year of training young kids how to fight for something that wasn’t their fault. It meant that the kids you’d meet and help would all die- except that “lucky” one. The “lucky” one that would live and spend everyday for the rest of their lives thinking about the people they killed or the people they might as well have killed since they did nothing to help them during their time of need. The “lucky” ones that would leave with their lives but not with their livelihoods.

“Y/N,” Effie knocked on your door, looking at you sitting on the edge of your bed, “Katniss and Peeta are ready to meet you.”

“Of course,” you stood up and followed her to the larger common room.

“So how do we win this,” the eager Peeta asked to you and Haymitch.

You spent most of the train ride explain strategies to the two tributes but now that you were in the Capital you were in charge of training this year’s tributes to make things fair, which really meant to provide a better show. You looked in the mirror at the skin tight leather suit that you were required to wear to training. Although you were in good shape you were significantly curvier than all the other girls who would be walking around with you today. You gathered yourself and walked to the training room.

You saw Katniss pick up a bow and arrow from across the room. You walked over quickly and took it from her. “What are you doing?!”

“Shh,” you quieted her down. “These tributes will be watching to see what you can do. If they see how good you are with a bow you’ll be the first one they go for; you can be sure of that. I’ve seen you hunt, you’re amazing with a bow; I know that, but I also know that if I had shown off my abilities with a bow I would have been killed before I could have made it 4 feet from the cornucopia. You want my help?” She nodded. “Then stay away from the bow during community trainings like this. Go to the other stations and learn other ways of fighting and surviving.” The nodded in understand, “Thank you,” she said.

You were about to put the bow back down when you found yourself wanting to shoot. Although you did it all the time when you hunted in the forest and when you practiced in your yard you still couldn’t help the yearning to do it in a training session like this.

You raised the bow and arrow up and pulled the arrow back, releasing it and watching it fly smoothly into the middle of the circle on the target. “Smooth,” you heard a deep voice say from behind you. You turned and found yourself being towered over by one of the older contestants. “I can see why you won the games.” He was cute.

“You’re from District 2 right?” He nodded.

“I’m Cato,” he gave you his hand to shake. “Any chance you can teach me to do what you just did?”

“You need more time to get that good. If I were you I’d stick with what I’ve already been taught. Your District teaches you how to survive the games from the time you can enter. Use your strength and your fighting knowledge as much as you can it you want to make it out. Although,” you added, “if you want to learn how to use a weapon I’d use these two if I were you.” You picked up a set of small blades and a longsword. “These,” you showcased the small blades, “would be good for you because you can target things from far away. They doesn’t seem like much but if someone’s coming at you you can hurl it at them. You’re strong enough to get enough power into them to do some damage. As long as you have some good aim these will do you great. And this,” you picked up the longsword, “could be used for close attacks. Again, you’re strong enough to use it for offense and defense. Use it to do damage to another or use it as a barrier to keep someone or another weapon far enough away from you.” You passed them on to him. “Go ahead and get some practice in with them.”

“Thanks Y/N.”

“You’re trainers taught you about the victors,” you were surprised he knew your name.

“Not really, but I remember you from the games. I was 13 when you entered. I routed for you,” he spoke semi-quietly. “I’m glad you won.” You couldn’t help it as you felt your stomach flutter a little bit. Not that he’d look at you like that knowing what the girls in his district looked like.

You spent that night with Peeta and Katniss, as they were your number one responsibility, and helped them determine what tributes they should stay clear from or partner with.

The next day you were mindlessly throwing knifes at a target when you heard footsteps try and sneak up behind you. “I won by sneaking up on others so I don’t know why you think you could sneak up on me, Cato,” you spoke nonchalantly and continued to throw knifes.

“How’d you know it was me?”

“The weight in your footsteps.” He looked at you with a raised eyebrow questioning your meaning. “You walk heavy on your feet, especially your left.”

“I’ll have to work on that I guess,” he moved to your side. “What are you going to teach me today?”

You chuckled, “What do you need to learn?”

“Hmm….you hunt right?” You nodded. “How do I skin an animal?”

“Really? You want to learn how to skin an animal?”

“Well sure. They’re teaching what berries and twigs and stuff I can eat over there but I’m more concerned with how to eat the meat that I catch.”

“If you catch anything,” you told him.

“Oh,” he laughed, “I’ll catch something.” You humored him and taught him about skinning game for most of the training day.

The final day of training was wrapping up and the tributes were having their final moments to show off their skills to the game makers and show off to their competitors. You were walking along the darkened halls of the Capitol palace, or what you liked to call prison, that you were required to stay in with all of the mentors and tributes. You found a completely empty part of the palace and sat down looking over the city view. You were lost in thought when you heard a slight shuffle from behind you, “Are you trying to sneak up on me again?”

A large sigh came from the dark hallway. “Seriously, how do you do it?”

“I listen to my surroundings and I feel the shifts in the environment.” Cato came and sat down next to you; he didn’t say anything, he just sat and watched you and watched the lights of the city below. You finally spoke up, “It’s late, shouldn’t you be resting up in your final hours of freedom?”

“Didn’t feel like sleeping,” he told you. “Had to finalize some plans before I went into the arena.”

“And what plans were those,” you asked watching the lights of a train leave the Capital.

“I was wondering if you had any plans in a couple of weeks.” You snapped your view to him. “I’ll need something to do when I get out of the arena…if I do…and I figured you’d be the best person to spend my days after with. We could go out in District two and get some food at this nice little place that’s a block away from my house.” You smiled at him unsure of what to say. “Is it a date,” he asked.

“Promise that you’ll try your hardest to make it out of that arena?” He nodded. “Then, it’s a date.”

@dreaming-of-the-midnight-sun here’s a quick sketch of adult shiori! this would be her initial outfit and not her badass one tho :)
and of course i made an au: after inuyasha broke the barrier from the orb and saved her and the village, the villagers did a complete 180 to atone for their treatment of her and regarded her as their “princess”. shiori and her mom didn’t mind so much until they learned of shioris inherent protection powers, and made it her responsibility to protect her people. shiori wanted to protect those that need it, so it became her daily job to maintain the villages barrier.
until there’s rumors of villagers taking advantage of their barrier, by committing crimes outside of the village and then hiding in the village for safety.
shiori is overcome with guilt and runs away, where she eventually meets rin and is told she doesn’t owe anything to anyone and to do what she thinks is right.
so they go on a journey to strike fear in the villagers that took advantage of her powers and right the wrongs they committed outside of her village

Prompt: Caught

(It’s a repost of an old story because it fits so well with the prompt)

‘Beware the big folk and their snare. You’ll be taken by them if you’re caught unaware. Beware the big folk and their sly tricks. Their traps can lie underneath the sticks.
Beware the big folk, in the trees you should stay, go anywhere else and they’ll take you away.’

It was a poem used by the elders to scare children so they didn’t wander too far from the safety of the village. They used to tell stories of giants taking away anyone caught on the ground below the trees.
Your heart raced as you found yourself on the ground. Your rope had snapped as you swung from the branches. You were in trouble, the fall caused your left shoulder to dislocate. Sharp pain rushed down your arm and neck, tears pricked your eyes. You blinked them away, trying your best not to make a sound. Your grappling hook fell with you but you couldn’t find it. You had been searching for a good hour with your injured shoulder. It was useless to call for help, no one would dare come onto the ground to help you. On top of the pain of the injury and the bad luck of losing your climbing equipment, you had a new problem to contend with: you could hear footsteps approaching and you knew they belonged to a giant going by the tremors on the ground beneath your own feet.

You ran away from the sound as fast as you could, holding your injured arm with your good one. Panic was setting in, you couldn’t get caught by a giant. They were terrible creatures. The elders said they hunted your kind for fun. At best they kept you as pets for their entertainment, at worst they saw you as a snack. That thought rushed through your mind and you willed yourself to run faster. You hoped the grass was tall enough to hide you as you raced towards the nearest tree. The adrenaline coursing through your body was starting to drop, the pain in your shoulder returned stronger than before. Your legs were getting heavy and your lungs felt like they were burning from the short breaths you were taking. You stumbled the last few steps as your reached the base of tree. You did your best to land without injuring yourself further. You came to a halt once you fell and groaned as you got up. The ground shook again. Your heart felt like it had stopped as you saw a shadow looming over the trunk and ground that you stood on. A sick feeling churned in your stomach. You knew what was behind you. You tried to steady your breathing but seeing the shadow grow to the point where you felt the sudden temperature drop. This was it. You were going to be caught. You made one final choice, if you were going to be taken away, your were going to face your captor. You turned towards the gigantic figure.

The giant stood still for a moment before crouching down. You first thing you saw were his eyes, they sparkled a bright blue. His brows were knitted in a frown and his fringe which was a bright green poked out of a wooly hat. You stepped back and looked around frantically to see if you could make a last ditch effort to escape.
“Hey” said the Giant. The voice caught you off guard and you froze in complete terror. Your stared at the figure, heart thrumming in your chest. The pain in the shoulder pulsed once again. You winced and gripped your arm.
“Yer hurt” his voice held a slight gruffness which you found frightening.
You gulped back a sob as you shook your head.
“L-leave m-me alone” the giant became blurry as tears flooded your eyes.
“Hey now, c'mon. I can help ya” came the reply.
Again you shook you head in protest but instantly regretted it as another wave of pain seared through your injured arm and shoulder.

The giant gave a grunt and scooped you off the ground into his hand
You cried out in terror and shuffled back until you hit a soft wall. His fingers were curled up behind you, preventing you from going any further back. He lifted his hand until it was right in front of his face. You trembled as you remembered the stories of your kind being eaten.
“No-no, please don’t” you pleaded through uncontrollable sobs
The giant’s face was one of confusion.
“Don’t what?”
“D-don’t eat m-me” you stuttered, the fear clear in your answer
The giant gave a look of disgust.
“I ain’t gonna eat'cha, that’s gross! I just wanna help ya. Yer in a lot of pain by the looks of things”
Your injury was becoming unbearable and you squeezed your eyes shut as you grimaced. He was right, you needed help and he was your only option to get it looked at. You were still sobbing as you nodded your head.
The giant raised his eyebrows.
“Does that mean yer gonna let me help ya?”
You gave one more reluctant nod.
“Great. But first things first, ya need to know that ya don’t have to be afraid of me, okay? I know it’s easier said than done but ya really don’t have to be scared. No harm will come to ya, I promise” he said the last part softly.
You looked into his eyes, you saw no malice in them. In fact you saw nothing but kindness and slight curiosity. You wiped your own eyes and took a deep breath. You hiccupped one last sob before letting out a tired sigh.
The giant smiled.
“There ya go.” He whispered. “Now then, introductions. My name’s Jack, what’s yours?”
“Y/n” you mumbled, “my name’s y/n”
Jack grinned once you answered.
“Good to meet ya y/n. Let’s go get yer shoulder looked at, eh? Try to stay as still as yer can”
With that Jack started to walk out of the forest with you in his cupped hand. You noticed his pace was careful and steady. While you were still very wary of him, you started to question whether the elders were right about giants being monsters. Maybe Jack was different.

AU where the twins notice Hiccup through his flailing, disastrous attempts at killing dragons weeks before the Night Fury Incident.

They approach him with their signature, predatory grins slathered across their faces and Hiccup, like a panicked rabbit, slinks away from every attempted thrown arm-over-the-shoulder. The twins find him scarce after that.

They won’t be deterred. Not with the explosive result of a mis-aimed, oil-coated bola into the coals of a pyre still fresh in their minds from the last raid. That sort of power needs to be harnessed. Late at night, with a single candle casting ominous, reaching shadows across the walls of their shared sleeping quarters, they whisper a plan of approach.

The next day they get him while he’s eating, alone, at the corner of a Mead Hall table. As soon as they sit, one on either side, he tries to stand.

“Will you relax?” Ruffnut says, yanking him back down by the side of his tunic. “We wanted to ask you about that thing you used in the last raid.”

Hiccup’s still wary, suspicious, but he settles back down and answers their questions. They’re nice to him–no pinching or poking or making fun. They seem genuinely interested in his work.

So Hiccup allows the twins to hang around as he’s working. They’re amazed by how quickly, how smoothly, his brain comes up with methods of destruction. And he can bring them to life. Well, sort of. They offer their own ideas–most of which he dismisses immediately as purely impossible but, hey, they’ve got time.

The twins start sitting with Hiccup at meals. They invite him to hang-outs. They lift the heavier things in the shop when Hiccup’s working and Gobber’s not around. They convince Stoick to let Hiccup join the Fire Brigade. Ruffnut douses Hiccup by “accident”. Hiccup kicks the bone of her ankle the way he’s seen Tuffnut do it.They both get yanked from the path of a Nightmare flame by Stoick. Tuffnut cackles as they both get lectured about awareness; Snotlout sneers, probably following the lead of Astrid shaking her head, but Hiccup isn’t quite so put out this time around. Ruffnut’s at his side, wincing at the brunt of Stoick’s disappointment, and Hiccup makes a quip about practically being fire-proof being this wet.

Hiccup’s funny, the twins realize. He’s more–what’s the word?–reasonable than them but he’s willing to make jumps. He likes climbing things. He’s fast. He’s not completely hopeless. He doesn’t care much about rules and holy shit their future chief doesn’t care about rules.

If he makes chief. And with that, the twins decide it has to happen. Hiccup has to be chief. They take to training him. Unorthodox though they might be, the twins are still capable fighters. They play ‘target practice’ in the forest and Hiccup gets to utilize his speed and agility in a  more dangerous fashion. They make him eat more meat, carry more weapons, push more wagons full of Thorstons. He whines that they’re torturing them. Sometimes in French, so that they don’t know how nasty that whining gets. But it’s fun, he realizes through a sore body. He feels… included, at least.

Dragon training commences and Hiccup’s a part of it–shocking both him and the twins. The training turns out to be invaluable for the late-afternoon smith sessions. Hiccup knows what to focus on now (wings and tails, sound and blind-spots) and the slow honing of certain designs brings new weapons to fruition. Rather than partnering with each other all the time, the twins take to switching off with Hiccup, where they’d hiss strategies to each other. Ridiculous, hare-brained, only-try-this-if-you’re-nuts strategies. Sometimes they end in disaster, sometimes they end victorious, with a greatly annoyed Astrid scowling at their backs.

They sneak a barrel of Mead into Hiccup’s house when his father is out on the last raid and they drink and draw designs and fool around and Hiccup doesn’t think he’s laughed that much in a long time. He feels encouraged. He’s inspired now–not just with a thirst to prove himself, but with the incredible motivation that someone believes in him. It gives him a boost of confidence that makes a world of a difference. 

He perfects a hand-launcher. The twins help him in dragon training and in return he lends them proto-type weapons to use. Gobber watches, amused. Snotlout complains that they’re cheating. Astrid begrudgingly admits that it at least yields results. Fishlegs is hesitant to be a part of it. He yearns to be included on treading new grounds, but the twins terrify him. The twins, who had taken a more protective stance on their half-friend/half-investment…

Hiccup’s skill improves, as does the accuracy of his weapons. The twins in have a steady hand in his creations and Hiccup, in turn, manages to curb their more destructive tendencies. The village considers it a small blessing in the coming months, even if the initial friendship had everyone nervous. Stoick tolerates the twins, seeing how his son’s life had brightened and that Hiccup now seemed to take the overall safety of the village more seriously… even if his personal life included more tomfoolery.

people who hate kagome higurashi because she’s the “weakest” of the gang even tho she

  • constantly stands up for the weak and oppressed 
  • befriended inuyasha after he tried to kill her
  • befriends and stands up for jeneji
  • constantly runs to her friends’ aid when they get hurt, even though she’s an easy target to begin with and doesn’t think about it for a second
  • obviously practiced to make herself a better marksman/priestess 
  • gained her strength because of her empathy
  • is empathetic to all living things
  • risked her own life to save inuyasha from miroku’s wind tunnel 
  • held no malice to kikyo, only jealousy bc she was 15
  • was 15 when dragged to the past and sacrificed her safety to save a village who was going to kill her bc they thought she was a demon
  • was literally a city girl who tried to adapt to the wilderness/was in the past - no modern technology other than what she carried on her back
  • was generous to strangers of all kind
  • nearly killed naraku bc of what he did to kohaku
  • WAS 15
Headcanon #31

Po is much stronger than anyone actually realizes. At one point during a battle in the mountains a tree falls onto one of Tigress’ legs. Po, in a panic, is able to not only lift the entire tree of off her, but carry Tigress several miles  to the safety of the village. 

A Wolf’s Prayer, Prologue

Winter was setting in, the streets of the four towns were filled with fear and screams of the hunted. Women of brown and black hair lay dead in the streets. Cries of agony from mothers whose children were marked based on the color of their hair. Each Town hunted the same colors. Brown and Black. Black for Death, Brown for Beasts. Girls born with these colors in their hair were considered evil and ill omens, and thus, the sad tradition of hunting them came every winter.

The belief was that each hair color meant something different, Brown haired women were Witches of the Earth and commanded beasts. Black Haired women were Harbingers of Death who flew on the Wind. Blond hair was a Symbol for Healing and Medicine and thus Holy Water. Red hair was Sacred, as it represented sacred Fire. Winter’s were long and harsh for these villages, and some used to think that my killing the maidens of brown and black hair it would keep their families safe from death and beasts. Thus every winter so many were slaughtered from this superstition; One Winter the Village head’s, who all had girls of their own, came together to try and find a way to stop all this bloodshed.

The Village Elders came together at the mount of the 4 elements, each man with the color hair that represented his village. Blond for Water, in the South, Brown for Earth in the West, Black for Wind in the East, and Red for Fire in the North. The four men called in a warlock in hopes of finding a way to end the slaughter and bloodshed of innocent women. Unfortunately for these elders, this warlock did not have their best interests at heart.

“I see a time of sacrifice, but also a time of great peace” he said, a practiced smile on his face and deception hidden under tones of honey in his voice.

“Every year after the first winter’s snow, a woman in a red hood must be sent into the woods to be eaten by a wolf. Her soul will be taken to the sacred fire on high and the town will be saved for another winter. Every year one village must send their fairest maiden, a different hair color each year.” When the warlock finished the elders looked to one another with pained expressions, how could they send these girls into such a situation? They wanted to end the death not ritualize it.

But the warlock persisted, using his magic to slowly pierce the minds of the elders, and drive them mad.

“If it is what we must do…”The Wind was the first to fall, the other elders began to break. “I see no other way” Came from the Water. “I am in agreement.” Said the fire. But the earth was not so easily broken. “Listen to yourselves! You want to sacrifice women? Have you gone mad?” The warlock began to grin and let out a cackle of delight.

“My dear earth elder, I must congratulate you on your will, my magic seems to have no effect on you” The earth village elder looks perplexed but quickly realized what was about to happen.

“No matter, Your son is old enough to lead now, and his mind is much easier to manipulate.” The other elders eyes had turned red from the warlocks madness and turned on the Elder of earth.

Fighting broke out and eventually the Earth Elder was brought to his knees.

“Last chance old man.” The warlock’s eyes gleamed. “Join us or die.” A small gasp was heard at the cave’s entrance. The Elder of earth looked in fear at the small girl. His girl, his precious little one. “Run! RUN!” The small girl started to cry, shaking her head. “RUN NOW!” her father demanded as the Elder of Wind drew his sword and came after her. The girl ran in fear looking back to see her father’s face before watching the Elder of Fire take off his head with his sword. The girl continued to cry, tears blinding her as she ran. The Wind elder was right on her tail.

The small child ran until she tripped on a branch, causing her to cut her knee on the frozen rocks beneath her. She looked up at her assailant and cried out, closing her eyes in fear and curling up on the ground.

“Nowhere left to run whelp.” The Elder raised his sword to strike; but the blade never hit it’s mark. The sound of something burning made the small girl open her eyes. The Wind elder was nothing more than ash, his sword in the hand of a middle aged woman with long black hair. With her a small girl with the same black hair seemed confused but she clung to her mother’s leg for safety.

“I knew this day would come….” The woman’s face twisted into sadness as she seemed to mourn the death of the Wind elder. “Come we must go.” She forces herself to pull the black haired child along while scooping up the brown haired one in turn.

Night fell as the villages are lied to about the incident on the mount. The woman took the two girls to her home in the deep forest where no man dared trot. There, in her cottage two more young girls lay asleep in their beds; a Blond haired girl and a Red haired one too.

“Lily go to the fire and get me the blankets laying there, we need to use those scraps for her knee.” the black haired girl, Lily, nodded and did as she was told. Meanwhile the brown haired girl clung to the woman, crying silently as the image of her father’s death replayed in her head over and over. “Shhhhhhh, Hush child, shhhhhh…” The woman knew it was a futile effort to try and sooth her now but what else could she do?

“I know what you saw has your heart in pieces child, I am sorry, I am so sorry.” Lily brought the thin linen blankets and began to help rip them into usable bandages.

“Why…” The girl finally spoke “Why did they do that? Why did they take my daddy from me..?”

The woman sighed deeply and set the girl on a stool near the fire.

“That man, the man with red eyes. He’s a very bad man, he used his magic to hurt your father, and to hurt these villages.” the woman spoke softly as she cleaned the girls knee and wrapped some bandages around it.

“But why?!” She asked again and the woman sighed once more.

“I wish I knew sweet love.” The woman touched her poor little head tenderly.

“He’s always been this way.” she paused to watch the girl closely.

“You both didn’t deserve this…One day you will be able to take your homes back.” she told the girl slowly.

“Take it back?” the woman nodded.

“But today is not that day, you have a lot of training ahead of you.”

The witch smiled gently at the girl whose eyes widened with wonder and perhaps, just a little bit of hope.

Years later a boy was tied tightly with chains. The warlock laughed at his attempts to get free.

“It took us a long time to hunt that mother of yours down, who knew she’d just die and leave us with exactly what we needed?” The boy howled in pain, a wolf forced into human form. “Settle down boy. I’ve given you a gift you see? You can take human form to escape human hunters, and in return, you will be my instrument of death.” The warlock began his spell on the boy who cried out.

“Thy body will be my tool, thy mind be under my control. You shall take the life of the red hood maiden. Become a beast at the sight of the Red hood and feed on the maiden’s soul!”

The spell penetrated the wolf cubs mind like a spear but it was repealed. He could feel his mother holding him.

“You’re mother’s spirit protected you from my spell. No matter, I might not have full control but you are still my slave boy.” The warlock freed him from his chains and the cub took off. The poor thing tried to run outside the village but was stopped by immense pain in his legs. He couldn’t move. He tried again to leave but his legs burned again in agony. He was trapped.

“You see?” The warlock cackled maniacally. “Leave me alone!” The boy growled in fear.

“Of course my boy, I’ll leave you be.” The warlock’s smirk was sickening.

“But first you must kill this girl for me.” He nodded and a woman with brown hair fell from what seemed like nothing. She was crying and looked like she was terrified.

“This poor soul is the Late Earth Elders wife, since her husband couldn’t do what needed to be done for the safety of the village, the other elders decided she should be the first sacrifice.

“S-sacrifice? No! I don’t want to kill her!” the wolf cub growled making the warlock chuckle.

“I thought you might say that.” He took out a red hooded cloak from his bag and placed it gently around the woman’s shoulders.

“How about now my boy?”

“Nngh….” the wolf felt his instincts hit him like a brick. He suddenly felt a carnal need to take that woman’s life. He was able to shift back into a wolf and stalked around the woman, circling her like the predator he was. In an instant of pure, feral need, he took the woman. Her throat was cut open with his fangs and she bleed out onto the snow until he heart stopped beating.

When his mind snapped back the wolf became a boy again and jumped back in surprise. He trembled in fear at what he had just done.

“Good boy. Now you’re free to roam the 4 villages as much as you like~” The warlock left the boy, his laughter mixing with the boy’s howl of agony.

(Prologue is done, whew there was a lot of stuff to sort out before I started this but it should start flowing more smoothly now!

Inspired by @danydarkly ‘s Animatic Wolf Song this is my interpretation on the story from the song and the Animatic. This takes place before the Animatic the next chapter will most likely be during and then it will go from there :D

Hope you like it so far!)