safety triangle

Today in history: March 25, 1911 - The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

A fire in lower Manhattan kills 146 women workers, mostly immigrants, at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. The tragedy highlights the criminally dangerous conditions under which the they were forced to work. The fire became a rallying cry for unions and caused an outpouring of support for the workers and for improving working conditions.

(image from Pro Labor Alliance Inc.)

Via Freedom Road Socialist Organization (Fight Back!)

i saw san andreas last night & a) the rock’s character advocates the triangle of life method of surviving an earthquake, and b) nobody irl does.

if you’re indoors in an earthquake, get under a furniture and hang onto it. if you’re outdoors in an earthquake, DO NOT GET UP AGAINST THE WALL OF A BUILDING, no matter how sturdy it looks. if you’re outside, don’t go toward any buildings at all. even if the skeleton of a building is solid, there’s no guarantee that anything else on it is. debris is generally what kills people during the quake itself, not entire structures. they don’t have a habit of falling neatly in the exact direction they’re supposed to fall and forming a cute lil safety triangle over you.

this method doesn’t work anywhere in the world, whether the buildings have strong frames or not.

(honestly the safest place in an earthquake is probably pressed gently but firmly into the rock’s chest while he sings you a soothing lullaby, but not all of us have this option.)

SOURCE: all credible disaster experts