safety suits

mbmbam pilot highlights:

  • “this one isn’t really a tarantula” “THEN WHY’D YOU BRING IT, MARK?”
  • spider guy saying “this is probably the most dangerous spider you’ll ever see” and travis IMMEDIATELY bolting outta the room
  • the brothers clinging to travis’s arms and quietly chanting words of support as a spider walked across his hand
  • travis’s spider safety suit had a homemade nametag
  • in true littlest brother fashion, griffin ratted on travis to their dad, on camera. i cannot fucking believe this.
  • hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex. blast off into cybersex joe biden
Happy Valentine's Day!

Here’s a shippy playlist in honour of this not-so-holiday holiday. I tried finding songs that didn’t use words like “girl” or “boy” in them so whatever you ship makes sense with the song. Enjoy the playlist!

A Thousand Years // Christina Perri
Accidentally In Love // Counting Crows
Ammunition // Krewella
Armor // Landon Austin
Before You Go // Common Kings
Beside You // Marianas Trench
Cooler Than Me // Mike Posner
Crush // David Archuleta
Cupid’s Chokehold // Gym Class Heroes (main lyric is “girlfriend”; apologies!)
Down // Jay Sean
Dukes // Repartee
Find A Way // Safety Suit
For The Nights I Can’t Remember // Hedley (has “girl” in it; sorry!)
Forget About You // R5 (I think it might say “girl” in it? Can’t remember)
Hole In My Heart // Luke Friend
House Of Cards // Tyler Shaw
Hurricane // Bridgit Mendler
I Just Haven’t Met You Yet // Michael Bublé
I Won’t Give Up On Us // Jason Mraz
I’m Yours // Jason Mraz
If I Had You // Adam Lambert
If I Lose Myself // One Republic
Jet Lag // Simple Plan (guy and girl singers)
Kiss You Inside Out // Hedley (mentions of “girl”/female pronouns I think?)
Lego House // Ed Sheeran
Never Say Never // The Fray
Never Stop // Safety Suit (suggests that the other is female; sorry!) Not A Bad Thing // Justin Timberlake
Once In A Lifetime // Landon Austin
One Last Night // Jesse Labelle Ft. Nixon (can’t remember if there are girl pronouns)
One Wish // Tyler Shaw (can’t remember again)
Out Of My League // Fitz and the Tantrums
Please Don’t Go // Joel Adams
Ready Or Not // Bridgit Mendler (has “boy” in it)
Red // Tyler Ward (has “her” in it)
Sad Song // We The Kings (guy and girl singers)
Say You Like Me // We The Kings (can’t remember)
Ships In The Night // Mat Kearny
So Cold // Ben Cocks (more of a breakup/conflict ship song, mentions of cheating with another girl)
So Sick // NeYo (more of a breakup/conflict ship song, has female pronouns I’m pretty sure)
Stereo Hearts // Gym Class Heroes Ft. Maroon 5 (can’t remember)
Stop Standing There // Avril Lavigne (male pronouns I think?)
Summer Paradise // Simple Plan (female pronouns I think?)
The Only Exception // Paramore
Use Somebody // Kings of Leon
We Could Happen // AJ Rafael (female pronouns I think?)
When You’re Gone // Avril Lavigne (sad ship song; gone = breakup/death/leaving?)
Why Can’t I // Liz Phair (male pronouns I think?)
XO // The Eden Project (breakup song; has “girl” in it I’m pretty sure)
Your Man // Down With Webster (has “your man”, “girl” and idk what else)

I hope you all find a song that goes with your ship. HVD!

I’ll never stop trying, I’ll never stop watching as you leave. I’ll never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me. I’ll never stop holding your hand. I’ll never stop opening your door. I’ll never stop choosing you babe. I’ll never get used to you.
—  Never Stop, Safetysuit

Being Tony’s younger sister would include;

inside jokes

free rides anywhere you want

living with him and the avengers

ofc all of them loving you

lots of teasing

you picking his outfits

you shaving and shaping his beard in weird but cool ways

lecturing him when he does reckless stuff

“oh come on, just because I flew into a hole in space, doesn’t mean anything” “you freaking died and bruce had to roar you back to life what are you even talking about?”

having staring contests

him letting you try on his suit

you being the shoulder he cries on

same goes with you

watching shows on nickelodeon together

going out with him and pepper

having a great relationship with pepper

tony making you your own suit for safety reasons

having dinner at restaurants or watching movies in cinemas with the avengers

so much sarcasm between you two

him being really protective when someone of the avengers flirts with you

“hey back off my sister barnes, she’s too young and pure for your sexual fantasies” “not anymore big bro, not anymore” “wHAT DO YOU MEAN”

overall just him being so cute and protective of his precious sister that he literally doesn’t let anyone touch you besides him and pepper

I will never stop trying
I will never stop watching as you leave
I will never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you looking back at me
And I will never stop holding your hand
I will never stop opening your door
I will never stop choosing you babe
I will never get used to you
—  Our song. Forever and always
The Signs as Love Songs

Aries: Clair De Lune by Flight Facilities

Taurus: Love and Some Verses by Iron and Wine

Gemini: Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur

Cancer: Look After You by The Fray

Leo: Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy

Virgo: Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko

Libra: Find a Way by Safety Suit

Scorpio: Endlessly by Green River Ordinance

Sagittarius: Like Real People Do by Hozier

Capricorn: Hold Back the River by James Bay

Aquarius: Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

Pisces: When the Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw
I will survive this tonight, and tomorrow
A playlist for those who survive their disorders pushing them down everyday.

[please don’t remove caption]

I will survive this tonight, and tomorrow

A playlist for those who survive their disorders pushing them down everyday. 

[listen here]

Not gonna die- Skillet | Sometimes life isn't easy- Mew | Wake me up- Avicii | When you believe- The Prince of Egypt | Move along- All America Rejects | Shake it out- Florence and the Machine | Death by chocolate- Sia | Last hope- Paramore | Safe & sound- Taylor Swift | Keep holding on- Avril Lavigne | Mama said- Lukas Graham | Warrior- Demi Lovato | These times- Safety Suit | Not Today- Twenty One Pilots

Lex's Dank List of his OTP Song's

“What if” by Safety Suit (MikaYuu)
“So Cold” by Ben Cocks (MikaYuu)
“Your Call” by Secondhand Serenade (MikaYuu)
“Leave Out All the Rest” by Linkin Park (OrangeBat)
“Safe and Sound” Taylor Swift, Me vs Gravity cover (OrangeBat)
“Sleepwalking” by This Wild Life, BMTH cover (OrangeBat)
“Cut” by Plumb (OrangeBat)
“Make You Feel My Love” by Sleeping at Last (OrangeBat)
“Light” by Sleeping at Last (SorMik)
“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry (SorMik)
“Say Something” by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera (NiceArt)
“Shattered” (Version 2) by Trading Yesterday (NiceArt)
“Already Gone” by Sleeping at Last (NiceArt)
“You Wouldn’t Like Me” by Sleeping at Last (NiceArt)
“Please Don’t Say You Love Me” by Gabrielle (NiceArt)
“This Beating Heart” by The Score (PromptIs)
“Driving” by W A N D E R E R (PromptIs)
“Always Gold” by Radical Face (SasuNaru)
Enjoy. Don’t forget to grab some tissues ;)

gta cow chop aesthetics

aleks - expensive cars that he drives once, skateboarding at night, hoodies underneath streetlights, a glow of a match in the dark, the sound of muffled music outside of a club, bloody knuckles, lightning

james - dingy hotel bathrooms, storms on the atlantic, curls outlined on a white pillow, cigarettes between thin fingers, the same shoes he’s had since he was 19, the penthouse suite, sutures, thunder

joe - the feeling when you put your head out of the window of a moving car, gold plated handguns, safety vest under YSL suit, leather shoes, a black eye and a smile

aron -  wallet too full of money to close properly, detonating a bomb remotely, stabproof jacket, candy wrappers

trevor - the smell of pot left on someone’s clothes, wallet chains, supermarket at 3am, sweatpants, leather thigh holster


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Isshin says, “In the beginning, she looked after you every day.”

Afterwards, Ichigo realizes what his father had meant.


Ichigo forces himself to imagine:

Rukia’s expression the morning he’d gotten rid of her seat in class; her eyes as he’d hurled the substitute shinigami badge into the Karakura River.

Then, the line of her mouth as she’d watched him walk away from her, and everything they’d shared.

Had she seen him as he called Orihime’s name? As he turned away one last time?


A second realization: It hadn’t been the first time Rukia had seen his eyes empty themselves of her.

Yet here she is, still looking at him like he hasn’t already disappointed her in the worst of ways.


Ichigo thought he’d been amassing armor—a safety suit built on the pretenses of normalcy.

In reality he’d shackled his ankles to rocks, had let the weight drag him down; he’d touched the ocean floor and thought it land.

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steal my kisses - Ben Harper
moutwash - Kate Nash
i’ll be there for you - The Rembrandts
the one - kodaline
tenerife sea - Ed Sheeran
everywhere you look - Jesse Frederick (full house)
never stop - Safety Suit
we are young - fun feat. Janelle Monae
icarus - bastille
then she appeared - XTC
hi hi hi - Paul McCartney
shoulder to shoulder - Rebecca Ferguson
universe & u - KT Tunstall
girl from mars - ash
do you wanna - Joshua Radin
every little thing - The Beatles
nothing like you and I - The Perishers

This was really hard,. Have fun with this :) I tag @irisnsc (of course :) ) and @aarondingel, @theprincessed, @sara-lightwood, @bartsugsy, @cassiopea-13@escapingreality51, @sapphicsugden, @beyondthebridge and @sugdensquad. If you guys feel like doing this :)

the signs in an amusement park

aries: contemplating on whether they want to ride the huge rides or not 

who even knows

gemini: snapchatting the whole event 

cancer: talking about how crazy everyone is for going on the “dangerous” roller coasters OR riding them and not giving two shits whatsoever

leo: low-key challenging every other sign’s endurance 

virgo: come wearing a bubble wrapped suit (for safety) on the kiddy rides

libra: being the free-spirit and riding on the rides with the signs too afraid to go on alone

scorpio: doing whatever the hell they feel like 

sagittarius: on every single ride and calling all the other signs babies for not trying them with them 

capricorn: the “parent” of the group and making sure everyone is together at all times

aquarius: giving facts about when the ride was made and telling everyone their chances of not making it 

pisces: teasing signs into going on rides with them 

S U R R O U N D  Y O U  

listen here

1. Surround You - Echosmith // 2. Thousand Years + Twenty Four - Tanner Patrick mashup // 3. Anywhere but here - Safetysuit // 4. Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran // 5. Ho Hey - Alex G and Tyler Ward // 6. Meteor Shower - Owl City // 7. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol // 8. Northern Lights - Cider Sky // 9. Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute // 10. Bloom - The Paper Kites // 11. Enchanted - Owl City

So topetine in response to someone mentioned Dean and Benny having a mythbusters like show. 

But actually what I can see them doing is Bill Nye/David Suzuki stuff. Benny would be about the environment and nature. He’d never talk down to kids, but make hard topics accessible and be about conservation and protection of the world. Days on the show where Benny dealt with animals were always huge ratings.

And Dean would be hard science and mechanics, be able to sing the full periodic table song. He would drop bowling balls from several stories up and have painted lab gear/safety suits so that the kids who did the experiments with him looked like monsters or super heroes. It would take three days to clean up the studio from when Dean showed how to make the world’s biggest baking soda volcano.

They’d do road trips to Castiel’s planetarium and Gabriel’s kitchen and greenhouse, and Sam’s no kill shelter and rescue mission.

I so want to watch this show now.