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on a scale from 1 to IMMA SEND YO SORRY ARSE FLYING TO THE DEEPEST DARKEST COLDEST FOREST IN NORTHERN EUROPE how mad do you think jungkook was when he realized taehyung stained his precious white shirt with ketchup after trying to feed him french fries in his sleep?

jungkook probably:

taehyung probably:

hotel walls

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pairing: minjoon + yoonseok
length: one shot, 4.5k
genre: smut
rating: M
tags: sexual tension, accidental voyeurism, exhibitionism, over all smut antics


“um,” jimin begins, breaking the silence, “hyung, should we–uh–tell them?”

“i-i don’t think so,” namjoon stutters, “what would we do, just knock on the door?”

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Omg. Prompto and Noctis making Ignis and Gladio dress up for Halloween and they all go trick or treating.

Gladio swallowed hard, a futile attempt to get moisture back in his suddenly very dry mouth. He wasn’t really the most talkative of men but he also wasn’t often left unable to form words if he wanted them. In fact words cane easy to him, when he was so inclined. He could charm a number out of just about anyone he met, though he did very little of that these days.

Three steady and willing dates was more than enough for him.

For all his skill with words, however, he had none for the sight on front of him. He’s stepped into Noct’s apartment, a bit annoyed at being kept in the dark about their plans and confused about what his costume was supposed to be, and found…well.

Prompto leaning against the bar, between Noct’s legs, wearing what might as well have been nothing in the form of skintight yellow shorts that could barely be called shorts they were so tiny, and a shirt that looked more like a strapless bra with sheer yellow material hanging along his sides. He had on gloves that went up to his elbow and had feathers, varying shades of yellow and dusky brown, lining them so they looked like wings, and an elaborate feathered tail, huge and peacock like, dotted with gleaming jewels. Swirls of paint, red and orange and gold, flowed over his legs and chest, rough outlines of feathers perhaps.

Noctis, perched on the bar, was wearing white and that alone was enough to make Gladio feel a little warmer than he had a moment ago. Noctis never wore white; white was for mourning in Insomnia and, of course, were Imperial colors. But today it was all white with touches of gold and silver, costume nearly identical to Prompto’s save the addition of a silver sequin covered mask perched on the top of his head. His legs, long and pale, were wrapped around Prompto and his chin was on top of the blond’s head.

The white made him look softer, less tired and drawn than usual. And he was grinning at Gladio like he’d won something.

“I believe I made that same face.” Ignis said, smiling just a little. He looked…like himself, thankfully. Gladio didn’t think he could take anymore of whatever the other two were doing, his heart wasn’t string enough for shocks like that.

Though. The riding crop was new.

“What are you two supposed to be?”

“Chocobos.” Prompto said, rolling his eyes. Noctis’ expression said he thought it should havr been obvious and, yeah, maybe, but at the same time how was he supposed to know skanky chocobo costumes were a thing?

But now that he knew he wanted to personally thank whoever had come up with it.

“And what are we supposed to be?” He’d only gotten a text saying to wear what he usually wore and show up ready to go out but he was feeling a little underdressed now.

Noctis held up a piece of paper with a number 1 on the front and a safety pin. “For your shirt. You’re chocobo riders.”

Ignis made a choking noise and, woth exaggerated slowness, set the riding crop down. Prompto squirmed away from Noct, laughter in his smile and eyes. He practically bounced over to Gladio, paper in hand.

Gladio took a deep breath, letting that sink in, then let it out slowly. “How long have you been waiting to say that?”

Noct grinned harder, showing teeth. “Since we had the idea, so about three weeks.”

“Oh. Hmm.” Prompto squinted at his open shirt and bare chest. “…maybe we can write it in marker?”


“Where are we going with you two dressed like minor scandals in the making?” Ignis, ever sensible and slightly less dazed, asked. Though, for all his sense, he made no attempt to stop Noctis from pinning his number on him and even accepted the riding crop back.

Gladio turned around to let Prompto fix the number to his back, which would have to be good enough. No one was drawing on him.

“We told you, we’re going trick or treating.”

Gladio didn’t need to see Ignis’ scandalized look to know it was there. “Highness-”

“Its a big party in the entertainment district.” Prompto said. “They shut down the traffic around almost three blocks of bars and clubs and everyone in costume gets a free signature candy cocktail. Banda and music on the street, people walking around between all the places. It’s fun, we’ve gone the past two years.”

“You what?” Gladio twisted around to look at Noctis accusingly. Noct was, of course, allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted (within reason) but one of the conditions to the considerable amount of freedom the king granted him was that either Ignis or Gladio was to know if he was out somewhere that wasn’t work, school, or Prompto’s.

Ignis scowled. “You did this without at least informing one of us?”

Noctis blinked. “Doesn’t sound like something I would do. Must have been some other prince.”

“Right,” Prompto laughed anxiously, hands smoothing over Gladio’s back. “I must have remembered it wrong.”

“Because there’s so many princes to choose from.” Ignis said dryly.

“Easy mistake to make.” Noctis agreed as slipped his mask into place. “I forgive you. Ready to go?”

Ignis face said no but Noctis took him by the hand and started pulling him to the door and, true to form, Ignis only sighed in resignation before giving in. Gladio snorted then offered his elbow for Prompto, who looped his arm through it and cuddled close to his side.

“So,” Gladio started as they trailed the other two to the elevator. “What else have you two been doing without us? Any other outings ypu want to confess to?”

He wasn’t sure if Prompto and Noct’s laughter should worry him or excite him but his body seemed to fall *firmly* on the side of excite. Or maybe that was just the nice view of Noct’s legs and…tail feathers talking. It was hard to say.

Are there any cool tutorials on downsizing/upcycling T-shirts that won’t make me look like a high school freshman who feverishly hacked at their science camp souvenir shirt with safety scissors until it resembled something that might give their crush a boner in gym class?

Because all of my favourite T-shirts are too big on me now, but not big enough that it’s a lost cause and time to turn them into patches, and like… Doing intricate knot magic so that the back looks like a skull or some shit isn’t really going to fix that. But I’d feel weird just straight-up clean tailoring my Dave Strider shirt like a pioneer woman from the worst possible alternate timeline.

So, yeah. Neat ideas. Get at me.

I Can't Even Fanfiction : )

Warning, I can’t write stories well. - - - - - - -

Antonio sat high above the ground on a tree branch, hidden well behind  the base of the tree, watching a short tempered boy walk by. He held a red apple in one hand and a book in the other, reading it silently. The boy’s name was Lovino, a well known boy throughout  the middle school. He was only 13, and shared two classes with Antonio, and well.. He had Antonio absolutely smitten for him. Not that he knew it though.

Antonio’s eyes followed his walking form intently, wondering what he was reading, when he caught a glance of Lovino’s lips. They were moving slightly, mumbling the words from the books pages quietly. Antonio quietly questioned what they would feel like pressed against his cheek, kissing him affectionately, or even just kissing his hand.

Slowly, he brought a hand to his cheek to rub it. Fantasizing about a pair of lips that could be there for a moment.

At the mere thought of the boy being affectionate to him, staring at him lovingly, he felt his cheeks burn under his fingers and his eyes go wide. Would Lovino dare to love another boy? Would he accept Antonios affections? Lovino had no idea how much Antonio adored, and idolized him.

To Antonio, Lovino was godly, strong, and  confident. Yes, he was a bit arrogant, stubborn,  and could sometimes be mean. That didn’t matter to Antonio, he looked beyond that and saw Lovino for himself. He found himself captivated by him, wanting to know more about Lovino. Wanting to have a bond, even if it wasn’t romantic. He would be okay with a platonic  relationship.

The problem on the table wasn’t only that he feared rejection, it was also the fact that he had never found the courage to actually interact with the other. His youth shyness had still not faded away, making it difficult for him to muster any courage to talk to Lovino.

Antonio let out a disappointed sigh, looking back at Lovino longingly. His hand moved away from his face to rest on the branch for balance. If he were to fall and get his uniform stained with dirt, his mother wouldn’t be happy.

Maybe he was too young to already know his sexuality. Or even think of being so intimate with another. Or even dream of having future with the boy, but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to hold a special place in Lovino’s heart.

Thump Thump

Was that his chest?

Thump Thump Thump

He looked down and saw a bright pink heart crawl out from under his school shirt. Oh no. This wasn’t good. The thumps from his heart were getting louder and louder. Panicking when seeing Lovino was turning around to look their way, he snatched the floating heart and hid behind the tree base, holding it close to his chest to muffle the sound. Praying that Lovino would just shrug it off and go back to reading.

Lovino stared at the tree for a moment, pausing in walking. His rose a brow at the tree before turning back around and going back to reading, coming to the conclusion that it was probably just a squirrel or some other creature climbing. It seemed logical enough. He’s seen plenty on school ground in the courtyard. His brother even tried to catch a small critter one time.

Antonio however, couldn’t even barely begin to explain the relief that he felt. Looking at the tiny heart he motioned for it to be quiet by pressing a finger to his own lips. It seemed to work and get through to the heart. The heartbeats had quieted  down to a minimum instead of thumping loudly.

This would have been the end of it for now, if it wasn’t for the fact that the beating organ had caught sight of Lovino and started zooming towards him. Antonio felt dread come over him as he jumped down the tree and dashed at full speed towards his own heart, not even thinking about Lovino, who he crashed into. In the process of catching his heart into his hands, he had managed to get into an awkward pose.

Being with him behind Lovino, arms wrapped around his back so that his hands were in front of Lovino, and face pressed against his shoulder. As if the situation could get worse, Lovino was as stiff and tense as a brick wall. His mouth open agape as he looked at the boy who was behind him, awkwardly holding him in a weird way.

Antonio felt his eyes go wide in realization. As quick as his body could go, he ran back and jumped in a trash can to hide from Lovino,  beyond embarrassed with himself.

“Stupid stupid stupid..!” he whisper yelled to himself while pulling at his own hair.

“You need to stay with me at all times, you can’t just go up to people like that, it’s just weird and plain rude!” he scolded his heart quietly.

It didn’t seem to matter to the heart however,  as it just kept looking in the direction it knew Lovino was at.


“The hell..? ” Lovino mumbled, watching the other boy literally jump into a trashcan.

Ew, okay. Was that boy for real? He just ran up to him and hugged Lovino before diving into a trash can. What was he doing? He made him drop his apple too, how rude.

Before Lovino could go up and confront the boy,  the school bell rung. Signalling that everyone had to be in their respective class in five minutes.

With one last confused look at the trashcan, he picked up his apple and turned to go to his first class of the day. Maybe he could see the boy later and ask him what the hell he was up to, not noticing that Antonio was watching him again with sad sigh.

“Wait what are you doing?! No get back here!” Antonio said in a voice barely above a whisper as he tried to catch his heart that chased after Lovino.

‘Dios mio I am SCREWED,’ he thought staring dumbly as his heart  entered the school doors right before they closed behind Lovino.

He knew he needed to find his heart  and fast if he were to get out of this situation safely. A damaged heart is never a good thing. They are tiny and fragile.. His heart could get damaged if he didn’t find it and he could risk his own emotions.

After climbing out of the trashcan, he darted towards the door at top speed. The sound of teens and preteens talking could be heard as well as confused shouting. Antonio soon found out why.

When he opened the door, everyone turned to stare at him strangely. Well.. Who wouldn’t? When you see a boy burst in through the doors with leaves in their hair that was messy and stains all over their clothes,  you would stare at them confused, but that wasn’t Antonio’s main focus. His main focus and source of dread was the fact that Lovino was on the floor confused, and shouting curses as Antonio’s hearts floated around him, hugged him, and even nuzzled his cheek.

Antonio gasped and immediately went to snatch the heart away from the flustered  and confused boy,  but his heart decided to be more of a pain and got a hold of Lovino’s hand, holding it tightly. Antonio felt like crying, not only was he beyond embarrassed, he also felt a mix of shame disgust in himself as the kids around him whispered and stared at the two of them. That wasn’t the worst part, what made everything hurt more was the fact that Lovino only stared at him uncomfortably and tried pulling away.

The tiny heart wouldn’t let go of Lovino, even when Antonio tried to pull it away roughly. Fear filled the spanish boy when he saw his heart was beginning to tear in half. Should he give up or should he keep pulling his heart away? He didn’t know if he would be able to put it back together,  or if he would feel the same, but.. With they way everyone  was looking at him..especially Lovino..Maybe this was for the best of both of them.

With one last harsh tug, his heart split in two. He felt a wave of shock go through him, then a burning feeling from his eyes and throat, and then he felt as if life itself and drained from the world. As if it was empty. No purpose. He was just living.

People watched in shock as Antonio ran out with half a broken heart and Lovino stayed and caught the damaged heart in his hands with wide eyes.

…What the hell just happened?

No one saw the tears threatening to spill in Antonio’s  eyes. No one saw as he ran and hid behind the same tree he was at earlier.  Or that he looked down at his poor excuse of a heart and began to sob quietly. No one else saw the poor heartbroken child for the rest of the day. No else except for Lovino,  who put the half of a heart to rest in the safety in his shirt pocket.

Antonio had fallen asleep after he had cried quietly to himself. Hours passed until it was already the end of the day and he still hadn’t woken up, he had stayed in the same spot asleep. Not even waking when others went rushing through the school doors ,eager to go home. His body just wanted sleep, sleep was comforting.

He did however, wake up to a someone shaking his shoulder, tired green eyes looking at the person who woke him confused. His confusion soon turned to one of surprise, and then to shame. He stared at Lovino silently, who in return stared back at him with a frown.

“Your hand”

“What? “Antonio asked confused

“Give me your hand already! “Lovino said feeling his face go red, confusing Antonio.

Lovino pointed to the hand with Antonio’s heart in it, who in return blinked. "Oh.. ”

Slowly, he held it out. Uncovering the heart for the other and looking away, not knowing what to do, or what the other was going to do. Was he going to smash it? Steal it? Or just look at it and then make fun of him?

To his surprise, he felt the world get brighter  once more and dopamine run through him once more.  "Wha-“

When he turned ning back to look at Lovino, he nearly teared up at what then out her had done for him. His heart was whole in his hand once more,  looking brand new, like it never got damaged. He stared at Lovino with hopeful eyes and waited for him to say something again. Anything. Even if it was some snappy remark, he would take it.

Lovino didn’t say anything until Antonio’s heart flew towards Lovino, nuzzling his cheek affectionately.

Lovino looked at the tiny heart with a scowl, however the red cheeks and soft gasp he sent to hide heart countered it.

“There’s uh, something I should show you” he mumbled before unzipping his backpack.

Antonio couldn’t stop himself from smiling widely when another heart came out from the bag and tackled his own heart in a hug. He could barely express the relief he felt at that moment that him and Lovino weren’t on bad terms.

"So.. Does this mean-”

“Shut up” Lovino interrupted.



Antonio couldn’t find it in himself to be mad at Lovino for not letting him speak. Antonio did a mentally cheered when Lovino scooted next to him, back against the tree, and rested his head on his shoulder. Their hands pressed together  and fingers intertwined.

Maybe the world wouldn’t accept  Antonio for whom he loved, and didn’t deem it acceptable, but knowing that Lovino was willing to give love a try with him was satisfying enough. He was overjoyed that his dreams had a chance. For Antonio, that was enough to keep him steady. Believe that there was more people in the world that would accept him  despite who he loved in a heartbeat.

- - -
Inspired by @irimaru AU forntgese two

Sorry it doesn’t follow the story well xO

okay so let’s talk about tonight’s episode of saturday night live. i was so worried that this show that i love was going to make light of the horrible events happening in the country, but i was not disappointed. first, pete posted on instagram with a beautiful caption which, to be completely honest, is the only reason i watched the show tonight. kate as hillary, singing hallelujah, broke my heart. it broke everyone’s heart. and when she said, “I’m not giving up, and neither should you,” with tears in her eyes, it killed each and every one of us. thank you, snl, for not mocking us. thank you for letting kate play hillary. thank you for letting our incredible gay icon play such an amazing and influential woman. thank you for that message.
everyone was so happy tonight. did you see that? almost everyone broke. kate broke as rbg and she kept giggling and my heart soared. and kenan broke a million times. leslie, my sweet baby, broke over and over again. and pete with that god damn cookie. was that not beautiful?
and leslie. leslie fucking jones stole the show. she looked so beautiful tonight (she does all the time, who am i kidding) and she got so much screen time and i am so happy for her.
talk about cecily’s safety pin shirt. i love cecily strong more than words can convey. wearing that shirt, she did absolutely so much for so many people. i love her.
i love the entire saturday night live cast. it felt so good to laugh after everything awful that has happened this week. this is exactly what all of us needed.

Inktober 11: Tikbalang 

Deep in the mountain forests of the Philippines lives a humanoid horse called the Tikbalang. It’s a tall, bony creature that is known to play tricks on travelers by distorting paths and leading them astray. It likes to be asked permission before you pass through and appreciates if you stay respectful and quiet in his woods. As an extra safety measure, wear your shirt inside out to avoid being targeted by this trickster.

In honor of Oculus being released tonight I am finally posting this picture! In October 2012 during the film’s shoot in Mobile, Alabama I had the honor of being Katee Sackhoff’s double for a scene. She was lovely and everyone on the cast and crew that I met was so nice and friendly. It was a really unique experience and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do it–even if it meant getting eight inches of my hair cut off to match Katee’s!

(Evidently they wanted me to be Karen Gillan’s stand-in (asdkfjsjdff) but since I lived 3.5 hours away and couldn’t be there for the whole shoot they went with someone else. I did get to meet Karen though, and talk to her for about an hour. She is amazing.)



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Stiles’ future husband doesn’t show up on the train on Friday.

Which is fine.

Never mind that he’s been there every Friday for something like three months straight and only once Stiles has attempted to establish contact with him has he absconded from the metro with a Sbarro receipt in his coat pocket that had been graffitied with Stiles’ name (and—less importantly—Stiles’ heart).

Did that count as identity theft?

Stiles certainly felt like something important had been stolen from him.

He’s not going to panic though.  He’s not.  It’s probably nothing… just a change in a routine that’s been so consistent he could set his watch by it.


This was it.  His entire future ruined simply because his dirty rocker model non-future husband couldn’t accept how perfect they were for each other.  Who the fuck was going to knit for him now, that’s what Stiles would like to know.

If he isn’t on the train today, Stiles thinks, drearily checking seats, then he’ll just have to accept that his future husband isn’t actually his future husband.  Instead he’ll be a story Stiles tells to his eighteen cats every year on his birthday until he dies and they eat his face off before anyone can find him.

Stiles steps into the second-to-last car and sees a miracle.  An impossibility.  A great shining ray of hope.  It’s as if the sky has parted and the sun is haloed all around the sleeping, scowling, booted asshole hummingbird that Stiles has fallen madly in love with.

It’s the conversational skills that wooed him, truly.

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This is how long it took me to call my senators and representative (Wicker, Cochran, and Harper of Mississippi) about Steve Bannon on Tuesday and Jeff Sessions today. 

Do you have phone anxiety? I do, too. Here’s what to expect: a very courteous staffer will answer. You ask to leave a message. They ask for your name and sometimes where you live. Then you state your message, and the staffer thanks you. That’s it. You don’t have to argue with anyone. There’s no discussion. 

Please take a few minutes (literally) out of your day to contact your representatives in Washington. This is important. This is EASY. This requires less time and effort than putting a safety pin on your shirt, and it is real action.

PS. Be kind and polite to the staffers.