safety shirts


This is how long it took me to call my senators and representative (Wicker, Cochran, and Harper of Mississippi) about Steve Bannon on Tuesday and Jeff Sessions today. 

Do you have phone anxiety? I do, too. Here’s what to expect: a very courteous staffer will answer. You ask to leave a message. They ask for your name and sometimes where you live. Then you state your message, and the staffer thanks you. That’s it. You don’t have to argue with anyone. There’s no discussion. 

Please take a few minutes (literally) out of your day to contact your representatives in Washington. This is important. This is EASY. This requires less time and effort than putting a safety pin on your shirt, and it is real action.

PS. Be kind and polite to the staffers.

**chokes on tears** listen they just deserve things…

like safety… fluffy blankets…. clean shirts that smell like flowers and sunshine….. fresh air…… healty coping mechanisms……. some good nights’ sleep…….. meeting dogs during their walk……… coffee dates……….

Sam from Danny Phantom.

My brother and I were watching Danny Phantom today and stuff with Danny’s been popping up on my dash a lot lately. (I’m looking at you beautyinspiration-101) So I decided to draw her as we watched today. I added in the rips on her stockings, the belt and chain, and the safety pins on her shirt to punk her up a little more. I view them as details they couldn’t include with the simplistic design of the show. Also, fear my ghostly glow!


harry styles is a frolicking ball of sunshine who posts cryptic black and white photograph, wears safety-pinned shirts despite being a millionaire, tells ridiculous jokes and laughs at them, uses words like ‘prancing’ (and prances frequently himself!) , grabs rainbows at every opportunity, mocks gender norms and encourages uniqueness, is proud of who he is, is respectful and kind, and lets everybody know that they’re loved and valuable.

this is one of the most famous people in the world, and i think that that’s really fucking cool.