safety not guaranteed

wanted: someone to go back in time with me.
this is not a joke.
bring ur favorite shooting star.
bring ur heartbroke mind.
bring ur favorite song.
remember that time we 
listened to the same song over
& over again to try 
& get the same feeling we 
felt the first time –
like the world wasn’t as big as we thought it was.
like all that existed was me
& you, 
this old yellow feel & this old yellow car
& the forest & time & time
was never even real to begin with.
take my hand when we get there.
burst with me into something real.

i know he feels like a safety net
always there to catch you
but darling, safety nets do not 
have huge holes in the middle
safety nets cannot be always burning
safety nets should not tear
apart at the smallest of pokes
safety nets do not give 
you an illusion of safety
safety nets cannot be safety blankets
they cannot come with a tag saying
safety not guaranteed 
they need to catch you when you fall
they need to keep you safe