safety last!*

*internal Scooby monologue*

“Hey. Gang. Hey. Look at this.”

“No, over here. Look. Seriously.”

“See? It’s the Scooby Snacks that we need to touch to escape this virtual world. Same as all the previous levels.”

“Grab it, and we’re done here. Just grab it.”

“No, seriously, I don’t have opposable thumbs, it’s way harder for me. Could one of you just–… wait, what are you looking at?”

“Oh. A shark way off in the distance. Cool. I guess the whole gang can hear long-distance sharks underwater now.”

“You know It’s like 30 feet away, right? Just grab the Scooby Snacks and we’ll be teleported out of here.”

“I… what are you doing? You can literally just– oh, for the love of….”

“FINE! Fine. Here, I got them. Now we’ll fade away, and teleport to safety at the last possible second.”

“Sheesh. If you want some done right, you have to Scooby-Dooby-do it yourself.”

I think people are forgetting how well Silver played everyone in 405 

Even though we knew he would never betray Flint we were actually convinced that he was going to. Why? Because Silver can act. Better than we ever thought he could. Yet Hands, Billy, the crew AND the audience are still underestimating him in this situation now

Silver told Billy to kill Flint in 405

Now he’s telling 6 men to go kill him in 408 

Events are being repeated like they have been throughout this season yet people are STILL believing what is being fed to them

And look.. we know there is going to be some sort of twist. It’s what will make it, as Luke said, his ‘favourite written episode’. We’ve always been right about how important Flint and Silver are to each other. Don’t let this fool you. Don’t be like Billy and fall into the trap of thinking it was that easy to turn them against each other. He has underestimated their relationship again. Just like he underestimated it before. 


Although the characters in the show often drive illegally (underage/without a license) as well as erratically due to magic adventures, getting revenge against jerks named Kevin or chasing pink haired babes on motorcycles, I appreciate the message of always wearing your seat belt. 

Sour cream: There is nothing lame about seatbelt safety.


In the first film, sixty-three clocks can be seen, including one digital, and one that shows Harold Lloyd hanging from a clock tower from Safety Last, foreshadowing the events later in the film. Initially, they all read 7:53 a.m., just before Marty enters, except for the one closest to the box of plutonium that had the correct time of 8:18.

El felt lonely.

 And not the ‘I haven’t seen my friends in a week’ or anything like that.

 It was more the, ’I’m going to be fundamentally different from everyone I meet and love for my entire life’ and ’I carry stones in my chest but force out a breath to convince everyone I’m a semblance of stable’ kind of lonely. 

 As you can imagine it’d be hard to explain her form of loneliness to any of the people in her life. 

 So she didn’t. 

 Living was hard for El, it’s not like she didn’t love being alive, loving and being loved in return. Because she was immensely grateful that she’s at the point of life that she was. 

 But you can love something and still be hurt from it. 

 The boys knew that thunderstorms frightened her, that coke brought back memories that did nothing to serve her, that cats and her aren’t compatible, that bathing was still challenging although showers were far easier for her then baths. They knew that, all of her friends and family got the point that these things made her scared. That these things among many more made her uneasy.

 But there’s a difference between knowing and understanding. 

 And they could never understand exactly. 

 There were times when she’d drag her nails down her arms and legs, hard enough to make a faint red mark but not enough to ever actually hurt her. It was a physical release of pent up emotions and as bad as that was, it cooled her brain down enough so she could get her bearings. 

 There were times where she’d lash out against Mike, against Will or Joyce. It’s not that she wanted to hurt their feelings or that she was mad at them because she wasn’t at all. It’s just that so much was going on in her head that it needed out, it needed to be purged from her body and anyone who pushed the minuscule button was caught in the fire. 


 So here she sat, on the floor of her bathroom. Gripping her arms as hard and as close to her as she could and rocked backwards and forwards mumbling to herself in an attempt to pull herself together.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad." 

 The words slipped out in breathy whispers. Her hands going to uselessly claw at her hair, trying to get grounded to her surroundings. 

 She was in her bathroom. Will was home. She was safe. It would pass. She just needed to breathe. 

 You have to breathe, El. 

 But she wasn’t. But it wouldn’t. Everything was hurting. And she was alone. She was scared. And- 

 As another frustrated whimper slipped out, she heard the bathroom door creak open and saw Will cautiously approach her. Sinking to his knees and reaching for her arms as she was digging with her nails again. 

He grabbed both her wrists and held them for a moment, before very carefully pulling her into a hug, rocking her with him at a much slower pace then she had been doing previously. She let her body collapse from exhaustion and felt him hug her tighter as her breathing calmed down, tears escaping as she took in the comfort and warmth of Will. 

She pulled herself away and leaned her head back against the cold tile wall behind her. Will doing the same. The two of them sat there silently. El knew Will would wait until she was ready to speak, that he’d be patient.

 "Do you ever feel like you’re wired wrong? That everyone can look at you and know? A big red X displaying all the ways you’re different?” El asked, staring at the wall opposite her.

 "All the time.“ Will replied. A tone of solemn acceptance lacing his words.

 "How do you handle it? How do you move past it?" 

 "You don’t. You move forward and try to do something with it.”

 El turned to look at him after his reply, though he was still staring ahead. And she turned back to do the same. 

Will didn’t go through the same things she did. No one had. But they both faced the monster, they both faced the upside down, they both had wounds that would never heal. He’d never understand her completely. But she remembered that out of everyone who she ever snapped at in a moment’s notice, was frigid to; he always took it in grace. Never once lashing back at her, he had a quiet knowledge of knowing that it wasn’t at him but to him. That she was just trying to protect herself. 

Will wasn’t unfamiliar to the concept of hiding. He understood that this was her way. 

 She reached for his hand and clutched it tightly in her own. 

“Love you, Will." 

"Love you, El.”


She was here. Will was here. She was safe. It passed.

And she could breathe.

honestly, watching the Wayhaught ClexaCon panel left me feeling even more excited for season 2 and more importantly, not worried and not fearful at all about Wynonna and WayHaught. Just the way Emily Andras, Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell talked about the show and the characters, it felt so heartfelt and so full of respect and understanding for the LGBTQIA community and for the female audience. They listen to the fandom without letting it affect the show negatively, they educate themselves about the problematic tropes in mainstream media and are all just genuinely good, hardworking people who really care about their fans.

The show gets it. they really do get it, and I couldn’t be happier.


Happy Birthday, Harold Clayton Lloyd  (April 20th, 1893 - March 8th, 1971)

“My humor was never cruel or cynical.  We just took life and poked fun at it.  We made it so it could be understood the world over, without language barriers.  We seem to have conquered the time barrier, as well.”

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