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TDB REWATCH (1x19): Throwback Thursday

Remember the golden days of Glee fandom and the 2011 Glee Live Tour. Safety Dance was one of my favourite numbers (especially as the Tour went on and things got crazy and everyone joined in). Gah! The good ‘ole times!


The Ultimate Guide to POT Dates

noun, (pronounced: pē-oh-tē)
A potential Sugar Daddy. This is a man you have not met yet, but are considering starting an arrangement with, or have been on a date with, but haven’t established anything solid yet. In short, a man who you think could potentially be your sugar daddy, but aren’t quite sure yet.

So you’ve checked out his profile, messaged with him a little, decided he could be the one for you; the main question asked now is - what do I do next?

The answer is simple, but for the Sugar Babies who are new, it’s often terrifying. Using the experience I’ve gotten after being a Sugar Baby for a while, I’ve put together a complete guide on how to handle that very first date, so that maybe it goes a little smoother than mine did! xo

Before You Meet

  • Get a feel for him over messaging/text - There’s nothing worse than being stuck for an hour or two with a man who has an attitude, is full of himself, or is just salty, that’s why it’s important to work out what type of person he is. 
                    ‣ Identifying Factors:
                            - He has a sleezy username on SA: if his username is ‘CunnilingusMaster69′ or something along those lines, it’s blatantly obvious what’s he looking for.
                            - His responses don’t mirror yours: think about conversational mirroring and use it to help you gauge the success of your conversation. It’s a form of social psychology that is pretty important to how anyone is perceived. If you’re typing out paragraph after paragraph and he is replying with short responses (or vice versa), it’s obvious one party is more interested than the other.
                            - He asks for sexual photos: if he’s asking for sexual photos without even met with you for the first time, then he’s got one thing on his mind and it’s probably pay per play. However, most Sugar Daddy’s will ask for extra photo’s, to make sure you’re not catfishing them, so be ready for that request and have extra photo’s you can send that aren’t on your profile (I usually send one cute selfie and a second full body pic in a nice outfit.) Please note: Snapchat ‘puppy’ filter selfies are not appropriate to send as an additional selfie, maybe once you’ve met him a few times, but not prior to a first meet. You’re already younger than him, there is no need to make yourself seem even younger.
                            - He asks you questions of a sexual nature (ie: your favorite position, sexual history, what you’re into, kinkiest desires, etc): there is absolutely no need for tacky sexual questions, especially if you two haven’t met before. It is important to understand that yes, sugaring is based on sex, sugaring is sex work, but it’s not only sex. Sugaring is about companionship, chemistry, new experiences, and then sex. If he requires a detailed list of what you will or will not do sexually just to meet you for the first time, then he is obviously not looking for a sugar arrangement, he’s just looking for pay per play (which is fine if pay per play is what you’re looking for, each sugar baby is entitled to her own wants and desires out of an arrangement).
                   ‣ Tip:
                           - Whenever an SD asks me “what i am willing to do”, i always reply with this. It’s elegant, polite, and successfully moves the conversation to other topics.
  • Get as many details about him as you can - Meeting someone off the internet is always a little unnerving, especially when it’s a man twice or three times your age. To feel safer, ask for as many details from him as you can, then reverse search the information you have (ie: his phone number, email, name, etc.) to find out his address, income, family members, and other information of the sort. The same goes with photo’s, reverse search them to find out company info, criminal history, and if he’s on any other sites (this helps cross-check age, location, and other facts he has listed on his profile).
  • Choose an identity and stick to it - Think about the type of person you want to convey (ie: the struggling but motivated university student, the driven twenty-something, the educated single mother, the urban socialite, etc) and build yourself up around that image. If you don’t feel comfortable using your real name with POT’s, use a fake name. Invent fake facts and stories or recall certain facts and stories from your life that correspond to the type of person you want to be. Remember, the more you have, the better. Most POT’s will ask you to some extent, some more than others, about you (ie: your job, your likes/dislikes, your upbringing, your dreams/aspirations, your background, your parents/their occupation, etc) and you will need to be prepared to answer. On the other hand, be prepped with questions to ask him, this date is about getting to know each other, it’s a waste of time if you leave knowing nothing about him.
                  ‣ Tip:
                           - If you’re struggling with coming up with questions, check out this and this, there’s a large variety of questions that you could use.
  • Make sure he understands that absolutely nothing sexual will happen on this date - There should be no sex on a first date, absolutely nothing sexual. If your POT believes that coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks and a hundred dollars should equal sex in the hotel down the block, then you leave him right there and then. We are ladies looking for gentlemen with the means to provide for us and support us. If he’s only interested in sex in exchange for money, then he’s looking for an escort, not a sugar baby. (Note: if sex in exchange for money is what you’re looking for, then go right ahead and make that cash, every girl is allowed to make her own choices!)
  • Agree to meet in a PUBLIC place - Always meet for the first time in a public place (A restaurant, coffee shop, bar, hotel lounge/lobby, etc) because your safety and comfort comes first! If he invites you up to his hotel room for a drink, decline by saying that is something you would love to do sometime, but would feel better meeting in a public space first. If you starts arguing or does not agree to this, drop him. You don’t need to waste your time on an asshole like him. 
                 ‣ Additionally: 
                          - Have your own transportation to and from your meet! Do not get into his car thinking you’ll save a little cash, even if he was kind and definitely legitimate! Personally: I don’t let POT’s get me an Uber home either, I don’t feel comfortable with them knowing my exact address.
  • Ask for a gift - While this isn’t something that is necessary to do, it’s something that I do. If you’re aiming for a gift, make sure to ask after you have made plans to meet or at least a day before you meet, this gives the POT time to either go shopping for you or go to an ATM for some cash. If you’re aiming for travel compensation, then feel free to ask a few hours before or even during the date, travel compensation is something usually all POT’s will agree to. This or this are the ways I use to ask, either one usually work flawlessly.
                 ‣  Keep in mind
                         - It is not a red flag if he declines to bring you a gift! At this point in your relationship, he owes you just as much as you owe him, which is nothing. If he declines, just say that’s it’s okay and then (if you still want a little cash) try the travel compensation method.
  • Text to confirm - One of the worst things is dolling yourself up and then coming out to meet, only to find that your POT actually couldn’t make it. That’s why it’s important to confirm your meeting a few hours before in a quick little text.
  • Stay SAFE - Safety has always and will always be the number one thing in the sugar bowl which is why you need to make sure you have at least one person who know’s who you’re meeting, where, and when. If you don’t feel comfortable telling anyone you know in real life, message me and I will gladly be your safety contact. In addition to having a safety contact, it is always a good idea to carry around a bottle of mace with you, for creepy POT’s and creepy men in general.

During Your Meet

  • Make an entrance - Often,the first part of the conversation happens before you open your mouth, sometimes it happens before you’ve even laid eyes on them. When you enter any room, have your head up and your shoulders down. Don’t strut, but walk gracefully, swaying your hips gently, you can even look up videos of models on catwalks and learn how to walk like they do. Be dramatic, walk like you’re the center of attention - you’re a sugar baby: you’re young, stunning, and seductive. Pause in the entrance and survey the room slowly, let your eyes to travel from one side of the room to the other, until you locate your POT. It may sound a little silly, but a proper entrance will captivate anyone, especially your POT. Knowing how to walk properly and make an entrance is useful in practically every aspect of your life, not just in sugaring. 
  • Keep the focus on them - I’ve noticed that POT’s (and SD’s in general really) love to talk about themselves, some SB’s will even go as far as to say that these men don’t care about the things you say unless it directly relates to them (in my experience this isn’t always true, it depends on the man). Try to find a way to refocus the conversation about him, you will easily become his favorite person to speak to.
                ‣ Additionally:
                         - If he shows pride, you give praise. If he says something, then pauses, and looks at you significantly, he’s waiting for the applause. Be there to give it to him. You don’t even have to think what he did was impressive. You just have to be there ready to dispense a pat on the back  Do not be over dramatic, smile, look impressed, and stroke his ego.
  • Pay attention when he speaks - Be engaged in the conversation: ask questions to further your understanding of the topic, make comments to indicate that you are paying attention, laugh a little to signal that you are having fun, smile to show that you enjoy being in his company, and make eye contact! If you look a person in the eye, it signals that you not only hear what they’re saying but are interested in it. If you have to look away do it slowly, this reinforces your interest and enjoyment of what you’re hearing.
  • Don’t fidget - It ruins your credibility. Often, stillness is compared with integrity. Those that can look someone in the eye and sit still are usually believed over those that try to say something while squirming in their seat. It’s important to have good posture as well, don’t slump in your seat and if you do, catch yourself and correct your posture. 
               ‣  Don’t worry:
                        - Your hair looks fine, your clothing fits you well, and your phone will not explode if you don’t check it for an hour. Your main focus should be your POT, not the little things about your appearance.
  • Relax - You might be a little nervous over the first date, but chances are, he probably is too! Some SD’s are nervous the first time meeting, this might be due to the fact that you’re much younger than he is or he might be downright intimidated because of your looks. Your job is to make him feel at ease and the easiest way to help him feel at ease is to be at ease yourself. People play off each other’s energies and your body language speaks volumes, so try your best to just relax.
  • End on a good note - End the date with a hug or a handshake (or a kiss on the cheek, if you like him), something physical so that you touch and it leaves him wanting a little more. If you went out for lunch/dinner, tell him how thankful you are for taking you out, how much you loved the food, and how he has great taste in restaurants

After Your Meet

  • Assessing him - A person’s appearance and demeanor speaks volumes about them. Observe not his wallet, his cufflinks, or his shoes, but his mannerisms, his eloquence, and his overall conduct. Many good sugar daddies may not look the part, but they will act it. There’s no forcing chemistry, so it’s best to figure that out right away before delving deeper.
                  ‣ Questions to think about:
    - Does he ask you first what you want to eat?
                         - Is he interested in what you’re saying?
                         - How does he talk about his family, his employees?
                         - Is he nice to the waitstaff?
                         - How much is he tipping?
                         - Were your personalities compatible?
                         - Did you have a lot in common?
                         - Was it easy to hold a conversation with him, or were there awkward silences?
                         - Is this someone you’d be comfortable being seen in public with, going on vacations with, and generally spending time with?
  • Send a follow up text - If the date went well, shortly after you meet (a few hours or a day, at most), send the POT/SD a text saying that it was a pleasure meeting him and you’d love to see him again. When (or if) he responds, you might be able to schedule your next date!
  • Think about your loses - If the date didn’t go so well, you got a free coffee/lunch/dinner/gift. If your POT contacts you and asks you out again, decline politely and wish him luck finding what he’s looking for.

Allowance Talk - Yes Or No?

There’s a lot of disagreement on whether or not you should speak about allowance with your POT on a first date. I’ve had POT’s bring up numbers over text/on the phone/email (prior to meeting and after meeting) and during coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks. In my opinion, let him bring up the allowance talk.

  • If he does, express your desires concerning allowances, gifts, and how the arrangement will work. Most arrangements end due to schedule conflicts and misunderstanding expectations, be clear about what you want. 
  • If he doesn’t, that’s completely fine too. You’ll most likely speak about it on your second date or over some electronic format.
  • If you touch on the subject but you notice he’s not too keen on delving into it at the moment, leave it alone. This sends your POT the message that you’re more interested in a suitable arrangement than the money, as well as that you are nowhere near desperate and while you are interested in him, not overly so. This lack of overt interest gives you more control of the relationship from the get-go. It also shows that he cannot control you or gain your interest with his money alone. This makes it easier for you to discuss the terms of the relationship, set boundaries, and negotiate your allowance later on.

What to Wear

Men are visual creatures, they love eye-catching arm candy, but most prefer elegance or casual classy to outright flashy. However, showing all your goods on the first meeting is not a good idea. Choose one thing to show off, this leaves his imagining and wanting more. Keep in mind where you’re meeting, as well. There’s no need to go all out if you’re just meeting for coffee.

  • If you’re meeting for coffee - Jeans and a pretty blouse will be just fine, top it off with flats or boots and you’ll be good to go. If it’s warmer out, a sundress is perfectly acceptable too.
                ‣  Keep in mind
                        - Meeting a POT for the first time in shorts is not appropriate, there is no need to play up the age difference between the two of you, even if it is hot outside.
  • If you’re meeting for lunch/dinner/drinks - A formfitting dress will do you good, especially if it’s dinner or drinks. Complete the look with a nice pair of heels and some jewelry, if you’re having trouble figuring out which jewelry to wear with what, check out this!
  • Makeup - Keep the makeup light and natural, opt for neutral colors rather than darker ones. Get your nails done, fill in your brows, foundation, mascara, light colored eye shadow, and lipstick/lip-gloss is all you’ll need. I prefer to top up my look with a slightly red nude lip (since my lips are full and the color makes them pop more), even though most SB’s suggest to stay away from all red’s.

So there you have it dolls, an ultimate guide to POT dates. Feel free to add on your own tips! Keep sugaring, dolly xoxo

My dear lgbt+ kids who bind their chest, 

If you think you have injured yourself while binding: 

1. Take off your binder, no excuses. You can cause serious damage if you don’t take it off. Take it off and don’t bind again until your symptoms are gone. I’m sorry to sound harsh but your health and safety is priority number one, so please listen to me. 

2. Are you in significant pain? Do you have difficulty breathing? Do you cough up blood or any discharge? Does it hurt badly when you try to touch the painful area? If you say yes to any of these questions, go to the hospital. You need immediate medical attention. You may have broken a rib or something worse. 

3. If you are able to breathe normally, you don’t cough and it only hurts a little, cool the area for 20 minutes (put ice in a ziploc and wrap a towel around it, don’t put ice directly on the skin!), then rest for 20 minutes, then take a warm shower, then rest again. While you rest, don’t lay down flat - keep your chest elevated! Do not put your binder back on. 

4. Does the pain not go away? Do you develop more symptoms? Do your symptoms get worse? Go to the hospital. 

More information and sources

General safety tips to prevent injury

Important: I’m not a health expert and do not claim to be one. Any health information on my blog is for educational purposes only and does not replace a doctor’s opinion! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Being The Youngest Avenger Would include...

- Practically being adopted by the avengers

- Peter teasing you and using the “You have to listen to me cause I’m older” excuse

- Even though he’s only 3 months older

- Baby Monitor Protocol

- Thor not knowing how to bond or deal with a teenage girl, but wants to be the “cool uncle.”

- Thor: “Ah, young Y/N, come and share a drink with me! Let us bond!”

- Tony: “Thor, she’s 15.”

- Natasha training you on how to fight

- Bruce getting mad at Natasha cause he was supposed to teach you stuff in the lab

- Clint also getting mad cause he wanted to teach you how to shoot

- Tony: “Vision, it’s your turn to watch Y/N.”

- Y/N: “I don’t need a babysitter, Tony”

- Your safety is the Avenger’s number one priority

- Tony having to be the “strict dad”

- Going to Wanda with all of your drama and girl problems

- Cap trying to help as well and just ends up giving really bad advice

- Tony never letting you go on missions even though you’re ready

- Y/N: “But Tony, I can help! Nat has been teaching me how to fight”

- Tony: “No, you’re not ready, this mission is too dangerous!”

- Sneaking on to the jet any way

- Getting a 2 hour lecture from Tony right after the mission

- Cap: “She did kick ass Though”

- Tony: “Shut it, star-spangled dumbass”

- Playing pranks on everyone with Peter

- Especially Vision

- And Bucky

- Being the daughter Tony never had

- Cap: “She’s a teenage girl Tony, you can’t baby her forever.”

- Tony: “I’ve lost too many people I care about, Rodgers. I’m not losing her as well.”

- Tony eventually realizing you’re not a helpless little kid anymore

- Making the Avengers have movie nights every Saturday

- Accidentally falling asleep on Peter halfway through the 3rd movie

- Peter: “Uh, Mr. Stark, what do I do?”

- Tony: “Seems like your problem kid.”

- Peter ending up falling asleep on the couch with you because he was too scared to move and wake you up.

- Failing at sneaking out to go to a party because of Tony’s security

- Clint helping you sneak out next time because he claims he “Gets what being a teen girl is like

- Both of you getting yelled at by Tony the next morning

- Fathers day cards and presents for Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Bucky, Vision and Thor

- Wanda and Natasha being more like sisters than a mother figure

- One time Tony caught you crying in your room because of a boy and freaked cause he didn’t know what to do

- Tony assembled the Avengers for help

- Only Nat, Wanda, and oddly enough Peter knew how to help

- Naturally becoming best friends with Peter

- And Bucky

- Constantly sassing the Avengers

- Non of them can keep up with your comebacks

- Banner gets super butthurt about it

- Knowing that no matter what all of the Avengers will have your back and only want the best for you


This is Bakugou’s version! This one is so long omg~Admin K🎶

What was he going to do? These psychotic…things were destroying everything in the area. Three of them. These things looked like they were made of the odds and ends of all kinds of animals. With the body of a lion, a thick snake’s body coming from the spot where the lion’s tail would be, and from the waist up, they were human—they were the stuff of nightmares. They had terrifyingly large fangs dripping with poison, and it was obvious very quickly that the power of those snake tails had the power of being lethal with the right amount of force. Bat wings a kilometer in length sprouted from their lion backs.

People were running around like mad, desperately trying to escape them. People with all kinds of powerful quirks, but with no training to use them properly. Pro heroes had to be on their way, but who were these villians? Would the heroes even know how to stop them? First things first, he absolutely had to find ___ and get her to safety. His girlfriend was his number one priority at the moment; he could try to fend off those other guys later, but being quirkless in this situation? ___ was not safe here. He screamed her name, desperately calling to find her.

Where is she? Where is she?!


“Move! Everyone, go now!” Bakugou shouted, pushing people out of the way. “Move! ___? ___! Out of my way! ___!” he screamed. ___ was nowhere to be seen. The freakish hybrids were wreaking even more havoc than they had at first. Where in the world was she? Bakugou told himself he had to save her, and fast. If Katsuki could be her hero…it would make up for everything. Every time where he treated others so poorly, or he did something that terrified himself…he could make up for that if he were there for her now.

Because every time he called Deku worthless, or got excessively violent with any of the students, it reminded him of his power. If he could not control his temper, his pride, his ever inflating ego—would he be able to make it? Not just as a hero, but at all? His pride… his stupid pride! Bakugou tortured Deku for years, he made himself out to be better than all of his peers, but was he really? No. Katsuki was terrified with himself. The power, the need for control… if his intense desire for saving others and doing the right thing wavered for even one second—if he questioned the reasons why someone with such a powerful quirk should obey the laws made by those he felt were beneath him, Katsuki would no longer be a hero. He would be a villain with professional hero training.

So even if he had not been so in love with ___, he had to save her and everyone who was there, or at least hold the situation down until the pros could arrive. Bakugou needed to redeem himself from the incident in junior high as well—he had not forgotten about that. He bolted over to them, not worried about the possible repercussions of his actions.

I need to find you. I have to. Find me. Help me find you. ___, I need you here right now.

When the monster hybrids opened their mouths, their fangs dripped with a sickly green venom, and even from 20 meters away, Bakugou could tell that the stench coming from their mouths must have been foul. Even with this in mind, and doing his best to swallow down his own fears, he continued to charge at them with both hands blazing. As he got closer he saw it. The flames around them were not caused by the collapse of anything electrical in the buildings nearby, the flames came from the mouths of the creatures themselves.

“Fantastic,” Bakugou thought sarcastically. “Flames and poison.” Katsuki’s courage never wavered. But when he saw ___ stuck in a corner of the alley, trying to get away, but stay hidden sufficiently so that she would not be noticed, he felt his mind go blank. Just seeing her there, with her mind so preoccupied and her face covered in dirt and grime, panic struck his heart like a lightning bolt. He felt himself slowing down. ___ was a thinker, unlike Bakugou’s usual brashness, and Katsuki felt that he could see the wheels in her head turning like a thousand gears.

Clearly, ___ had to be quick. She had to be stealthy enough not to be noticed, but she also needed the speed and agility not to get caught and taken hostage. She was behind them, flattening herself against the brick wall of the office building that housed the current situation. ___’s hair had come undone, Bakugou could see tears in her sleeve and her stockings, and she had a bleeding gash on the side of her head. They were supposed to meet up in that spot when the explosion first hit, and Katsuki gathered that his beloved girlfriend must have been at the front lines when it occurred. She was not even looking at Bakugou, though he desperately wanted her to.

Look this way, he begged in his thoughts. Look over here. See that I’ve not abandoned you. I’m here. I’m here.

Bakugou’s legs felt like cement, like he could not have moved them even with a crane. The flames in his hands were put out involuntarily, his mind so worried with other things that he could no longer focus on keeping them lit. It became apparent to him quite abruptly that if these things could spit fire, it meant that they were impervious to it. A fat load of good Bakugou would be in this situation. Did they have to breathe fire? When he saw ___ grip her head with what he assumed was pain, he made his decision. If he could not stop them, he could at least get the attention off of ___.

You always liked being the center of the room, ___ would have joked if she had been standing next to him. Now is as good a time as any. What makes now different than normal?

You, Bakugou would have responded. It’s different because of you. I’ve never needed anyone the way I need you. I’ve never loved like this. Any misstep, and I could lose you forever.

“What would ___ do in this situation?” Bakugou asked himself. Of course, ___ being quirkless meant she always used her natural intuition and street smarts. In a situation where explosions would do nothing except more damage to civilians, Bakugou himself was as good as quirkless, and yet…

___ seemed to notice Bakugou quite suddenly. Her eyes said fear, though her body looked prepared for a fight. He more than just loved her for her spirit despite being literally powerless, it was something he admired greatly. He grinned at her from afar, telling her with his eyes not to worry because he would do something to get her to safety. She shook her head fervently, desperate to get him to stay where he was, but Bakugou had made up his mind already; he was going to be a distraction.

Bakugou charged. “I’ll kill you, you creepy bastards!” he screamed to the creatures at the top of his lungs. 

“Wait! Bakugou!” ___ shouted, running out into the open where the hybrids saw her too. Two of them focused on her, and one on him. They lunged at her, and she dove to the side, narrowly avoiding being struck by one of the creatures’ lion paws. In a desperate attempt to focus their attention on him, Bakugou launched a fireball into one of the creatures’ faces, careful of not hitting ___. They roared at him, starting to run his direction. Somewhere in the background of his impending fight, Bakugou heard someone cry out—in some far crevice of his mind, he instinctively knew that it was ___ calling out to him. Bakugou continued to run toward the beasts, who were racing to him as well. He braced himself mentally and physically for battle, and they got close enough to spit their poison at him, which was still several meters away. He noticed it too late, and just as the poison should have hit him, someone landed in front of him with a loud metallic clank!

It took a minute to process that in was in fact ___. The shock of seeing enormous bird wings folding out of his girlfriend’s back was overwhelming. No, not bird wings. They were made of metallic feathers in bronze, copper, and titanium colours, but layered and formed exactly like the wings of an eagle. From tip to tip, they easily measured 3 meters across. They had stopped the poison with ease, protecting the both of them from getting hit. In an instant, she picked up Bakugou by his arms and dropped him a few meters back, standing with him.

“What?!” Bakugou shouted in anger. “You said you were quirkless!”

“I lied!” she screamed back, as the creatures hissed and lunged again. ___ whipped around, and Bakugou could do nothing but stare as razor sharp metal feathers came loose from her wings, firing at the creatures and clipping the hybrids as if ___ had been throwing knives. They howled in pain, ripping the feathers out of their wings, which Bakugou could tell were too injured for them to use, and went to attack ___. Like an expert, ___ skillfully avoided both flames and poison while simultaneously going on the offensive—shooting feathers left and right, very seldomly missing her targets. She twisted, fired, turned and used her wings to shield herself and Bakugou and then started over, all in the time it took for people to blink.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this!” Bakugou shouted, sending fireballs at the faces of the creatures to help fend them off. One of the hybrids snapped at ___, and she jumped, pushing off of the thing’s head like a springboard and shooting into the air, where she continued to fire. Bakugou was pissed. How dare she look so attractive when he was so angry with her?

“I didn’t tell anyone!” She yelled back, barrel rolling into all three creatures and landing next to Bakugou.

“But I’m your boyfriend!” he protested. “You could have at least—duck!” they sprang in opposite directions, avoiding another poison blast before continuing their assault. “You could have at least mentioned it!”

“Can we maybe talk about this later?!” ___ yelled. Bakugou saw her getting tired, losing her balance in the air, and he prayed to every god he could think of that someone would show up quick. Just as ___ narrowly missed a fireball to the face, she lost her balance in the air, and started to fall. She landed in what probably would have broken someone else’s leg and rolled to a stop, coughing from the smoke surrounding them. The creatures, knowing ___ was the bigger threat, dashed to her, reading themselves for a final attack. Bakugou grit his teeth.

Brashness won’t do any good here, he thought quietly. I have to do something. Fire alone won’t help…

And then, like manna from heaven, Bakugou saw high above them a cable holding up a container that easily weighed 100 tons on the other side of the street. The construction that had been going on for two months to build the apartments across the street. Every old cartoon he had ever seen came to mind. The construction crew was going to hate him for this. He sprinted over there and blasted his way up on top of it. He singed the cable halfway, and with his flames as stabilizers, jumped down to the ground beneath it. Bakugou ran forward and shot a tornado of pure heat at the hybrids.

“Hey, you smelly bastards!” Bakugou taunted. “You look like rotten garbage! You guys kiss your mother with that mouth? I bet not even a mother could love something as ugly as you morons!” Apparently, this hit close to home for this guys, because they completely forgot about ___, and Usain Bolt’ed in Bakugou’s direction.


Bakugou rushed back to the far side of the container and waited for them to get closer. They had to be under the container for it to work. Finally, they were close enough with their speed for Bakugou to shoot another flame up at the cable to finish melting it, and it sent the container down three hundred meters and right on top of all 3 freaks.

Before he could celebrate his obviously genius idea, he punched himself mentally. With the amount of force that the container fell, it exploded on impact. If it had been a normal explosion, Katsuki would have been fine—but this was not fire, it was a hailstorm of metal shrapnel that would have thrown him into the wall and cut him like hamburger meat. Would have, if his girlfriend had not already been flying over to get him already. ___ swooped, picked Bakugou up, and they flew off just before the container hit. She landed on a rooftop far from where the danger was.

“Did you see that?” Bakugou shouted excitedly. He punched and kicked the air in front of him a few times with a massive grin on his face. “We totally whooped some reptilian-mammal arse back there!” ___ smiled.

“Yeah, we did,” she said. Bakugou looked at her, still beaming, then frowned as he remembered how angry he was with her. ___’s shoulders slumped and she looked at him sheepishly. “You’re still mad,” she inferred.

“Of course I am! You’ve somehow been hiding…” Bakugou spread his arms out wide, mimicking her wings. “Those from me all this time! I thought we told each other everything. And they’re so kickass! Why would you pretend you’re quirkless?”

“Because having a quirk means people expect you to use it,” ___ said bitterly. “Look at your quirk. When people saw it they said it too didn’t they? ‘Katsuki, you’ll be a great hero someday!’ Well who says I want to be a hero?! Why-why is it so expected of someone with a great quirk that they have to be a hero? Why can’t I be a history teacher, or an actress or whatever I want? Just because of my stupid quirk?”

“But…you could have flown us to school all this time…” Bakugou said stupidly, immediately regretting the words. ___ glared at him. “I’d never thought about it that way before, but you’re right. Being forced into a job because of your quirk, or people expecting you to be something specific because of it—it’s profiling.”

___’s face softened. “Thanks for understanding.”

“Well now you have some questions to answer.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Bakugou touched one of ___’s wings tentatively. The feathers were so detailed, and all of them thin like paper.

“What kind of metal is this?” He asked.

“Think of steel and multiply it to the power of about a thousand.”

“So kind of like vibranium? The thing Captain America has for his shield in the comics?” ___ raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“Yeah, if Godzilla’s a gecko,” she answered sarcastically.

“Damn,” Katsuki whispered to himself. “Now I know why I’ve never gotten past first base with you.”

“I can assure that the wings had nothing to do with that.”

“How did you hide them all this time?” He asked, still in awe. ___ turned her back to him and he saw the back of her shirt was ripped where the wings came out of her skin. He watched as she carefully folded them over her back—literally. The wings folded themselves and continued to do so until they were the size of Bakugou’s arm, and then they looked like they melted into her skin once again.

“It wasn’t hard to hide them,” ___ said quietly. Cautiously, Bakugou touched the exposed skin on her back where the wings had gone back and he shivered, noticing how red her skin was from the points the wings emerged from. If the feathers could make such powerful cuts then…

“Does it hurt?” Katsuki asked her. “When they come out?”

“Always,” ___ answered. Katsuki kissed the fingers of his hand and pressed them lightly against the red marks of her skin. It was not like it would heal her, but if he put his lips there now, ___ would get terribly uncomfortable.

___ smiled a bit, but she looked sad. Bakugou embraced her, because he now for the first time, he knew that above all else, she needed him just as much as he needed her.

~Admin K 🎶

[NOTICE] BigHit Entertainment notice regarding the BTS Tour in Asia

BigHit Entertainment would like to share our regrets over the recent incidents when some fans showed their affection for BTS in a wrong manner. Such attitude of a small number of people can and do cause harm on a lot of people, including BTS members.

BTS is participating in ‘2016 BTS LIVE [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on stage: epilogue] tour for countries such as Taiwan, Japan and so on. Some fans… 

-used the same airlines with BTS on purpose and kept trying to talk to BTS or taking pictures of the members, despite restraints by BigHit staff and security guards.
- tried to sit next to BTS members on board,
- attempted to get a hold of BTS members by making physical contacts and etc.

BigHit Entertainment takes safety of BTS and fans as number one priority and does its best to secure the safety of BTS members by allocating as many security guards as possible on site. We also politely ask fans to stay safe and to follow the fan etiquettes. 

If any of the incidents on the above list happens, BTS and fans will be affected directly. It will also damage the image and future activities of BTS very seriously. To prevent such unpleasant incidents and to help BTS successfully finish the tour, Big Hit Entertainment hereby asks all the fans to follow the etiquette and rules mutually agreed among fans around the world.

BTS and BigHit Entertainment are always grateful for your love and support.
Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.

From BigHit Entertainment

NATSU IS SCARED OF BEING ALONE: an unpopular opinion

okay okay hear me out;

early in the series it was a recurring gag where lucy comes home to her apartment but natsu and happy are already there.

i think that when natsu first pulled lucy to join the guild, he had an instinct that said, “okay this girl is mine she is family now”. and their bond just grew stronger from there.

natsu lost igneel when he was younger. igneel was his dad, his teacher and best friend. then he somehow recovers and meets lisanna, who becomes very close to him and raising happy with. but then she “died” and he’s back to being alone.

i believe that the reason natsu is always at lucy’s house is to keep an eye on her. he’s very protective of her and his number one priority is always her safety. lucy heartfilia is natsu dragneel’s, even if the girl has no idea. remember when lucy went back to her father to cut off ties with him? he was so terrified and determined to bring her back; happy commented that natsu kept crying more than him.

natsu may be close with the guild, he may treat gray as a rival, erza as an older sibling but lucy has a special place in his heart. also he seems to have lucy’s wellbeing placed before his own and everyone else.

bonus headcanon: natsu hoards a lot of things that catch his attention and lucy is his number one treasure.

Damien's Rough Morning. (TW: dysphoria)

I’m sorry I have the tendency to project on my favorite characters, esp ones I relate to. I needed to write this out. Smallmarch undertones. Plus I’m not a great writer I just wanted to vent into writing so… Sorry?


One extraordinarily bright morning, Damien discovered his curtains were not quite closed and his face just happened to be in the line of fire. He groaned softly and was prepared to cover his face and go back to sleep– it was his day off, who could blame him– and as soon as he rolled over he was aware of the soreness in his upper body. He looked down to realize that he was not in his usual black baggy t-shirt for bed, but instead his binder. He frowned, silently cursing himself as he sat up. Damien was usually so careful about binding, but he must have been so tired after his shift the night before that he forgot to take it off.
Binding safety had always been his number one priority… If it was done wrong, his top surgery could be complicated.
Letting out a huge sigh, he swung his feet over the edge of the bed and trudged into the bathroom for his morning routine.

When he was out of the shower, he wrapped himself in a long black silk robe and made his way to the kitchen to make breakfast for Lucien. He got out his gluten-free pancake mix and the rest of the ingredients, his robe loosening as he moved about the room. He kept tightening the knot and adjusting the sleeves, irritated. He felt like sobbing; while his chest wasn’t as prominent as before, they were still very much there, and he hated it.

Lucien’s heavy combat boots stopped down the hallway as he was getting ready for school. He was a senior now, and his schedule had thankfully allowed him to start the day later on. He was surprised to see his dad out of his usual attire. “Hey… Something happen to your vest or something?”

Damien shook his head, “No, son. Do you want blueberries?”

“Yeah, on the side.” Lucien sat at the breakfast table as his dad finished up the pancakes and brought them to the table. As Damien sat down, his son could clearly see that he had been crying. “…are you ok?”

Damien, who was forking his pancake, looked up, tugging a stray hair behind his ear. He cleared his throat. “…hard morning.” Was all he could manage.

Lucien frowned. “Is.. is it a dysphoria thing? If.. that’s the case I can stay home. I mean…”

“Yes. It is. But Lucien, you will not use me as an excuse not to go to school. You have to get your Government grades up. I’ll be fine.” Damien sighed. He was usually good at fronting an image when this happened, but he was clearly struggling. He felt bad leaning on his son for support.

“..Okay.” Lucien said, scarfing down the last of his pancake. He made it a point to be more thankful. “I really appreciate you… Making breakfast. Uh… I love you, Dad.” He offered a small smile to his father.

“I love you too, son.” Damien felt a little better knowing that his son was always supportive and knew that he was having an incredibly hard time.

Damien began to clean up breakfast, quietly thanking Lucien for giving him something else to intensely focus on. He then received a message from Robert.

‘Lucien told me you’re having a rough morning. I’m coming over.’

Sure enough, less than a minute later, there was a knock at the door. Robert let himself in, closing the large doors behind him. “Damien?”

Damien frowned. “Please don’t look at me right now, Robert. I’m terribly under dressed, and I am quite uncomfortable at the moment.”

Robert sighed, raising his voice slightly so he could be heard. “I could bring you some… Baggy clothing? And then you could walk over to my place and play with Betsy. That usually helps.”

“… That sounds great.” Damien replied after a moment, hiding away in the kitchen still.

“I’ll be right back with the clothes.”

“I’ll be outside the lavatory, if you could please set the clothes outside them and knock on the door when they are there.”

“Sure thing.” Robert says as he turns around to leave.

When Robert returns again, he could hear quiet sobs coming from the bathroom. He hated seeing Damien like this. He set the clothes on the floor in front of the door and knocked softly. He knew Damien wasn’t okay, and there was no point in asking.

When Damien finally got changed he walked out in a huge baggy black shirt and cargo pants. His hair was tied up. It, in all honesty, was different, but was a good look. They walked silently to Robert’s and Betsy immediately greeted to two, focusing on Damien. She hated seeing one of her favorite humans sad and tried her best to console him with kisses.

The three of them curled up on the couch, watching Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers. Damien felt a lot better, having someone who cared, a dog, and a brief distraction from reality as he took a nap on Robert’s shoulder, Betsy sprawled out in both of their laps.

anonymous asked:

What's the deal with someone riding with a patient in an ambulance? Like I imagine a parent can ride with a small child, but could someone ride with their SO? Further, could that person say that they're married and get away with it?

In short: Can my character’s friend/family/SO ride with them?

Hey there nonny! This is a big question that often crops up on the scene of an emergency, so let’s cover the contingents. 

The short answer to your question is: it depends. 

In terms of technical capability, an ambulance can take one patient, one medic, and 3 passengers in the back, and one medic and one passenger in the front, for a total of 2 medics, 1 patient, 4 passengers. In the rigs I work in now, we actually can do 4 in the back and 1 in the front, for a total of 5 passengers, because we have Enormous Fucking Ambulances. (I work in critical care transport, so we do things slightly differently.) 

The correct answer is “it depends on the situation.” I’ve transported a sick mom with 3 kids who had no one else to watch them (and let the hospital sort it out). I’ve staunchly refused anyone to accompany even a supremely sick child. 

My number one thought process, and the thought process of most EMS professionals, is this: what if poop hits the fan? What if the patient crashes? Imagine trying to run a code with 3 panicked passengers in the back of an ambulance – it won’t work. Even a panicked passenger in the front of an ambulance is a liability during a code. 

Here’s why. Hell forbid you have to stop and work a code by the side of the road. You need two people to do the CPR and the work, which means one has to get out of the front and get in the back. That leaves the passenger – who can only hear the chaos happening to their loved one and can’t really see anything – unattended, possibly with the ambulance parked on the side of the highway. 

If that person gets out of the truck in their panic, and gets hit by a passing car, you know have two critical patients instead of one (and a BIG FAT LAWSUIT hanging over your head for years). 

One good thing is that often times crews will combine forces on critically ill patients. Two people will drive ambulances and two will work together in the back of the one with the patient. That leaves a second entire vehicle able to transport family (if they choose). 

Of course, with stable patients, we try to accomodate, but the “no more than 2″ rule applies. (The patient, in all things, has the right of refusal; if someone else wants to come along but the patient refuses, that person stays outside.) 

So generally, if the character is awake, SO can ride, spouse can ride, friend can ride, family can ride, but 2 is the generally accepted maximum number of passengers (1 front / 1 back). More than that and people just get in the way, as much as the medics might want the character to be comfortable and with those they trust and love. 

If they’re unconscious, EMS will ask whoever’s with them who they are to the patient. 

You have some room, as a writer, with institutional policy. Some places may enact a strict “family only” policy, but most places trust the crew’s judgment. There’s also room for the lovely conversation: “You’re his cousin, right?” “What? No, I’m his boyfr–” “You said you were his cousin, right?”  Most medics I know hate stupid institutional rules like this, and we show as much compassion as we can. 

And no one will ever, ever check if the characters have a marriage license. Ever

So let’s recap: 

  • A conscious patient can say who goes with them, but EMS say how many (if any). 
  • The sicker they are, the less likely EMS are to take passengers. 
  • Minors can almost always have an adult with them. 
  • Safety is the number one priority. 
  • Institutional policies vary and interpretation of that policy is up to the crews, who are people with feelings like compassion and frustration. 
  • “I’m his [relationship]” will fly, because no one is checking. 

Is good? Is good. 

Hope this helped. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Your Love Bizarre

OK folks, I have combined three challenges into this doozy! All prompts will be in bold; song lyrics in italics. Also a shout out to @ilostmyshoe-79 and a really late birthday fic!!

@chelsea072498‘s Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy Challenge: The song I choose was “Love Bizarre” with Sheila E and my prompt is: Seeking shelter from the storm, they made their first mistake.

@melissaj616‘s Follower and Birthday Celebration: My prompt is:  “Maybe I have a few secrets you haven’t discovered yet.” (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!)

@iwantthedean‘s SoCo Summer Writing Challenge and my prompt is:  “I will be singing only to you.”

Although not SUPER kinky, it is probably the kinkiest smut I have ever smutted. 

Word Count: just shy of 3200

Warnings: Threesome, use of a DP strap on; DP; Dom/Sub relations; Skype sex; anal sex, vaginal sex, all kinds of sex, unprotected sex, cum feeding

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (no Wincest)

A huge thank you to @helvonasche, @madamelibrarian and @when-the-day–met-the-night for the beta. 

NSFW image under the cut

Originally posted by shaabanahmontana

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BTS react to picking you up drugged

Lately my work hasn’t been doing well because i’ve been so inactive, i really apologise in advance. 
But my last final exams are in 2 weeks so i’ll be completely active to make up for it~


Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Jungkook would be pissed. When picking up your call and hearing your drunken/drugged voice his emotions would immediately run all over the place as the only thing he could think of was whether you were safe. After picking you up he would still be fuming, both at you for being careless as well as whoever had the intention of drugging you. Nevertheless Jungkook would still take good care of you tucking you into bed and slipping in next to you embracing you in a hug.

You could’ve been in danger you idiot” he sighed in frustration kissing the top of your head.


Originally posted by histonguetaechnology

Taehyung would be emotionally frustrated. After picking you up and bringing you home rather calmly, he would tuck you in and watch you sleep as he got lost in his own thoughts. His thoughts began to sadden as he wondered why anyone would want to do something like that to someone like you. 


Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Similar to Jungkook, Jimin would be absolutely infuriated. Except he wasn’t mad at you, but more at the person who had the audacity to drug your drink. When he picked you up at the party he would keep pushing to see if you knew what the person looked like so that he could give them a piece of his mind but when you kept whining to just go home he would give up and drive the both of you home.

After that, Jimin would still be pretty protective over you and probably wouldn’t let you go to parties alone for quite some time.

I’m sorry Jagi, I’m just scared, your safety and happiness is my number one priority


Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon would be the most calm and collected in this situation out of all the boys, he would understand that (even though it’s messed up) things like this sometimes happen. When he took you home he would not let his eyes leave you for a second, making sure that nothing serious had happened, vowing to take better care of you from then on as you fell asleep next to him.


Originally posted by jjilljj

Hoseok’s face would drop immediately when he picked up your phone call, his jaw clenched and his heart felt uneasy on the way to the party. When he found you, relief filled into his entire body as he engulfed you into a hug asking if you were okay. Hose would even ask to take you to the hospital just in safe measures, when the both of you came home he would not let  his sight off of you for just once. 


Originally posted by yeogibwa

his face would seem unfazed but his heart would say otherwise, Yoongi would genuinely be worried for your health and safety. It would have been pretty late and he was having late night practice with the rest of the group when you called him, he would drop his things and quickly dash to his car, leaving the boys confused as to his sudden exit.


Originally posted by foreveryoongz

Seokjin would be worried more than anything, the whole car ride to the party his nerves would get the best of him and he’d probably arrive teary eyed trying to find you. When he found you a bit drunken or drugged, he would engulf you in a hug rubbing the back of your head as a way to sooth himself (more than to sooth you tbh) before taking you home and tucking you into bed. 

Your master’s safety and happiness are the number one priority. You really are an exemplar butler, Mr. Agni.

Kuroshitsuji vol.25 will be released on (May) 27th. 

In case someone misses Sebastian’s voice (i.e. Ono Daisuke’s voice), here’s the latest official ad for the new Kuroshitsuji comicbook :D

onliafaze  asked:

Izuku, Bakugou, Todokori, Iida, Kaminari, and Kirishima discover their supposedly Quirkless s/o is actually hiding an amazing quirk because she doesn't want to be a hero; she can't handle the pressures that come with it.

My dear @onliafaze , I am going to do these one at a time cos I do not want you to wait forever and I am getting really into these. So first up is Midoriya! I wrote this even though it is over my character limit cos this was requested before I had posted my rules and it seemed unfair not to write it just because of that. These were supposed to be hc but I have no self control so sorry about that XD. ~Admin K 🎶

What was he going to do? These psychotic…things were destroying everything in the area. Three of them. These things looked like they were made of the odds and ends of all kinds of animals. With the body of a lion, a thick snake’s body coming from the spot where the lion’s tail would be, and from the waist up, they were human—they were the stuff of nightmares. They had terrifyingly large fangs dripping with poison, and it was obvious very quickly that the power of those snake tails had the power of being lethal with the right amount of force. Bat wings a kilometer in length sprouted from their lion backs.

People were running around like mad, desperately trying to escape them. People with all kinds of powerful quirks, but with no training to use them properly. Pro heroes had to be on their way, but who were these villians? Would the heroes even know how to stop them? First things first, he absolutely had to find ___ and get her to safety. His girlfriend was his number one priority at the moment; he could try to fend off those other guys later, but being quirkless in this situation? ___ was not safe here. He screamed her name, desperately calling to find her.

Where is she? Where is she?!


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Reader is the medic on set of Homecoming and Tom purposely gets hurt to see her.

A/N: I got really unmotivated at the end and rushed to finish it and i hate it so sorry. feel free to request things.

You watched as the new blood made their way towards you, a skip in their step. You couldn’t help but grin at their excitement that you would soon watch wither away from the hard work and never ending hours.

“So, that’s the new Spider-Man?” Your partner elbowed you and laughed. You shrugged your shoulders and smiled back. “He looks like he’s five.”

“We look like we’re five compared to everyone else back at headquarters.” You and your partner we’re the youngest on the force. Only a year out of the Paramedic program. You were lucky enough to get selected to work on the new Spider-Man movie set for the sex few months, though you were pretty sure it was because nobody took two twenty year olds seriously out in the field.

“Ladies,” James, Sony’s human resources director who had brought you and your partner on, lead the group of young faces to your small tent in the back of the studio. “This is our newest star, Tom Holland.” He beamed, definitely over exaggerating to make a good impression. Tom stood a few inches taller than you, his brown curly hair bouncing as he nodded a shy ‘hello’ to you. You offered a hand shake instead.

“This is (Y/N),” James introduced you with a hand on your shoulder,” and Kat. These are the studios Paramedics, they will be assisting with the movie. So any scrapes of bruises come right to these angels, they keep upstairs happy and lawsuit free.” He looked at the man standing next to Tom this time, who you assumed was Tom’s manager. James introduced you next to Toms PA, Harrison, who tom quickly corrected as his best friend.

Just as they were about to walk off James’s phone buzzed in his pocket, he pointed the boys to the snack table before answering his phone running off. You took this as your cue to go back to your table where Kat had already gotten comfortable and wait out the rest of the day.

“Hey, wait, aren’t you a little young to be a Paramedic?” Tom asked, his accent surprising you. You gave a small chuckle before turning back to face him.

“Aren’t you a little old to still not have hit puberty? You’re playing a fifteen year old at what, twenty one? I wouldn’t criticize me age, bud.” You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow at the now smiling star.

“Fair enough.” He laughed. “I just think it’s really cool, is all. I’m glad we’ll be in young, spry hands.”

“Yeah, Tom is accident prone.” The blonde one that was introduced as Harrison nudged his friend earning his a small glare.

“No I’m not.” Tom defended. “I am the most graceful person you’ll ever meet.”

“Uh huh.” Harrison glanced over his shoulder to the fast approaching James. “Well, time to go, I’m sure we’ll see you around, (Y/N), and you too Kat. Good to meet both of you.”

“Yeah, good meeting you.” Tom smiled at you one last time before leaving.

“He’s cute.” Kat called from behind you, not looking up from her phone. “And his net worth is like five million dollars. One of us should totally marry him.”

“Yeah, good luck with that.” You laughed.

Filming had finally started on set sending new faces your way every day. You had met all of the cast by now, hearing the same lines over and over again by the HR rep about lawsuits and liabilities. You smiled through it all, getting acquainted with Laura, Jacob and Tony.

It was a quiet job, safety was Marvel and Sony’s number one concern. Rigging was triple checked each day, there was no stair too high or fall too deep. You found that you spent most of your time reading or playing on your phone.

So it wasn’t a surprise that Harrison found your feet up and eyes closed in your ambulance the first time they needed you.

“Uh, (Y/N)?” Harrison knocked on the door, stirring you from your dream. You whipped the sleep out of your eyes quickly and jumped out of the vehicle.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“Kat needs you,” He pointed towards the studio. “Tom hurt himself.”

“I thought he said he was the most graceful man I’d meet?” You laughed, walking to your medic tent.

“He’s full of shit.”

You walked up to Kat shining her small flashlight into Toms brown eyes. He was sitting on the cot in his Peter Parker outfit that fit him loosely. When she spotted you the flashlight turned off causing him to blink a few times before looking at you making you notice the red bump already forming on his forehead.

“What happened?” You asked Kat.

“I fell and hit my head on a prop.” Tom answered for her. You looked at him and rolled your eyes.

“What happened to that grace?” You grabbed the ice pack that Kat retrieved from the freezer and gently applied it to his injury.

“It was a graceful fall.” He smiled up at you making your heart skip a beat. He looked so innocent while playing Peter.

“There are like, six cameras that could show you otherwise.” Harrison spoke behind you.

“Fuck off.” Your new patient mumbled.

You sat with him while everyone else went on with their business, following the protocols enforced by the studio. Check for concussion, palpate the cervical spine, and check for any other injury. Tom asked you questions as you went.

“Well, I think you’ll live.” You tapped on your phone, messaging Harrison that Tom could go back to work now that the swelling had gone down.

“Are you sure? It was looking pretty rough there for a while.”

“As long as you don’t get your ass kicked by anymore props, you should be fine.” You took one last look at his forehead, your hand running over it and then through his hair causing his eyes to flutter shut.

“I’ll try my best.” He laughed and stood up, giving a quick stretch. His toned muscle peaked under his shirt reminding you he wasn’t the innocent fifteen year old he played.

“I don’t want to see you back here, Holland.” You warned as Harrison talked up.

“No promises, darling.”


Week after week Tom had kept showing up with small bruises and cuts that could be fixed with a simple band aide but to avoid lawsuits you had to sit with him, sometimes for hours, making sure he was okay. You weren’t complaining, he was great company. You were both fans of Marvel, Tobi was your favorite Spider-Man and Tom couldn’t be mad because he was his too. You both enjoyed the same music and you often found yourselves killing time by singing to your favorite songs. He even attempted to show you how to do a backflip once but he had slipped making him stay an extra hour in the tent with you.

“I have never met someone as clumsy as you, Tom.” You smiled, putting as icepack over his bleeding nose.

“I’m usually not this bad, I swear.” He laughed and leaned his head back to attempt to stop the bleeding.

“Uh, what are you doing?” You tilted his head forward again, your hand brushing the back of his neck. He looked at you confused.

“My mum always told me to put your head back to stop the bleeding.”

“I mean, sure, if you want to drown in your own blood. Is your mom a trained paramedic?” You raisned an eyebrow in question.


“The head down, Holland.”

There was a long silence as you filled out the paperwork that came with treating a patient. Admittedly, Tom felt bad that he had to watch you fill out what seemed to be like the most boring piece of paper every time he ended up in the medic tent. And admittedly, he ended up here on purpose.

The first time was an accident, he wasn’t watching where he was going, but he loved the way your fingers grazed his skin carefully as you examined him. He loved the way your face looked as you were concentrated on him and only him. He loved the way your hand ran through his hair. And most of all he loved the way you talked to him like he was a pain in the ass, because he was, but no one else other than Harrison had the guts to tell him that.

“So, uh,” You broke the silence. “What does your mom do?”

“She’s a photographer. She’s damn good too.” He pulled out his phone and slid through her Instagram. You leaned over his shoulder, so close he could feel the warmth of your body. He tried his hardest not to breath you in but that was just another thing he came to love about you.

“What about your mom? What does she do?” He tried to focus on anything in the room other than you.

“Oh, I don’t have one. My dad is a carpenter though.” You smiled, going back to the paperwork in front of you.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.” Tom mumbled sheepishly.

“Oh, no, she’s not dead or anything.” You shook your head, “She just left when I was young.”

“So no siblings then?” He leaned back, making sure to keep his head tilted down so you wouldn’t scold him.

“An older brother. What about you?” You couldn’t focus on your paperwork anymore so you discarded in on the table and made yourself comfortable next to him.

“Four younger siblings. In fact, I bet Paddy would love to play with the sirens on your ambulance when my family comes to visit next week.”

“Tom, an ambulance is not a toy.” You frowned at him. “It’s a complicated piece of machinery. You don’t just play with the sirens. They’re for emergencies. I can’t believe you don’t take my job seriously.” Tom’s eyes grew wide, afraid he offended you. He sat up next to you, beginning to apologize.

“I’m just fucking with you, calm down.” You laughed. “Of course we can play with them.” You moved his hand, taking away the bloody rag and icepack. “Looks like you’re done bleeding. You should go get cleaned up and go back to work before you get in trouble. Again.” You hopped off the cot and Tom’s heart sank, already missing your warmth next to him.

“Oh, yeah.” He mumbled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m guessing. You know, when I worked in the field I had quite a few reoccurring patients but you are definitely my most frequent.” Tom winced at the word patient, reminding himself that this was just a job for you.

“I’ll try to be more careful tomorrow.”


Tom sat on his hotel couch, thankful it was much more comfortable then the cot he constantly found himself on. He fiddled with the cold beer in his hand while Harrison played with his phone, both of them ignoring the TV in front of them. Usually Tom would be focused on the latest cooking competition but tonight, Harrison noticed, his mind was somewhere else.

“You okay, mate?” He turned down Gordon Ramsey’s voice. Tom nodded but Harrison wasn’t having it. He threw his phone at his friend, finally getting his attention.

“What the fuck. That hurt.” Tom rubbed his arm.

“What’s wrong?” Harrison asked again. Tom sighed, rolling his head back in defeat.

“It’s (Y/N).” He pushed the beer up to his lips and took a drink. He enjoyed how the liquid made his head feel and how it could get her out of his head for just a little while. Usually.

“What about her?” Harrison’s brows furrowed.

“She only thinks of me as a patient. She’s only nice to me because it’s her job. I don’t know why I made myself believe she could actually like me. She’s so smart and I’m so, I don’t know.”

“You’re Spider-Man.” Harrisons knee knocked against Toms, “You’re Tom- Fucking- Holland.”


Tom stood in front of your apartment door hesitating but he knew Harrison would kill him if he came home without asking you out, so he knocked.

You looked through your peephole, confused at the view.

“Tom?” You asked opening the door.

“I’m hurt.” He blurted out causing you to instinctively look him up and down. He didn’t look injured, if anything he looked better than usual.

“What? Come in, where are you hurt?” You started running your hands over him carefully as soon as he entered your living room, you could feel him tense up under you. “Why didn’t you go to the hospital, what’s wrong?”

“No, uh, it’s my lips.” He muttered. You looked at him confused. It was now that he was realizing this was the first time he had seen you out of your uniform. You were in sweats and a large tee-shirt, probably all ready for bed but you were still so beautiful.

“What?” You asked again.

“I need you to kiss them better.” Your brain was still in medical mode but you quickly realized what he had said and you could feel the blush spreading across your face. “That sounded a lot better in my head” He admitted. You bit your lip holding back a laugh. You closed the gap between you two and pressed your lips gently against his. When you broke apart you ran your thumb over his lip and smiled.

“I think you’ll live.” You whispered.


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Crows, ravens, and the whole genus of of Corvus are famous for being intelligent birds who double as dark omens. Murkrow and Honchkrow are certainly no exception. Just like corvids in our world, these two pokémon are harrowed as harbingers of ill fortune, displaying incredible intelligence and able to summon mass groups .

There’s a whole lot to talk about crows, but let’s start with the myths. Why exactly are crows considered to be a bad omen? Crows are scavengers, so over time they came to be associated with dead bodies as they flocked to battlefields and graveyards. Much like vultures, they follow death around. A group of crows is ominously called a “murder”, partly due to an old folktale that said crows gathered in councils to decide the fate of a fellow crow.

As Honchkrow’s pokédex entry states, if it utters a deep cry it will summon many Murkrow quickly. Crows can also summon murders; in fact, corvids display some of the most amazing social skills in the animal kingdom. Some species of crows have more than 250 different caws. Some raise alarms, some seduce potential mates, and others beckon other crows to their location. Crows tend to roost in huge numbers – sometimes over a thousand crows – to protect each other from potential predators. Safety in numbers. If one crow is in trouble, it can call for help and summon the rest of it’s squad.

In addition to being remarkably social, crows are also amazingly intelligent. Some crows will build fake nests to fool predators. Some will squish ants and rub them all over their feathers like perfume, which protects them from parasites. In one study, crows were shown to be able to remember 200 different locations where they hid food. In another, crows were able to recognize a scientist even when they were wearing a mask and wearing different clothes. One study claims that crows have the same reasoning skills as a seven-year-old human. 

Crows are also known to use and build tools. They can use stones as hammers, use sticks to get bugs out of trees, and they can bend wires into hooks just to reach food that would otherwise be inaccessible. Despite all of this, the famous stereotypes that crows collect shiny things is actually just a myth. 

Honchkrow and Murkrow are very intelligent, social birds in the genus Corvus. They have over 250 different caws to communicate with each other, they use tools, and they display the reasoning skills of a seven-year-old human.

BTS react your parents not wanting you to date them

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Warnings: The feels, also stubborn maknaes

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A Helping Hand

//hey yall! inspired by a headcanon of my best friend @terfs-can-die , i wanna share the story of how jesse mccree got his first binder. because its about a time before then, there is some description of unsafe binding so warning for that (dont do it!) and also a warning for injuries and some hospital stuff. that should be all! please let me know what you think, and have a nice day!//

For Blackwatch operatives, injuries were unfortunately fairly common. With a height population of around a thousand, it wasn’t uncommon for a small squadron of ten people to leave, and at least four come back with some sort of laceration or other damage. Thankfully, technology has kept pace with their dangerous lifestyle, and the Caduceus technology employed by one of Overwatch’s head nurses has brought more than a few injured back to full health.

Jesse McCree is a fairly new recruit, but he has already made a name for himself in both his exceptional skill with his six-shooter, and his somehow increased likelihood of injury. He’s so brash, that on more than one occasion, Gabriel has suggested he wear a brighter color, because the standard black-and-grey gear doesn’t suit him quite right.

He lays injured and unconscious, just wheeled into the infirmary. The room is filled with a dozen or so of his coworkers, all in various states of disrepair. A few limbs are casted, some have still-healing lacerations, and more than one is sick with some flu or another. Angela comes to his side and finds the left side of his abdomen bloodied, the shirt providing blockage for the wound. It may have helped slow the bleeding on his way here, but now it is an obstruction.

Angela unclips his gear and removes it, causing him to stir slightly. She murmurs for him to rest, while she continues to assess the situation. With a confident hand and sharp scissors, Angela swiftly slices through his shirt; there is no room for privacy as he continues to bleed in slow streams. She is immediately greeted with two facts, and one shocks her far more than the other.

To little surprise, he has a graze across his stomach, probably from a bullet judging by the shape. A wave of her Caduceus staff and a few layers of bandages later and he’s healed in under a minute.

However, to her horror, the upper portion of Jesse’s chest is wrapped tightly in what appear to be bandages, causing a mild concavity of the ribs that should very much not be the case. A number of things click into place in her mind, but more prominent than that is concern for the health of her patient. “Gabriel!” she shouts over her shoulder, readying her scissors once more.

Gabriel knows better than to hover around Angela as she works. She’s a remarkably bright young doctor, and doesn’t need his fussing or protectiveness in order to do her job. But when he is called, he rises from his seat outside the infirmary and heads in, at her side in a second.

“What seems to be-” The question falls short as he looks over the unconscious recruit. After a pause, he sighs, and drags a hand down his face. He’s too young to be getting gray hairs - at least in his mind - but these kids have already given him a few. “Shoulda figured,” he tells himself, shaking his head slowly. “Rough life before…” The thought trails away, so he steps back and informs the doctor, “He’s gonna be out for two weeks.” Angela looks up at him, and the firm set of her brow is one that he’s seen before. She knows far more than him on this topic, and he is aware of that fact, and she is aware of his understanding of it.

“I can have him on his feet, mission-ready in three days.” She is confident of the matter, but Gabriel frowns.

“Two weeks. I want him out of missions for two weeks. Keep him in here if you have to, but Jesse McCree will not take another mission for two weeks.” He has his reasons, though he doesn’t want to share them just yet. He nods back towards the unconscious young man, turning the conversation back to the patient himself. “Get that off of him, and get him in some hospital stuff. I’ll be back tomorrow at ten AM, sharp.”

The next morning, Jesse McCree is fully conscious and almost entirely healed. He has some moderate scarring, but is most frustrated with the news he received earlier that Commander Reyes wouldn’t allow him to leave for fourteen days.

When Gabriel enters the room, he has his phone in hand. It’s an ancient thing, with touch-screen capabilities, rather than the more standard holo displays of the modern world. He puts it away and finds Jesse glaring at him, arms folded, looking about as sour as a lemon. “Why’m I chalked up for fourteen days, boss?” His tone is flat enough that his anger is thoroughly conveyed, even though he’s visibly still on the mend. Gabriel shuts off the screen, and pulls up one of the rolling chairs to sit beside his recruit.

“I’m approximating ten days for my Amazon delivery to arrive.” He speaks slowly, as though making an explanation, but it seems to have no effect on Jesse’s understanding. He begins to interrupt with a “Huh?” but Gabriel raises a hand to continue the outline. “Then two days for me to make adjustments to your gear once you have it on. Then-” But not even Gabriel’s still-aloft hand can hold back the sharp remark on Jesse’s tongue.

“You bought me something? What the hell?” His confusion borders on defensive, but Gabriel does his best to continue as though there was no interruption. He’s used to people not understanding his machinations, after all.

“Then two days for you to get used to the new gear. That brings us to fourteen, kid.”

Jesse is silenced only for a moment, until he demands, “What the fuck did you buy me?”

Gabriel withdraws his phone once more, turning it on and opening an app. He tosses it towards Jesse, and it lands on the recruit’s lap with a soft thud. On the screen is a website, specifically Gabriel’s recent Amazon orders. The older orders show various fabrics, knicknacks, clasps, and miscellaneous items. But an order from the previous night is a simple black binder. According to the item title, it’s designed for movement and breathability, and comes in a dark grey color. Jesse picks up the phone in hands that shake more than a gunslinger’s should, but Gabriel makes no comment on his disbelief. In fact, he only gives another vague explanation.

“My number one concern is the safety of my operatives.” He says firmly, leaning back in the chair to let Jesse process his words. “I won’t have another instance of you fucking up your ribs with bandages, okay?” He can feel Jesse’s eyes on him now, switching between him and the phone without a single word of interruption. With a small sigh, Gabriel continues, “If you don’t like the one I picked out, or you don’t wanna wear one at all, that’s okay. Come talk to me and we can work something safe out, but you don’t need to endanger your health and your life for a flatter chest, kid.” There is silence between them for a stretch of seconds. Jesse’s eyes are wide, and vaguely shiny with tears, and the hope in them makes Gabe have to grit his teeth a little to keep from mirroring his expression. But after he processes, Jesse nods.

He nods bouncily and over-extendedly, swallowing to get his voice working once again. “Yeah, okay.” He agrees, a bit hoarse, as he slowly hands back Gabe’s phone. “Sounds good.” Jesse smiles, and Gabe knows his little lecture was worth it as Jesse promises, “Sounds real good.”