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The reason I never post pictures of myself is simple - it’s not because I don’t like how I look, I’m actually one of very few people it seems who like how they look. My reason is my dad was an officer, I was raised with Internet safety being drilled into my head. I’ve come to my own conclusions over time, and it’s not the pictures that matter all that much. Notice I’ve covered up part of the badges, because those were real badges. My dad’s actually. As long as I’m careful with what information is shown in the pictures (towns, state etc) I don’t believe posting pictures of myself occasionally will hurt.

So here I am at my barn’s Halloween party in October dressed as a mounted officer with my horse. We won most authentic costume, everything was real. Borrowed the shirt and tool belt from police officers my family knows.

the signs as old danganronpa sprite videos
  • Aries: salt and pepper diner (what's new pussycat)
  • Taurus: owari vs. food
  • Gemini: hinata goes to the airport
  • Cancer: adult life is already so god damn weird
  • Leo: everybody hates yamada
  • Virgo: when boys do the investigation
  • Libra: komaeda the door kicker
  • Scorpio: dangan pick up lines
  • Sagittarius: togami pranks everyone
  • Capricorn: celes, queen of liars
  • Aquarius: like dangan ronpa's status
  • Pisces: ishimaru's fire safety drill

shithotawkward  asked:

i have to say you have the greatest url in the world because i've always said that franks gun, and his randomly whipping it out, is my absolute favorite part of the show

I had been debating whether or not I should change it but I think I might keep it now. Thanks dude. I love Frank’s little gun too because I grew up in a rather rural area and had gun safety drilled into my head pretty young, so watching the gang completely disregard even the most basic rules of this is funny as hell. Like trigger discipline?? What’s that? Not pointing a gun at someone’s head??? Pshh 💁🏽. Like if there ever was a group of people least equipped to have guns, it would be the gang, and they have a shit load of them.


Big Hero 6
The Scientific Method

Summary: Observations: Dizziness, shortness of breath, incessant blushing, perpetual stupidity. Hypothesis: Stroke. 2nd hypothesis: Poisoned by aphrodisiac. / Tadashi:Gogo. 

(a/n: link here. why the random photoset? idk i like photosets. seems to add to the experience IMO. maybe it doesn’t. oh well. oh and do me a favor and don’t take this seriously. it’s like half crack. and kind of au cuz tadashi’s alive but hiro’s going to SFIT. )

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When attacking for your partner in class...

When working with a partner during a technique or drill, I’ve found that students commonly make it only one sided. One student will attack ridiculously slow and exaggerated, often off angle to the point where the defending student wouldn’t need to do anything and still be able to avoid the attack. This is really bad training for them as they won’t actually learn the important parts of the technique like reaction speed, angle, distance and especially timing. Even more so it is a total waste of time, not just for the one partner working on the defense, but both sides will get nothing out of it…

*Before I go any further, know that safety is important when drilling because you cannot be expected to pull something off at full speed and intention after seeing once. A space cushion is usually the best practice and yes slowing down the punch a little in the beginning can help too, however the speed must be increased as the students get the hang of it to help work into real-time application.

**Now this can turn into a really long essay with various tangents, but I’m going to keep the focus of this solely on the attacking side.

Remember, when you are punching (or whatever attack you initiate) you are training too. To throw and empty punch is not only ill-preparing your partner to deal with real-time and aggressive attacks, but you are also wasting your time and energy when you could take advantage and improve your technique. When you initiate your attack, go through the checklist of what your instructor looks for when the fundamental technique is taught. Is the stance correct, did you step, were you supposed to step, are the hips being used, is the waist turning, is your guard up, are you telegraphing your strike, is your chin down, are you too tense, are you too relaxed, are you striking at the best distance/angle????

That’s right, you can improve yourself while training others.

Now, I a not saying you should be a jerk to your partner and change up your attack just to make it successful, I’m asking you to improve the elements of your technique to make it more efficient for when you actually use it. This will benefit both you and your partner so next time you train, train smarter and harder!