safety drills

when humans have diplomatic interaction with their allies, all talks and speeches are conducted aboard one of our Star Destroyers. A smaller one, to be sure. The diplomatic envoys are received with full honours and treated like the very special guests they are: the Commander himself graciously gives them the use of his own cabin (a baffling tradition… why not just set up separate quarters? still, this custom is meant to honor the guests, so no one complains). 

of course the guests are given an entertaining tour of the ship if they have never seen one: weaponry, practice drills, safety systems, mess halls, everything of importance. 

the guests are impressed on how ready the human crew is to respond to any emergency, the weaponry is truly amazing, and they are shocked at the ability shown by the X-Wings pilots. 

when the talks and negotiations start, humans do everything to make their guests comfortable, providing refreshments and comfortable seats, and they are all in this very nice room situated on the command deck, with a staggering view of the mighty ship… ah, we’re so proud of our Sun Tzu! There’s no other race who can make such a ship! it’s not even one of our best or biggest, you should see the flagship, the HSS (Human SpaceShip) Jedi Star Destroyer… 

there’s almost never need for humans to resort to threats, nor anyone dares to formulate them.
Trump signs executive order to expand drilling off America’s coasts: ‘We’re opening it up.’
The measure will make millions of acres of federal waters eligible for oil and gas leasing, just four months after President Barack Obama withdrew these areas from possible development.

The assault on our environment, including our oceans, continues with this latest (i.e., today) Executive Order from trump. He’s starting in motion the process to reverse President Obama’s temporary and permanent bans, and the requirements for safety equipment imposed after the Deepwater Horizon spill. He’s also ordering a review of the marine sanctuaries created or enlarged by President Obama.

He will do anything to prove up to his supporters that his first 100 days will be the most productive period of time since the alleged 6 day creation effort by the Judeo-Christian-Islamic deity aka God. And we all know that this 100 day effort, if graded, wouldn’t even qualify for an “F.”


President Trump signed an executive order Friday that aims to expand offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, as well as assess whether energy exploration can take place in marine sanctuaries in the Pacific and Atlantic.

The “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” will make millions of acres of federal waters eligible for oil and gas leasing, just four months after President Barack Obama withdrew these areas from possible development. In late December, Obama used a little-known provision in the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to bar energy exploration in large portions of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, and a string of canyons in the Atlantic stretching from Massachusetts to Virginia.

Still, even Trump administration officials said it would take years to rewrite federal leasing plans and open up these areas to drilling. And global energy prices may deter investors from moving ahead with additional drilling in the Arctic Ocean in the near term, despite the effort to make more areas eligible for development.

Speaking to reporters Thursday night, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said it would likely take about two years to do a thorough review of what new areas could be put up for auction.

In addition to reviewing what drilling can take place off Alaska and the East Coast, the new directive charges Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to halt the expansion of any new marine sanctuaries and review the designations of any marine national monument established or expanded in the last decade. That includes Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, which Obama quadrupled in size last year, and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts off Massachusetts.

And here’s a summary from the New York Times about trump’s order regarding off-shore drilling safety equipment:

Trump also took aim at regulations on oil-rig safety.

Last year, the Obama administration unveiled a set of regulations on offshore oil and gas drilling equipment, intended to tighten the safety requirements on underwater drilling equipment and well-control operations. In particular, the new rules tighten controls on blowout preventers, the industry-standard devices that are the last line of protection to stop explosions in undersea oil and gas wells.

The 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig was caused in part by the buckling of a section of drill pipe, prompting the malfunction of a supposedly fail-safe blowout preventer on a BP well.

leiiaas  asked:

Who is afraid of heights?

Claire tuned out when the flight attendant launched into the safety drill, urging everyone to identify the nearest exit and please keep their seat belts fastened even when the seat belt sign was off, thank you very much. Frankly, if their plane took a dive into the Pacific, she wouldn’t be in the very least surprised – in fact, it would be a perfect cherry on top of the worst weekend of her life.

Mere 26 hours after they escaped the teeth of the I-Rex, and finally heading back home, she was having a hard time catching up with the reality. The time seemed to have stopped and sped up, all at once, the minutes stretching painfully before her and yet the past day flew by in a blink of an eye. The local TV channels were crowded with the news about the incident, the flights overbooked by the people trying to get back home and away from the tragedy. She did her best not to look around for fear of recognizing the faces in the crowd, all while knowing that for her, the nightmare was just getting started.

Her body hurt in the way she didn’t know it could, exhaustion mixed with sunburn mixed with emotional trauma making her feel numb, like she was walking through water, the colours smudged and the sounds muffled somehow. She couldn’t sleep the previous night, not for more than an hour or two at a time, which meant she was more or less awake for nearly two days now. And this was going to backfire eventually, she knew that much. In a little under 6 hours they would be back in the US, and maybe in an hour after that, she would finally be able to take a shower in her own house where the water pressure was actually a thing and where everything made sense.

Sitting beside her, Owen was staring out the small window at the wide expanse of the landing strip and men in bright orange jackets talking into headpieces. She gave him a surreptitious look, and then a not so surreptitious one when it became clear that he was deep enough in his own thoughts to notice her scrutiny. There were dark circles under his eyes, and even though they managed to wash the blood and grime off their bodies and find clean clothes, he didn’t shave, and the scruff was making him look wild.

He sucked in a sharp breath when the plane started to move, his body going stiff and his hands clutching the armrests so tight his knuckles went completely white.

They’d been inseparable ever since she’d found him in the crowd in the hangar on Isla Nublar, all but glued to one another all through saying goodbye to Claire’s sister and her family who got priority seats on the earlier flight due to being ‘victims’ of the incident, and then finding a place to stay. He kept her mind off the tragedy in the only way he could, but sleeping with him hardly made the silent moments between them any less awkward.

Still… She placed her own hand over his, twining her fingers through his until he let go of the armrest and clutched her hand instead, his lips curving into a faint smile as he tore his gaze away from the window and looked at her, making her stomach twist in a frighteningly familiar way.

“Can’t believe you’re scared of flying,” she said softly, her thumb running soothingly over the back of his hand, holding his gaze until his breathing evened out as the plane tore off the ground, the acceleration pushing them into the backs of their seats.

“I’m not,” Owen countered. “Just not a fan of falling.”

She glanced down at his scabbed knuckles, remembering the cuts and bruises all over his body, now hidden under a dark grey shirt and a pair of khaki slacks, certain that she would never be able to get the image out of her head. She probably didn’t look much better herself, with her blistered feet and sunburn lines, her calves burning with every step after running for hours on end. And yet, he somehow knew where to kiss her to make it all go away, and it was more terrifying than the incident itself.

“Statistically, flying it safer than driving a car,” she promised, meeting his eyes again.

Owen chuckled shakily, his muscles flexing under the thin cotton of his shirt, still in full alarm mode. “And what are the odd of being eaten by a dinosaur these days?” The joke feel flat though, Claire’s throat tightening momentarily, and when she didn’t say anything, he lifted the armrest between them and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, tucking her into him. “I was in the Navy and not in the Air Force for a reason, you know,” he added, kissing the crown of her head.

“It will be okay,” Claire murmured, breathing him in, her nose buried in his shoulder, her own heart fluttering like a wild bird in her chest, even though it had nothing to do with the fact that they were stuck in a tin can several miles up in the sky.

He smoothed her hair down with his hand, threading her fingers through the strands that curled in humidity. “How’d you know?”

Because it was their turn to catch a break, she thought. “Because I do.”

Convenient Friend

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader


TW: None

Word Count: 1379


Aaron Burr.

The name was one you knew, but never really cared about.

The two of you had grown up together, really. If indirectly as it was. You two went to the same schools together, pretty much all of your life, and you were shocked when you learned, through mutual friends, that you’d even gotten accepted into the same college. But he was no more than a name with a friendly face. The person you went to if you forgot paper, or a pencil. A face you recognized in the yearbook. You two never really spoke.

You’d make small talk when in a situation where it provided. The most recent had been in June, October, when the two of you had been on the same bus on your college campus. It was nice to see a familiar face now and again, you learned. But then you got off at your stop, presumable, he left at his, and you made no effort to contact him again.

It was now January.

The New York chill still bit at you through your thick winter coat, boots crunching on what little snow was left unshoveled on the sidewalks. You were lost in thoughts. None that were important, no. What were you going to have for dinner tonight? Pizza sounded good, but you’d been eating out a lot lately. You needed to quit it, especially since you didn’t feel like working out when it was so freezing. Hm…maybe you could make spaghetti? Still italian, but easy to make at home, and cheap-

“Hey, babe!” You stopped, and looked around, trying to find the source of the yell, and just where the ‘babe’ in question was. Turning around, you saw a couple college guys, ones you recognized from a class or two, approaching you.

“I uh…me?” You looked confused, brow furrowing.

“Yeah, you, what are you, stupid?” You took an offended step back, before frowning deeply, and turning around to start walking away. You didn’t like being catcalled, and you sure as hell didn’t like being called stupid. You didn’t have to stand for this.

“Hey, don’t walk away from me, babe!” They were following you, great. Ugh.

You sped up a bit, almost breaking out into a full run when you slammed into someone.

That someone was a familiar face, and, luckily, he seemed to understand the situation immediately, once he saw the on the approach behind you.

“Ah! There you are, (Y/N)! I’ve been waiting on you!” In truth, he’d been waiting on Alexander, since they were needing to discuss some of the details for a mock trial they were doing but…your immediate safety came first, and, in all honestly, Alexander had neglected to show up without so much as a text multiple times before hand, leaving him standing in the cold for an hour.

“O-oh! Uh…Burr! Aaron, yeah…sorry…uhh…you ready to go?” You asked, letting the guys think that he really had been waiting for you.

In truth, you hadn’t even thought about him since you stepped off that bus way back in October.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.” He offered you his arm with a polite smile, and a smug nod at the two that had been pursuing you. When they were around the corner, and out of sight, he let you go, giving you a smile as the two of you walked. He was wearing a double breasted button up, with a very soft looking scarf that looked handmade. He had on dark pants, and boots that nearly blended, with only the change in material to tell them apart. He looked warm, and looked good, which was a hard combo to pull off.

He pulled his hood up as the snow began to fall, ever so lightly again.

“Come on, I know a coffee shop around here. Quiet, and warm.” You…honestly weren’t sure why you tagged along. But the promise of a hot chocolate, and a warm place to sit down for a little bit was calling to you, so you didn’t turn him down.


A little while later, you were relaxing in one of the arm chairs the cafe sported, and Burr sat across from you, scribbling something down in a notebook, before referring back to the book lying open on the small end table beside him, along with his coffee.

“So…” You wanted to at least small talk with him…maybe it would be nice to have him as more than just a convenient friend now and again. “That scarf looks handmade…who made it?”

“I did.” He glanced up from his notebook with a slight smile. “My mother taught me how to crochet when I was little. It keeps my hands busy.”

“Aww…well, it looks really nice and warm…” You commented, at least proud of yourself for learning something new about him.

“Mmhm…it’s good wool. I save up for it, so that what I make is worth the wait. It’s better than getting a lot of cheap material, in order to make a lot at once.” You nodded a little in understanding, eyes still fixed on the scarf in curiosity. It was mostly a deep grey, with flecks of red mixed in. It looked really comfortable. You wondered how hard it was to crochet.

Probably impossible.

You sipped your hot chocolate, and went back to your thoughts, and it seemed Aaron had done the same.

He offered to walk you home, which you really appreciated. You didn’t want to chance a run in with those two again…and Aaron, gentlemanly though he was, seemed like someone who could keep them off of you.

You two talked the whole way home. You started on your majors. And then you talked about how crazy it was that you were going to the same school, after coming from the same little high school.

Do you remember that time…?

Or what about that one thing…?

It felt good to laugh with him, over old memories. You may not have been close in high school, but you definitely both remembered the one time there was a fight in the AP Lang hall, and a girl smacked another girl so hard into a door that the glass shattered.

Or the time that you had a group assembly on drill safety, and it may or may not have been suggested that you should throw someone smaller than you at the attacker.

Or the one pep rally where a cheerleader got hit with a full two liter bottle of Coca-Cola. No one knew who threw it, only that it originated from the Junior’s section.

Before you knew it, you were home. You hadn’t even thought about the cold. With a smile, you offered your hand to Aaron to shake. He smiled at you, and gave you a nod. The two of you traded numbers, and after saying goodbye, you vanished into your apartment.


Two days later, there was a knock on your door. It was early, too…ugh…

But you yawned, and dragged yourself up, opening the door and looking around irately. There was no one. Seriously? Ding dong ditching without a doorbell, and in broad daylight, had no point, people!

But then you looked down.

The box was grey, neatly wrapped with a dark purple bow. You hummed in thought, and brought it inside, setting it on the kitchen table to open. Removing the lid, you gaped, taking a scarf from the box. It was an infinity scarf, a deep blue, with knots of silver here and there. It felt so soft to the touch…you ran your fingers over it fondly, before looking back into the box and finding a note.


I finished this the night I walked you home. I haven’t been able to work that much that fast in ages. I figured it was only fair that you get the scarf you helped create. Maybe I could teach you some time? Maybe you’re the secret behind how fast I work


You smiled a bit, slipping it on, and letting your fingers lace through the holes in the yarn.


First Aaron Burr request!! Yaaay!! And lets face it i had to describe what he was wearing because Leslie Odom Jr. looks good in eVERYTHING.

Love, Rosalie

Please fire me. We had a safety meeting about never using power tools in the rain. The next day, as it rained, we were told to continue working using impact guns, power drills, and a couple of circular saws. When I complained about this, my boss told me that it wasn’t raining hard enough and when it starts pouring rain that they might reconsider.

the signs as old danganronpa sprite videos
  • Aries: salt and pepper diner (what's new pussycat)
  • Taurus: owari vs. food
  • Gemini: hinata goes to the airport
  • Cancer: adult life is already so god damn weird
  • Leo: everybody hates yamada
  • Virgo: when boys do the investigation
  • Libra: komaeda the door kicker
  • Scorpio: dangan pick up lines
  • Sagittarius: togami pranks everyone
  • Capricorn: celes, queen of liars
  • Aquarius: like dangan ronpa's status
  • Pisces: ishimaru's fire safety drill

Episode 51, part 2: fire clouds the brain.

When we left Yugi, he was in a warehouse that went on fire REALLY quickly and effectively. This is some Disney-fire level shit right here people.

I have to admit, I lol’d.

Yugi grabs the chain and tries to pull the spike loose (how the fuck did Keith jam that spike in there? what is the duel arena made of anyway?)

But he can’t.

Okay. I know this is a cartoon. And I’m not supposed to take it too seriously. But.

The chain is attached to the spike by something that reeeeeeally looks like a carabiner clip. That’s not a padlock, look at it. It looks like you just screw that open. Maybe it’s been locked somehow, although I dunno how you would lock it, but maybe it has. WE DON’T KNOW BECAUSE EVERYONE ALMOST DIES AND NO ONE THINKS TO FUCKING CHECK. NO ONE TRIES. NO ONE EVEN TOUCHES IT. *laugh-sobbing*

I spent this whole warehouse fire saga alternating between “JUST UNSCREW THE FUCKING CARABINER YOU MORONS” and T_____T

</3 He needs his big brother figure to help him but Yami can’t help him because his soul has been literally-not-figuratively shattered! T_____T

But help is on the way!

… Where have they been?! They’re in a totally different street from any of the dark alleys we saw Yugi and Bakura reach the warehouse from, and when they see the smoke from the fire, they’re like a whole block away still. Seriously how long did Bakura spend fabricating false arrow paths?!

When they do see the smoke, they run towards it and decide Yugi must be inside based on no information whatsoever but OKAY.

You guys are TERRIBLE FIREFIGHTERS. What kind of lame-ass looks-cool but-has-no-power-behind-it posturing kinda kick is that supposed to be, Katsuya Jounouchi?! 

Meanwhile, inside, Yugi has decided the best thing to do is just take a lash at solving the damn thing (CARABINER YOU MORON) …

… so he can at least apologise to Yami before they both die in the flames (T____T)

And this time, it doesn’t take him eight years! He actually gets it done really quickly, finishing right after Jounouchi and Honda finally manage to burst through that door.

He’s such a fucking cutie, even in near-death situations!

Jounouchi and Honda tell him to get his ass out of the very-much-burning-down building, but he won’t go.


Btw Yugi is such a Gryffindor. Fight me.

Jounouchi tries to detach Yugi from his literal death-grip on the Puzzle (CARABINER) but Yugi won’t let go (T____T) and Honda…

OH WELL PHEW. I mean, I know the deck is important but haven’t these kids ever taken any fire safety drills?! Nothing is more important than yours or someone else’s life, kids, leave it all behind. (The Puzzle is an exception because it actually does have a person in it.)

Yugi won’t leave Yami and Jounouchi won’t leave Yugi! T____T but serIOUSLY THE FUCKING CARABINER THO. Maybe Yugi was too short to reach it but Jou has no excuse!!

THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK THE C– … no, you know what, forget it. Just die there. 

Yugi’s really strong, though, if they can’t prise him off it. I guess he’s having one of those adrenaline rushes … but while semi-conscious? Hmm.

Now that the Puzzle’s been put back together, actually, I’m surprised Yami didn’t immediately take over, since Yugi’s in such danger. I guess maybe he got all rattled around in there and it took him a while to … pull himself together! (I tried not to.)

But he must be terrified that Yugi’s going to die because of him and he can’t do anything about it T____T

As Jounouchi grabs the Puzzle to try to drag it free, Yami manages to give him a brief vision!

If only.

He actually tells him to use a metal bar as a lever to free the spike.

But. But then. How did they ever get the chain free from the spike if they didn’t just open the carabiner clip, HMM?!

Meanwhile, Anzu has called 119 (the Japanese fire and ambulance number!) and the actual firefighters have arrived.

Except they are also TERRIBLE FIREFIGHTERS because she’s telling them there are people trapped in the building and the building is not collapsing, but they just ignore her and don’t try to go in to save them. 

But, with Yami’s plan and Jounouchi and Honda’s metal bar, they make it out!


I’ve actually started Puzzleshipping a lot more since I started this rewatch. <3 Bbys.

I mean, look at how cute Yugi is:

It’s nice to think that it was an impossible Puzzle because Yami didn’t want anyone to solve it, but he eventually made an exception for Yugi and gave him a fair chance (the first time he solved it) , and now, he wants Yugi to solve it again, asap, so he helps him as much as he can. <3

Anyway, now that excitement’s over, the next episode preview tells me it’s my homegirl Isis showing up! Yes!

Wes’s Stakeout - DP

Not sorry. Another Wes-drabble for you.

The Fentons finally weren’t home. He’d been staking out the house most of the weekend, camped out in a small tent in old man Gurket’s backyard, waiting for his opportunity. But just minutes ago, he’d watched all four of them pile into their strange van and roar off down the street.

“You done mowing yet?” came a hoarse yell. It was the old man, who poked his head out of the back door every few hours to ask the same question.

“NO!” Wes yelled back, kicking the unused (and wouldn’t ever be if he had a say in it) mower out of spite, before he jumped over the fence and crossed the street. He grinned manically. The front door was solid and unmoving, but Wes happily dug a key out of his pocket and slit it into the lock.

It wasn’t breaking and entering if some idiot just left the key lying around to be found, right? Mr. Fenton was just begging for someone to come rob him.

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Dangan Ronpa (Funny) Fan Videos Masterpost

Back and better than ever!

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Big Hero 6
The Scientific Method

Summary: Observations: Dizziness, shortness of breath, incessant blushing, perpetual stupidity. Hypothesis: Stroke. 2nd hypothesis: Poisoned by aphrodisiac. / Tadashi:Gogo. 

(a/n: link here. why the random photoset? idk i like photosets. seems to add to the experience IMO. maybe it doesn’t. oh well. oh and do me a favor and don’t take this seriously. it’s like half crack. and kind of au cuz tadashi’s alive but hiro’s going to SFIT. )

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Samantha Bee speaks to “school safety expert and fifth horseman of the apocalypse.

Despite a rash of mass shootings across America, states like Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and others have failed to pass laws which would require universal background checks as a requirement for gun ownership. Instead, these states are trying to get schoolchildren to undergo safety drills in case of mass shootings.

When attacking for your partner in class...

When working with a partner during a technique or drill, I’ve found that students commonly make it only one sided. One student will attack ridiculously slow and exaggerated, often off angle to the point where the defending student wouldn’t need to do anything and still be able to avoid the attack. This is really bad training for them as they won’t actually learn the important parts of the technique like reaction speed, angle, distance and especially timing. Even more so it is a total waste of time, not just for the one partner working on the defense, but both sides will get nothing out of it…

*Before I go any further, know that safety is important when drilling because you cannot be expected to pull something off at full speed and intention after seeing once. A space cushion is usually the best practice and yes slowing down the punch a little in the beginning can help too, however the speed must be increased as the students get the hang of it to help work into real-time application.

**Now this can turn into a really long essay with various tangents, but I’m going to keep the focus of this solely on the attacking side.

Remember, when you are punching (or whatever attack you initiate) you are training too. To throw and empty punch is not only ill-preparing your partner to deal with real-time and aggressive attacks, but you are also wasting your time and energy when you could take advantage and improve your technique. When you initiate your attack, go through the checklist of what your instructor looks for when the fundamental technique is taught. Is the stance correct, did you step, were you supposed to step, are the hips being used, is the waist turning, is your guard up, are you telegraphing your strike, is your chin down, are you too tense, are you too relaxed, are you striking at the best distance/angle????

That’s right, you can improve yourself while training others.

Now, I a not saying you should be a jerk to your partner and change up your attack just to make it successful, I’m asking you to improve the elements of your technique to make it more efficient for when you actually use it. This will benefit both you and your partner so next time you train, train smarter and harder!