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But of course he had a motorcycle. Out of all reasonably safe vehicles of the world, he had to have a motorcycle.

‘I still can’t understand how they are allowed to produce something that doesn’t even have a seatbelt or any other reliable safety tool, I mean this thing is dangerous, Jayce. There’s nothing, literally nothing, between you and your end when you’re riding this’. Was there any point in discussing this when she was already sited behind him? Probably not. She held onto him tighter and closed her eyes.

'I’m every safety tool you may ever need’, he awnsered and revved the engine.

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What does buddhism say about Suicide? Any tips on how to overcome suicidal thoughts? Just anything about this topic please. Thank you!

When it comes to suicide, Buddhism says please don’t do it. In Buddhism, all life is sacred.

Buddhism teaches an awareness of thoughts. Thoughts are considered a sense, like taste, touch and smell. They are a precursor to action, which is why suicidal thoughts are so frightening. Buddhism does encourage thinking about death and impermanence, but not when you are experiencing so much suffering. When we are feeling so bad that we contemplate suicide, we are disconnected from our best mind. When that is the case it is best to rely on other people’s better minds. Buddhists also recognize the great merit of asking for help. Buddhists who, as their practice, beg for food, aren’t just taking for themselves, they offer the benefit of the pleasures of giving to those who help. It is the same when you reach out for help with your distress.

When you are concerned with suicidal thoughts you should find somebody to talk to about it. Like you reached out to me for a Buddhist perspective, you can reach out to a doctor or counselor for a medical or psychological perspective. You can reach out to a friend to help you ask those difficult questions.

Suicidal thoughts are fantasies about pain stopping. Suicide is an extreme and violent solution to the problem of living with difficult emotions. Buddhism practices other methods to make pain stop. It advocates less extreme measures. It advocates a process of conscious compassion, of looking into the causes and cures for pain. Recognizing and experiencing our connection to others is an important part of the process. Suicide in that sense doesn’t eliminate pain, it outsources it to everybody who loves and cares about us.

Buddhism thinks a lot about thinking and ending suffering. It has lots of good practices for evaluating thoughts and finding appropriate compassionate actions from them. When you are facing such pain though a reliable safety plan is necessary. In creating a safety plan and connecting with support people who can help you now and in times of acute distress, you may find some relief from the pain. It can save your life.

Here is a booklet for family members about coping with suicide attempts. It can be helpful in imagining other people’s perspectives:

I wish you courage and compassion as you work with these frightening thoughts and I hope the Buddhist perspective helps.

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I'm looking for an affordable lamp to reduce the seasonal affective disorder symptoms but I'm afraid of the potential eye damage. Are there any reliable safety certificates ensuring I won't end up with retinal damage/skin reaction? Side question: is wearing the $10 blue light blocking sunglasses after sunset helpful in regulating the circadian rhythm?

I’m not an expert in this, but I don’t find it too convincing. Here are some sources I found:

Damage to the eye’s retina is a theoretical risk, but it has not been found to be a problem thus far. Nevertheless, you should take precautions to get your dose of light as safely as possible.

Because exposure to direct sunlight can lead to cataracts and retinal damage, and both ultraviolet radiation and high levels of short-wavelength light can damage the lens and the retina, concern has been raised about the short- and long-term effects of light therapy on the eye.26 To date, such concerns have only been speculative; trials of up to 10,000 lux have not documented eye damage as a result of light therapy, in part because ultraviolet radiation-blocking filters or coatings are applied to most light fixtures.13,27–28 In spite of negative research findings, many experts recommend, as a precautionary measure, excluding patients with degenerative retinal diseases,26,29–30 as well as those without a lens,26 from light therapy.

Extrapolating lighting recommendations from research can be tricky. In the 2014 post “Blue Light Hazard … or Not?” on the blog All Things Lighting, Ian Ashdown, chief scientist for Lighting Analysts and president of Vancouver-based ByHeart Consultants, notes that the light intensities used in much of the research to date were often too high to be instructive in determining health risks from long-term exposure. While the studies demonstrate that “both ultraviolet and blue light can permanently damage the retina if focused onto a small spot,” he says in an email to architectural lighting, “the exposure time necessary to do damage was equivalent to staring at the tropical noonday sun for 15 minutes without blinking.”

My main issue is that nothing you do is going to be anywhere near as bright as being outside in sunlight, and people do that with no problem. Remember, you’re not supposed to stare directly at light boxes, just have them be above you shining their light on you the same way the sun would. So I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think here.

I notice that some light boxes (eg mention that they’re UV free. That seems like a good start.

Proposed House Colors of Ilvermorny

(These are not official colors)


  • Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, healing, fertility, and environment.
  • Brown stands for protection and supporting the family with great sense of duty and responsibility


  • Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. 
  • Teal is known to promote engagement and spiritual development.

Horned Serpent

  • Purple represents meanings of extravagance, creativity, wisdom, grandeur, devotion, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. 
  • Grey is associated with safety, reliability, intelligence, melancholy, modesty, dignity, and functionality.


  • Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, courage, and determination.
  • Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.

Although guns have a secondary use, and are more expensive and less lethal than other weapons easier to produce, as a hand Granada, they have always been part of military arsenals. Because they are a gun-symbol of authority or rank (as formerly the saber or sword), because sometimes there is simply no better option, and because the gun is a prized weapon by the psychologically soldier, to give feeling of “being there” at hand if necessary. As before going into combat with knifes.

During the first world war, the guns had enough prominence, because the lack of a small rapid-fire weapon better, made them very useful in the trenches. In World War II, with submachine already established, they lost prominence, but stopped being used.

Military guns usually cruder and simpler than their civilian counterparts, to produce them quickly and cheaply. But usually more robust and reliable to withstand the harsh conditions of military service.


Luger P08

The famous “luger”, designed by the Austrian George Luger in 1899 as an improved version Borchard 1893, and manufactured by the DWM as Parabellum from 1900. It was adopted by the German imperial army in 1904 (marine) and 1908 , staying as P08. Although the list of countries in the world that Germany is used in addition to more than twenty.
It was the German reglametaria gun in World War II, where he proved to be a weapon of good quality, easy to grip and precise aiming, but expensive and sensitive to dirt from the battlefield.
By 1938, already it had adopted a more modern substitute manufactured by Walther P38, good performance but cheaper and reliable.
However, the outbreak of the Second World War in ‘39. The arms need not only be made using existing Luger would follow, but also manufacturing follow until 1942.
The Luger was a coveted trophy of war between the allies. And probably the most “charismatic” gun history. Reaching sometimes re-manufactured by different companies throughout the twentieth century and nostalgic collectors. The original models, especially the rare versions are still listed collectibles.
The mechanical articulated, very complex, very peculiar and that partly gives his famous silhouette lever is complex and although well made and should not tolerate too well the dirty conditions of the battlefield.

This was the first gun to use 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm), an intermediate catucho power, reliable, and manageable with good drilling rectroceso, which was eventually adopted by NATO and the most popular in the world.

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum Length: 22.2 cm. Canyon: 10.3 cm. Weight: 0.877 Kg Power supply:. Removable magazine for 8 rounds.

Walther P38

Since 1931 and covertly, to skip the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans developed new weapons, including a new gun, to replace veteran P08 is included. Must remain of good quality and precise, but cheaper to manufacture and more tolerant to dirt.
It was adopted by the German military in 1938 as P38, and started producing massive fastened in 1939. Although lack of cases did not enter service until April 1940. There was throughout the war and are calculated on 1,144,000 units manufactured . A more luxurious for the civilian market HP version is also produced, but the war interrupted its production.
After the war, he readoptó by the Federal Republic of Germany as P1 with a sliding alloy. In its design the famous Beretta 92 or a long generation S & W pistols are based.
The P38 uses a mobile bolt bolted to the canyon below, operating rectilinear recoil spring is assisted by two parallel reclaimers and decocking device was the best of its kind. It was one of the first guns that could be carried safely with a bullet in the chamber.

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum Length: 21,9cm. Canyon: 12,4cm Weight: 0,96kg. Supply: 9 removable magazine cartridges.


Nagant 1895

Although originally designed in Belgium, the Russian version is famous Tán that is almost considered a weapon of that country. It is a curious revolver:
It has a seven drum cartridges, and is designed to keep gas shot through the gap between the drum and barrel. Closing it when shooting. Cartridges exclusive 7.62mm caliber bullet had completely within the sheath of brass. The advantage of this power was not much, so it is doubtful that worth the whole mechanism. Furthermore, the firing pin, long, was exposed to breakage. However in combat I proved a reliable and mechanically robust weapon. It is a bit slow to reload, even for a gun, but otherwise gave good service.
The original models of tsarist times, had two versions, one double-acting and good finish for officers and other single acting and very rough for the troops. But the communists were matched double action and no frills.
Although in principle it was replaced by the TT-33, followed by the need to use weapons and their success.

caliber 7.62mm Nagant Length: 26.7 cm. Cannon: 11,45cm. Weight: 780 g. Supply: manual reloading seven drum cartridges.

Tokarev TT33

Designed by Fyodor V. Tokarev in the state arsenal of Tula. The Tula Tokarev 30 was manufactured in a few units before being replaced in 1933 by an improved version, the Tula Tokarev 33.
The TT33 was basically a Soviet version of the American M1911. In the Russian model, the striker hammer, its spring and other removable parts formed a single block in the back of the head. OTRS also alterations, such as locking lugs around the barrel rather than just over the edges turning pair charger prevent failures if deformed, etc. In general, and in the Soviet style, it is less sophisticated and accurate version than the original, and rough finish, but very sturdy, reliable, simple and easy to maintain and cheaper to manufacture.
Despite officially being the surrogate Nagant revolver, the need for weapons made them live, not replacing Revolver everything until the end of the war. After this, the Tokarev continued to be used for decades around the world, thanks to cheap price, easy maintenance, good reliability and durability, made up for his looks rough and lack precision.

Caliber 7.62mm Type P (M30) Length: 19,6cm. Canyon: 11.6 cm. Weight: 0.83 kg. Supply: 8 cartridges may removable magazine.


Colt M1911 A1

After ordeals against the Moors sworn Philippines, the US military decided to adopt a gun can easily topple any man shot. The result was the .45 ACP and, after overcoming harsh military puebras in 1907. The Colt M1911 pistol designed by the famous Mormon Utah gunsmith, JM Browning. As “Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911”.
While other guns of the time used a cap on the drawer mechanisms. The M1911 used more effectively; He had a ojeretas in its outer zone in ecajaban notches inside the slide. This robust system, coupled with a good guarantor of safe and reliable grip safety, made her mechanically very reliable. Aumque needed instructed her enough to get a good shot, because the no-frills design for military use and reloading.
This gun was regulatory in the 1st World War, where he gave a remarkable service. But it was shown that people of bulky hands were at risk of “bribes” to shoot. In 1921 it was redesigned slightly, widening the mainspring housing that rears its curved spine and small cosmetic changes to the frame, enhancing the curves behind the trigger and slightly varying the spur of the hammer and grip safety. These small changes were cosmetic and improved wield. But mechanically it was the same. And renamed M1911 A1.

With this configuration was used in the 2nd World War, giving a great result, because of the great punch of his caliber, and good mechanical reliability and resistance. In the years of war nearly two million guns be forged by several companies.
After the war, he continued to be used by the US Army until 1985, serving in Korea and Vietnam.
The “Colt .45” M1911 to been the most copied or gun versioned history, and still today modernized both by individuals and by some police forces versions are used. And inspired design to a greater or lesser extent many other weapons.

Caliber: .45 ACP Length: 21.9 cm. Canyon: 12,8cm. Weight: 1,36kg. Supply: removable magazine for 7 rounds.


Enfield No. 2 Mark1 *

In 1926, the national arsenal of Enfield began producing a version of the new model Wenbley & Scott, which was a smaller and lighter .455 caliber revolver Old used in World War 1 version. The new revolver used the more modest but more manageable .38 caliber ball. Once shared among crew started tanks and other vehicles, the hammer nasty tendency to snag anything was discovered. What made the Mk1 was changed by deleting the tail hammer and letting only dual action, resulting in the Mk 1 *.
The Mk1 *. due to military production without luxuries as only pulling double action, it was little precise aim, but it was a very mechanically robust and extremely reliable weapon.
The lack of weapons at the outbreak of World War 2, made the original version of the company Webley, the Mk4 also úsase. Quite similar but not interchangeable parts.
They continue in use in the British army until the '60s. Even in the early 80s there were still some in use.

Caliber: .38 SAA Ball Length: 26cm. Canyon: 12.7. Weight: 0,767kg. Supply: manual drum to six cartridges.


Nambu Taisho 14

It designed by Japanese Col. Kijiro Nambu, externally resembles the location line, but is mechanically nearest to the Mauser c96.
Created in 1904, some of its features come from weapons like the Luger, the C96 or Roth Sauer 98, but applied to the design of original form.
It also has distinctive features, such as dual recoil spring and the detachable key guardamnote bow and disarmament.

The Taisho 14, was the most accurate of war service pistol marksmanship, and the original production is good quality. But this is a slight advantage does not compensate the practical shortcomings of a weapon for 1925, the latest version was already obsolete.

The rotary vane safe side, to the left of the frame, is unattainable for the hand holding the gun, and requires a rotation of 180 ° forcing using both hands to pound it. Charger, with insurance, also carries a strap riveted to the front of the grip, holding the charger even after pressing the release button. And the magazine is unnecessarily complicated removed and recharged.
All this can be quite cumbersome in the middle of the battlefield.
Nambu 8mm cartridge abotellado, despite having a mild kick and punch well, did not think much “stuck”.

Caliber 8mm Nambu Length: 16.2 cm. Canyon: 12,6cm. Weight: 0,907 kg. Supply: removable magazine 8 cartridges.

Shinki Kenju

Given the need for weapons, the army adopted a little commercial success gun called Gun Type 94, as complementary to the regulations. First for pilots and tank crewmen, by its compact size as the old type 14. But later spread. Nearing the end of the war to 70,000 guns.
Considered one of the worst military guns, the original design was awkward and could skyrocket acidentalmente with a stroke or due to a malfunction. The poor quality of production due to the hardships of war, combined with the harsh conditions of combat and flaws mentioned above could be almost as dangerous combination for the shooter to the target.

Caliber 8mm Nambu Length: 18.3 cm. Canyon: 9,6cm. Weight: 0.688 kg. Supply: 6 rounds detachable magazine.


Glisenti M1910

A design from Hauser and Roch Swiss was improved by an Italian officer named Rivelli, selling manufacturing rights to Glisenti in 1905. The Model 1910 was used as a secondary weapon in the 1st World War by the Italians, and was made up almost 1930, with about 120,000 copies.
So many were in service during the 2nd World War. It was rather small for the time, comfortable grip size and line couplers avoided.
Its peculiar mechanism of acerojado by intermediate piece, is quite consistent over paple but combat tended to be sensitive to dust and sand, the pieces were worn against each other and the side plate, that is unscrewed, greatly facilitated maintenance and cleaning but could go loosening wear. Besides the long trigger travel difficult precision shooting. He is using a cartridge that despite looking like a 9mm Parabellum, had less gunpowder and power.

Caliber 9mm Glisenti Length: 21cm. Canyon: 10.2 cm. Weight: 0.909 kg. Supply: removable magazine for 7 rounds.

Beretta M1934

The service pistol of the Italians in World War 2. Perfecting the already good models 1915 and 1922. The Model 1934 is manufactured with a mechanism of few parts, simple and robust, and it was made with scrupulous quality. All this gave a high mechanical reliability and resistance. The hammer could be assembled by hand or by accident, a security breach is the only mechanical fault.
Its small size and weight, and refined line, made it comfortable to wear and wield. And the caliber of 9mm or .32 ACP short allowed a very manageable recoil, but lacked enough “stuck”, with this lack of power its major flaw.

Caliber 9mm or .32 ACP short Length: Canyon: 8,6cm. Weight: 650g. Supply: removable magazine 7 (9mm short) or 8 (.32ACP) cartridges.

Build it. Test it. Then, Fly it.

Hundreds of pieces of rockets, rocket engines, boosters, space capsules, launch structures and more have been built, tested and prepared to take us on our Journey to Mars. Across the country, America’s space program is hard at work to launch the Orion space capsule on its first uncrewed flight atop the powerful Space Launch System in 2018.  

But enough of the artist concepts, let’s take a look at the real components being made across the country to prepare for this milestone:

Orion Spacecraft

From testing individual bracket strength to space flight tests, the Orion team is testing every component and subsystem of the spacecraft to ensure crew safety, operational reliability and backup systems are built into the spacecraft from the ground up. To date, hundreds of tests have been conducted across the program to verify and validate that Orion’s design, manufacturing and systems integration meet the rigorous requirements for safe human space exploration.

Orion engineers have subjected the spacecraft to deafening sound blasts, Earthquake-like vibrations and hurricane-force winds in preparation for Orion’s next flight. Large structures such as Orion’s crew and service modules were tested at Lockheed Martin’s Waterton Facility in Littleton, Colorado, and our Glenn Research Center’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. Motor and engine tests have been conducted at Aerojet Rocketdyne’s facility in Sacramento, California, and Orbital ATK’s facilities in Promontory, Utah, and Elkton, Maryland.

Water impact testing of Orion’s landing capabilities were conducted at our Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, and the capsule’s massive parachute system has been tested in various landing scenarios at the U.S. Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. Final assembly, integration and pre-flight testing will take place at our Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Space Launch System

Towering more than 320 feet, the Space Launch System will be the world’s most powerful rocket. Consisting of a core stage and two boosters, RS-25 engines, and the software to power it all, the initial configuration will provide 15 percent more thrust at launch than the Saturn V rocket and carry more than three times the mass of the Space Shuttle. When complete, we’ll be ready to fire up the largest and most powerful rocket ever built on it’s inaugural launch.

At our Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, a talented crew of humans with the latest in machinery is building SLS’s core stage. The core stage is the structural backbone of SLS that stores cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen that feed the vehicle’s four RS-25 engines

For two monumental minutes in June, the SLS solid rocket boosters fired up in an amazing display of power as engineers verified their designs in the last full-scale test before SLS’s first flight. The smoke and fire may last only two minutes, but engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and Orbital ATK in Promontory, Utah, prepared weeks — even months — in advance for that test. 

Launch Site

At our Kennedy Space Center in Florida, teams are hard at work transforming the historic Vehicle Assembly Building for the launches of tomorrow. Like a stairway to the heavens, these upgrades include the building and installation of platforms to access the new Space Launch System rocket. 

Before SLS roars into deep space from Launch Pad 39B, our Ground Systems program continues making significant upgrades and modifications to the historic launch pad to accommodate the new rocket’s shape and size. 

To make room for this new generation of rockets, workers took down the gantry that stood in support of the Space Shuttle program for 30 years and replaced it with, well, not much really. But that was the idea. Whenever SLS heads out to the pad in the future, it’s going to bring its support structure with it. With that in mind, Pad 39B will provide all the fluids, electrical, and communications services to the launch platform.

All of this work is essential to get SLS flight ready before it’s maiden voyage and is an important step on our Journey to Mars.

Next Steps

The work happening across the country is preparing us for the first flight of SLS and Orion in 2018. That first, uncrewed test flight is critical to paving the way for future flights that will carry astronauts to deep space, including on a journey to Mars.

Ultimately, the SLS maiden flight will help us prepare for future human missions. During this flight, currently designated Exploration Mission-1, the spacecraft will travel thousands of miles beyond the moon over the course of about a three-week mission.

It will launch on the most powerful rocket in the world and fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans has ever flown. Orion will stay in space longer than any ship for astronauts has done without docking to a space station and return home faster and hotter than ever before.

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Do you have any Rin and Gou sibling headcanons bc I need that shit right now

Oh my god I LOVE LOVE the Matsuoka siblings. Ok I don’t have a set series of headcanons but I’ll come up with a few on the spot…

-Gou (very obviously) adores and idolizes her older brother. When she was little, she often followed him everywhere and tried to copy him. She did try swimming at first, but never developed the same conviction towards it as Rin did. (She also hated what the chlorine did to her hair) She decided to let him keep that as his alone. (She didn’t remember her father anyway)

-She also adored Sousuke and did have a crush on him when she was like 6, though she regularly claimed that she would “marry both Onii-chan and Sousuke-kun”, much to everyone’s amusement and Rin and Sousuke’s bemusement

-Rin is very protective of Gou and kept a close eye on her. Part of it was probably because he secretly made it his duty to be her guardian now that their dad was gone. Not that he was around much to begin with, anyway. 

-Also since their mother was so busy as a single mother, balancing a full time job and two kids, they were often left on their own. Rin and Gou would often cook meals together and do homework together. Rin also knows how to do her hair and stuff. 

-She tagged along on many of Rin and Sousuke’s little adventures. (Something Sousuke was skeptical about at first but agreed to because Rin insisted and threatened to ditch him if he didn’t. It didn’t take long for him to warm to her though and go about inviting her on his own, sometimes) Sometimes Rin got a little too carried away with his games and would forget about Sousuke’s poor sense of direction. Gou is a reliable safety net. 

-Gou has definitely convinced Rin to let her paint his nails/do his hair. But he always had one condition: Sousuke had to do it, too. Sousuke is a weak man against her puppy dog eyes. 

-Rin came back from his fight with Sousuke in a rage. She was also mad at Sousuke for saying something so horrible. But she was incredibly relieved when they made up the next day.

-She cried when Rin left for Australia. She’s never told anyone that she caught Sousuke shedding a tear as well. 

-Gou sent many letters to Rin, probably only rivaled by Sousuke.

-She was upset when he stopped writing back. She was furious when he stopped writing to Sousuke. 

-In middle school, she started to become aware that Sousuke’s feelings for her brother might extend a little further than best friends. She was a little taken aback at first at the idea, but soon realized that she has never had anything make more sense in her life. 

-Gou’s thing with muscles is Rin’s fault because he often admired athletes in sport magazines and talked about how he was going to train to be just like them. In her desire to want to help her brother, she studied these magazine and body development books a lot. She never meant to be sucked in so badly. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. 

-She of course thinks Rin has the best muscles.

-When Rin came back in his incredibly negative and depressed state, she was extremely worried and desperately wanted to help. But she knew she couldn’t do it herself. This is why she started to try and interact with the Iwatobis when she found out they were in the same school and became their manager to the swim club. 

-She considered multiple times about contacting Sousuke but never got around to it. She might have believed that while Sousuke was important, he wasn’t the person who could help her brother at the moment.

-Haru’s antics are as annoying and as endearing to her as they are to Rin

-She’s always secretly pleased when Rin verbally abuses Seijuurou for trying to woo her. It makes her feel like her brother still cares even if he’s so cold nowadays. (She does find Seijuurou amusing though, and he has fantastic muscles)

-She cried again when she saw her brother smile and laugh after regions in season 1, even if it meant being disqualified. 

-She was about to make Rin contact Sousuke, now that he was back to normal, but Sousuke actually called her first and told her to keep his coming back a secret. He wanted to surprise Rin. Gou was amused.

-If she didn’t have her bias towards her brother, Sousuke’s physique might have just been a smidge better.

-She was delighted to see that Sousuke’s feelings for her brother have not diminished despite the years apart, and have maybe even intensifies. She’s also the first to notices that Rin probably very much returns those feelings.

The rest of the stuff can be found in an earlier headcanon thing I did for platonic!SouGou, which also involves her relationship with Rin :)


Title: Brave

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,452

Theme Songs: Breathe by Alexi Murdoch, Stubborn Love by The Lumineers

**Imagine Dean showing the reader what it means to be brave**

Your name: submit What is this?


The shock of the rifle’s kick-back reverberated from your trigger finger all the way through the back of your shoulder, nearly knocking you back a step.  You lowered the gun and risked a peek at your paper target hanging 25 yards away down the range.

“That was pretty good!” Sam said from behind you.  

“I got the fake, paper target in the neck! On accident! I was aiming for the heart,” you argued.

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Title: Brave


Character: DeanxReader

Idea: This is an idea that I had about the reader being scared about going on her first hunt.


The shock of the rifle’s kick-back reverberated from your trigger finger all the way through the back of your shoulder, nearly knocking you back a step.  You lowered the gun and risked a peek at your paper target hanging 25 yards away down the range.

“That was pretty good!” Sam said from behind you.  

“I got the fake, paper target in the neck! On accident! I was aiming for the heart,” you argued.

“That was awesome! Just aim for the heart every time, you’ll get ‘em in the neck and slow ‘em down long enough to pop your kill shot off.  Plus, remember when you first tried shooting a gun?  This is a major improvement,” Dean encouraged.  

“I’m just afraid it’s going to be different when it’s an actual monster I’m aiming for and not a piece of paper. What if a shot to the neck isn’t good enough, or I miss completely?”

“Well, it will be different. But you’ll never be doing this alone; you’ll have Sammy and me,” Dean replied sounding, you thought, a little too nonchalant.

“And you’re really ok with this take-your-girlfriend-to-work thing?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his belt loops.  You heard Sam sigh behind you followed by his footsteps retreating. Dean smirked at his little brother’s reaction and then smiled down at you.

“You know I’m not thrilled. But we’ve had enough arguments about this that I know I’m not going to win. I’d rather you kick some monster’s ass than mine,” he said, eliciting a laugh from you. “Because you are a true ass-kicker. Which is making me wonder why you don’t seem to be doubting that all of a sudden tonight.”

“It’s just that…talking about going on my first hunt, preparing for it, shooting practice, it’s different than actually staring down the barrel of it tomorrow. Like, I’m actually going to see a real monster tomorrow. And be the one to help take it down. That’s scary,” you said meeting his eyes. “I’m scared.” And the words felt true as they fell between the two of you. In this moment and in this safe space you could finally say the words that you had been keeping plastered in the furthest corner of your mind since the day you told Dean you wanted to join him in fighting evil. 

This was a scary thing; it was easy to forget when he and his brother did it so easily. But they’d been raised in it, hadn’t known any other life. You had always had trouble with scary movies, an overactive imagination some nights when you lay in the dark and your mind refused to shut down for sleep, but you never imagined in a million years that the shadows you feared might be real. 

The closest you’d come to actually seeing one was the Djinn that had led to your meeting the Winchesters. But that was just a touch, someone grabbing your wrist from behind on a crowded sidewalk on a drizzly Thursday night while you were walking home. Poisoned, you hadn’t remembered anything else until you awoke to the blurred faces of Sam and Dean untying you in some rickety boathouse down by the docks two days later. You’d seen the Djinn lying dead on the floor as they helped you to the Impala and you had remembered the magic of the world it had sent you to as it helped itself to your blood, but so much of it felt like a fever dream, some imagined horror. So though you knew then that things beyond the ordinary were flesh and blood real, you’d still never actually come face to face with a monster.

Thinking about packing into the Impala tomorrow, driving away from the safety of the bunker with your borrowed handgun, and walking into a truly haunted house was beginning to form a knot in your stomach.

“You know you don’t have to do this, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Believe me, I’d be relieved,” Dean said, breaking you out of your thoughts.

“I know I don’t have to, and I think it’ll be good for me to hunt and defend myself; feel like a real badass,” you smirked up at him. “I just need to get over these first hunt jitters. Or…first hunt terrors,” you amended. “Then I’ll be brave like you and Sam.”

“What’s that quote? Bravery isn’t not being scared, it’s thinking there’s other stuff more important?” Dean asked.  You wrinkled your nose and laughed.

“That was pretty eloquent, but I think I know what you mean.”

“Do you want to practice some more? I can show you some new fighting techniques,” he said, giving you an exaggerated wink.

“Yeah, I bet you could. But I think I’ll call it a night a little early. You going to stay up a little longer?”

“Yeah, I have some things I need to do to get ready for tomorrow. I’ll get all our gear packed so we don’t have to worry about it in the morning. Get your brave little butt to bed and I’ll be in in a bit,” Dean said wrapping you in a hug. 

This was it you thought as you closed your eyes and breathed Dean in; the other place you felt safe aside from the bunker was with him. No Devil’s Trap or salt circle could compare to his strong arms around you because you knew that nothing would ward danger away from you better than him. You really did have faith in yourself and were 90% sure you could handle tomorrow’s hunt, but it definitely helped to know you had such a reliable safety net. You tilted your head up and met Dean’s lips for a goodnight kiss and headed out of the shooting range.


Your restless mind had finally allowed you a few hours’ sleep when you were stirred out of your dreamless state by Dean’s soft snoring next to you around 2:00 in the morning. He must have come in not long before and just fallen asleep. Staring up at the ceiling, those frightened thoughts began to circle once more; sharks in the water. You quietly threw your legs over the side of the bed and slipped out of your bedroom towards the library. Maybe a quick look at all the gear for tomorrow would help ease your mind; preparedness was something the boys did not lack and you thought if seeing the salt rounds all lined up might help get you back to sleep you’d give it a shot.

Padding quietly towards the table you saw where Dean had laid everything out. He had Sammy’s and his own bags lined neatly up, unzipped to add anything extra tomorrow before leaving. Sam’s bag held his Beretta and Ruby’s knife, some first aid supplies, a lighter, and salt. Dean’s bag, which you were sharing, was much the same only with his trusted .45 Colt along with some holy water and an iron poker. You also saw the 9mm Smith & Wesson that you’d been borrowing and the shotgun from earlier was laid on the table. But there was something else in the bag that caught your eye. It was a beautiful Colt Mustang XSP, just the right size, with a piece of paper on top of it that simply had your name written in Dean’s handwriting. Smiling to yourself, you slipped the gun out of the bag double checking it wasn’t loaded yet and the safety was on (the boys had hammered gun safety into you before even letting you touch one). Feeling the grip and the weight of it you turned it side to side admiring it. That’s when you noticed the engraving on the left side of the barrel: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon.  You smiled to yourself at the small letters and slipped the gun back where it had been; you would let Dean surprise you with it tomorrow, keeping the quote and the knowledge of the gift to yourself and close to your heart tonight.

You slid back into bed, smiling at Dean’s sleeping form. You curled yourself next to him tightly, draping one arm across his chest and resting your head on the pillow with your chin against his shoulder. Instinctively in his sleep, Dean’s arm lightly curled around you as he shifted and sighed. You closed your eyes letting the feeling of safety relax the knot in your stomach slightly. You would be fine tomorrow; for Dean and for yourself you could be brave.

Whenever I see the other vikings reactions at the funeral or to Stoicks death im like damn

Stoick was a superhero to them. He was unstoppable. He protected them. He could beat anyone. He was a living legend. Stoick was steadfast, reliable, safety. He was the strongest man in the world, and he would do anything to protect them.

And hes just gone.