WingLights - Indicators For Bicycles

Their product named WingLights is specially designed for added bicycle safety.WingLights are direction indicators that are easily attached to bicycle handlebars and are meant to function the same as car indicators, signaling the riders position and intended direction.

A warning against the Rhiddler

If you follow both Alex and I on social media then you probably already know that I was sexually assaulted this weekend by a photographer I met off Model Mayhem. I’m not making this public because I expect pity or sympathy but because I want to warn other women of a potentially dangerous man. Sadly, I have been in similar positions before. In the past, by the time I chose to spoke up it was too late. I don’t want to repeat that mistake.

The community we work in is small. Word spreads quickly but only if it gets out. I do not recommend working with a photographer that goes by the name of The Rhiddler on Model Mayhem. He reached out to me to set up a paid gig. I wasn’t impressed by his work but he had worked with models I know, respect, and trust. These are models that anyone who is working as a freelance model or photographer in the pacific northwest would recognize by face or name alone. The night before we were supposed to shoot together, he sent me an inappropriate message that set of some alarm bells. I contacted some of the models he had worked with before and asked about him. I heard some odd things but nothing that would have warned me away so I decided to go through with the shoot.

Amanda​ of Knit Wit Knits was kind enough to let us shoot in her apartment because I was told it would be a boudoir set and we didn’t have another location to do that kind of work. Alex​ was there to be my escort. As soon as he walked in the door, this man made us all uncomfortable. He was rude to Amanda and seemed angry that she was present in her own home. He did not want Alex present when we were shooting together and refused to work with an audience. He had, at that point, not done anything to make me feel unsafe and so the shoot began.

As soon as we were alone together, he started touching me. It started small. He’d ask me to lift my chin and instead of letting me do it myself he’d rush in and physically lift my head up. Then he started running his hands down my arms to “compliment” my freckles and draw attention to my tattoo (as if he thought I wasn’t aware of these features?). I am by nature a non-confrontational person and, more importantly, I am a rape survivor. For those reasons, I was willing to forgive his actions at that point. It wasn’t until I had my back turned to change tops and he reached out to brush off my back and I felt truly uncomfortable. Things progressed from there. I froze up. I should have said anything but I was afraid to. This man had already showed signs of aggressive behavior and held a position of power over me (I was doing a service in exchange for his money, and I was half-dressed while he was fully clothed) and I couldn’t find my voice when I needed it. Eventually I did find my voice. I stopped him before he could go any further and told him not to touch me again. Instead of listening to me, he chose to touch me inappropriately once more before quickly snapping one or two more pictures. He then threw the money on the bed and fled the apartment before I could say anything to the people in the other room.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after we shot together and Alex and I went public that I started hearing more stories about The Rhiddler doing this exact same thing to other models and that is exactly why I am speaking out now. Ladies, do not be afraid to speak up when someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not allow yourself to feel shame or guilt when/if someone takes advantage of you or assualts you. It is not your fault, you are not to blame, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Too often men like him will use their position to silence the women they work with. Let’s not let that happen. I don’t want this to turn into another message sent after the fact so I am letting you all know now that the man who goes by The Rhiddler on Model Mayhem is inappropriate and potentially dangerous. (I do not want to think about what would have happened if Alex and Amanda hadn’t been in the other room).

This man is now using my image as his profile picture on MM. I don’t want my face to be used as a trap for other women. Do not make the same mistake I did and assume that just because he’s worked with people you recognize, he’s safe. Obviously I can’t stop you from working with him if you want to, but please keep this in mind if you do choose to.

And for all Seattle area models and those traveling through, when Akira Jones​ heard about this he volunteered to work as an escort for anyone who needs one (if he’s free at the time, of course). I’m sharing that information here in case you guys missed his comment on my last photo. He’s a good man and you should not be afraid to reach out to him if you need an escort.

I’ve sent his information to Brennan Hill​ in the hopes that my warning will reach more people than I can through Facebook alone. If any of you have worked with him before and have had similar experiences, please do not be afraid to share that information with me or her. We will make sure your voice is heard.

Sunday Supernatural Safety Tip: Know Your Limits (8/30/15)

I’m posting this today because I am a super stressed, in debt, millennial and a pagan  who feels overwhelmed by daily duties and trying to practice my beliefs.

By knowing your limits, I mean not overstretching yourself, and then wracking up guilt/anxiety/more stress/adding to preexisting mental illnesses by doing too much.

It’s wonderful to see other people’s altars, spells, ideas, tips and everything on tumblr. But I also believe it can be hard to see so many successful witches, practitioners, spiritual guides and metaphysicians managing a flourishing personal and spiritual life in such public ways.

So here I am to say it: Know your limits. Whether it be space for an altar at all, timing, energy levels, or even just a need to sit for a moment and relax on tumblr, go with it. I have been meaning to spruce up my tiny altar since June. I just got it done today. Did I feel guilty? No, because I know my limits. I work full time crazy hours, and make and sell my own jewelry, on top of gaming regularly and meeting up with friends. I have such a full social and downtime calendar, it’s hard to make time for my practice.

For a long time, I found myself wearing myself thing, bringing myself down physically and emotionally and metaphysically with negative thoughts, feelings, and practices due to feeling guilty and overwhelmed. Then I stopped for a minute, and realized that YOUR PRACTICE, WHATEVER IT IS, IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!

If stressing myself out to try that one spell I saw at the exact moon zenith, or attempting to always meditate every day, or even start doing tarot readings once a week, meant I would be unhealthy, I needed to re-think what I was doing.

So please, fellow practitioners, beginners and old of tumblr, don’t forget to give yourself limits. Yes, your potential and ability is limitless, but your energy is not, so please make sure to keep yourself healthy.

It’s ok to modify a spell to fit your current time constraints.

It’s ok to sporadically meditate when you can.

It’s ok to fit in your practice around the schoolwork/job/socializing you do just to be alive.

Please know your limits, and be safe.

As always, our ask is always open, anon is always on, and we will get to you ASAP.


harrikka asked:

(part 1)For the 13 yr old anon who is having troubles coming out. I had the same troubles as you and I have a very similar situation. I'm 14 and ftm trans, but my parents were always telling me how happy they were to have a girl, and how they wished so badly that I would be. This made me feel guilty, and I didn't come out for a long time because of this, but eventually thanks to an also trans friend, I finally managed to tell them. At first I could tell that they were upset about me being a boy,

(part 2) But after a short while they realised that I was so much happier as myself, and after they have been finding small ways to make me feel better whenever I have dysphoria. Even if they do not welcome you, just remember that they cannot change who you are, and no matter what anyone says to you, you are not ‘wrong’ or 'broken’ or anything they might tell you. I am lucky and all my friends have been okay with me being trans, as well as having 2 trans friends. If you ever need someone to talk

(part 3) you can talk to me, as it’s nice to talk to someone your own age who is also going through your same situation. How ever I would understand if you don’t want to if you feel unsafe. I hope everything works out.

I Used My Creative Writing Degree in Real Life!

One of the building blocks of creative nonfiction is making use of the “tools” generally associated with straight-up fiction. We use plot and scenes and character to make a story.

Also, dialogue.

And while it’s pretty much impossible to write out a conversation word-for-word as it actually/really/factually/exactly happened, creating authentic-sounding, accurate dialogue is incredibly important in fleshing out a credible piece.

I’ve been working on my natural, dialogue-recreations this year.

So yesterday when I got off my coach at 1 a.m. in the pouring rain to make the very dark, 20 minute alleyway-ridden walk home alone and noticed there was a dude following me a little too closely (I take a very specific, very winding route) I utilized girl-safety AND my postgrad degree…IN THE REAL WORLD!

A) Stick to walking below street lights as much as possible

B) Wield my self-defense cat-chain

B and a half) I was going to stop at the 24 hour Tesco, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay open on Saturday nights so I…

C) Fake called a friend and engaged in a loud and entirely fictional conversation in which I stated exactly where I was and that there were people definitely up and waiting for my return. Dramatic pauses! Interjections! Subtle Exposition! Candid Laughter! It sounded totally genuine.

I was probably just paranoid (we have to be) and eventually he turned off, but thanks to spending a year in grad school, I can generate dialogue to convince the masses. Or something.

Hella Long List of Safe Coping Skills

So, I got this amazing handout at a training with 84 coping skills to help increase safety and I thought I’d share:)

1. Ask for help- Reach out to someone safe 

2. Inspire yourself- Carry something positive (e.g. poem), or negative (photo of a friend who overdosed)3. Leave a bad scene- When things go wrong, get out

4. Persist- Never, never, never, never, give up.

5. Honesty- Secrets and lying are at the core of self-harming behaviors; honesty heals them

6. Cry- Let yourself cry; it will not last forever

7. Choose self-respect- Choose whatever will make you like yourself tomorrow

8. Take good care of your body- Eat right, exercise, sleep, safe sex

9. List your options- In any situation, you have choices

10. Create meaning- Remind yourself what you are living for: your children, love? truth? justice? God?

11. Do the best you can with what you have- Make the most of available opportunities.

12. Set a boundary- Say “no” to protect yourself

13. Compassion- Listen to yourself with respect and care

14. When in doubt, do what’s hardest- The most difficult path is invariably the right one

15. Talk yourself through it- Self-talk helps in difficult times

16. Imagine- Create a mental picture that helps you feel different (e.g. remember a safe place)

17. Notice the choice point- In slow motion, notice the exact moment when you chose self-harm behaviors

18. Pace yourself- If overwhelmed, go slower; if stagnant, go faster

19. Stay safe- Do whatever you need to do to put your safety above all

20. Seek understanding, not blame- Listen to your behavior; blaming prevents growth

21. If one way doesn’t work, try another- As if in a maze, turn a corner and try a new path

22. Link PTSD (self harming behaviors) and substance abuse- Recognize substances as an attempt to self-medicate

23. Alone is better than a bad relationship- If only treaters are safe for now, that’s okay

24. Create a new story- You are the author of your life: be the hero who overcomes adversity

25. Avoid avoidable suffering- Prevent bad situations in advance

26. Ask others- Ask others if your belief is accurate

27. Get organized- You’ll feel more in control with lists, “to do’s” and a clean house

28. Watch for danger signs- Face a problem before it becomes huge; notice red flags

29. Healing above all- Focus on what matters

30. Try something, anything- A good plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow

31. Discovery- Find out whether your assumption is true rather than staying “in your head”

32. Attend treatment- AA, self-help, therapy, medications, groups- anything that keeps you going

33. Create a buffer- Put something between you and danger (e.g. time, distance)

34. Say what you really think- You’ll feel closer to others (but only do this with safe people) 

35. Listen to your needs- No more neglect- really hear what you need

36. Move toward your opposite- E.g. if you are too dependent, try being more independent

37. Replay the scene- Review a negative event: what can you do differently next time?

38. Notice the cost- What is the price of substance abuse/self harming behaviors in your life?

39. Structure your day- A productive schedule keeps you on track and connected to the world

40. Set an action plan- Be specific, set a deadline, and let others know about it

41. Protect yourself- Put up a shield against destructive people, bad environments, and substances

42. Soothing talk- Talk to yourself very gently (as if to a friend or small child)

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Report on torn sign & how to deal with aggression while participating in Rainbow Direction

This morning, the news about an incident at last night’s show reached us:

First and foremost, we would like to offer @curls_andfringe our sympathy and full support. The fact that this happened to you is awful, and also proof that Rainbow Direction is really needed in the fandom. We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for participating despite the hostile environment - it means the world.

With regard to any concerns that similar things may happen to other participants, we’d like to say the following:

Sometimes bad things happen to good people for terrible reasons. This is why Rainbow Direction exists: LGBTQ+ visibility is important to show that we exist, that we are many, and that we are united. Not everyone will support this message, and unfortunately, some will react violently against it.

If you encounter aggression or physical violence (such as having your rainbow sign or flag torn), remember that you personal safety is paramount. And there are some things you can do:

  1. Do not engage with the aggressor. They are acting out of fear and anger, and you will not be able to reach them with logic. Do not respond in an aggressive or violent manner, as this will only make matters worse. The aggressor wants you to get mad, react emotionally, and make them the victim. Do not give them what they want.
  2. If your personal safety is threatened, remove yourself from the area. Your spot in the crowd is not as important as your safety.
  3. Report the incident to the nearest security agent. Get the name of the agent as well, and ask them what they plan to do about the attack.
  4. If you feel safe to do so, return to your previous place in the crowd.
  5. If you do not feel safe in that location, look around, find a rainbow in the crowd, and go there.
  6. If, after disengaging, you feel your safety may still be threatened, ensure that you depart the venue with a group you trust, or arrange for someone to meet you at a venue entrance. If need be, report your concern to a security agent and ask for an escort from the venue.

If you witness an incident: do not engage with the agressor but offer the participant your support in following the above steps. Help them find a safe spot or a security agent, offer to call one of their friends or family members to escort them home.

More information can be found in our “Safety Concerns” post

anonymous asked:

I just signed for this language course that's once a week Monday evenings but at the same time I'm really scared of walking home alone in the dark (public transportation doesn't go that way). Luckily it's not all that dark on the evenings yet, but it will be soon and I'm really scared that I'm gonna be attacked or something

Ideally, you could see if someone could pick you up or if you could afford to take a cab home or at least walk with someone else, but if not, here are some tips from somebody who also has to walk home alone at night sometimes:

  • Time how long the walk takes you and tell a friend or relative. When you leave, text them, and text them again when you get home. That way, if they don’t receive a text ten minutes after the amount of time it takes you to do the walk telling them you’re at home, they can call you and if you don’t answer they can call the police.
  • Carry your keys with them sticking between your fingers so that you can defend yourself if you are attacked. Also invest in a personal alarm, and hold that in the palm of your hand.
  • If you can, bring a pair of trousers and flat shoes with you if you don’t go out in them. Attackers look for easy victims and somebody in trousers and flats can run away much more easily than someone in a skirt and heels.
  • If you have long hair, tuck it into your top so that you’re harder to grab hold of.
  • Familiarise yourself with basic self-defence techniques.

I hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

I'm getting super nervouse about the boston show :(

That’s totally understandable, what you are about to do is stand up for something you believe in, which is never self-evident or completely without risk.

That said, remember that the risk is comparatively small: yesterday’s report is one of only a tiny percentage of reports about a negative experience participating in Rainbow Direction. More importantly: every single person who reported a negative experience said they did not regret participating as what had happened to them proved how relevant and necessary this initiative is for LGBTQ+ people to feel safe and welcome in this fandom. 

Let’s not forget how positive and empowering the experience has been for so so many people - if you need a boost, you can re-watch our video report here or read through our “personal stories”, “support” and “thank you” tags. 

Finally, you are not alone! There’s more than 75 signups for Boston and thisicanpromiseyou is thinking of organizing a meetup - perhaps you could contact them? - meeting up with others before the show is really the best energizer and you will get to know others in the stadium who will support you if anything should happen. 

We hope you have a wonderful experience, like most of us did, and whatever happens, you are awesome for participating in any case! 

[More info about safety in our tag]

Backpack tips

I am a commuter student and last year was my first year of college. It was tougher on me than the students who lived on campus. I had to keep all my things with me all day because I couldn’t just hop over to my dorm if I had forgotten something. I wasn’t a commuter who could drive, I don’t even have a license so I took the bus each day. I had a lot less flexibility and I had to be more conscious of what I had to do each day. I learned a lot about what I had to bring and how to organize my bag each day. I don’t want people to get frustrated so here are some tips!

1) Have a sturdy backpack

I suggest you get one with lots of pockets and space. Pockets help! Also get a backpack with two straps. Shoulder bags dig into your shoulder if they’re too heavy (and they will be). With a backpack the weight is more evenly distributed and it saves you a lot of back pain. I have an Eddie Bauer backpack. Large hiking backpacks are great, and this brand actually has a life time guarantee so if anything happens to it I can return it and get a new one for free (though it has to be the same model).

2) Laptop pockets

Most backpacks have them now but if yours doesn’t have a laptop sleeve to protect your baby. And always have your laptop to the back of your backpack (i.e. closer to you). The front is the place where it can be abused easier. It is bumped more, it bends, that’s where you rest your feet during lectures, and where you have your books and notebooks. Closer is safer.

3) Supplies

Fill your bag with your needed books and supplies with your heaviest closer to you. Books and binders closer to you and folders and notebooks towards the front (away from you). you don’t want to topple over.

Know your schedule! You won’t have all your classes everyday so you can lessen your load on some days and save your back! 

4) Outside pockets

Water Bottle! Stay Hydrated! And try to keep containers away from your laptop and papers. Water bottles tend to sweat.

5) Chargers

Since I commuted it was scarier when my phone would die when I was on campus. My chargers would tangle if I left them loose in my bag. I would lose them also. Use some sort of bag to keep them in one place.

Use some sort of bag to keep them in one place like a ziplock bag or a small zipper pencil bag. Anything will do if the cords are contained. Make sure it is big enough for all your cords (phone charger, computer charger, ipod and its charger, earbuds, etc…)

6) Front Pocket

You keep all your pens and pencils in here just like any other grade. Although if you don’t consistently maintain it you’ll lose everything or it will get horribly messy. These pockets are your friends.

Also if you keep it clean you have room for your charger bag. I had enough room to put in that and a small toiletries bag. If you can’t, don’t sweat it. that can go in the main pocket.

Keep small snacks, a pocket umbrella, and your wallet and/or a lanyard in here. Be careful about the wallet though. People can unzip your pocket and take things. Also it could fall out if you leave it unzipped accidentally. I had a lanyard to hold my bus pass for easy access. When I didn’t wear it I had it in here.

In your wallet keep at least ten dollars in cash with you even if you have a credit/debit card. It could help you if your card is declined or if you are stranded somewhere or whatever. 

I also have a small first aid kit. It is the Altoids can and it only has bandaids in it. While on campus it is very unlikely that you’ll be injured badly or at all on a daily basis besides paper cuts. Unless you forget that it is not good to ride your bike/skateboard in the snow. (This does not cover assault wounds. Call an ambulance or campus security immediately.)

7) Toiletry bag

Most girls have this down but I’ll still explain the best things to bring along. You’ll need a small bag, about the size of the charger bag, for this. Below are some general stuff and some specifics but your bag will be tailored to you and your needs.

General stuff:

1) Deodorant

2) tissues

3) perfume/cologne

4) brush/comb

5) chap stick

6 )gum/ breath mints


1) Pads/ tampons

2) makeup for touch ups

3) condoms

4) hand lotion

5) any needed medications (prescription or topical)

Like I said if it doesn’t fit in the front pocket put it in the main pocket with your books.

8) Zipper accessories

This one you can ignore if you want to. I find it aesthetically pleasing and it individualizes your bag to fit you. Also it is easier  to grab your zippers and open them when you need to. You can use anything that can clip on to your zippers.

9) Keys

You will probably have a set of keys by now so you probably have a carabiner. If you don’t you can get them cheap at Walmart. I keep my keys clipped on the outside of my bag so i always know where they are. Clip them to the straps if you have the little plastic D-rings but if your straps are naked you can clip your keys to the handle on the top of your backpack. 

On my carabiner I have my house key, bike key, accessories, and pepper spray. I suggest this for everyone no matter who you are. Knives are good but in a confrontation they can be taken from you. If you have long days away and a long commute like me you’ll probably be getting home in the dark. Better safe than sorry. I got mine from Target.

That’s really all I have to share about how to pack your backpack for commuter students. This can be adapted for anyone and for anything. You can use this same concept for trips, high school, overnight stays, or anything. I hope this helped and I hope you all have the best of luck in school!

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Things I cannot do--because I'm epileptic

Roughly 30% of autistic people are also epileptic, so it’s impossible to make a product or event autism friendly without also making it safe for epilepsy.

Want to make the world a safer place for autistic people? Disable the flash on your camera. Turn down (or better yet, off) your music. And above all stop using strobe lights in any context.

Everyone swears by it, but did you know this product is pushed by the medical practitioners because of relationships with pharmaceutical companies, such as Galderma? With ONLY 8 ingredients why would you be scared to use this? Hmmm because those ingredients are parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, which have been identified as enodcrine disrupters, potentially carcinogenic, and skin irritants. It’s even the #1 recommended cleanser for Sensitive skin! Are you kidding me? But hey, at least it doesn’t have fragrance (parfum). If you care enough, please inquire about alternatives to your skin. Link to full article in bio. #Cetaphil #alternatives #cleansers #vegan #beautyreview #cleanbeauty #skincare #wellness #beautycounter #truthinBeauty #safeproducts #safeisbeautiful #safecosmetics #safeforpregnancy #safety #beauty #health #healthyskin #educateyourself #loveyourskin #theneverlist #nomorechemicals #parabenfree #toxicfree #greenbeauty #crueltyfree #organic #natural #esthetician #imageskincare (at Beautiology Studio & Spa)