Easy Protection Spell

This spell is designed for those of you who are low on herbs and crystals, but have simple little things like pennies or stones. Good luck, and stay safe.

What you’ll need:
♠ Pennies
♠ Stones
♠ Salt Water

Begin by soaking your pennies and stones in the salt water. This removes all energies from them and charges each item with protective and cleansing energy.

Place a stone over each of your accessible doorways and on all windows. Use this chant over each of them:

“I whisper to you your purpose:
To protect me and my beloved.
May all who seek entry here have good intent.”

Take your pennies and put them where you feel negative energy build up the most, places like corners, under beds, etc.

Replace these every month or so!

For anyone in SoCal or the Southwest, excessive heat warnings have been issued for Phoenix, LA, Las Vegas and record temperatures have already been recorded. Stay safe this week and make sure you’re aware of the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion!

Crystal Safety

Source: Healing Crystals Love

These crystals will fade in the sunlight:

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz, Aquamarine
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Kunzite
  • Hiddenite
  • Spodumene
  • Fluorite

These crystals will dissolve in water:

  • Halite
  • Sulfates: Borates, Calcite, Gypsum
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Turquoise
  • Ivory
  • Pyrite: degrades when stored at high humidity. (Place silica drying gel in the container to absorb moisture)

When In doubt, most crystals are water soluble if:

  • End in “ite”
  • Moh’s Hardness less than 6
  • Scratches easily with a steel knife

These crystals will dissolve in acid solutions (such as acetone & vinegar):

  • Calcite
  • Gypsum
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Amber (acetone: contained in most nail polish remover)

These crystals will produce POISONOUS gasses when HEATED:

  • Cinnabar
  • Realgar
  • Stibnite

Wash your hands after handling them and do not eat while working with them.

These crystals ARE TOXIC to INGEST:

Minerals and metals containing:

  • Aluminum
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Zinc

These Crystals will get damaged by Salt:

Any raw, rough stone.  Any stone with hardness under 7.  If you are not sure, use another method.

  • Amber
  • Angelite
  • Azurite
  • ALL Calcites
  • Dioptase
  • Imperial Topaz
  • Fire Opal
  • Kyanite
  • Kunzite
  • Malachite
  • Moonstone
  • Opal
  • Red Coral
  • Selenite
  • Turquoise

DO NOT make Gem Elixirs, Gem Waters, or Massage Oils & DO NOT Ingest, Consume, or Put in Your Mouth:

  • Adamite – zinc, copper
  • Amazonite – copper
  • Amber – toxic dust, fumes, possible ingestive toxicity
  • Angelite – lead, sulphur
  • Aragonite-
  • Atacamite – copper
  • Auricalcite – zinc and copper
  • Azurite – copper
  • Boji-stones/Kansas Pop Rocks (may contain sulphur)
  • Bronchantite – copper
  • Cerrusite – sulphur, molybdenum
  • Chalcantite (aka “blue shit”) – copper
  • Chalcopyrite (Peacock Stone, Peacock Ore) – copper and sulphur
  • Chrysacolla (Chrysocolla) – copper
  • Cinnabar – mercury
  • Cobaltocalcite (Pink Cobalt Calcite) – cobalt
  • Conicalcite – copper
  • Copper – copper
  • Coral – organic, may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in
  • Cuprite – copper
  • Diopside – copper
  • Dioptase – copper
  • Eliat Stone – copper
  • Emerald – aluminum
  • Garnet – aluminum
  • Gem Silica – copper
  • Galena/ Galenite – lead
  • Garnierite (Genthite, Falcondoite) – nickel
  • Hiddenite – aluminum
  • Iolite – aluminum
  • Kansas Pop Rocks – may contain sulphur
  • Kunzite – aluminum
  • Kyanite – aluminum
  • Labradorite – aluminum
  • Lapis Lazuli – may contain copper, sulphur
  • Marcasite (Markasite) – sulphur
  • Magnetite (Lodestone) – iron in large quantities
  • Malachite – copper
  • Meteorite – may contain many toxic substances
  • Mohawkite – copper, arsenic
  • Moldavite – aluminum
  • Molybdenum – molybdenum
  • Moonstone – may contain aluminum or other toxic substances
  • Mother of Pearl – organic, may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in
  • Opal – toxic dust for inhalation
  • Pearl – organic, may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in
  • Psiomelane – barium
  • Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) – sulphur
  • Quartz (Do Not Inhale Dust) – toxic dust for inhalation
  • Realgar – sulfur, arsenic
  • Rhodocrosite (Rhodochrosite) – lead
  • Ruby – aluminum
  • Sapphire – aluminum
  • Sodalite – aluminum
  • Spinel – may contain aluminum, zinc
  • Stibnite – lead, antimony
  • Smithsonite (Galmei, Zinc spar)- zinc, may contain copper
  • Sulphur – sulphur
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Topaz
  • Tourmaline, Watermelon – aluminum
  • Turquoise – copper
  • Uranium – radioactive mineral
  • Vanadanite – lead
  • Variscite – aluminum
  • Wulfenite – lead, molybdenum

Although the characters in the show often drive illegally (underage/without a license) as well as erratically due to magic adventures, getting revenge against jerks named Kevin or chasing pink haired babes on motorcycles, I appreciate the message of always wearing your seat belt. 

Sour cream: There is nothing lame about seatbelt safety.

Dear, People Playing Pokemon Go

I know you guys want to catch them all, but I don’t appreciate feeling scared and unsafe when I hear someone in my backyard. This is my private property and it’s supposed to be my safe haven, my home is off limits.

That goes for any private property.

I understand how important this game is to you, now please understand how important my safety is for me. I also don’t want any of you to get arrested or hurt because you wanted to catch a pokemon.

Just please be reasonable while playing this game. Please.

TUMBLR SLIMERS! A safety advisory!

Recently, Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using borax to make kids’ arts and crafts, such as homemade “slime,” over concerns that too much exposure to boric acid can cause “developmental and reproductive health effects” in children and expecting individuals. Borax is a salt of boric acid, a naturally occurring mineral, and often sold as a “laundry booster.” Most of these products warn that borax can be an eye and skin irritant and should never be ingested. Because it is highly alkaline and can dissolve oils and fats, borax is also an effective household cleaner, and seen by some – including the David Suzuki Foundation –as more eco-friendly than petroleum-based cleaning products. Health Canada advises Canadians to avoid homemade craft and pesticide recipes using boric acid

So… what does this mean? I’m not sure about other countries, but the agency of health in Canada has deemed borax unsafe, and recommends that it should not be used for children’s arts and crafts, especially including slime.

CRAP I’VE USED THIS STUFF CRAP CRAP WILL I DIE? No, you won’t. This is just an advisory, and it’s prolonged exposure that isn’t healthy for kids or expecting women. Just don’t use it from now on.

Well, how else will I make my slime? There are so many other liquid starch based and plasticine based recipes out there that work just as well, if not better! I’ll make a masterpost of some soon.


******Even if you aren’t an avid tumblr slimer or slime account, boosting this would be much appreciated!

Mineral and Crystal Safety and Care Masterpost

As someone who collects and loves minerals of all kinds, I have done my best to collect as much information on the care and safety of all kinds of stones, crystals, and minerals in general as I can for my own grimoire. However, although I have attempted to do a great deal of research, these lists are not exhaustive, and please take care with any minerals and crystals you have.

Minerals That Should Not Be Exposed to Water

These minerals are water soluble, some more than others, or may be damaged by water. Some, such as halite (which is salt crystal), should even be stored in a dry location, as excess humidity may damage it. Do not charge or cleanse these with water.

Any Soft, “Fluffy”, Fibrous, or Flaky Mineral

Angelite (Anhydrite)
Concretions/Kansas Pop Rocks/Boji Stone®
Desert Rose (Gypsum or Baryte Crystals)
Lapis Lazuli
Opal, Fire
Sal Ammoniac
Satin Spar

Minerals That Should Not be Exposed to Sunlight/Bright Light

These minerals are not lightfast (may fade or darken with exposure to bright light). Store in a dim place and do not cleanse or charge using sunlight.

Calcite, Honey
Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Spirit Quartz
Super Seven

Minerals That Should Not Be Exposed to Salt

Salt may corrode many minerals, or may become trapped in crevices and react with moisture to expand and crack stones, and should be used with care, whether it is salt water or dry salt. This list was hardest to find good information on, so is definitely not exhaustive.

Most Metals and Minerals Containing Metals
Minerals Containing Trapped Water

Lapis Lazuli

Soft Minerals

Soft minerals scratch easily. They should be stored and carried alone, such as in their own bag.

It is a good idea to consult the Moh’s Hardness Scale for any given mineral (those 5 and below are particularly prone to scratching and scuffing). Even dust may contain particles harder than 5, in which case wiping the mineral that is dusty could scratch it.

Lapis Lazuli

Minerals That Are Potentially Hazardous to Health
(Not for Use in Consumables/Elixirs; Use Care When Handling)

Determining toxicity of minerals is difficult, as some are toxic when inhaled, others when consumed, some only when consumed over a period of time or in large bioavailable quantities (such as copper), and some are toxic upon skin contact. Some minerals are potentially allergenic but do not affect everyone (many of the minerals here listed as allergenic are also toxic).

Minerals that are toxic may or may not be soluble in water, but for safety’s sake, potentially toxic minerals should not be used in elixirs, massage oils, etc. made by a direct method. It is always safer to use crystal elixirs, oils, and the like made by the indirect method (separated from the consumable by an impermeable barrier, such as glass).

Flakey, brittle, soft, and porous stones should not be used to make consumables.

Handle stones containing mercury, lead, and arsenic with gloves. Wash your hands after handling all minerals, and do not handle minerals while eating, drinking, etc.

This list is not exhaustive.

When in doubt, play it safe!

Actinolite (Fibrous Form is Asbestos)
Adamite (Contains Copper and Arsenic)
Ajoite (Contains Aluminum and Copper)
Alexandrite (Contains Aluminum)
Algodonite (Contains Arsenic)
Altaite (Contains Lead)
Aluminum/Aluminium (Al)
Amozonite (Contains Copper)
Anglesite (Contains Lead)
Antimony (Sb)
Antimonite (Salts of Antimony)
Antozonite, variety of Fluorite (Radioactive)
Apollo Stone (Contains Uranium)
Aquamarine (Contains Aluminum)
Arsenic (As)
Arsenopyrite  (Contains Arsenic)
Asbestos (Hazardous to Lungs)
Atacamite (Contains Copper)
Aurichalcite (Contains Zinc and Copper)
Autunite (Contains Uranium)
Axinite (Contains Aluminium)
Azurite (Contains Copper)
Azurite-Malachite (Contains Copper)
Azurite-Pseudomalachite (Contains Copper)
Barium (Ba)
Beryl (Contains Aluminum, Beryllium)
Beryllium (Be)
Bindheimite (Contains Lead)
Bismuth (Used in medicines, but bismuth poisoning can occur.)
Boji Stone® (May Contain Sulfur, other toxic minerals; trademarked name of Concretions, Kansas Pop Rocks)
Brazilianite (Contains Aluminum)
Bronchantite (Contains Copper)
Bunsenite (Allergenic)
Cadmium (Cd)
Calaverite (Contains Telluride)
Calomel (Contains Mercury)
Carnotite (Contains Uranium)
Cavansite (Contains Copper)
Cerussite (Contains Lead)
Chalcanthite (Contains Copper)
Chalcopyrite (Contains Copper and Sulfur)
Chromium (Cr)
Chrysoberyl (Contains Aluminum)
Chrysocolla (Contains Copper)
Chrysotile/Chrysotite (Asbestos)
Cinnabar (Contains Mercury)
Cinnabar-Opal (Contains Mercury)
Cobaltocalcite (Contains Cobalt)
Coloradoite (Contains Mercury and Tellurium)
Colusite (Contains Arsenic)
Concretions (May Contain Sulfur, other toxic minerals)
Conichalcite (Contains Copper)
Copper (Cu)
Corundum (Contains Aluminum)
Covellite (Contains Copper)
Creaseyite (Contains Copper and Lead)
Crocidolite (Contains Asbestos)
Crocoite (Contains Lead and Chromium)
Cumengite (Contains Lead and Copper)
Cuprite (Contains Copper)
Cyanotrichite (Contains Copper)
Devilline (Contains Copper)
Diaboleite (Contains Lead and Copper)
Diopside (Contains Copper)
Dioptase (Contains Copper)
Dumontite (Contains Uranium and Lead)
Dumortierite (Contains Aluminum)
Durangite (Contains Arsenic)
Eclipse Stone (Contains Arsenic and Sulfur)
Eglestonite (Contains Mercury)
Eilat Stone (Contains Copper)
Emerald (Contains Aluminum)
Enargite (Contains Sulfur and Copper)
Endlichite (Contains Lead and Arsenic)
Epidote (Contains Aluminum)
Erythrite (Contains Arsenic)
Euchroite (Contains Arsenic and Copper)
Feldspar (Contains Aluminum)
Fiedlerite (Contains Lead)
Fluoride (F)
Fluorite (May Contain Toxic Minerals)
Freibergite (Contains Copper, Antimony, and Arsenic)
Galena/Galenite (Contains Lead)
Garnet (Contains Aluminum)
Garnierite (Contains Nickel)
Gaspeite (Allergenic; Contains Nickel)
Goshenite (Contains Aluminum)
Greenockite (Contains Cadmium and Sulfur)
Guérinite (Contains Arsenic)
Hancockite (Potentially Contains Lead)
Heliodor (Contains Aluminum)
Hiddenite (Contains Aluminum)
Hutchinsonite (Contains Thallium, Lead, and Arsenic)
Iolite (Contains Aluminum)
Iron-Nickel Meteorite (Allergenic; Contains Nickel)
Jadeite (Contains Aluminum)
Jamesonite (Contains Lead)
Kansas Pop Rocks (May Contain Sulfur, other toxic minerals)
Kasolite (Radioactive)
Kunzite (Contains Aluminum)
Kyanite (Contains Aluminum)
Labradorite (Contains Aluminum)
Lapis Lazuli (Contains Pyrite Inclusions Which Contain Sulfur)
Lazulite (Contains Aluminum)
Lazurite (Contains Aluminum and Sulfur)
Lead (Pb)
Lemon Chrysoprase (Allergenic, Contains Nickel)
Lepidolite (Contains Aluminum)
Linarite (Contains Lead and Copper)
Litharge (Contains Lead)
Löllingite (Contains Arsenic)
Lopezite (Allergenic; Carcinogen; Handle with Gloves)
Malachite (Contains Copper; Particularly Dangerous During Polishing/Cutting/Grinding)
Marcasite (Contains Sulfur)
Mendozavilite (Contains Molybdenum)
Mercury (Hg)
Millerite (Allergenic, Contains Nickel)
Minium (Contains Lead)
Mixite (Contains Copper, Bismuth and Arsenic)
Mohawkite (Contains Copper and Arsenic)
Moldavite (Contains Aluminum)
Molybdenum (Mo)
Moonstone (Contains Aluminum)
Morganite (Contains Aluminum)
Nadorite (Contains Lead)
Natrojarosite (Contains Sulfur)
Nickel (Ni; Common Allergen)
Nickeline/Niccolite (Allergenic, Contains Nickel and Arsenic)
Olivenite (Contains Arsenic)
Orpiment (Contains Arsenic and Sulfur, Handle with Gloves)
Orthoclase (Contains Aluminum)
Osarizawaite (Contains Lead)
Pargasite (Contains Aluminum)
Phosphohedyphane/Polysphaerite (Contains Lead)
Pietersite (Fibrous Form Contains Asbestos)
Pilsenite (Contains Bismuth and Tellurium)
Plattnerite (Contains Lead)
Pollucite (Contains Cesium)
Prehnite (Contains Aluminum)
Proustite (Contains Arsenic and Silver)
Psilomelane and Pyrolusite (Contains Barium)
Pyrite (Contains Sulfur)
Pyromorphite (Contains Lead)
Quartz (Non-Toxic but Dust is Harmful to Breathe [Silicosis])
Rauenthalite (Contains Arsenic)
Realgar (Contains Arsenic and Sulfur)
Rhodizite (Possibly Contains Cesium)
Rhodochrosite (Contains Lead)
Ruby (Contains Aluminum)
Saléeite (Contains Uranium)
Scapolite (Contains Aluminum)
Schrockingerite (Contains Uranium, Sulfur, and Fluorine)
Scorodite (Contains Arsenic)
Seamanite (Contains Manganese)
Senarmontite (Contains Antimony)
Serpentine (Fibrous Form Contains Asbestos)
Smithsonite (Contains Zinc, May Contain Copper)
Sodalite (Contains Aluminum)
Sphaerocobaltite (Allergenic; Contains Cobalt)
Spinel (Contains Aluminum)
Spodumene (Contains Aluminum)
Stibnite/Stibnite (Contains Antimony and Lead)
Stilbite (Contains Aluminum)
Sugilite (Contains Aluminum)
Sulfur/Sulphur (S)
Sunstone (Contains Aluminum)
Svabite (Contains Arsenic and Fluorine)
Sylvanite (Contains Tellurium)
Tanzanite (Contains Aluminum)
Tellurium (Te)
Tennantite (Contains Copper and Arsenic)
Tetrahedrite (Contains Copper, Antimony, and Sulfur)
Thallium (Handle with Gloves)
Thenardite (Contains Sulfur)
Tiger’s Eye, Dragon’s Eye, etc. (Fibrous Forms Are Asbestos; Use in Polished Form Only)
Tirolit (Contains Arsenic)
Topaz (Contains Aluminum)
Torbernite (Radioactive)
Tourmaline (Contains Aluminum)
Tremolite (Fibrous Forms are Asbestos)
Turquoise (Contains Copper)
Tyrolite (Contains Arsenic)
Ullmannite (Contains Nickel, Sulfur, and Antimony)
Uraninite (Contains Uranium and Radium)
Uranium (Radioactive)
Uranophane (Contains Uranium)
Valentinite (Contains Antimony)
Vanadinite (Contains Lead)
Variscite (Contains Aluminum)
Vesuvianite (Contains Aluminum)
Violarite (Contains Nickel and Sulfur)
Villiaumite (Contains Fluoride; Handle with Gloves)
Vivianite (May Contain Manganese)
Wad/Wadd/Wadt (Contains Manganese)
Wavellite (Contains Aluminum)
Weeksite (Contains Uranium)
Wulfenite (Contains Lead and Molybdenum)
Witherite (Contains Barium)
Zincite (Contains Zinc; May Contain Copper)
Zircon (Contains Zirconium, Uranium and Thorium)
Zoisite (Contains Aluminum)

Sources/adapted from: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]

Gay? Arm yourself.
Bi? Arm yourself.
Trans? Arm yourself.
Black? Arm yourself.
Hispanic or Latino? Arm yourself.
Asian? Arm yourself?
White? Arm yourself.
Native American? Arm yourself.
A woman? Arm yourself.
A man? Arm yourself.
Disabled? Arm yourself.
Discriminated at all? Arm yourself.

When you have a gun, you don’t get bashed. Protect yourself against hate.

Please be safe
  • Stay out of flood waters as much as you can, there are creatures lurking. Alligators, snakes, and fire-ant balls are everywhere.

  • If you are stranded or need rescue call the National Guard number at (225) 664-2397. They can get to you in a boat or helicopter.

  • Boil your water before you drink it from the tap. We are under a Boil Water Advisory.

  • Click here for a list of shelters and supply distributors. You can go to these places as a “safe-haven”. 

  • To contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) use this website or call 1 (800) 621-3362. 

  • If you need 911, keep calling until you get through to a person. They are overflowed with calls and it may take a few times for them to get to you.

Remember that your belongings can be replaced, but your life cannot be.


with all the hype over the new app ‘Pokemon: Go’ it’s important to remember to be safe out there! here’s a few simple safety tips (feel free to add more!!)

  • bring bottled water! it’s the middle of summer and temperatures are rising! so do what you can to stay hydrated and cool
  • wear comfortable clothes! if you know you’re going to be out and about for awhile, make sure you’re dressed properly. good shoes are especially important!
  • pack a snack! (or bring money to buy some food if you’re going into a town) granola bars, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit etc. anything filling with protein is an a++ choice!
  • bring your charger or a backup battery device! you don’t want to be stranded with no way to contact anyone, so be sure to maintain battery life just in case!
  • bring a friend! it’s more fun to pokemon hunt with others, and it’s safer too! 
  • be kind to younger players! this is less of safety tip and more of ‘you should be doing this anyway’ kind of thing. always remember kids are playing this game too.

and like the game says, always be aware of your surroundings! 

What binding should NOT feel like

Okay so before I got my proper binder I had (stupidly) experimented with other methods of binding. At the time I thought they were fine because I didn’t know what a proper binder and safe binding felt like. So here’s a list of things binding should NOT feel like:

- Tingling pains across the breasts

- Feeling like you need to breath really hard to push out the binder when exhaling

- Dull or severe constant or semi-constant ache in breasts 

-  Feeling out of breath more than normal

- Mild or severe nipple irritation 

- Back pain from the pressure of the binder

If you experience two or more of these while binding for less than 6 hours at a time, then it’s almost certainly too tight or not a safe method. (of course binding varies from person to person but this was my experience). 


Just wanted to let you all know - I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been getting inbox spam lately - starts with ‘hi’ or similar and if you reply you quickly end up with a request for photos or private chat. They have blogs with nothing on, fairly nondescript urls and a selfie of a young woman as their avatar.
I wanted to give my advice for younger/vulnerable people on here, so I hope you’ll forgive me sounding like your mum.
Here’s my suggestion, if you get a message from someone you don’t know and who isn’t following you, with an empty blog:
Don’t reply to the message.
Mark it as spam if you want to - I’ve started doing that.
Don’t ever send pictures of yourself.
Don’t feel pressured into chatting with someone you don’t know or sharing anything personal.
I have no clue what the gain is for people doing this but I guess they are hoping people will get talked into sharing images.
Stay safe. If you’re not sure something is a good idea, it probably isn’t - trust your instinct. If you feel uncomfortable, stop. Ask someone in real life that you trust - a parent, a responsible adult..
Look after yourselves and avoid nonsense.