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also another restaurant etiquette kinda ish, plz don't leave your bags all over the floor when people are walking. Damn near almost killed myself after tripping over a handbag

Really, make this a rule of thumb wherever you go. Don’t leave your things in the middle of a walkway, whether it be at a restaurant, on the bus, or at the library. Be safe and be respectful of others!


So within the YouTube community and other website people are taking you tubers icons and names and putting links in the comments which are spam!!!!! Markiplier talked about it in the beginning of his latest video (first 2 minutes he talks about it These people are stealing information and money so please be safe around these spammers!!! Spread the word!!

Flatpacked humanitarian family shelters can withstand hurricanes

Extremis technology produce humanitarian shelters which can house a family of up to five in a disaster struck area until permanent housing can be rebuilt. Their latest product is the HUSH2, a flat packed structure, made from marine ply wood that can be erected easily in under two hours without any special skills or tools. Setting it apart from similar designs, the modular shelter can also be reconfigured to provide a hurricane shelter in just seven minutes — providing protection from hurricane force winds up to 200mph. READ MORE…

The best example that why do chemists wear lab coats. 

In this case a nitration overreacted and spilled a large amount of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid everywhere. Just imagine what would happen if someone is doing that reaction without a lab coat….

How to choose a lab coat:  

  • go for cotton (in case it catches fire, no plastic to melt on your skin) in a sturdy quality (takes longer for things to seep through) 
  • press stud buttons (easier to get the lab coat off in a hurry in case of spills)  

A device that curbs disease transmissions on airplanes and an inexpensive test to combat high rates of HIV infections engineered by two Vancouver teen scientists have won a prestigious international prize for science innovation.

Raymond Wang, 17, and Nicole Sabina Ticea, 16, both of Vancouver, received two of the top three prizes at the 2015 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, beating more than 1,700 of the world’s most promising young scientists.

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Product testing, black bear-style…

Dale Maas, a recent visitor to BLM’s beautiful Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area in Arizona, watched this black bear try - in Dale’s words - to “circumvent the design” of a trash can in one of the picnic areas.

The bear wasn’t successful, but it’s a great reminder as Memorial Day rolls around that using designated trash cans not only keeps our public lands clean but also protects wildlife!

All photos courtesy of Dale Maas; story submitted by BLMer Adam Milnor

الرجُلُ في الحبّ يبحثُ عن كلّ جهاتِ الضعفِ في أنثاهُ ليَكْسُوها بالخذلان؛ والأنثى في الحبّ تستوطنُ كلّ جهاتِ الرجُلِ لتَكسُوه بالأمان؛ الرجُلُ يملكُ قلباً يَهبهُ لألفِ صديقة، والأنثى تملكُ وطناً لا تمنحه إلا لرجلٍ واحد.

- معجب الشمري .

Translation :
A man in love looks for all the flaws in his woman to smothers her in disappointment. And a woman in love colonize all of a man to smothers him with security. A man has a heart he gives to a thousand friends and a woman has a home she gives to only one man.

Internet Predator Alert!!!!!

so basically these dudes are on Twitter telling my friend they are going to “find her” because she stood up for herself when they hit on her without any real context, asking her for her contact information and making her completely uncomfortable. They also made comments about “making sure this girl isn’t 13 like the last one,” implying that they have contacted minors and solicited them online for their contact information, specifically their phone numbers and access to snapchat, potentially in a sexual manner.

They spent time threatening and joking with one another about the personal safety of three girls online, about kidnapping, knowing what states we are from, etc. 

This is my attempt at fighting back because seriously, they don’t think that what they are doing is wrong. They think it’s funny. They tried to pretend they weren’t all friends at first, and that they were all not in on the joke, so as to gain trust and have us all assume they were there to defend us, and then turned really quickly. They also said that “the next ones (girls) [they target] won’t be as smart.” Here’s THEIR information, since they seem so privy on making threats that potentially violate and hurt innocent people just trying to communicate with other hockey fans or band fandoms online. 

Browse safely, and if any of these guys contact you, BLOCK THEM:


@ nickuhh 




@barsy_ (real twitter: @NickBaroner)


Here is some of the stuff they’ve said online in the past day or so:


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Krism I read one of your Q&A about coming out when you're older when your family voices against it, but I already came out to my dad,mom and sister and the three of them don't like gays and think that homosexuality is a choice I've tried to convince them but I couldn't so I went back into the closet,what should I do? I feel like such a liar and I feel so sad whenever they say sexist and homophobic things

You are not a liar: that’s the first thing you need to understand. Announcing yourself as gay isn’t being “truthful”, it isn’t a required step in your “journey to gayness.”

You know you’re gay. You know it in your bones. You know it’s not a choice. You’re not trying to deny that to yourself, so that means you’re not a liar. Their homophobic faults are on them. You are not responsible for it.

Not being open and casual with it around toxic people isn’t being a liar, it’s being smart and safe. I want you to remember that. My advice is to be very careful until you are able to leave, don’t bring it up in conversation, don’t try to get them to change their minds. You can do that when you’re safe in an accepting environment.

To everyone else reading, please, please, never come out if you are in a environment where it is dangerous to do so. I’m not just talking physical violence I’m talking about emotional, mental, any type of abuse. If you know that your family is homophobic, intolerant, or just don’t like queers, DO. NOT. COME. OUT.

Nothing is worth your emotional, physical and mental safety.

Harness Checklist

I know plenty of us will be taking our birds outdoors this summer, while the harnesses will keep them relatively safe it’s important to make sure we run through a checklist to do our part to ensure outdoors is as fun and safe as we can make it! Expect the best but be prepared for the worst!

  • Harness is on, secure, no breaks, loose threads, gaps, bird is fully comfortable with the harness on
  • Bird is responsive, not distracted by the surroundings, immediately responding to recall with the harness on indoors as well as outdoors (all birds must understand recall before considering heading outdoors in case of an emergency) (recall can easily be taught in a matter of minutes)
  • Eyes on the skies for predatory birds before heading out and during the walk
  • Look for other people, dogs walking, other wild animals that may startle your bird
  • Check for winds, clipped birds or birds new to the outdoors should not go outside in the wind even with a harness on, it’s very easy for wind to catch their wings and they will not have the muscle to fly against it should anything go wrong
  • Bring water and moistened seeds, it is very easy for them to overheat, many birds may not drink water outdoors out of discomfort in the new surroundings by feeding them seeds which retain mucilaginous coatings (chia, flax) you can ensure they’re getting plenty of fluids
  • Stick to the shade where possible
  • Bring something the bird can play with, a string of toys around your neck or just an old shirt for them to chew on.  Many birds will get bored at just walking around and may begin chewing at the harness, best to come prepared!
  • Don’t go farther than your bird is willing to go, move at their comfort level. I know it’s exciting when you first head outdoors but if we want them to enjoy heading out there we need to make the first experience as enjoyable as the last!
  • Watch your bird’s body language, they will likely detect something irregular or threatening long before you do
  • Check for flattened feathers, open beak, heavy breathing and tongue bobbing, if you see these signs get them to a cool area and lightly get their feet wet to help cool them down, these are signs of an overheating bird
  • If you’re putting them on a plant for pictures check for insects, prickles, and ensure your city does not spray pesticides on them! Also a good idea to read up on diseases present in your wild bird population and whether they pose risks to your bird as well.
  • If you can, bring an anchor bird!  An anchor bird is one who gets along with the harnessed bird who may contact call them and act as a motivator to help retrieve a lost bird, the anchor bird should typically be kept in a travel cage.
  • Remember that clipped birds should never go outdoors unrestrained either, they are faced with just as many hazards and risks. Remember, there’s plenty of years to spend with your feathered friend, take it slow and take the time to teach them to wear a harness.  Doesn’t matter how old your bird is, they can all learn to wear one when proper positive reinforcement methods are implemented.  Do not risk your bird’s life just for the sake of speed or laziness!

UV rays are super beneficial to their health, so I do encourage you to get your bird out in the sun, especially if you can’t afford a full spectrum UV light.  If they aren’t harness trained there’s plenty of other safe ways to get them outdoors by bringing them in bird backpacks or travel cages.  Please don’t ever skip out on their safety, if they’re not responding or are acting a little off one day it’s much better to keep them indoors than have that day be the day where something goes wrong. Have fun, but be safe!

This is tricky because I think that many people who are not ready to leave their abusive partner would also not classify what’s happening to them as abuse. But maybe this will help someone.