safest wall

Me and Tiny just had the best nap. She was fussing hard core , and I wasn’t feeling too good (just a general feeling of malaise and dizzy - no temp , cough or anything ) so my mom took her and calmed her down, then laid her down to sleep. Mom left the room and she started fussing again , so I picked her up and within seconds she was out .

So, I laid down with her beside me and we both zonked . And it was nice to wake up cuddled next to her and her cuddled up with me


         ❝     i   ———    i d - didn’t   —      ❞       there’s something    WRONG    with him  .      WHAT IS HE DOING    ?     he’s got everything he ever    WANTED    .     a ticket to a life     FULL OF LEISURE    behind the safest of walls   ,   away from his folks   ,   from all of those kids that     CORNERED    him when he was little     (   problematic child problematic child problematic child why is there always something wrong with him  ?   )   and now he’s    ———    he’s    GEARING UP    ,    hastily pulling on    STRAPS    of his 3DM gear as though they’re under    ANOTHER ATTACK    and jean could see    FLASHES    of people he knew     BEING EATEN    and god  .    god   .    ❝    shit   ,     ❞     the air vessel he’s found isn’t even halfway    FULL   ,    and here he is looking like a    DUMBASS    trying to strap them in because he’d ———  what  ,    wanted to get     AWAY    from the rifles that  …   that won’t even help when it mattered  ?    jean fakes a    HUFF OF LAUGHTER   ,   leaning back against the wall with     RELIEF     (   but not really .    )    as he lets go of the belts and the rest of the gears  .   he’s not going anywhere  .  of course  .  he    KNOWS    that  .   stupid  .   stupid  .

           ❝       don’t tell marco  .         ❞     is all he can manages to counter when his head is   CLEARED ENOUGH   of that fog that’s always keeping him    UNDER   lately   ,  running his fingers through his hair to realise   ———   it’s soaked  .    HE SWEATS THROUGH   .    damn  .   that’s disgusting  .    /    &. »  @silentscldier !

u didn’t like it, but because we gay, i write dis 4 u anyway.

The Safest Wall.

This is “The Safest Wall” in Seoul, South Korea. Young couples show their love for each other by locking a pair of padlocks to this fence, and throwing the keys over the edge. By throwing away the keys, they are showing their undying commitment to each other. 

I know, I already got my love, and if I could right away, I will take him to this place.