Dating Finn Collins would include:
  • Cute nicknames like Princess, Sweetheart, Baby. Pretty much every nickname known to man.
  • Having been good friends on the ark for years before dating 
  • And getting into lots of adventures with him there 
  • Sneaking away from camp to explore the forest with him 
  • Constant flirting even though you are dating 
  • The rest of the camp playfully teasing the two of you 
  • Basically, because you are actually the cutest couple 
  • Him always being there to back you up
  • Him always doing things for your best interest
  • Trying to keep each other safe
  • Sharing a tent… ;)
  • When you are sad he would grab your face in his hands a leave little kisses everywhere till you let out a laugh
  • Staying up late just talking about things
  • Deep conversations about life and all that jazz
  • You would probably have little competitions here and there like little staring contest and people would just walk past all like ‘Wtf?’
  • He wouldn’t get jealous that often because he knows that you’re his and you love him.
  • But when he does get jealous he plays it cool and acts like he is not bothered
  • but he is
  • but he knows you can take care of yourself so he doesn’t do much
  • Overall you would be the cutest couple at the camp and a lot of people would be jealous of how much you adore each other


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