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when writing about dark topics that have real-world victims, we should be considerate. 

we should do our research. we should think carefully about what we’re writing and if it’s our place to write it. we should think about who we’re writing for, and if someone we don’t want to see it will see it. how will they feel if they do see it? if it’s something we don’t want them to feel, maybe we should reframe the issue, or even write something else if we can’t think of how to frame it respectfully.

if we all make sure to be considerate about what we write, i think the world of fiction will be a much safer place for everyone!

Dear fellow dudes:

If the rash of men being called out for predatory behavior and sexual assault has caught your attention (and it should), then here’s a two point plan on how to react to it in a productive manner:

Step one: Don’t make your reaction about you (”I’m embarrassed to be a man” doesn’t help anyone)
Step two: Look at your behavior and the behavior of other guys you know and call it out if you see someone crossing the line.

Make the world a better and safer place for everyone. Don’t excuse predatory behavior and don’t let predators feel safe around you.

new au idea, needs a home:

2006: dean winchester serves his country in afghanistan. before he even really understands what being a soldier means, just a load of daddy issues and an attitude problem, he works on a fuel convoy in the triangle of death, and like so many veterans in the middle east he gets an up close and personal view of what it means to be dependent on foreign oil. when he gets home, he uses that smart engineering brain of his to get into tech development for clean energy. sam is all bleeding heart about it, but to dean it’s a continuation of the public service that encouraged him to put on the uniform in the first place. it’s making the world a better place - cleaner and safer for everyone else after him. he can’t even fucking recycle his plastic mountain dew bottles but he is completely dedicated to finding alternative energy solutions.

enter stage left………… hippie!conservationist!cas

Characters aren’t very dynamic if they don’t have something to chase after. This guide discusses the difference between motivation and goals and why it’s important for a character to have both, plus tips on how motivation and goals can interact to create plot, conflict, and character development. It also includes a list of 19 possible motivations and 100 possible goals. The theory behind this is based on various writing guides I’ve read over the years, my own thoughts, and some stuff pulled from the Enneagram personality typing system. I’m not an expert of writing theory so feel free to take this with a grain of salt.

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On community fracturing

It seems like there’s two frameworks for what the queer community is and how it functions: the oppression model and the possibility model.

The oppression model says people are queer because they are oppressed for certain behaviors and that oppression takes a certain form. It says that the queer community was formed specifically to respond to a certain form of oppression. The activism in this model tends to focus on specific actions to benefit specific groups, which means that priorities must be made for who is prioritized over whom.

Under this model, you need receipts to prove that you belong. There is gatekeeping because the main function is to separate the oppressed from the oppressors and give the oppressed resources to fight the oppressors, as well as to provide spaces entirely free of out-group members. It empowers those who are best represented to act as gatekeepers, deciding who does and doesn’t belong. This provides what I am sure is a profound sense of safety to in-group members. It also means that those who cannot produce those receipts – including many gnc, m-spec, and a-spec people – are entirely excluded.

The possibility model says that people are queer because they embrace gender and interpersonal structures that run counter to the mainstream. Under this model, the boundaries of the community are nebulous and include people who aren’t necessarily directly harmed but who feel a disconnect and conflict between their internal sense of who they are and what society dictates as proper self-expression and behavior. 

Under this model, receipts are not required, just a sense that your personal identity runs counter to what the mainstream accepts and acknowledges. There is activism under this model, but the activism tends to focus on changing the culture to make room for all possibilities, not on championing for one specific group or another. Gatekeeping cannot coexist with this model, because of the nebulous and ever-changing nature of self-definition.

Clearly, I favor the latter model. But the point of this post isn’t to raise one above another. It’s to point out that the fracturing of the queer community seems to come down to which model an individual has accepted. Which is why arguments on one side often fall on deaf ears on the other side. We literally don’t want the same things.

I honestly don’t know how to bridge this divide, but I imagine it has to do with pulling back from these intra-community flights to figure out what we are actually trying to accomplish. If your goal is to make a safe place for lesbians, for example, it makes sense to exclude non-lesbians. And it may also make sense to define what a lesbian is, so that it is easier to make that determination. But if you’re looking to actually achieve cultural acceptance for non-straight individuals, I cannot understand how it benefits anyone to keep throwing different groups under the bus.

I’m trans. During the gay marriage fight, I was told time and time again that this had to come first, before the community addressed my issues. Well, we have gay marriage now. And what did it do for the trans community? It redirected queerphobes’ energy onto us, in the form of bathroom bills. Conservatives know they can’t challenge gay marriage anymore, so they’re going after more vulnerable parts of the community.

Except that these groups hate all queer people, not just trans people. And when gay people tacitly allow the rest of the community to be demonized, that is creating space to maintain hatred for the whole community. Because queerphobes don’t care how someone identifies. They hate anyone that is non-straight. So saying that it’s ok to hate certain parts of the community is really just maintaining hatred for the whole of the community.

So what are you trying to accomplish? A temporary sense of safety that only encompasses those who can and will provide receipts for others – information nobody should ever have to divulge – or a true cultural change that will make the world safer for everyone, not just those who belong to the in-group?

This is an important time. We need to come together to push for full equality – and maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know how we can do that when we’re still distracted by who is and is not allowed to belong.

Because I’ve known a lot of straight people. Even some who could claim queerness if they wanted to. But guess what? People don’t do that. Maybe online, because you can be anyone online, but not in the real world. Who is going to increase their chances of death if they don’t have to?

So maybe we can shift our energy from hypothetical out-group members infiltrating our groups – as if allies weren’t allowed anyway – and focus on, you know, not dying.

[ And no, I will not stop using “queer”. I’ve been using it for two decades without issue and I’m not going to stop just because it’s suddenly considered a slur. If you don’t like that word, there are many many extensions out there to prevent you from ever seeing it. ]


Become a hero you dreamed to be.

Stop climate change, air pollution, and keep this earth alive and healthy. The Earth is having a climate change due to the fact we don’t take care of it. I want this to stop and for everyone to make this world a safer place.

Also i want people in this world to have open arms to others who are different. I want everyone to be a kind loving person again because it’s not the same anymore because of terrorism, bombings, and other people abusing animals and innocent people. We need to make this world great again.

Be a hero, not a villain. Be a giver, not a taker. Be a lover, not a hater. Be a friend, not a bully.

Thank you

-art drawn by me-

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Trapped in Hell

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Bobby, tid bits of Naomi and Crowley

Words: 2,981

Warnings: Angst, mentions of character deaths, mentions of torture, hell

A/N: This is written for @impala-dreamer‘s OP4A Sam Challenge. The prompt will be in bold! Gif brought to you by Google!

As soon as Sam heard the words “shut hell’s gates” he knew it’s what he wanted to do. It didn’t matter if the trials would essentially feel like he was being torn apart and put back together again. Any pain or difficulties he would go through wouldn’t matter.

What mattered to Sam was that there would no longer be any demons roaming the earth. He would protect people from losing their souls and further prevent what happened to him; it would even make the place safer. And any chance Sam got to make the world safer for everyone in it, he was on board.

Another incentive might have also been you.

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anonymous asked:

Curious insider umm why did y’all defend that chick so much like I understand y’all are like a squad an all but usually people don’t do that and y’all probably don’t know the chick that well catch my drift Cool blog btw

Okay so first, thank you very much for the compliment! I love how my blog is going and knowing others enjoy it is just plain awesome to hear!

Now, you’re absolutely right, I haven’t a clue about the intimate details of @reinadelaserpiente and her life. I don’t know her favorite color, how big her family is, how she takes her hot chocolate during Christmas. I do, however, know that we share an appreciation for multiple mutual interests. I know she shares a love for some of my favorite characters, that I can rant or squeal with her about them, and that she enjoys my posts as I do hers. But most importantly, I know that she’s a human being who does not deserve to be spoken to as such, nor does she deserve to be bullied.

Bullying is a pet peeve of mine, regardless if it’s in person or online, physical or emotional. It doesn’t matter if I don’t really know the person well, what does matter is that they are a person, and everyone deserves someone to have their back and support them when faced with something as disgusting as bullying. Imagine all the ways our world would be better if someone had just stepped up and stood with someone who was being bullied. Lives would be saved, stereotypes and prejudices fractured. Someone who may hurt someone in the future might think twice. Those looking for revenge might never even entertain the thought. Our world would be brighter, and safer if everyone took a stand when witnessing such a thing.

Sadly, it’s not the case. Between peer pressure and crowd mentality, there are fewer who stand up and help than those that either join in, or remain silent. Praying that it doesn’t happen to them. I can’t fix the world, there are too many things wrong with it. But there are moments where I can try and make it a little better, and I’ll take each and every one of them I’m able to.

Yes, we’re a squad as you’ve said, and we have each other’s backs. We came together over humor and a love for a fandom, but as we’ve gotten to know each other from constant contact, we’ve become so much more. I can honestly say those in the PodSquad are like family now. In fact, I talk to them sometimes even more than certain family members. We support each other, in all aspects of life. School projects, fandom writing, career discussions, university choices, family drama, past issues in our lives. We’re there for each other, and it’s kind of beautiful.

So, now that I’ve rambled on for like an hour, I hope it makes a little more sense. And I definitely hope that if you were to face online bullying, that you would have someone ready to stick up for you as well. Much love.


The Hunter of Hogwarts

A Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover

Pairing: Draco x reader

Summary: Reader is Dean and Sam Winchester’s little sister who gets a letter from some school called Hogwarts around the beginning of season 2 of Supernatural. (The years don’t exactly line up, but this is fan fiction, so it’s ok. ;))

Word Count: 2041

Warnings: car accident, character death, John Winchester being himself, Dean is a jerk in part of it, blood, injury, I think that’s it

A/N: In honor of reaching 200 followers, here is the much requested second part of Draco Malfoy Prompt #22. Well, it’s sort of a part two. This part is like a prequel, so if you haven’t read that prompt yet, you don’t have to read that first. You can read this first or that, it doesn’t really matter to me. There is gonna be one more part between this one and the prompt chronologically.


You sat in the back seat of the Impala behind Sam, who was driving and arguing with your dad about why Sam hadn’t killed him while the demon that had killed Mary was possessing him. You were trying to clean Dean up. You were hurt a bit, but not nearly as bad as Dean was. 

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Join My Side - Avengers/Ultron oneshot

Fandom: the Avengers: Age of Ultron
Warning: Creepy Ultron, fight scene
Summary: Ultron is fascinated by you and wants you, but the Avengers won’t have it. Inspired by this imagine X

Another random unexpected oneshot, I hope you’ll enjoy! :D

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anonymous asked:

If Merwet and Bakura are having a daughter, does it mean that Ryou and Kauket will have one too? Or is Mama Bakura gonna have to be persuaded first before wrestling the gods again for another baby-making potion???

I can assure you that if Ryou and Kauket ever had a baby- that child would either conquer, or destroy, the entire world. It will probably be safer for everyone, including the gods, if those two never reproduce. 

my SoSu x Danse headcanon:  that a while after Blind Betrayal, SoSu finally works up the nerve to enter his private quarters on the Prydwen, she looks around, picking up random items, wondering what he thought or what he used them for.  She tried to picture him in that room, doing normal everyday things - repairing his gun, polishing a small piece of armor, reading some old classic novel, maybe dreaming a safer world for everyone, or maybe unable to sleep due to his ptsd and staring up at the ceiling while listing things he should do come the morning.  

Weary and sad, she sits on his bed and tries to imagine him there with her.  She lays back and tries to find his scent on the mattress.  It’s so unfair.  Everything Danse has done for the BoS, all the lives he’s saved, all the times he risked his life for his comrades and friends, means nothing now.  She aches for him.  Even for herself, with all the monumental changes and choices she’s had to face since awakening in this brave new world, just when she thought maybe she had found solid ground again, it changed in an instant.  Again.  She cries herself to sleep on Danse’s old bed, then come morning, she gathers a few small things for Danse, takes one last look, and closes the door for good.  She belonged with Danse, and he wasn’t welcome here anymore.

swaglordyoongi  asked:

How would BTS react to meeting their online gf in real life for the first time? ;o; Thank yeww ~(^з^)-♡

wow so cute! also love your url and icon! <3 <3


He would be nervous but he’d hide it well. He’d barely talk about it with any of the guys. Only Namjoon would know at first that you were even coming into town. Everyone else would find out the day of when he was already gone to pick you up at the airport. It probably wasn’t the best idea but it’s what normal boyfriends did and your relationship wasn’t exactly normal up to this point. He brought you flowers and tried to not draw attention to himself. Once you were in sight he would start feeling the nerves more and he’d try not to trip over his own words as he spoke to you. He’d just take your hand after giving you the flowers and try to make small talk until you were out of the airport and more comfortable around each other. 

Originally posted by daesbulge


He was nervous as hell and he was mad at himself for it. You’d talked on the phone and video chatted all the time, it wouldn’t be so different in person. Conversation wouldn’t be awkward would it? He wanted to pick you up at the airport but you told him he would just cause a mob. And you guys didn’t need pictures of the two of you together plastered everywhere. Were you even coming to see him? What if you never got on the plane? He’d keep on with the self doubt until the moment you showed up at the dorm where he had been pacing in the living room and chased all the other guys away. When you finally came face to face it would be a lot of shy smiles stolen glances until you got used to no screen between you two.

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He couldn’t stop fidgeting on his way over to see you. He had a gift he was bringing with and he hoped you would like it. Though that was the least of his worries. He hoped that he would be as eloquent as he was on video chat and phone calls. He hoped that you didn’t think he was so different in person. Once he was let into the building you were staying at it took him a minute before he knocked on your door. When you opened it and came face to face with each other he greeted you with a wide smile before shoving the present at you. He was off to a great start.

Originally posted by joonjuly


He would not shut up for the few days leading up to meeting you. The other guys were already sick of you and Hoseok being a couple because he just would never shut his mouth. The day you were coming in they’d all hide out from him while he took an hour longer then usual to get ready. He’d be early to the place where you were going to meet up. When he saw you he’d just laugh the entire time and give you a huge hug. He wouldn’t let things get awkward and it would be like you’d always just been dating like a regular couple.  

Originally posted by bangtanbighit


He knew that there was a cafe in the city that you wanted to try really badly and you didn’t want him to come to the airport so he suggested to meet there. He got there early and waited around for you outside. His eyes darted everywhere, waiting to see you in person. He was worried that you’d see him first and have second thoughts or something. He heard his name being called and saw you rushing toward him. He wrapped his arms around you as you launched yourself at him and lifted you off your feet. 

Originally posted by taestylips


He wanted to pick you up as soon as you got into town but you convinced him that it would be safer for everyone in the world for you to meet him at the dorm instead. He asked you to at least text when you got to the building. He then ran out into the hall and waited for the elevator. As soon as you stepped foot in the hall you were pulled into his arms and being hugged to death. “Jagi I’m so happy to see you in person!” He wasn’t going to let you go the entire time you were visiting.

Originally posted by hoesoks


He was more excited then nervous. He had a bunch of activities planned for the two of you. You were finally going to get to do everything you talked about doing with each other in person. Lotte World, shopping in Hongdae and the best bbq place he’s eaten in the city… He couldn’t wait to show you all of it. At the sound of the bell to the dorm rang he ran to the door and flung it open. “Jagi!” He smiled and picked you up and carried you into the apartment. The city could wait for now.

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I’m so shocked, guys, I’m terrified and scared and outraged, I feel cold in my stomach, feel heavy in my lungs.I want to tell you that i’m with you and i’m so sorry.

I live in the country where no one except for trumps was in power for a long long time, hell, our whole State Duma is a bunch of trumps, and I live in this hell, where women are less educated, underpaid, are expected to do all the household chores and be happy abt it as it’s our LIFE PURPOSE, and NOT TO WANT BABY in our society for women is something alike madness and is severely frowned upon. We are judged all the time, we are lesser people, we are drowning in this toxic rape culture, the domestic violence statistic is heartbreaking, LGBT rights are not even an issue (yall know abt anti-LGBT russian laws), anti-abortion law is upon us, we have 456(!!) professions women are lot allowed to do BY LAW, bec they can AFFECT OUR ABILITY TO GIVE BIRTH(??!!!). Sexism, homophobia and racism are in bloom, and all this is served as traditional values and ways of the true Christian. 

I’m sick of this to my guts, and I wish none of this for you. But I know that our situations are different. Your society is so much stronger and united and awake. I know that it looks bad and will be very hard, but you have each other and you’ll stand up for yourselves and the ones you love and you’ll make them listen to you and you’ll fight back. I believe in you so much, and my friends do believe in you too. Fight for your rights, for your freedom. You all gave me so much hope, so much happiness, so much faith in a better world and better society, but it wasn’t your politics only, it was you all, people. Brave people who want to do this world a better and safer place for everyone. My heart is with you in these awful times.

@mushroomhobbit replied to your post :Civil War AU where Steve and Tony are happily…

Tony actually told Steve that he could help Bucky get into therapy in the movie… :(

He did. 

Tony was more than ready to help Bucky out and find a cure for his brainwashing, he was more than ready to make sure that Bucky was kept safe and that the government wouldn’t hurt him. Tony tried so hard to do the right thing because he knew that even if they didn’t sign the Accords at the point, they were going to have deal with it in the future but on more terrible consequences. 

Tony was just trying to make sure that the world would be safer for everyone and that also meant Bucky as well. 

Now everything hurts. ;-;

So, I saw a post today. The OP posited that Ben was the new Zuko, only for rebloggers to jump and say that, no, Ben was not the new Zuko, that Finn was the new Zuko, and that if Ben was anyone, he was the new Azula. I… disagree, strongly, but in the interest of allowing those who do believe this to ignore it if they so wish, and more importantly, of not potentially introducing undue amounts of drama to the OP’s dashboard, here I am, vague-blogging. If those who do believe that Finn = Zuko and Ben = Azula find this post and wish to discuss it with me, I will be more than happy to do so then. For now, I present my points.

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Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, and where I was blessed to be born in the right country with a supportive family and supportive friends, so many out there aren’t.

In fact in 77 countries all over the world it is illegal by law to take part in anything related to same-sex actions. Because not everyone can understand that all forms of love are equal.

Even in countries where same-sex couples are free to live their lives, it doesn’t mean their lives are easy.

Too many lgbtq+ are abused by their family, thrown onto the streets, abandoned like unwanted animals. Mocked and bullied at school by people they thought were their friends once.

A child’s parent should never be its biggest bully, a child’s home should always be its safest heaven.
People shouldn’t have to hide behind a fake relationship who they really are, or part-take in bulling just so they don’t get bullied themselves.

So support your child in whom they chose to love or be, support your brother, your sister, your uncle, your aunt, or maybe your father or mother. Support your best friend, your colleague at work, the new kid in the football team. Show them they don’t have to hide, show them they can count on you. That you will accept them for who they are without judgement.

Together WE can make a difference, WE can make this world a safer place for everyone. So lets stand up, join forces and fight! For a better world, and equal world and world build on Love and Freedom for all!