safer in cages

Chocobros + Ardyn + Ravus and video games


  • loves story-driven games with a decent amount of action
  • plays all the popular JRPGS and platformers, with the occasional puzzle  mobile game when they’re on the road
  • was obsessed with Undertale for a bit and then moved on, still randomly whispers “nyeh heh heh” when it’s too quiet
  • loves legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy games, harps about Nier Automata every waking moment because YOU CAN FISH WITH THE LITTLE ROBOT DUDE

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sweeney todd sentence meme

Obvious trigger warnings for violence mentions. I’d like to note that this is not the version including Johnny Depp and is taken from the 1979 version with ( my girl ) Angela Lansbury! Likes and reblogs deeply appreciated!

Prelude: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

  • “His skin was pale and his eye was odd.”
  • “He trod a path that few have trod.”
  • “What if none of their souls were saved?”
  • “They went to their maker impeccably shaved.”
  • “Swing your razor wife!”
  • “Freely flows the blood of those who moralize.”
  • “He served a dark and avengeful God!”

No Place Like London

  • “I have sailed the world, beheld it’s wonders!”
  • “There’s no place like London!”
  • “I feel home again.”
  • “I could hear the city bells.”
  • “You are young.”
  • “Life has been kind to you.”
  • “You will learn.”
  • “It is here we go our separate ways.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So in s1e4 of DD, Claire seems to be encouraging Matt to help the city, but in e11, part of her reason for not pursuing a relationship with Matt was because "I know you're not going to stop". Do you think there's an inconsistency in the way she's written wrt her romantic decisions since in Luke Cage, she encouraged Luke to use his powers to help Harlem, & then wanted to be with Luke?

   Good question! This distinction, for us, comes down two factors: Claire’s character development, and the fact that Matt and Luke are very different people. When Claire encourages Matt to continue his vigilante activity in DD Season 1 episode 4, she is speaking from a place of fear. She’s just been kidnapped and threatened, she has been thrown headfirst into Hell’s Kitchen’s criminal underworld, and she feels unsafe. She’s also seen all of the people Matt has saved through her work at the hospital, and she wants to believe that he can beat back all of the darkness she now sees around her. She supports the idea of superheroes, and she likes what Matt is trying to do. But between episodes 4 and 11 Claire also comes to realize that Matt really doesn’t know what he’s doing. He is nearly killed over and over again, he contemplates murder, and he demonstrates that he may be too unpredictable at this point to be someone she wants to have in her life. She supports what he’s trying to do, she wants him to survive, she likes and admires him, but she breaks up with him for the very valid reason that she doesn’t know how far he might go, or when he might break, or what kind of danger he may inadvertently place her, or himself, in next.

   By the time Claire runs into Luke in his show, she’s been around the block a few times. She’s gotten a bit more accustomed to danger, and she’s come to realize that a certain level of peril can be expected when superheroes show up. She has, to a certain extent, hardened herself to it. Heck, by this point she’s decided she wants to hang out around superheroes for a living! The idea of immersing herself in that world and all of the darkness that surrounds it isn’t as frightening as it was back in DD Season 1. More to the point, Luke doesn’t have all of Matt’s unresolved emotional turmoil. Luke questions his place in the world, he questions whether or not he wants to be a hero, but his actions and motivations are always clear. Claire supports him as a hero just like she supports Matt, but she also feels comfortable starting up a romantic relationship with him because he is generally more emotionally secure and consistent than Matt. He’s also much less likely to be killed in action, and she probably feels safer around him.