June BarkBox

Let me just take a minute and say that these boxes have been totally awesome! Not only has it allowed me to discover some really nifty new products, it’s really nice getting something for Ozzy each month. This month’s barkbox was amazing. As soon as my husband walked in the door with it, Ozzy started sniffing the air and circling around Steven like some sort of fuzzy shark. He kept sniffing the box and started pawing at it when Steven sat down. Steven handed me the box, but I told him to go ahead and open it. Ozzy kept trying to stick his nose in the box after we got it open, he was SUPER excited about the contents.

So, let me go over what we got in this months box.

Freeze Dried Dinner’s from Stella & Chewy’s. I’ve never tried them or heard of the company before now. However, these are a pretty darn clever idea and will be going right into Ozzy’s ‘doggy’ bag. That’s the bag that stays in our car with his Gulpy bottle, several toys, an extra bone and set of bowls. Basically it’s my diaper bag for our dog.

Then we have cookies from Tumbleweed & Eddie’s. I’m pretty sure these were what got his nose going. He LOVED them, not quite as much as marshmallows but he definitely ate them right up. I limited him to two and put the rest in the fridge.

A silicone gummy bear in purple from safemade. It’s food grade silicone and Ozzy has had a blast playing with this bear all after noon (I’m having less fun digging it out from under the couch every 5 minutes!). He’s been tossing it up and watching it bounce. It also must feel pretty good since he’s been chewing on it. So far it’s held up.

The next thing was a doggy smoothie mix from Mr. Barksmiths. This is a nifty idea, I popped it into the freezer but I’m pretty sure Ozzy would have been quite happy to eat it thawed too.

The last thing was a really nice towel (also going into the doggy bag) from Farfetched. It’s got mittens on the end for better drying and I think it will be great for when we go to the dog park and he gets all wet.

So this was a great month for Ozzy’s BarkBox. I can definitely say that I would recommend this to or purchase a subscription for a friend.