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ummmm. this 007 narry sounds amazing :(

~ ~ intrigue ~ ~

“What have you got for me?” 007 asks.

Harry grins and slides his hair up into a quick bun like he does when he’s ready to go into Full Quartermaster Mode. “This, my lovely Double-O, is a Bogota Titan Lock Pick.”

He pulls out a thin, black strip of twisted metal and pauses, tilting forward onto the balls of his feet. He loves the dramatics, loves being asked questions so he can spout off information simply to demonstrate he’s learned it.

007 humors him because he’s a good lad. “And what is a Bogota Titan Lock Pick?”

“So glad you asked. It is a lock pick specifically crafted from aircraft grade Titanium and have a limited magnetic footprint. This means it is virtually undetectable by your strongest metal detectors. The size of a pen for easy carrying and disguising, with all the strength of your favorite fighter jet. The Bogota Titan Lock Pick.”

Harry flips it in his hand, but it falls through his fingers, clattering onto the floor with a bigger thump than seems appropriate for it’s size. Harry ducks down and swoops back up with the pick in his hand and a burn on his cheeks.

007, for his part, looks amused. If Harry’d pulled anything like that with his last Double-O, he’d have been reassigned in a heartbeat.

Harry clears his throat, pockets the pick, and says, “Let me tell you about this lipstick flame thrower.”

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April 25, 1967, Eagle Six is Ltjg Alan R. Crebo in an A-4C Skyhawk, Navy BUNO 151102.

“ We all stare at his Skyhawk in awe and wonder as we all join on him. Crebo’s A4 is a sight to behold. He has no rudder. Fully half of the vertical stabilizer is gone. Football and basketball sized holes allow us to see right through the tail pipe in several places. Someone points out that viewed from dead astern, the horizontal stabilizer is twisted about three degrees out of alignment with the trailing edge of the wing.
Every access panel in the fuselage has been popped open from the force of the concussion. He is flying with the hydraulic boost package disconnected and has very limited maneuverability, so we all fly on him. Someone in the flight has a hand held 35mm camera and takes multiple shots of the incredible battle damage.
Al Crebo was tail end Charlie in the bomb stack.

He reached the top of the pop up and hung at about two hundred twenty knots waiting for sufficient separation from Eagle Five before rolling in. He never saw the SA-2 which delivered a direct hit on his airplane. The force of the hit and explosion rolled Al on his back. He recovered with the nose pointed at the target, so he completed his run.

As he began his pull out, the badly wounded Skyhawk made an uncommanded roll inverted over the target. It was at this point when he made the “Eagle Six hit and losing control” call over the radio. Al reached under the glare shield and yanked the flight control boost disconnect handle, and flew the little A4 upright on manual flight controls. Now, NATOPS states that before disconnecting the hydraulic flight controls, one should be dirty, below two hundred knots, and lined up with the landing runway. The A4-C even had an extendable stick to give the pilot more leverage when flying on cables and pulleys with no power steering. Al was doing about 450 knots when he disconnected and rolled upright. He said he didn’t remember the airplane being hard to fly at all!

Approaching the “Bonnie Dick”, Al decided to see if he could control the airplane well enough to attempt a landing. He extended the landing gear and the nose gear and tail hook came down, but the main mounts remained jammed in the wing due to buckled wing plates. He tried for ten thousand feet to eject, but along side the plane guard D.D. at sixty five hundred feet, the gallant Skyhawk flamed out and gave up the ghost. Al ejected safely and was promptly picked up by the plane guard helo. CDR. The little Skyhawks had got their drivers home.”

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*Lulu cautiously pokes his head from behind a bush. Curiosity she feels is bigger than any warning of their sense of survival that says "do not go near him" she walks stealthily to Hecarim and she she tries to connect to him an iPad charger* "He is electronic now! this should be possible?"

A small surge of electricity suddenly surged through him. A foreign object had been connect in his open port.

“I would prefer you did not shove anything there. I am preparing to safely eject your device.”

Hecarim then grabbed the charger and incinerated it.


A Thunderbirds fighter jet crashed south of Colorado Springs on Thursday afternoon just after the team had performed at the Air Force Academy’s graduation. The pilot ejected safely, and no one on the ground was hurt.

Names Aren’t Important

Request- Hey gorgeous, could you do a Dean x reader where the reader was previously a really good spy in the supernatural world (like James Bond level) but she had been forced to go into hiding. The reader decided to take up hunting and when the Winchesters hear about This highly intelligent brilliant hunter they source her out and Dean falls for her instantly but her past catches up to her and the reason she had to run in the first place returns … I got carried away 😂 series? I love your work xoxox

A/N- Woooooo! Can’t wait to continue this one. I love spy stuff! I dunno how James Bond -ish I made this but really hope you like it! ALSO I’m so sorry, but kinda not really, about the nickname :P I honestly couldn’t think of something better. I was sooo excited to write this that I wrote even though I’m sick, which was a lot less harder than I thought :P Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader (Not yet)

Ex- Spy!Reader

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Word Count- 1662

“We should look in the drive?” one of the demons asked the others.

“No. Our orders were only to retrieve the drive, not to take a peek,” answered another.

“Crowley will never know,” the third reasoned.

The second one rolled their eyes, “Crowley always knows.”

“Well I’d like to see the names of some of these assholes that we’re probably gonna kill anyways,” the first said. She brought out her laptop, inserted the flash drive, and waited for it to load. “Here we go-” she said. “Ugh-”

“What?” a demon asked.

“The first names that pop out or those damned Winchesters,” she answered.

The others groaned, “Just keep scrolling.”

“I don’t think so,” you say as you stab one of them with your knife.

“What the fuck? Who the hell are you?!” the one in front of the laptop shouted.

“Nuh- uh. Names aren’t very important,” you answer.

“Who cares what this bitch’s name is!” a demon shouted as they ran toward you, blade in hand.

He slashed upward but you dodged, so he brought his arm back down, missing again. You grabbed his arm and pulled him toward you and your knife. You pushed him away as he flashed orange.

“I don’t very well appreciate being called a bitch,” you chuckle. Then throw your knife toward the last demon. It landing between her eyes. She flashed orange and fell onto the chair. You walk over take your knife and throw the body to the floor. “Gonna need this chair more than you,” you say. You close the folder containing the list, “Have to safely eject these damned thing or else they’ll get corrupted,” you whisper to yourself as you take the flash drive.

Then you call your employers.

“Have you acquired it Black Widow?” they asked.

“Yes. I have it,” you tell the person on the phone, flipping the flash drive in your hand. “Do I destroy it?” you question. No answer. “DO I DESTROY IT?” you asked again, emphasizing every word.

“No…” they answered.

“What? Are you sure? This… This flash drive has the names of all hunters in the world. If the demons get it, hell if any supernatural creature, even the angels, get it-” you say.

“I said NO. Do not destroy it. It can be useful to us. Now your next course of action is to go underground for a while. We can’t have those demons getting that flash drive,” they said.

“Useful how?” you inquire.

“That is not for you to worry about.” they respond.

You sigh, “How long?”

“For as long as we deem necessary,” they ordered and hung up.

You put your phone away and stretched out your muscles. “So much for that huh guys?” you say to the now dead demons on the ground. Then more appeared in front of you, “Guess the fun’s not over,” you say with a smile while putting the flash drive in your pocket, and taking out your knives.

They charged toward you. You punch the first demon in front of you, bring your arm back and plunge your knife into the demon on your right. It bursted with an orange glow and fell to the ground. You throw your other knife toward the demon you punched. The last demon threw you across the room. You hit the wall hard and you dropped your knife. You groaned as you saw the demon, with a confident smirk, inch toward you. You took out your gun and shot him twice. Which the demon apparently wasn’t prepared for. Who would suspect someone with iron bullets?

“What’s taking you idiots so long?!” shouted a voice with an accent, just as you were leaving. You turned toward the voice and see a dark haired man in a suit. “Well- Well- Well, I don’t suppose you were the one who killed my boys?”

“And… Suppose I did?” you question with a smirk.

“Well I’d have to kill you. Though… I’ve never seen you before. Who are you?” he inquired, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“Like I told your boys here, names aren’t important,” you respond with a shrug.

“They are when you’re speaking to the king of hell,” he said, his voice full of power and menace. Though you didn’t flinch for a second. “I’d love to chat some more but you have something I want.”

“You’re not gonna be needing this,” you say, as you take out a make shift gas grenade that you made. This is the first time you are actually going to use it so you really hope it works. You flipped the switch and threw it at him, and at first nothing happened. He laughed as he saw you run toward a room, but then the grenade went off and it released a mist of holy water. You smirked as you heard his scream. You didn’t have time to celebrate though. Once you got inside the room, you closed the door behind you, and quickly drew a devil’s trap on the floor.

The king of hell was quite pissed since he charged in, blew down the door, and fell right into your trap. “You little bitch,” he said in a low threatening voice.

You didn’t respond. You bolted right out of there before his back up comes. You went to your safe house, or rather a bunker your parents had told you about. It was huge, especially for one person, but that’s what was great about it. It had everything you needed and more. You stayed there for one week, only leaving the bunker for supplies. Only one week because you were bored. You were so used to being out on the field, killing demons, beheading vampires, stabbing werewolves, and the like, that you couldn’t sit still. So naturally, since you couldn’t go back to work, you took up hunting. You figured it wouldn’t be all that hard since you already killed supernatural creatures for a living.

You went out on your first official hunt as a hunter. It was vampires, but it seems there was already a hunter on the case. You asked him if you could tag along and seeing as it was a rather large group, he agreed. His plan was to sneak in through the back and kill off all vampires on the first floor then work your way up. It wasn’t a solid plan but you didn’t mind.

“And try not to get us both killed,” he said, you simply nodded.

“Um-” you whisper, “How about I get as many as I can with dead man’s blood. I’m pretty fast,” you say.

He gave you a weird look, “You sure about that kid?”

“Yes sir, and if all else fails then I’ll make for a great distraction,” you say with a smile.

“Alright, well let’s see what you got kiddo,” he responded with a confident nod.

You nod back before you swiftly make your way inside, and after five vamps the others caught on. Thought it wasn’t that much of a worry since the hunter helped you out after he killed the ones you paralyzed. It was so much so easier with someone other than yourself. The hunt sure was over sooner than you thought it would.

“That was pretty impressive kid. You don’t look that old… How long you been a hunter?” he inquired.

“Uh-” you chuckled, scratching the back of your neck, “This is actually my first hunt as a hunter,” you admit.

“Really?” he said, seeming impressed. “Well could’ve fooled me. What’s your name kid?”

“Well I never really thought names were important before… in my - old job they had this nickname for me, Black Widow, like in the comics,” you tell him, slightly embarrassed.

He chuckled, “I can see why. Well since you’re new to this hunter business here’s my numbers in case you need someone to back you up for a front. Most people use the FBI front but other get a bit creative. I’m usually in charge of the phones but I’ve got two idjits manning them right now. I’ll tell them about you since you seem to like working with others.”

“That would be great thanks. I’m so used to working on my own that having someone there is fun. Here’s my number, in case you ever need my help,” you respond.

He nod, and pats your shoulder, “I’m Bobby by the way. It was nice meeting you,” he said before he headed toward his car.

“I look forward to working with you,” you answer.
“Sounds like a badass,” Dean says taking a swig from his beer.

“Is this uh- Black Widow person even real?” Sam questioned.

“You think I make this stuff up kid?” Bobby responded.

“No offense Bobby but it sounds too-” Sam starts.

“Fake? Like angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, jins-” Bobby counter.

“Alright- Alright I get your point,” Sam says.

“Whoa - Whoa we still need to check em out right?” Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes, “Really Dean?”

“I meant meet them you perv,” Dean teased, only to receive a bitch face from Sam.

“Calm down boys, I still have to make arrangements and we don’t know for sure if this Black Widow even wants to meet you guys,” he answers.

“What? Who wouldn’t want to meet me?” Dean says defensively.

“Right cause you’re a total catch,” Sam says.

“Boy- We’ll see tomorrow it’s late. Black Widow is probably sleeping right now,” Bobby said.

“Are we really gonna call this hunter Black Widow?” Sam inquired.

“Well until we know Black Widow’s real name… Yes,” Bobby answers.

Sam shrugged in response, Dean had an unyielding smirk, and Bobby just shook his head.

Though, as Bobby said it was late, but you weren’t sleeping. You were reading through the mountains of lore in your library. You figured hunting would require a larger range of supernatural knowledge and even though you had somewhat of a head start you felt the need to know more.

Hope you liked it! x)
Part 2

Officials: No injuries in California military plane crash

Associated Press: Marine Corps officials say there are no injuries on the ground after a military aircraft crashed in a residential area in Imperial, Calif.

Officials say the plane’s pilot ejected, landed safely and was taken to the hospital only for evaluation.

Eight homes were evacuated and three homes were destroyed, officials say, but there are no civilian injuries reported.

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Photo: This photo shows the site of a military jet that crashed on a residential street in the desert community of Imperial, Calif., Wednesday, June 4, 2014. (Chelcey Adami / The Imperial Valley Press, AP Photo)

#953 was the fourth SR-71A built, but she was lost in 1969 when she exploded mid-flight over Death Valley. Both the pilot, Col. Joe Rogers (the commander of the SR-71/F-12 Test Force) and the RSO, Maj. Gary Heidelbaugh, ejected safely.


It happened on the 8th October 2001, when Sqn Ldr Spon Clayton over-ran runway 22. He ejected safely, but the Harrier continued on through a fence and came to rest in the River Yeo. The Environmental Agency were a bit freaked out, because of the jet fuel which inevitably ended up in one of Somerset’s most important rivers.