“However good your intent your life will be looked upon and scrutinized. For you are noble and as such you should always walk in the light and keep your head held high. Never let your mind entertain the idle fancies of your youth. And most importantly never allow any man to break you down. It is your birthright now go and guard your armored heart and take up arms to safeguard your worried soul.” -Unknown 

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We all need to be ambitious and not just aspire to marriage… keeping in mind that marriage is the most important thing one can do to safeguard their private parts and the blessings of children and other then that which comes with it. Just know that, you can be married by 25 or younger and still achieve or pursue your goals and beyond it! Despite the stereotype that men do better, girls Make Higher Grades than boys in all School Subjects, this is evident in schools, Collages and University. All round achievers!

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Safeguard is an interactive Crime Scene Cleanup Experience being developed by us here. Basically you get to walk around a 3D room after a traumatic scene has occurred, after the coroners remove the body. It’s an educational way to learn more about our industry, the hazards and what one could expect to be left with, god forbid, after a trauma scene is released in a residential home. No release date is set yet, but the initial alpha on the game is almost complete. We plan on providing it as a Web based experience, as well as be available for download for FREE for Windows, Mac and Linux. Future update plans expect Oculus Rift VR support. Screenshots above are very Alpha. Enjoy! For up-to-date info about features and release, visit