On A More Serious Note

I don’t talk much about it, but I’m a Red Cross volunteer who works with Emergency Services. One of many amazing things RC offers is the Safe & Well Program, which allows loved ones to verify the safety of those involved in disasters that have separated them and caused communication failures by other means. During a major emergency involving mass care, you can list yourself as safe and well (or a Red Cross worker can). Your loved ones can then stop worrying, even if they don’t actually talk to you for hours (or days, or…)

This service is currently being used for those impacted today during the terror and chaos of the Boston Marathon bombing. In addition, Red Cross is also providing its resources to immediately help those who have been injured in any way. 

This kind of immediate, coordinated, competent and compassionate response is only made possible by volunteers and public donations. The Red Cross is not a government agency- they receive no federal funds to operate. So give any way you can. Give blood, make a cash donation, volunteer your time. Today is yet another (unfortunate) reminder of how important their work is to those in need.

I am safe and all is well

Today’s blog post was supposed to be fun, fluffy, beyond positive and inspiring, exactly what I intended for my blog to begin with. After two weeks of heavy hearted-ness from the loss of a super loved friend, I was ready to change the vibe. I took a lot of pictures from my walk of blossoming flowers and just wanted to share those. Instead, I feel that I have to share my thoughts from yesterday’s events In Boston. 

Yesterday marked my 2 month anniversary since I moved to Boston, Patriot’s day and the Boston Marathon. Amazing! I took my 10 am class with Tim Kelleher at South Boston Yoga. Beautiful practice. Tim finished with: Thank you for coming, enjoy you day and GO CHEER SOME RUNNERS! I had the best intentions to go cheer. As I was walking home I was going over my schedule: shower, call to choose health plan and then marathon cheering. 

I love running, but I have not done a marathon yet. I always admire the determination and the efforts that go into the preparation and the actual day of a marathon. It is a journey and since I personally have not gone through it, I always feel the urge to support people that endure it. I witnesses first hand the preparation with my best friend Dave Lanfrankie and my admiration for the athletes is even bigger.

I went down to Boylston Street on Saturday and the street parking ban and the barriers were already in place. I was shocked that there was so much police and traffic control already there. I was comparing the safety measures to Austin, where they just close the streets the day of the event, it seemed like over-doing…well I was very, very wrong. 

So many people are affected by the bombs yesterday. It is not just the number of dead and injured and their friends and families. Everyone is affected as we live in a community. My mom was the first one to call at about 3:35 pm Eastern time. She called from Bulgaria. She already saw the news. Then the texts starting coming from friends in Austin. News travels fast due to social media and I was beyond thankful to see all the posts from my friends here in Boston that they were safe. Feeling safe and comfortable is so important at the moment. Panic does not help, it makes us closed off. I felt safe as I was inside with a friend and her daughter.

Today I feel that we need to affirm to ourselves that feeling of safety. I love Louise Hay affirmations. A lot of them are about feeling safe and below is one I like:

Today is another precious day on earth. We shall live it with joy. We accept this gift with gratitude and joy. We realize that we have no time to waste on living in the past. So we go within, and seeing with eyes of love, we seek out all the dark corners where pain and fear dwell. We no longer choose to put up with these old handicaps. We move into our heart space, and we bring the abundant light of love we carry within us. We allow this love, which sees without judgment or expectation, to flood our body, our mind, our consciousness. This light of love shines on and dissolves all that is unlike itself. We are willing to release all old garbage. It has no life of its own; it has no truth in it. It is only an old memory that no longer exists, disappearing from our lives. We are one with the power that created us.

We are safe, and all is well in our world.

Louise Hay

Below is my picture collage for your inspiration:

How do you calm down after a unexpected event? What is your mantra?

Love, Zheni