Stardew Valley Minerals - Correspondences

This is part of a project I started a long time ago and am only just now continuing. All information was taken and cross-checked from a variety of sources.

Emerald - prosperity and love
Aquamarine - courage and communication
Ruby - increases energy
Amethyst - protection, healing, psychic ability
Topaz - communication and good health
Jade - stability and peace
Diamond - purity and prosperity
Quartz - clarity, healing and energy amplification
Tigerseye - communication, safe travel and courage
Opal - love and independence
Calcite - yellow - creativity and alertness
Kyanite - meditation and visualisation
Malachite - change and transformation
Pyrite - health and prosperity
Jasper - balance and protection
Celestine - healing, peace, stress relief
Hematite - grounding, courage and protection
Obsidian - purification and honesty

Gentle witch little things

Simple things you can do to bring more love and positivity into the world:

  • enchant the bus or train you’re on, so that everybody has a pleasant day or a safe travel home
  • paint protective sigils in the misty windows of buses or shops when it rains, and leave words of encouragement and praise on public bathrooms’ mirrors
  • bless passing ambulances and firefighter trucks with speed and safety for their patients/destination
  • wear an enchanted lipstick/gloss for your smile to brighten the day of everybody you meet
  • enchant your spare change so that it gives luck to the beggars you donate it to; they need it, don’t they?
  • actually, just enchant your money, so that retail and low-wage workers can have a better day when they serve you
  • leave blessed acorns and harmless trinkets in various places like buses or waiting rooms; give other people something to wonder about and make their day, and kids an item to roll in their hands mindlessly
  • bless food and leave it for stray animals; let birds be messangers of hope and miraclous event for everybody that sees them
  • whisper encouragement to trees and grass you pass by; let them know someone cares, someone sees their beauty, and awaits their bloom
  • smile at children and pets; provide them with the positive energy that the world is trying to kill in them
  • leave motivational notes, praise and silly drawings charged with love and hope on post-it notes as you go; they can brighten the day of those that find them
Safe Travels
  • Safe Travels
  • Keaton Henson

now i’m back in my lonely bed at home
now stained with all the things we said
you know that your hands are just like mine
and given half the time
we could fall asleep at last
stop slipping on the past
there’s a song we haven’t heard
but we both just know the words
go easy on that gravel
safe travels, please god.

A Protection and Shielding Masterpost

I have a feeling I’ve done one of these before… But there has been a request for a new compilation of spells to keep one safe from harm. And since God knows that no matter how hard I tag it, my stuff is never really organized… Have a new list.

In peace may you leave this shore.

In love may you find the next.

Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground.

May we meet again.

Planetary Associations 🌟

[☾] Moon – femininity, emotions, moods, peace, dreams, imagination, the unconscious mind, memory, safe travel, protection, psychic abilities, balance, sensitivity, nostalgia 

[⊙] Sun – masculinity, self-confidence, self-awareness, success, leadership, health, employment, pride, self-centeredness, ambition, money, optimism, potency, courage, generosity, nobility 

[☿] Mercury – communication, learning, memory, comprehension, intellect, agility, good fortune, gratitude, gain, exchanges, trade, reason, duality, education, travel

[♀] Venus –  cooperation, unity, agreements, originality, creativity, beauty, love, companionship, fertility, joy, romance, peace, sexuality

[♂] Mars – power, lust, force, passion, will, courage, physical strength, war, male virility, energy, action, independence, practicality, protection

[♃] Jupiter – gain, riches, prosperity, wealth, success, luck, self-confidence, investment, gatherings, favors, ambition, mercy, humanity, publicity 

[♄] Saturn – safety, protection, intellect, life lessons, loss, past lives, law, justice, sincerity, restraint, discipline, responsibility, caution, time, chaos

[♅] Uranus – changes, revolution, independence, freedom, clairvoyance, disruption, metaphysics, higher consciousness, intuition, technology

[♆] Neptune – confusion, mysticism, imagination, illusion, chaos, divination, inner vision, perception, sacrifice, inspiration, emotions, compassion

[♇] Pluto – death, the underworld, astral travel, realms, transformation, metamorphosis, cooperation, regeneration, mystery, power, change, crisis 

compiled from my personal grimoire 

last edited: 7-15-2016

anonymous asked:

Ok, I think this is really dumb of me to ask, but I know you'll probably know the answer. I've read your guides and this never came up so...What do I do when I'm getting pulled over? How do I know the cop wants ME specifically to pull over? What if the cop wants to pull someone else over on the highway? Do I completely move aside like he was a firetruck? I'm terrified of it!


If there’s a cop behind you with lights on, PULL THE FUCK OVER. If they pull over and park behind you, then they were after you. Maybe you were speeding, maybe you simply have a tail light out. If you pull over and they drive past you, then you can pull back into traffic after them. EVERYONE around you should be moving over, too.