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Are you still carrying on with your second promises comic

OF COURSE!!!! As I said before, the lineart is done (except for 4 pages that I have trouble with because of the dialogue…which are…actually NOW - for this particular update…that’s why I am a bit stuck), so all I need is to keep coloring and updating. The comic is approx 3 updates far from being done, so it really would be ..uh..dumb silly (?) to stop it. I enjoy the work on it very very much, the coloring is calming me but I didn’t find much space-time-bubble to get comfy and color in peace these past days. That’s why I haven’t updated (also gotten stuck on said dialogue >_<;;). It’s something special to me and I am treating it that way - by not rushing things for sake of updating fast. Echotale is lot more easy to do, there are very few colors and just two characters…. SP is a tad different there. I also don’t have any tight update schedule, because I’m too influenced by my mental condition while working on something. At times I won’t be able to do much, other time I do a lot. So please, bear with my shtick :’DDD I am very serious about that comic (it’s actually the first time I put this much effort into something).

clarke literally fell from the sky and fought a war on a radioactive planet that wiped out civilizations. lexa has been trained to be a warrior since she was 2 and trying to maintain a coalition she created that could break at any moment. 

like the chances of both of them surviving or even existing at the same time and falling in love with each other was too small, almost improbable, but they did. they fell in love while the world fell apart. 

their love is so pure and they respect and understand each other on such a deep level it just makes it more tragic that they live in a world where they have to make really hard choices.

  • me:i'm an anime blog, not just a haikyuu!! blog, i post a ton of different anime
  • me:*hq user, icon, and header*
  • me:*posts 98% hq*
  • me:*tags everything that i post that isn't hq*
  • me:..
  • me:... ..
  • me:i'm an... anime blog......... not just............. oh fuck it, i'm a fucking haikyuu!! blog