The more
time I spent
felt like
falling into
that will
keep me
—  ma.c.a // Missing Anchor
I’ve never felt quite as safe as I do in your arms.
—  c.f. // you make me feel safe
Moon Prayer

Máni, softest gentle glow
The richest silver in which I grow
To carry me safe, within myself
And see me well into good health

Your beams caress me, ever-silken
Dream I, of joining your dark heaven
Framed amongst Lapis Lazuli
Gazing at you, from earth to sky

Máni, croon me to psyche’s realm
Place me, one day, at your helm
Seep into my soul and grow
Within me, make your gentle glow

Seel, Máni


For anon

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me on twitter: @nctsmtown thankyou for always making me happy! also jaehyun stay safe in Fiji!😄

me on here: anyway when is jaehyun gonna facefuck me until i choke

Trauma Therapy

Therapist: you can only reconnect with yourself when your body feels truly safe

me@me: ok you’re out of the family house, you have friends, I got you a nice calm living environment and the least stressful student life possible, so where u at??…. like, what u want now?? a pillow fort with 47 pad locks?!

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Oh god, I do the whole "too good to need to be tied up" sub thing, like if you put my hands above my head I will keep them there for as long as I can, until I flinch or something, but even then, I don't touch anything without permission or until you've had your way/fun with me 😅

good. keep doing that, it’s cute.

i was honestly surprised by the amount of comments i got about how ~hard~ it is to do that (it’s … not) or alternatively, how well trained my sub must be, or how much the dudes commenting would like to be trained into being like that (there was no training, my ex just enjoyed me having control and teasing him. and ngl the closest thing to ‘training’ that i would ever want to do is developing a trusting relationship with my partner so they feel safe with me to the point where they can submit completely in bed)

ABCs of Us

It is so frustrating with how long it took to get to know you. Clearly, I suffered from adronitis

I spent all night writing a billet-doux to put into words how much you mean to me and I hoped my love letter said it all.

You are my cwtch, providing a safe place for me. 

Every time I get separated from you, I long for you and I call it dor

Most of the time, I suffer from ellipsism, a sadness that I’ll never be able to know how history will turn out for the both of us. 

Forelsket is my favorite feeling for it describes the euphoria of falling in love with you. 

The dates with you bring out gezelligheid, eliciting the warmth you have.

As the cherry blossoms fall, we told each other hai shi shan meng, the promise of eternal love.

You are on a constant ikitsuarpok every Saturday afternoon, anticipating my visit.

I remember the first time I talked to you. I was having a jouska before it, a hypothetical conversation that I compulsively played out in my head. 

I even felt kilig when I first met you and even until now. My giddiness said it all. 

Sometimes, I want to have liberosis, to actually care less about things and to just focus on our love without thinking of other things.

I always end up staring at you when we eat or I have manabamate, the lack of appetite I suffer when falling in love. 

We both know we feel the naz for we are proud of being loved. 

We also are both odnoliub, someone that only has one love in their life. 

I sometimes feel you have another, making me fall under the spell of pseudaesthesia, purely imaginary. 

You are my quidam, my certain someone. 

When we finally get to be together after a long time, I feel the retrouvailles, the feeling of joy when I am reunited with you.

As I drink from my cup of coffee while staring at the passersby, I am being hit with sonder, realizing that each one of them has a life as complex as my own.

You clearly exhibit topophilia for the beach, showing your great love for it by going to one every month. 

You are my utopia, now and always for you are so perfect in my eyes. 

It still aches me when we are separated and I realize my love for you through viraha.

You and I equals wyrd, destiny personified. 

You are my xenagogue, my guide in all things. 

I thank yuan fen, the force that brings us together for I get to hold your soft hands. 

Finally, I want to say zhi zi zhi shin. I want to hold your hand and grow old with you. 

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Hey 🙋 how are you? Can I leave you a little request? The prompt 35 " You make me feel safe" with of course the one and only Jacob Frye 💕 Thank you and love you 😘

Hey, I am good, thanks for asking! And sure thing! Forgive me for the delay but I haven’t found the time to write until now. Enjoy and love you too! <3

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“So lonely, sir - so very lonely,” cried the child. “Everyone hates me! Oh! Sir, don’t pray be cross to me.” The child beat his hand to his heart, and looked into his companion’s face with tears of real agony.’
The slam of the front door against the chill silence of my home shook me back to reality and with a gasp I shut the book tight to my chest and spoke one name.
The watch on my room indicated it was almost midnight and was often the time that Jacob would make it back to me with his voice booming against the walls saying he was home. Tonight though, I heard nothing.
I grabbed my sheer nightrobe and put it on quickly, ignoring the cold wooden planks that got me dashing out and newly shouting Jacob’s name.
“Jacob, is that you?”
I gripped the handrail tightly and took careful steps downstairs, now feeling a sinking feeling of fear that perhaps someone uninvited had entered my home. But in a second that sensation was gone and was replaced by even a worse emotion as I saw a very beaten Jacob on my couch with his head thrown back and his body sprawled.
“Jacob…Oh, God. What happened?”
In closer inspection, the man in my home looked nothing like the one I had met or the one that everyone looked up to. Here in my presence lied the broken pieces of my boyfriend and I was so shaken by it that tears welled up and my hands on my mouth to cover up my shock.
“It was horrible, so horrible.” Jacob sobbed.
Small step after another, I walked over to him and sat on the edge of the couch, staring at how he was silently crying and emitted trembling sobs.
“Jacob,” I whispered scared, “what happened?”
“Come, come over here. Please.” Jacob said opening his arms to me.
Stiffing back my tears, I curled into a ball and scooted to his body, soon his arms draping over me and swaying me side to side with a heartbreaking motion and his tears warming the top of my head.
“The whole place fell apart before we could anything and my Rooks…my Rooks, they all died right there…God, right there in front of me. And I could do nothing, nothing to save them.”
“Please don’t blame yourself, Jacob.” I told him.
“How can I not? I should have warned them or something. Or perhaps I should have gone alone.”
“So that I end up losing you instead? No, Jacob.”
Slowly, I pulled away from Jacob and his weak arms fell to his sides, his face ruby red with tears and a runny nose.
With the sleeves of my robe, I wiped away the dirt, the dried blood, and the accumulation of his ongoing sobbing. “Not everything will turn out the way you want it to, love, and you must be aware of that. There might be times were lives will be lost and well, it will hurt but you must be strong.”
“It just isn’t fair. I didn’t even get a chance to…I just,” He tried to speak.
I put a finger to his lips and shook my head. “Don’t.”
His eyes begged to talk, to keep blaming himself and for him to regret it all and wish that none of it would have happened but I knew that at times like these, it was for the best for him to not say a word and understand himself with silence that any tragedy that occurred to him he had to accept as part of his life and his duty as Assassin. Yet he still had me to console him.
“Here,” I leaned on the end of the couch and patted my chest, “lie down with me.” 
Nodding blankly, Jacob slowly moved over me and let his body deflate on top of me, his shakiness vibrating on me as my arms rocked him like a baby.
I moved to the side strands of his mousy brown hair and tugged them behind his burning crimson ear and planted a kiss on his forehead.
“You make me feel safe when the world out there is hell. In your arms I can escape all I must put myself through.” His cracked voice whispered.
“I’ll always be here for you,” I started, “and I’ll always expect you with open arms for when you need me.”
His arm wrapped behind my back and he pushed me to him more, breathing out deeply and his desperate shakes dying out.
“I wouldn’t know what to do without you. Without your words, without your love. You mean the world to me.”
I twitched a smile and newly kissed his head. “I’m the blessed one to have you by my side.” 
I put my cheek on top of his head and brushed my fingers on his still warm face, our breathing in unison as we silently lied together and embraced each other.
A few minutes passed before I lifted my face off his sticky hair and shook his now very still body.
A smile spread on my lips as I saw he had dozed off on my chest, a heartwarming flood of glee running through me as I stared at his innocent face resting. I would have preferred if he had fallen asleep on my bed but he looked so comfortable the way he lied that I did nothing to move him and rather just settled in by his side and together we fell asleep hugging closely knowing that as long as we had each other, all was going to be fine.

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okay, i have no clue why that anon said that because i'm ace, possibly aro, and this blog makes me feel safe and supported. you guys are doing a great job, keep it up!! <3

Thank you so much 💙
You’re very welcome here! -Matt

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Being trans is fucking disgusting what is wrong with you???? Faggot faggotttt

…anyway i love being trans and i love having a label i can feel comfortable with and a community that makes me feel safe, it’s pretty neat

My intentions with you?
To be the one that makes you smile when you though it was impossible
To be the one you talk about when you get asked about love
To be the one that’s holding you so close at night that I can chase all your nightmares away
I want to be the one that keeps you safe and loved