Your cards continue the message of urging you to realize the God-power within you. It’s also a theme of this next week’s angel card reading.

There’s almost an urgency being conveyed by the angels for you (and others) to realize that God’s power is everywhere including inside of you. There is no part of you where God does not reside and exist. Therefore, you are the living embodiment of God’s power.

Your card is asking you to focus this power upon healing yourself and others, and by thinking or speaking manifestations into existence.

Today, use discernment to only think and speak about that which is desirable, because you are in an instant manifestation mode right now.

No complaining, as you don’t want to manifest more complaints.

Affirm in the positive and here-and-now, such as:

I am powerful.
It is safe for me to be powerful.
I am abundantly cared for in all ways.
And so forth …

Pray for God to uplift your manifestations, so that they are aligned with God’s will, and truly bring you lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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This reading is for the next 24 hours in all time zones. You can give yourself a free card reading at:

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Eyes That Never Fade Part 6 (Final)- Gang AU

So this is the last part to Eyes That Never Fade. Thank you so much for all of the support. It means so much to have such kind words on my first piece of writing. @sweet-smashton-love thank you for everything, all the encouragement and the help with this story. I hope you all enjoy this last part. 

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“I love you too, Mikey. You keep me safe.” You told him, keeping your arms wrapped around him. Michael was the one thing you could always count on and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Can’t do what?” You whispered, scared of the answer.

“Look at you and pretend like this isn’t my fault. I hate what I’ve done to you. This is all my fault and I can’t deal with that.” Michael said, burying his face in his hands. You reached out to him but he flinched away from your hand.

“Mikey.” You whimpered, pulling your hand back like it was burned, the lack of contact more than anything.

“I think- I don’t know what to think.” He said. “I just can’t do this. You’re too precious to me and I will not see you hurt again.”

You were suddenly angry, “Fuck you!” You yelled and he looked at you, surprised. “Fuck you Michael. I am in this. I’m with you. You can’t sit here and tell me you feel bad. I chose this- I’m choosing this. I may not have known about it all at the time that we started talking, but I do now and I’m sticking with it. I want to be with you. You can’t make me change my mind.” You crossed your arms. You refused to argue with him, your mind was made up and you weren’t changing it no matter what bullshit he came up with.

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Imagine Logan letting it slip that you died in future

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‘They’ve breached the school,’ You thought to Charles, who was miles away with Kitty Pryde, who was passed out unconscious from her last escapade of sending Blink into the past.

‘Come to me safely, my love,’ he prioritized you above the students. He knew it was bad, but he needed you to stay with him, especially since Raven died. 

‘I’ll tr-’ you looked down as a sentinel stealthily stabbed you in the abdomen. You could hear Charles’s screams in your head as you died.

“Kitty, you have to send me back to last week,” Colossus begged his friend. He had been very close to you while you were alive; you took him under his wing. He, like Charles, blamed himself for your death. “Kitty, please, I need to save her.”

“Piotr, I can’t send anyone that far back without tearing their body apart. Please, don’t ask me again. I already have to face the Professor.”


“Charles, my love, where -” you walked down the stairs of the mansion, wondering where your husband had wondered off to. “Oh, we have a guest. Hank,” you turned accusingly to the young scientist, “why didn’t you tell me we had a guest?”

“Holy shit,” Logan took off his glasses. “(Y/N), you’re alive.” He started to walk over to you, preparing to envelope you into a hug.

You stepped back, unaware of who this man was.

“Hank?” you looked over to the Beast hidden in plain sight, your voice wavering. He stepped in front of you and Charles, blocking you from Logan’s view. 

Logan sighed, backing off.

“How can you possibly sit there and tell the woman I love that she dies in the future thanks to some stupid government project to eradicate mutants?!” Charles yelled at Logan.


anonymous asked:

The thing I find so terribly annoying about "well trans and lg aces are welcome in the community!" is that even my transness doesn't make me safe. I'm nonbinary, I'm afab, and I usually present as female. I'd like to look more androgynous, but it's just not safe or possible for me. And I am always afraid that I'm not going to be "trans enough", even ignoring the transphobia that binary trans people face in the community (which as you've said is a lot). (1/2)

My relationship with a woman doesn’t “count” either because it’s queerplatonic (even though I’m attracted to her and she’s the closest thing to same-gender that exists for me). Nothing will ever make me “queer enough” because my identity is complicated and doesn’t break down neatly. Boiling it down to “sga or trans” fails to acknowledge the complexities in those even those very narrow and gatekeepery categories. You’ve covered this before but I’m very frustrated, I am sorry.

First, Nonny: You have nothing to be sorry about. If talking to me helps you in any way, I’m glad I can be here.

This is a lot of what I’ve been talking about, yes. You’re exactly the kind of person I’m trying to carve out safe spaces for. You shouldn’t ever be required to put yourself in danger, or declare a specific set of labels that classify every bit of you. You shouldn’t have to be afraid of transphobia in nominally supportive spaces. You shouldn’t have to worry about collecting enough Gay Points to be accepted. This is why “queer” is important as a word, why it’s important not to reproduce the abuse we’ve seen over the years, why we need to be better. Your safety and mental health should never be conditional on whether you can meet the demands of gatekeepers. Not ever.

I hope we can build a community worthy of having you in it, Nonny.

Elsa–I think of your mouth on mine as I sit cross-legged on the porch eating coconut cake. Your lineage is celestial and you’ve got gold glitter under your eyes and there’s this weird hum in my brain whenever you run your fingers through your hair, like you want me to do something that I haven’t learned how to do yet. I feel weird when I think about what happened last summer, electricity and all; I feel weirder when I think about this summer. You survived a lightning bolt when you weren’t supposed to–Julianne says so. She says the sky wants you real bad and that it’s sending more storms this year to take you away. I don’t know how she knows all this, but I’m afraid. You’ve got to make it through senior year with me. Stay safe, I love you.

me: *thinks about small kortopi creating replicas of stuff at shops because he could never own any of them and just taking the copy and looking at it at a safe place*
me: *clutches chest in pain*

I’ve read some awesome analyses of why Erwin will almost certainly become a shifter (I would link them here but I’m on mobile) and I have one more piece of evidence to add:

Erwin’s lost arm could be foreshadowing. Other posters have already discussed the parallel of both Ackerman caring for a shifter- this would be another layer of similarity. Eren also had his arm bitten off by a Titan but regrew it after becoming a shifter, which is hopefully what will happen to Erwin.

But until bae is definitely safe, you can find me in the corner quietly singing Bring Him Home.

DAYLI, Act 1, Scene 1
  • Have some pseudo-Shakesperean nonsense off the top of my head. I apologize in advance.
  • Meriana:I came as soon as your message reached my hand. What news, cos? *pause* Why is your room overfilled with trunks? Are you bound on a journey?
  • Alexia:I asked you here to tell you that I am. Court is no longer safe for me. I mistrust the Regent’s motives and his over-fondness for those who would do me harm. You know the one I mean. I will not abide and wait for a knife in the back like that which slew my parents and your mother. I’m away to the Forest Hafter, where my brother Fergus keeps his court since our home was so cruelly ripped from us. I beg you not to tell any where I have gone but trust you will keep the secret close to your heart. I would feign away in silence, but I could not grieve you by disappearing with no word.
  • Meriana:What, leaving? You cannot go alone! I couldn’t bear to see you so. I will come with you to the Forest.
  • Alexia:Ah, dear cousin! Your heart does you credit, but you need not take on the risk for my sake. Your father still has high favor with the Regent and his circle; you are in no danger if you stay.
  • Meriana:For how long will he retain the favor of one so ambitious and fickle? I shan’t tarry until the wolves are at my heels before I flee the pack. I’m for Hafter with you now. *pause* How shall we two gentleborn women be safe on the road? I have no fear for our safety once we reach your brother’s pastoral court, but the way there may be fraught with peril for two such as we.
  • Alexia:We needs must travel not as ourselves. Leave behind our fine gowns and rich capes. They will be ill-suited for the Forest in any regard. You must disguise yourself as a peasant woman, and I shall cut off my hair, don my father’s armor, and present as a young soldier at arms.
  • Meriana:Oh, your hair! Will you truly lose it all?
  • Alexia:To the last lock. Better to shed my hair in going than my life’s blood by staying here.