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Can you explain what harm reduction means and test shots? Not putting it down at all just curious. Like test shots I kind of get but harm reduction I am interested in learning about because I don't get what it means lol... This is also coming from a girl who has never tried heroin before tho so I only understand things from what I have seen.

Okay, so I’m assuming you already have a reasonable knowledge of test shots since you said pretty much that.

Harm reduction is basically any and all efforts to ensure that drug users (especially us opiate users) use as safely as possible. It’s basically the spread of information regarding safe injecting practices, test shots, recognizing and reversing opiate overdoses, helping opiate addicts stay sanitary and safe by any means possible. It’s acknowledging that addicts are going to use and therefore helping them use as safely as possible in the hopes that someday they will be able to get clean. The end goal is sobriety but if an addict dies during the course of their addiction then there’s no chance of them ever getting sober.

- garagedad

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Does posting on tumblr help you through your addiction? And in what way? Do you do anything else to try and help your addiction or have you given up? If this sounds judgey, it's not meant to be. Im just someone who is fascinated by addiction, and the community on tumblr is surprising to me, but I'm not really an addict so I feel like a curious observer...

It does. It really does. I used to feel so fucking alone, like no one around me understood what this addiction is like, and now I know there are people who are a network of support and this effects a lot more people than just myself. I have also learned way more about safe injection and have the resources to identify my drugs. I do want to quit one day, but right now I know Ill just keep relapsing. I am getting help but it wont stick if im not ready. 

There is a huge community on tumblr, it really surprised me too. Check out TweakerNation and the OfficalNodSquad those are the meth and heroin communities on tumblr 

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I think a good example of how fatigue effects me in unexpected ways is how I keep forgetting to take my T shot! Because I’m often tired and experiencing brain fog, I dont always feel safe doing my injection but I have no one else to do it for me. So if I’m not well enough, or, like this week, I’m tired enough to consistently forget, well I just don’t get my testosterone for the week and that really fucks me up and also makes my fatigue symptoms worse. o 3o

Safe injection site law 'whips up' Tory base, may block new facilities

The federal government has made it nearly impossible to obtain approvals for new supervised drug-injection sites, opposition parties and health groups said Monday as they came to grips with a controversial new law.

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Are you really obtuse enough to actually believe that any form of mercury, organic or inorganic, is safe to inject into infants, children and pregnant women? The more recent research is actually finding that ethylmercury could be more dangerous than methylmercury. Researchers who didn’t (and still don’t) have a clue try to point to the fact that ethylmercury leaves the blood faster. I am sure this group includes you and other vaccine ideologues. Problem is, the ethylmercury that leaves the blood becomes trapped in the brain and other organs. So all this talk of ethylmercury having a shorter half life is really just researchers documenting their ignorance. Thank you for documenting yours.