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Here at Aurora, our goal is to welcome all to a safe and friendly community that will hopefully grow into a home. We are a General, Straight, Facebook based roleplay which encourages the welcoming of all new comers and accepts all Asian Idols. Please come and join us at Aurora, where your new beginning is waiting.  

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anonymous asked:

i just want to tell you that i appreciate your stand on antisemitism so much... so many sj people on here either majorly drop the ball on antisemitism or don't link things back to antisemitism and it makes it really hard for me as a jew to feel safe in the sj community but you're always so great and it makes me super emotional... just thank you a lot.

I feel such mixed emotions when I get messages like this. :(

Gratitude. Sorrow. Increased determination to do more, do better.

I’m sorry we are failing you. I will try to be part of making more than just my little blog safer.

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Do you have a before you follow page? I know a lot of blogs that deal with mental illness especially have these pages to ensure that their communities are safe and although I am ND I may not suffer from the same divergences as you and I'm not sure how you feel about that. I couldn't find one so I did follow, but I'd like to make sure anyway.

I don’t, I don’t really feel the need to tbh. Unless you’re going to harass me about things I don’t really feel like there’s any reason why you couldn’t follow? I don’t speak too specifically about anything on here anyway really :^)

Strangling Free People

Debbie Young

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What is going on in today’s politics is the general decline of America’s faith in its institutions, writes Peggy Noonan in the WSJ. “We feel less respect for almost all of them—the church, the professions, the presidency, the Supreme Court. The only formal national institution that continues to score high in terms of public respect (72% in the most recent Gallup poll) is the military.”

In New Hampshire, Ms. Noonan continues, the rejection of the establishment’s preferred candidates in both parties is the result of 15 years of failed presidencies.

It is middle-aged Sanders supporters who are more interesting. They know what they’re turning their backs on. They know they’re throwing in the towel. My guess is they’re thinking something like: Don’t aim for great now, aim for safe. Terrorism, a world turning upside down, my kids won’t have it better—let’s just try to be safe, more communal.

The mainstream journalistic mantra is that the GOP is succumbing to nativism, nationalism and the culture of celebrity. That allows them to avoid taking seriously Mr. Trump’s issues: illegal immigration and Washington’s 15-year, bipartisan refusal to stop it; political correctness and how it is strangling a free people; and trade policies that have left the American working class displaced, adrift and denigrated. Mr. Trump’s popularity is propelled by those issues and enabled by his celebrity.

Read more here from Peggy Noonan, who congratulates the elites of both parties for getting us here. “They are the authors of the rebellion; they are a prime thing being rebelled against.”

More from Peggy Noonan on Trump and Sanders here:

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((Hey guys I can’t sleep anyway and it seems it’s become an issue so just a quick reminder!

It’s illegal to share mature content with minors! And in a lot of cases it makes them really really uncomfortable! Please keep this community safe for the younger people involved in it, okay? I know a lot of us are adults and do adult things with our art, but that doesn’t remove the responsibility we have to make sure this community is still a safe playground for our younger friends.

In addition, we need to be responsible, mature and kind enough not to put our younger friends into dangerous situations of that kind, or to be the person they can’t trust in a situation like that when they need someone to turn to. Don’t be that person. Be responsible, be trustworthy. Remember that we’re role models to some of these kids here and we need to stay sharp!

That’s about it. I know everyone is probably stressed by now so I don’t wanna get all angry or anything. I just really wanted to throw somethin’ out. I hope everyone is feeling a little better by morning.))

The brass Email Archiving Software: Safe, Untouched and Versatile

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kharrisdawndancer asked:

😑:Is your muse able to keep their temper under control?

While Jericho is typically a master at this particular art (through years of necessity of course), Ameera is very much the opposite. She lacks years of life experience, having grown up in a very small and safe community of refugees that were tight knit. 

Originally posted by 5by5brittana

It’s part of her culture shock that she’s experienced since coming to Silvermoon, and something she still struggles with. She doesn’t want people to be able to read her so easily and as such, when someone starts to get under her skin she is quicker to lash out than most. She’s struggling to find the middle ground between standing up for yourself and knowing when to just walk away and disengage a confrontation. Her recent martial arts training has been a good source of confidence, as well as teaching control. Still however, fighting is akin to dancing, control of movement and precision are key…but her expressions are not required to be held in check. 

Ultimately, I think it’s a situation will dictate. She’s still very much an adolescent and is still learning how to pick her battles, but as it stands she probably bites off more than she can chew more often than not.

((Thanks for the ask @kharrisdawndancer!))

I was trying to find out more about what Girl Loves Me means and found out that most of it is a combination of Polari (which I’d never heard of and is rather fascinating) and the slang from Clockwork Orange (which I did pick up on).

Polari was used by LGBTQ people back in the day to safely communicate (kinda like the hanky code) and is a blend of a *bunch* of languages.  It fell out of use in the 60s when a comedy team popularized it and thereby made it no longer a safe code language to use in public for people who used it to stay safe. Then homosexuality was decriminalized which also contributed to it’s falling out of use.

Fascinating lil bit of history.  Ya learn somethin new every day.

‘Afrotopia 1′ 2016

This work is about building a Black world free from colonial influences. REcreating ideas of Black Identity, religion, ideologies, etc. Commandeering/Appropriating misrepresentations, miseducations and stereotypes through collaging high and low quality imagery with digital drawing.

This is part of a body of work ‘What does Black Utopia Look Like?’ which imagines the unseen, imagined, protected utopia spaces that only exist through Black popular culture or critical thought. This work thinks about the ubiquitous global colonization of Black people and its response through escaping to the Black mind in continued conversation to Jacob Lawrence’s ‘Great Migration’ series. 

Black speculative artists and political thinkers have created spaces inwardly as a response to the failures of segregation and integration to create spaces were Black people can exist in peace and define what our future outside of colonial control would be. 

My series illustrates Martin Luther King’s “Mountaintop,” Outkast’s “Stankonia,” “The front porch/stoop” in the black community as a safe space of community for like minds in sight of loved ones and protectors. The Breakdancer’s “Freeze” as a frozen moment in time where the all time converges on the dancer is central in the universe she/he created through dance up to that point, and furthermore dictates to the surrounding planets what is and what isn’t. What does Sun Ra’s “Saturn,” Tupac’s “Thugz Mansion,” Family Stand’s “Ghetto Heaven,” Prince’s “Erotic City” look like? These spaces exist due to decolonization of the Black mind as a primary action to Black liberation.

trying to get shit done at work but distracted by trying to piece together how i feel about the ace discourse on tumblr

like im 100% open to learning why cis-het aro/ace ppl don’t belong in the lgbt community bc of its history, and ive seen a couple good posts that explain this argument, but so much of the discourse on both sides is just so bad???

us aro/ace folk really need to start proactively addressing the homophobia and transphobia within our community, but ive also seen posts that basically reduce the aro/ace community to aromantic cis-het men who just are only interested in casual sex, and others that are condescending towards peoples aro/ace spectrum identities, like graysexual and demiromantic.

and its just so frustrating bc i dont feel safe in either community? aro/ace ppl need to be more receptive towards and actively engaged in learning about the historical context of lgbt issues, but also lgbt ppl, please dont forget that a lot of the aro/ace spectrum folk on tumblr (from what I’ve seen at least, which is a biased sample) are young women, and the issues that they face–even if they aren’t ultimately lgbt issues–are important and very real, not to mention the slew of issues associated with effectively making cis-het aromantic men the face community by disproportionately focusing the discussion on them.

and im honestly interested in learning and better understanding this issue!! so if ive said anything wrong or bad here, pls let me know!

Preventing Yoga Injuries Through Continuing Education

By Azahar Aguilar 

The thirst for knowledge - As a yoga instructor this need should hit you every so often; if you feel comfortable in your teaching practice, then it’s time to learn something new.  There is always something more to learn as a yoga instructor, in order to give your students the best andsafest experience possible.
Most yoga injuries are preventable, but it takes a trained and experienced eye to recognize opportunities to help students in the midst of practice, and to communicate safe techniques clearly.

New Teachers

Teachers learn over time and with experience, so inevitably one of the best ways for new teachers to learn is with a trained mentor.  Someone that attends many of the new teacher’s first classes offers constructive feedback and will stick by on the journey that is teaching.  Regular check-ins by fellow teachers or studio management is the best way to keep communication open and improvement developing for first time instructors as well.  To be more enlightened about  Preventing Yoga Injuries Through Continuing Education visit

What Exactly Does an Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney Do?

When someone commits a crime, someone else is responsible for making sure he or she is prosecuted–that is, punished for breaking the law. That person is an Oakland County prosecuting attorney.

External image

A Prosecutor’s Job

The main job of a prosecutor is to protect the safety and rights of the public and keep the community safe. By performing this job, prosecutors need to figure out when someone who has been accused of a crime has to be taken to trial.

A Federal Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney

External image
People accused of committing a federal crime will be prosecuted by federal prosecutors and their assistant attorneys. When it comes to deciding if the person will be prosecuted for committing a federal crime, the prosecutor has to acquire a grand jury indictment. With this, 23 citizens will be sworn in by the court to look at and listen to the evidence against the person who has been accused. They will then determine whether the evidence establishes a probable cause to believe that person has committed the crime.

Should 12 or more members of the jury find the evidence to be sufficient, the accused will be formally charged with a crime. If not found guilty, the accused will usually be released.

State Prosecutors
    • Police will investigate the crime, and if they find a suspect, along with evidence that shows the person committed the crime, they will present the evidence to an Oakland County prosecuting attorney.
    • The prosecutor then looks at the evidence to determine if there is enough to justify bringing the suspected criminal to trial.
    • If there is enough evidence, the attorney will prepare a compliant, formally accusing the person of committing the crime.
    • If there isn’t sufficient evidence, the attorney makes sure the accused is released or asks police to gather further evidence.
    • Lost wages
    • Medical expenses
    • Funeral and burial costs
    • Emergency transportation
    • Emergency housing
    • Psychological counseling

                    FOR STARTERS, 400 FOLLOWERS????

I’m so blown away, truly I am. I’m so glad that 400 of you enjoy my Frisk, and enjoy my writing, I’m so happy to have such sweet people like you all following me. 

This has been the most beautiful, fun, kind, accepting fandom I have ever been in. I feel at home here, I feel safe in a community for the first time in forever. You guys make that possible, you guys make it home. I’ll never be able to thank you all enough.

As much as a appreciate each and every one of you, I want to give special thanks to a couple blogs that have been nothing but kind to me from the beginning.

❤|| BAES;

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                                     Stay determined, folks!

Job Updates Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Countertop Fabricator, Rugby Building Products
• Fabrication of countertops with high quality and safe practices.
• Communicate with customers and other branch employees to solve fabrication issues.
• Load and unload cabinets, countertops and various other building materials.
• 1 – 2 years warehouse experience.
• Forklift experience preferred.
• Proficient and able to work safely with hand and power tools.
Apply at:

PT Dock Associate, Averitt Express
• Load/Unload freight - lift requirement 80lbs.
• Move freight - lift requirement 54lbs.
• Lift/Open trailer door - lift requirement 46 lbs.
• Operate forklift.
• Regular predictable attendance.
• Prior dock/warehouse/forklift experience preferred.
Apply at:

Team Lead, Speedway
• Food preparation including making one of our customer-favorites….coffee!
• Ensuring proper preparation, presentation, and freshness of all foodservice products.
• Cash handling, fuel transactions, and promoting the Speedy Rewards loyalty program.
• A valid Driver’s License from the state of residence.
• High school diploma/GED.
• Ability to multi-task, perform repeated bending, standing, and reaching.
Apply at:

Yard Crewman, Marsh Properties
• General grounds work.
• Use of lawn equipment and machinery.
• Some lifting and ladder climbing.
• Valid drivers license, criminal background check, drug testing.
• References required.
Apply at:

PT Produce Clerk, The Fresh Market
• Maintain proper product assortment, merchandising and product quality on the sales floor
• Wrap, weigh and label Produce production items and arranging such items in display counters.
• Actively engage and educate customers about The Fresh Market’s Produce products.
• Previous experience in the food, grocery, produce, or retail industry.
• Basic math skills.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment at all times with all levels of employees.
Apply at:

Customer Service Associate III, Lowe’s
• Assist customers with all of their shopping needs.
• Assist customers in the selection, demonstration, preparation and loading of merchandise.
• Respond to customer inquiries throughout their shopping experience.
• 6 months experience using a computer to access, modify or output information.
• 6 months experience using a handheld device to enter, access, and output information.
Apply at:

Operation Heat Shield
Read full article here:

Around certain key locations in South Florida on Saturday, law enforcement and other government agencies around town are carrying out training exercises designed to keep the community safe in case of a catastrophic event, both man-made or natural. Officers in full tactical gear were seen taking defensive positions inside the building’s central lobby area, during what appeared to be a shooter-hostage situation. They used the surrounding furniture to shield themselves from potential threats and gunfire, applying tactical coordination to place themselves in an ideal spot while bad guys in camouflage caused trouble deeper inside the building. “With this particular operation, what we’re doing is testing our resources,” said Troy Walker, a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Miami office. “This is a full-scale exercise which encompasses law enforcement, emergency management, fire rescue.” “We have over 21 agencies that are participating in this event, with about nine to eleven locations with various scenarios,” he said. “The scenarios, very much so, mirror what we see on a daily basis, not only on the national news but world news.” “We’re always looking at preparedness. But there’s another side of that which is prevention peace,” Walked added. “When these events actually occur, we want to ensure that we have all resources and assets properly trained. And we can actually handle and manage things appropriately to ensure the safety of our citizens in South Florida.”
External image

Read full article here:

Smart Education in Canada : Study in St. Clair College.St. Clair provides 100 Advanced Diplomas, Diplomas, Degrees and Graduate Certificates focused in Health,Technology, Business, Media Arts and Social Services.Our 3 campuses are located in safe, clean communities that are in the heart of North America’s Technology & Manufacturing Section. Windsor-Essex County is Canada’s Automotive Capital and Intellectual Center of the Canadian Automotive Industry and home to the “Big 3” Automakers. Attend Free Counselling at New Delhi Office

I Have

I have, and will always have feelings for him. Those kind of affectionate feelings where you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just by the thought of it. Yes, those kind of feelings.

I have known him for a very, very long time. We are not close, but not distant too. We meet occasionally, for drinks and talks. We once travel together too. We always tread on safe traits when we communicate, in fear of hurting and damaging.

I have not confessed, nor I know of his heart content. I am afraid. Afraid of the could haves and would haves, if I lay open my heart to him. Life is too short to be keeping secrets, especially secrets of love. But I am afraid this love would cause me to lose him.

I have these thoughts running in my head. Of how he looks like when he thinks. Of how he smiles when pictures are taken. Of the things I gathered from people about him. Of the heartbreaks he caused to other maidens. Of the what ifs if I let him know.

I have this thing (I think) called – a pseudo-awareness; that I might have these feelings for him because I like the idea of him. The idea of him by my side when I need support, the idea of me consoling him when he is troubled, the idea of us together gallivanting through streets and cities.

I have not the slightest idea whether the ideas planted in my head will do me good or otherwise. They say positivity triumphs all. They say Law of Attraction works. And I know too that I do not have forever to wait. But I am too afraid to tell, too afraid of rejections. Hence, I’ll wait.

I have to be strong – upon seeing him with another. I have to be sturdy in the face of what ifs. The only way to deal with my cowardly self is to anticipate him finding another. Then maybe, I’ll have the peace of heart to let go. Maybe. 

I have to learn to just let my heart breaks once in a while, actually.  I have to learn to build courage to confess. I have to learn to face rejections. I have to if I want to own a heart for comfort, for life. 

I have known. But maybe not now.