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I just wanted to let you know that you're extremely sweet! Even when negative things happen in your life you remain sweet and positive enough to answer asks and be polite. I get such a positive vibe from your account and I really feel like you have your own little friendly community on here!

Ahhh, thank you for taking time out of your day to come say something so heart warming! I’m definitely trying to make a safe little community for everyone to enjoy and I’m doing my best everyday to learn to be better and kinder!🍄✨

What the fuck are these people even doing to try and make this community feel like a “safe space” to everyone they claim to welcome? What are they doing to challenge racism? What are they doing to make this a more inclusive place for disabled people and neurodivergent people? What are they doing to prevent the corporate exploitation of this community? What are they doing to tackle stigma around HIV or domestic violence in the community? What are they doing to increase those “resources” that they’re so concerned about other people taking? What are they doing to confront biphobia and transphobia and truscum bullshit in this community?


If your interest in making this community safe is limited purely to finding reasons to exclude people, I would suggest you need to open your fucking eyes because there’s work to do.

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Do You Have An Instagram Account? If So What Is It? I'd Like To Follow You If That Is Ok With You? - ScalezFrederick


This is the first time someone asked me this :) No, I don’t have an instagram. Maybe in the future, but now I don’t feel the need to. Tumblr feels like a safe community where I can be myself and I don’t feel the need for something extra. If I make an Instagram Account I will tell you.

Thanks for asking <3

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In my AP Language class at school, everybody does a project where they're supposed to help the community and educate others on a particular topic by doing a massive project and I think I'm going to do mine on helping lgbtq youth and creating safe spaces for them (community centers etc) in my city and if that's not punk idk what is

Nice!! Good luck!
~ mod Petar

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Why are you being disrespectful? I just said to make sure your further posts don't show up in the teenie//tots tags...?

Teenietots is now apparently an unsafe community according to all other agere communities. If I make a post that involves teenietots I’m not gonna go outta my way to cross it out if they’re not even a safe community.

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your teenietots post appears in the tag, so can you not post your dumby drama in our tags? thanks

Well I just found out that agere community doesn’t consider them a safe community anymore so idk what to tell you

Newham is revealed as the best London borough for gay and lesbian parents to raise family

When you’re thinking about starting a family, choosing where to live is a massive factor that would-be parents need to consider.

You want to find somewhere that has good access to schools and amenities, as well as being a happy environment for your child to grow up in. And for gay and lesbian couples, there’s also the added consideration of your little ones feeling safe in their community as part of an LGBT family.

Now Newham is being touted as the best area for gay and lesbian couples to raise a family, having topped a list of London boroughs in a recent survey.

The My Future Family Show – which gives expert advice to thousands of would-be parents on adoption, fostering, surrogacy, IVF and co-parenting – has ranked the best boroughs for LGBT parents to start a family, after surveying gay and lesbian couples on what they’re looking for ahead of starting their brood.

As well as good schools, house prices and quality of life, they said safety and an existing LGBT community were among the most important factors in finding a family home.

To compile the findings, the researchers then compared the average house price of a semi-detached in each London borough, alongside the access to open spaces, local Ofsted results and reports of hate crime against people based on their sexual orientation.

Newham prospered in the rankings, the fertility advice company said, because of its reasonable house prices, as well as its 13 Outstanding-rated schools.

The East London borough , which takes in Stratford, Canning Town and the Royal Docks, has experienced a huge growth in buyers, with house prices increasing by an average of 14 per cent to £372,000.

This is in no small part due to the “Olympic legacy” where the boroughs have benefited from regeneration schemes and improved transport links.

More than four out of ten people in diverse Newham are aged 25 or under, and two thirds are from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Barking & Dagenham came in at a close second, with the South West borough of Sutton following in third.

My Future Family Show’ Sarah Garrett MBE said: “This list definitely threw up a few surprises, but it just shows that when it comes to starting a family it can be worth looking beyond the most obvious locations.

“By ranking the London boroughs on sexual orientation hate crime as well as other essential factors, we’ve found out where LGBT parents might feel safest starting a family.

“Newham is a potentially brilliant place for LGBT parents to raise a family. It offers more affordable alternatives to neighbourhoods such as Shoreditch and Stoke Newington for those looking to settle down. In the coming years, the Elizabeth Line will vastly improve its transport links.“

According to the survey, here are the top 10 boroughs for gay and lesbian couples to raise a child:

1. Newham

1. Barking & Dagenham

3. Sutton

4. Harrow

5. Merton

6. Lambeth

7. Hillingdon

7. Tower Hamlets

9. Kingston-upon-Thames

10. Hounslow

I’m a TinyTyke now!!! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

I rly want more people to follow so could u like this post if:

  • ur a tinytyke
  • in a safe age regression community 
  • and don’t mind me following you! :> 

Also I’m always here for anyone who wants to talk! :> I’m pretty mother-ly, so, if you need anything I’ll be here for you!!! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

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// Hi Ingrid (hope you don't mind^^) I just wanted to message you once again and express how grateful I am for that 'mental-health: how to post'. As im currently on a rocky road, I found it extremely helpful but what made it, you posted it in most needed time. So thank you for being so amazing and making rp community a safe and better place <3 🌼🌼🌼 there should be more people like yourself and I aspire to be like you and your amazingly written muse :3

 Hellooooo what could I possibly mind about you being a ray of sun in my inbox?! You’re brilliant & I’m really glad that it helped, even a little bit, bc you deserve to be happy & healthy & supported. Thank you for making the RP community a better and happier place! ^_^


Reblog this post to let littles with struggles know you are a safe place! We should all help each other out!

Must pledge to be:
All littles deserve H.U.G.S.

-Must be 100% sfw
-Must promise to be a safe and accepting environment
-Must support littles/regressors of all ages
-Must promise to make yourself as available as possible (when you can) to talk littles in need
-Must have suicide/self harm prevention hotlines saved and ready to go

By joining L.I.N.A, you will be a care person open to talk, offer advice, and help any little that comes to you. Be willing to answer questions, and give 100% support.
If worst comes to worst though, always have hotlines saved just in case.
We will strive to support our fellow littles, and make the age regression community as safe as possible.

Ready to join? Repost with “Free H.U.G.S.” to let others know you’re here to help ♡

this is the end of the email lmfao

“We at Berkeley will have other challenges, as well. Perhaps most important among them is free speech. Next week, I will be writing to the campus at greater length about free speech. For now, I will say only how critical it is that we protect the right of free speech, that we keep Berkeley a place where people are free to express all points of view and, at the same time, act with honesty, integrity and respect for others. This is not a simple issue, because sometimes a person’s right to say something, or what that person actually says, conflicts with our community values, with what we think is right. We will have many opportunities as the semester begins, and throughout the year, to engage in issues of free speech, to think about their relationship to safe space and inclusive community.”

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how do i be ace positive without bringing up discourse? i want to support ace people but i don't know how when i believe they should have their own safe community? i don't wanna be seen as an aphobe

Idk whether you mean in real life or online, but in any case I guess just leave out any mention or discussion of things like whether aces are inherently lgbt. Just talk from a perspective of wanting to create a seperate safe space for aces/aros. Then nobody can seriously say you’re aphobic because that’d mean you hate aces, which you don’t seem to do if you want to create ace positivity. Just - leave out any discussion of the discourse and create cool ace positivity! 

Also, depending on whether you’re okay with inclusionists being a part of that, you could state that it’s completely discourse-free and for all aces regardless of their views, maybe? That way “the discourse” will be irrelevant, since you include all views. 

And please remember: You’re not an aphobe just because you believe aces/aros should have our own seperate community! The meaning of that word has been warped to mean “anyone who doesn’t think aces are lgbt” but that’s just complete bullshit. Someone who thinks that asexuality isn’t a real orientation is an aphobe, not someone who only wants a seperate community. If anybody tries to tell you you’re an aphobe for that they’re just totally wrong and you should probably just block them? idk how much arguing would help there… (you can try of course, but don’t expect too much reason :/ ) 

So please: Don’t think you’re aphobic for wanting a seperate ace community! 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIAL.A. RP is an original character roleplay group located in the city of Los Angeles, California. In this roleplay, we offer a safe and enjoyable community for those who want to develop characters. You may join as an L.A. citizens or UCLA college student. We heavily rely on activity to keep this roleplay going. Writers of all kinds are welcomed here, new or old. We use an organized application called Glip to roleplay, and use the dashboard as social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Active since August 2016.

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||; The disappearances began in October of 2022. ;||

Since then, one witch or wizard has been reported missing on the 20th of every month. The perpetrators of these acts has recently been identified as a group called the Praesumptor. There is very little known about the organization. No demands have been made. No leader has been indicated and no objective has been made clear. The attacks are erratic and impossible to predict. As of September, 2023, 12 missing wizards in total have been linked to the Praesumptor. All 12 disappearances have been of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17, of all blood statuses, and in many different countries. Only two things link the attacks. The first, a simple circle, painted in blood, left near the sites of the disappearances. The second, cryptic notes regarding the Praesumptor and their attacks.

||; The magical community believes firmly in strength in numbers. ;||

So, In order to keep students in the international community safe, nine magical governments around the world have brought their students together under the guise of the 150th Triwizard Tournament, which was re-formed in order to bring a sense of unity to young wizards and witches around the world when they need it most.

The tournament will be the largest yet, and will be highly publicized. Even so, this doesn’t keep the minds of students off their missing friends and the imposing threat of the Praesumptor.


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I think you're important. A lot of times when I really need some thinspo, your posts are first on my dash! Not trying to be sappy or anything but I wanted you to know that. Stay safe! 💖😁

Thank you lovely I have two other blogs (my main and a different blog) and I’ve never been met with as much support and kindness as in the ed community 💙💙 stay safe darling I’m glad my blog is here for you 😊

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you seem smart and well spoken so i'm sorry if this comes off as condescending but please be careful in offering support to this community. i'm not very sure of what the map community is like bc i'm not apart of it but i fear someone younger like yourself could be manipulated into bad situations. just be safe!! i regret some communities i was involved in when i was your age because i was not the brightest and i attracted the offending kind of maps. you deserve happiness n safety.

Oh, thank you for worrying, but it’s unnecessary ! I know how to recognize bad situations, and the map community is really nice, everyone just kinda know each other and it’s really cool. We’re constantly repeating that we only support anti-contact nomaps, so if someone tries to do something bad to me we’ll know they weren’t non-offending at least.