The Empire Theater, with the Browne Chop House, Broadway at 41st Street, New York City, 1913 by Michael Donovan


Here is a new sigil, I’ll do more! This one is based on an old design I did when I was younger, I just added a few things. It’s made to protect you or objects from threats, negative vibes or anything you need to be protected from. Enjoy, share and use it the way you want ♥

Please, just don’t repost!


We survived Hurricane Irma after it hit us directly as a category 2. The ranch had about 12"-18" of flooding, and the alpacas had to hang out on hay islands in their barns, but the water has receded and everyone is safe and sound. The goats had hardly any flooding in their pen, and are enjoying munching on fallen trees and branches. My house still doesn’t have power or internet after 10 days (hence the late posting), but we’re alive and didn’t have any structural damage to our home.