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Hey guys, ya know that new show ZAK STORM SUPER PIRATE?

YA I managed to get a hold of a bunch of episodes. I watched one. It’s okay, I guess. I don’t know if I’ll get hooked or not, but I mean the only thing interesting right now is this guy’s eyebrows you know what I mean?

Also the English voice actor is just a perfect fit. I love his voice !

So you guys should totally watch this show. I’m only in it for Zak cause he’s pretty kewl :D not the plot or weird talking sword. Kay bye

Magickal Circles


Circles are powerful magickal constructs that can help power you’re working, and help you in your rituals, and spellcraft. These constructs can be constructed, and used in order to direct specific energies two specific places. By understanding the ins-and-outs of the magickal circles one can construct unique powerful designs that will incorporate metaphysical understandings, occult understandings, correspondences, associations, shapes, alphabets, glyphs, sigils, and words to create beautiful designs that will act as tools to help you direct energy in very specific ways. By incorporating all these things together a practitioner can allow these things to work in harmony, so that they can help manifest their will. The practitioner will need to learn how the different parts are connected to each other, and what they stand for in order to create powerful magickal circles. In this post we will be familiarizing ourselves with the different parts of the circle, and how they interact with the energies, so we can put them together in some form of a system that will help us in specific forms of magickal working.

The Main Circle(s):

The first thing we are going to talk about is the basic part of the circle which is the circle itself. Magickal circles are generally made with a main circle that goes around the center, that acts as the space in which the practitioner can move around, and interact with their working. The main circle is going to act as a doorway between the two worlds of the spiritual, and physical, and will be the place magick is performed from. This circle will represent the unity of the two worlds, and will also be the area where energy will gather, so that you can use it for your spell, or ritual. The circle is connected to the spiritual realms, and the higher planes of existences, and we’ll call energies down from the universe in order to help you, and your practice allowing you to raise a cone of power. Energy is going to pool and gather inside this main circle empowering you and the rest of the circle. The circle will also bring in feminine, and yin energies into your working, and will protect you from outside forces you do not wish to interact with while you are doing your practice. You can have more than one main in your design these will act as different levels in the overarching paradigm of your design.

Smaller Circles:

Other circles can be incorporated into your design, these will be treated like smaller versions of the main circle, and will be places for energy to pool, and to form their own cones of power. Inside the circles will be good places to put sigils, glyphs, names, and/or symbols, so that energy taken into the circles will be able to empower the symbol within. This will result in the energy inside the circle taking on the intent of the sigils, glyphs, names, and/or symbols allowing you to use that to affect your practice. If you have other practitioners helping you out in your practice, this could also be a spot for them to reside in to help you with your working instead of using some form of a sigil, glyph, name, and/or symbol. These circles will also provide protection for whatever resides within that circle just like the main ones do, and will also bring feminine, and yin energy into your circle.


The center is the middle point of your circle. This is a very important point, because it controls, and affects everything else in the circle. This is where the main intention, or the controller of the magical circle is placed. You are usually the controller of the circle, or you can put a sigil, glyph, name, and/or symbol in this place. Whatever is in the middle of the circle will act like the generator in a crystal grid, and will act as a conduit to the rest of the energy in the circle, so that it’s will can be acted out. The center will act in this way in middle of every single shape, so it is important to be aware of this. By understanding how to get the most out of the controlling center points of the shapes that exist within your design will greatly help you understand the energy flow through out your circle, and how it will empower your desire.


Squares can also be incorporated into your design to help empower your practice. They will bring forth the energies of the elements, and directions along with the masculine, and yang energy that the square embodies. The square is also connected to the physical world, and when the square is brought together with the circle the square supports, and fortifies it empowering the circle, and creates perfect balance with its female, and yin energy. This will create a good balance in your circle, and will allow your circle to represent duality. You could also put a sigil, glyph, name, and/or symbol inside the square.  that would give whatever is inside stable, balanced, and grounded energies that it can use to fortify and support itself, so it can do its job more effectively, and use the energy of the four elements, and four cardinal directions to help it in it’s working.


The cross just like the square is also connected to the four elements, but is instead connected to the five directions (the five directions include center as the 5th direction). The cross is also connected to choice, hope, balance, masculinity, physicality, sun, life and yang energy. The cross in magickal circles will direct energy to the center, and will compartmentalize other energies into the four slots that it creates. The cross can be a tricky thing to incorporate into some circles, but when used right it can be very effective.


The energies of the triangle can be brought into your design of your magical circle. These triangles will stand for, and will be greatly connected to creation, and manifestation. Triangles are used primarily in circles to create, manifest, or call a specific energy into the circle, so that you can work with it. The triangle is also connected to the balance between the trinities, and will bring balance of those energies in to your magickal circle. Triangles have both masculine, and feminine energies , and yin, and yang energies depending upon which way they are facing. An upright triangle is a triangle that manifests things to you, while the inverted triangle is one that manifests your desires upon the external world. The upright triangle is the one who embodies the feminine, and yin energies, while the inverted triangle is the one who embodies the masculine, and yang energies. Upright, and inverted will be decided upon the triangles relativity to the center of the circle. These are also used as the places to summon entities through invocation, and evocation. The traditional version of a evocation triangle is call the triangle of art. Triangle of arts are upright because it is used to manifest entities to you. When the triangle is used for evocation it is put outside the circle in order to give the practitioner some protection, and space in between them, and the entity. These triangles usually have names of powerful spirits or deities around them to act as a form of binding, so that the practitioner can control, and worked with the entity safely. These triangles also usually have circles inside them to allow the entity to have its own space that will be in between  the physical, and the spiritual worlds, and will also allow them to build up more energy to help you in you’re working. Depending upon where your triangles are placed will communicate, if yours magick circle is a evocative circle, or invocative Circle. Triangles can be very useful when trying to manifest constructs, and will be very important tools to incorporate into your magical circles.

Lines, And Curved Lines:

Lines, and curves are used to combine two points, so that their energies can directly interact with each other. Lines represent the masculinity and yang energy, while curved lines represent feminine, and yin energy. Lines, and curved lines also stand for the energy of balance, and duality. When two constructs are connected with a line, or curve the two points, become the two extremes on a polarity spectrum with a line in the middle representing the space in between those two energies. These lines, and curved lines will also be used to move energy through out your circle. This is done, because energy will take these lines as paths to follow, and a physical mark of your intention, so the energy will enjoy moving on these lines like the water in a river. These lines, and curved lines will take on the energy around them, or that interacts with them, so by writing symbols, names, and/or glyphs under, above, and/or near will Infuse those lines with that type of energy, given that line its properties, associations, and magical correspondences allowing it to flow throughout the circle. It is important to remember that these lines, and curved lines make up all shapes that will be used in the magickal circle. This will truly apply to any place within the circle and must be kept in mind, so you can use it effectively to empower your working.

Pentagram, and Pentacle / Inverted Pentagram, And Inverted Pentacle:

The pentagram, and pentacle along with the inverted version of both of these can be brought into the design of your circle to bring in energies of power, protection, connection to the five western elements, and connection to the wu-xing (the five phases). These will greatly empower your circles by allowing the energies they produced to run throughout it in order to charge, and power your working. Depending upon what you are doing with your circle will determine whether you will want to include upright pentagrams, or inverted pentagrams, or you might even try to include both of them. Whether it is a inverted, and upright pentagram, or pentacle will depend on its relativity to the center of the circle. Using the upright pentagram would bring the energies of the external, feminine, yin, and spiritual world to help you in you’re working, while using the inverted pentagram would bring the energies of the internal, masculine, yang, and  physical world to help you in you’re working. The Inverted pentagram is a lot more connected to the self, where the upright pentagram were connected to the collective, both are very wonderful symbols and can help you out on in creating your own magick circle. Simply by adding a circle around the pentagram, it will become the pentacle. inverted, or upright the circle of the pentacle will add energies of unity, and protection to the already existing power of the pentagram, but it is up to you to decide when to use which.


Another wonderful shape that you can bring into your magickal circle creation would be the hexagram. The hexagram is made when an upright triangle, and an inverted triangle meet to form the shape, because of this the hexagon shares correspondences with both triangles, and is also made out of masculine, and feminine energies, and yin, and yang energies. The hexagram also corresponds to the four elements and the Trinity because of the triangles that is made out of. The hexagram is also connected to the planetary energies, and  is also connected to the western four elements. Due to the fact the hexagram is made of the connection of the two triangles it is connected to both external, and internal manifestation, which makes it a good tool to have in magick circles that are related to invocation, and evocation.

Sigils, Glyphs, Names, And Symbols

Sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols are going to be powerful tools that will help you in the creation of your own magickal circle. All of these constructs have energies that are going to be used in order to empower, and guide you’re working towards your desire. Every one of these sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols is going to have its own correspondences, energies, and associations that will add different effects based on which one you choose, and how you choose to implemented into your circle. These can be taken from anywhere, or even created. This will not only personalize your circle, but will also provide energies that will be helpful with specific rituals, and practices. you can also choose to incorporate names of specific entities in order to invoke them to your ritual to help you accomplish your desires through the use of the circle.  All you would need to do is to write an entity’s name in, around, or near a specific aspect, or shape to connect their energies to that construct, so that their energies can help out your circle to manifest your desires. Their energy will usually show up to help you out, if they are willing to help you in your endeavors. Any surface that is blank in your magickal circle can be filled with some form of sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols to empower that specific part of the circle to represent a specific energy. By learning how these energies interact with each other, and work together to form one common goal the practitioner can craft a very effective circle in order to help them out with specific intents. Any shape that surrounds, or is near these sigils, glyphs, names, and symbols will be influenced by their energy.


Learning all of these elements of the circle will allow you to bring all these aspects together in perfect harmony to create a magical circle, that will be good for the workings that you want to do. It is a very creative, and magickal process that will push the extent of your metaphysical, and occult knowledge. But, through the creation of a magickal circle you will greatly be able to empower you working, and to better your magical effectiveness.

examples of concept:

Harry Potter headcanons, some serious, some very goofy, for talesfromterrafirma, who is wonderful and needs cheering up.

  • Ron is bisexual and had a major crush on Krum. (I mean this is canon, right?? wait now I’m imagining Ron/Krum/Hermione in a polyamorous relationship and I’m not sure how I got here but I’m glad I did)
  • Regulus Black and James Potter had a surprisingly friendly rivalry as opposing Seekers. Sirius hated his brother, but James always thought Regulus was a decent sort. For a Slytherin. They had a secret handshake that they’d do after playing each other, with slight variations depending on who caught the Snitch and whose team won the game.
  • Ginny wrote so much in Tom Riddle’s diary about her crush on Harry that Tom Riddle started to ship them. Though he would sacrifice himself and multiple other Horcruxes before admitting it.
  • Luna Lovegood is asexual and aromantic. She and Neville end up in a queerplatonic relationship, and they and Hannah Abbott all raise a family together.
  • The Sorting Hat tried to sort Hermione into Hufflepuff, but she said “No, thank you, I’ll be a Gryffindor.” And the Sorting Hat shrugged its brim and went with it.
  • The Sorting Hat and Fawkes are friends. They trade gossip on Hogwarts students and teachers when Dumbledore’s out of his office.
  • Lavender only dated Ron because she was afraid of people finding out that she was a lesbian. She and Parvati were much happier once they started dating.
  • Same thing happened with Dean and Ginny. Once Dean and Seamus started dating, Dean, Seamus, Lavender, and Parvati all became close friends. In the homophobic environment of Death Eater-run Hogwarts, the four would go on double dates so they could pretend to be two straight couples. 
  • Hermione invented a charm that could be applied to underwear to make menstrual blood vanish as soon as it touched the underwear. The best potion for dealing with cramps, however, was first brewed by Severus Snape when Lily Evans complained about the lack of ibuprofen at Hogwarts. This was Snape’s only positive contribution to the world.
  • McGonagall’s office door has that little queer-safe-space triangle in the window. 
  • Hermione is both black and Jewish. 

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Despite Ford’s insistence that he had a way to make all of this stop, to put an end to the evil triangle, Stan refused to let him leave the Shack.

“You and Mabel are staying put inside the Shack! And that’s final!”

The only reason Ford agreed to it is that Mabel and her two friends really did need someone to look after them, and Mabel hadn’t left her bedroom since she had ran into it in tears. She wouldn’t listen to his pleas for her to come out, to try to listen to him and his apologies.

He was pretty sure she opened the door to talk to Stan or Soos or Wendy about whether or not they had found Dipper, but she determinedly ignored him.

It had been two days since the Apocalypse started, and Dipper was still no where to be found. A part of Ford had already accepted that the boy was dead and that it was all his fault and that he deserved all of Mabel’s wrath. Another part of him refused to believe that and kept telling him that Dipper would show up any day now. Stan or Wendy or Soos would find the boy and bring him home, and Ford would be able to apologize for being so thoughtless.

Every time one of the others, be it Stan, the employees, or the two policemen, came back from their searches for Dipper, they brought another person into the Shack to take refuge.

So far, there was another little girl - Pacifica, she said her name was - a Manotaur, Multibear (but without Dipper, and the amount of crushing disappointment Ford felt was indescribable), a small collection of gnomes, a few of Jimmy’s biker gang members, and Fiddleford McGucket.

Ford hadn’t recognized the man at first, but once Stan told him it was “Old Man McGucket,” it was as though someone had punched Ford in the gut.

“But - but we’re the same height,” Ford said weakly as he took in McGucket’s appearance.

McGucket still couldn’t really remember who Ford was, and now that both he and Stan were occupying the same space, it seemed to make the man’s brain struggle with memories too much. He kept calling Stan Stanford, and while that was understandable considering Stan had been using the name for the last thirty years, McGucket also kept getting confused when it would turn out Stan had ten fingers instead of twelve, but couldn’t seem to figure out that Ford was the real Stanford.

Ford was regretting never telling the man that he had had a twin brother.

Stan, meanwhile, was starting to feel like he was losing his wits. Dipper was still missing. He hadn’t seen Jimmy since he had begged him to help look for Dipper. The guilt over losing Dipper was eating him away inside, and Stan was having nightmares over what would happen if Jimmy showed up, much worse for wear, and blaming Stan and his family for it.

Despite being in a literal apocalypse, not finding Dipper and Jimmy being angry at him and Mabel and Ford were still the most frightening things Stan could think of right then.

Stan and Ford were doing the night watch together as the rest of the survivors slept in their various places around the house. Grenda, Candy, and Pacifica were all up in Mabel’s room while the others found their own spots to sleep. Stan had let Soos take his bed while he was awake, and Ford had managed to successfully subtly suggest that McGucket take his.

It was the roar that alerted them that something was outside. While Ford tensed, not recognizing the sound, Stan jumped up and ran to the door. He peeked through the window first, eyes widening.

“It’s Jimmy!” Stan said, not bothering to keep quiet for the others.

Ford leaped to his feet.

“Is he alone?” Ford asked.

“I can’t tell from here,” Stan said, and he reached for the doorknob.

“Stan, wait!” Ford said, reaching him and grabbing his wrist. “If we open the door and there’s anything else out there - !”

“You were the one who put that barrier up, isn’t it supposed to keep everything out?” Stan said impatiently.

“Yes, but if we open the door it gets weaker. Besides, Jimmy’s a demonic entity, he won’t be able to breach the barrier. There’s no point in opening it for him.”

The look Stan gave Ford was painful to look at, and Ford couldn’t understand why Stan seemed to care so much about a man who had beat him black and blue and frightened the children.

Stan looked back out through the window, and Ford watched as his brother’s torn expression faded into shock and … awe.

“He - he has Dipper! Ford, he found Dipper!”


Ford looked out through the window and saw that, indeed, Jimmy Snakes had gotten off his bike and was hurrying towards the Shack, carrying something in his arms. Ford could see Dipper’s hat.

For a moment, Ford’s paranoia told him it was possible that Jimmy had found something to pretend to be Dipper just so the man could try to trick them into letting him into the Shack.

But Ford couldn’t voice that soon enough.

Stan threw the door open and went out onto the porch.


Ford stood in the doorway, watching.

Jimmy reached the Shack, but he hit the barrier. Just as Ford had warned, Jimmy as a demonic entity could not move past it.

But now that meant neither could Dipper.

“Give him here!” Ford said, moving out onto the porch and holding his arms out.

“What gives, Stan!?”

“Magic thingy that’s keeping this place safe from the Triangle Guy!”

“Why’s it keeping me out?”

“Because you’re evil, now hand him over!” Ford said, not having the patience for this. The longer the door was open, the more in danger everyone inside was.

But Stan reached out his hand, past the barrier.

“Grab on!” Stan said.

Jimmy took hold of Stan’s hand, holding Dipper close to his body somehow with one arm. With as much strength as Stan could manage, he pulled Jimmy closer to the house. The barrier caught on Jimmy’s hand, and for a moment, Ford could see a flash of fire.

“Stanley, what’re you - !?” Ford started, but soon he could see it for himself.

Despite having no reason to think it would work, the fact that Jimmy was being pulled through the barrier by a creature who could pass through the barrier with no problems was helping Jimmy make it through.

Ford watched as the barrier burned where Jimmy had exposed skin, though the demonic man just grunted through the pain.

Soon, despite all of Ford’s defensive measures, a being that wasn’t supposed to be able to go through the barrier was now on the other side of it. On their front porch. Holding their grand-nephew in his arms.

Jimmy panted slightly.

“Ow,” he said.

The three of them stepped back into the house, and Ford closed the door behind them.

“I tried feeding him while we made our way back, but he kept vomiting everything I could get my hands on,” Jimmy said. “And I can’t read anyone’s temperatures anymore, but I think he’s running a fever.”

Jimmy handed Dipper off to Stan, and Stan cradled the boy in his arms. Dipper looked worse for wear. His clothes were torn up and there was even blood on them. Ford could spot what he hoped was only a skin-deep wound, and it looked infected. Probably was the source of the fever.

“H-his bed’s in the attic,” Stan said. “I’ll take him up there and - and get what he needs. F-Ford, put on a pot of coffee.”

“For Dipper?” Ford asked, raising an eyebrow.

“For Jimmy, you dumbass,” Stan said, but he sounded too distracted to really have any bite to the insult.

Ford attributed it to the sheer relief that Dipper was alive.

Ford made the pot of coffee, but he didn’t fix Jimmy a mug. The biker was a grown man, he could do it himself. He didn’t care that he had just come in from outside. The Apocalypse was his Mephistopheles-given punishment. Jimmy Snakes deserved it.

Jimmy sat down at the kitchen table and stayed there. Not moving. Just stared at Ford and waited. Ford glared back at him and crossed his arms. He was not budging from his decision to make Jimmy get it himself when it was done.

When Stan came down to get the med kit, medicine, and food for Dipper, the coffee had finished brewing and he saw that they were having a stand-off.

“Holy Moses,” Stan muttered. He paused in getting what Dipper needed just long enough to make Jimmy’s coffee cup the way he liked it, then placed it in front of Jimmy.

Ford’s eyes widened as he watched Stan gently turn Jimmy’s head towards him and then kissed him.

Ford just stared at Jimmy as Stan then left with the things Dipper needed.

Jimmy had the biggest smirk on his face.

Ford felt like he understood Stan even less than he did before.

Also i keep thinking about “safe space” and remembering this very different thing I used to see around when I was young, and maybe people still do it but I don’t know, called “safe zone”

and that was where a teacher, professor, etc would put a pink triangle labeled “safe zone” on their door, so that LGBT students would know they could come out to that teacher without fear, and even beyond that i understand that it meant you could come to them with your existential crises too (”I think I’m gay, I don’t know who to tell at home, now what do I do?”)

The idea wasn’t that the professor would be hip to the identity lingo, or understand his “privilege” if he wasn’t gay himself. It was “I’m letting you know you can talk to me openly. You don’t have to be afraid of me.”

And to me, a “space” like that – small, two people, who know each other, one promising to make a commitment to listen to someone who has a reason to be vulnerable and hurting – seems so much more “safe” than a big group with members of all kinds of groups all of whom have rules for what words everyone else should use.

You can’t make something emotionally safe for someone if you don’t know them.


My take on a tungsten carbide fire steel scraper.

Made from a solid chunk of tungsten with x3 points and x3 faces, that loops onto a simple tether cord which then attaches to a 6mm thick ferrocerium rod.

The fire steel rod fits snugly into the safety break away housing and will not come out until a lot of force is applied allowing the striker to be used as its needed.

A circular non pointy version is on the way for those concerned about the points and I have made up a small kydex sheath to safely carry the triangle for those who get the point so to speak.

 Custom knives, sheaths and gear from