safe to say I DIED

i literally teared up at this…please can they just bring back Steve they need more time together. My heart is aching so much I just finished reading the novalisation and it is safe to say that I died a little at the descriptions of Steve and Diana’s feelings for each other. There’s just something about reading how both of them admired and loved the other so much, it’s an altogether amazing experience that we didn’t get to see from the movie.

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sense8 spoilers:

The problem with this godamn show is that there are so many plotlines that something totally happy will go on and the next scene something sad as heck will happen and im like,,, sense8,,, give me a break pls,,,

ex: NOMINITA PROPOSAL!!!! and then literally 10 minutes later, my baby, my boy, my beautiful, wolfgang gets KIDNAPPED AND TORTURED RIGHT BEFORE MEETING UP WITH HIS LOVE AND I WANT TO KILL MYSELF.

another ex: my pure gal dani kicks ass and gets lito a job!!! and then they are so happy!!! oh and then what happens? 4 minutes later wills dad dies and i can safely say it is one of the saddest scenes this show has ever had.

in conclusion this show is brilliant and toys with my emotions like a mother fucker.


we’re safe to say that sonic is saved. he’s back. i know he never died or anything, but still…. i’m crying tears of joy AAAAAAAA

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How do you think Illumi would react if Killua died? Like, I can't figure out if he really does care or in what capacity he cares. Does he value Killua as a person or just as an extension of his concept of "Family That Must Be Protected"?

Damn that’s a thought… does Illumi have the capacity to care in the emotional sense aside from anger? When Hisoka threatened to kill Killua, even in jest, his anger rose and bloodlust was unleashed. So it is pretty safe to say if Killua died, whoever was responsible would die shortly after. 

The way Illumi loves his family has gotten to the point of obsession, especially with regard to Killua. He will protect them at all costs, keep them close, even by controlling them like he did with Killua; he cares not for his own will. Him protecting his family is in many ways an assignment he cares about and will accomplish, even at the risk of his own life. Maybe it was something Silva told him to do early in his childhood and it stuck, growing into this. The only people the Zoldyck family will not kill is each other, so this is plausible.

There would be anger and rage and a desire for revenge and Illumi would hunt the culprit down. But what about after all that happens. After the revenge and anger. Now there’s just a dead brother. I think there would be an internal sense of disappointment in himself, however. He failed in a mission. That would not sit well.

But how interesting would it be to see him react. No longer in a burst of rage, that’s done, but just slipping in some everyday actions. Say he’s aiming for a target with his needles and he misses the first time. Or momentarily losing focus. Minor things. He’s generally okay, and you wouldn’t really notice anything unless you were looking for them, but there would be something off about him. I think that could work.

To be honest, I don’t know how Illumi would react, so all I can do is guess, but that was very interesting to consider. 

Sooo, I was thinking about what would have happened if aradia hadn’t died on the first blow from sollux (or maybe she actually didnt. we just dont know) and then this happened??? Not sure how I feel about this, but here.

– ((This reminds me of that one post where scar is holding mufasa over the cliffside and says his usual ‘long live the king’ and the post ends with it cutting to mufasa standing next to scar perfectly safe saying 'I almost died’ and long story short this submission is perfect omg))

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The thing about Dylan crying before killing himself can't be true. It would be in the autopsy, if there were signs of him crying. His face was also said to have a look of "serenity," meaning he was far from distressed.

Per the autopsy report, Dylan’s secondary cause of death was aspiration of blood in the lower airway and lungs. Before he expired, his body involuntarily (and unconsciously) went through the motions of choking and coughing up blood that was drowning his airways, preventing his body from normal breathing. He may not have died crying but I think it’s safe to say that he did not just simply die peacefully either.


“Meanwhile, Crabstickz and KickThePJ had started kissing and were having sex on the sofa. Like basically, like, I don’t even mess around with that ship because, like, like, like I just know that kickthestickz is real, you know what I mean? Like, I just have this feeling, I have a feeling, I swear to God, like, I’ve watched the videos that they’ve made with each other, and the way PJ looks at Chris? Like? I’m sorry, but you don’t look at your best friend like that. You don’t look at your best friend like that. You don’t look at your best friend like that. 

I don’t know. Basically, I’m like amazon. I ship anything.”

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Your recent drawing of spooky scary au just makes me think that Michael and Ray were friends before Michael died and one time Ray just kind of lost control and kind of brutally killed Michael and he just panicked once he realized what he'd done and Ray just kind of dragged him to the only place he knew to help Michael and yeah

oh man yea that’d be super brutal ;;; . Is it bad that i’m just over here like thinking how distraught Ray would be, woops sorry Michael. But yea it’d be traumatizing for both of them ;A;