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Chamber of Secrets AU

I was listening to some harry potter soundtracks trying to unwind, and I thought of a chamber of secrets au as a Concept so let’s go with some Rough Thoughts/very abridged story lol. There’s gaps and whatnot but whatever FOR FUN RIGHT <3. Plus Tom Riddle is less Voldemort and more Generic Unseen Malevolent Presence in this now lmao:

-Roman being very Insecure about somehow being able to talk to snakes because “I’m a Gryffindor.” 

-Virgil finding this strange black notebook and not telling anyone about it, secretly pouring his heart into it and relying on it more and more and…

-When the basilisk attacks start, Logan just gets more and more frustrated because it feels like he has the answer just within his grasp but he can’t quite reach it. Just before Roman’s about to head to the most important Quidditch match of the year, Logan’s eyes suddenly go wide and he’s like “I have to go to the library. Now. Right now!”

Roman just rolls his eyes as Logan sprints off. “Typical.”

But Patton is worried, so much so that he doesn’t even notice Virgil biting his lip, looking like he desperately wants to say something. Patton says, “Something doesn’t feel right, guys, I just need to check he’s okay.”

-Roman tries not to act too offended as Patton runs off. Suddenly, Virgil is clutching his sleeve tightly. “Virge, what on earth-?”

Virgil’s shaking. “I- I think I have to tell you s-something.”

“…Okay?” A pause. “Well?”

But Virgil shakes his head, and Roman is alarmed to see tears building in his eyes. “I- I can’t remember what.”

Roman tries to hide his confusion so as not to worry Virgil even more. “Hey, that’s okay. It’ll come back to you, I’m sure.”

-Meanwhile, Logan’s Done it, he’s found the solution, and he’s ripping a page out of a library book, for once not caring about vandalism. He hurriedly scrawls on the paper, and then is alarmed to hear Patton’s hurried footsteps get closer and closer. 

He reaches into his pocket and brings out a small mirror. “Wait,” he says quickly, tilting the mirror around the corner. “Patton, don’t-” But then, suddenly, everything turns cold and he feels himself floating away…

-Patton rounds the corner and screams at the sight of Logan on the floor, petrified. His eyes are blank and glassy, mouth frozen in an ‘oh’ of surprise, and the mirror lies near his hand on the ground and Patton panics because he doesn’t understand it, and they need Logan here to help them understand, what are they going to do-

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Nearly every year, for the past thirty years, Frances Goldin has gone to New York City Pride holding a sign that reads, “I adore my lesbian daughters. Keep them safe.” (x)

“Since the beginning of the parade, I’ve been going and waving my sign,” Goldin said. “It sort of hit a nerve with people, particularly those whose parents rejected them. The response to the sign is always so great — it urges me to keep going.”

“Everybody would come running up to her and cry, kiss her, and say, ‘Would you call my mother?’ or ‘Would you be my mother?’” her daughter, Sally, explained. 

“She’d take down names and addresses and write letters to these kids’ mothers!” 

When asked about all the young LGBT parade-goers who have begged her to speak to their own mothers, Goldin replied, “I think I changed a few people’s minds and I’m glad about that. Everyone should support their gay and lesbian children, they’re missing a lot in life if they don’t.”

Ireland vs Storm Ophelia

Okay so thought I’d let you tumblr guys know some stuff/warnings about Storm Ophelia

  • It’s due to hit Monday 16th (aka tomorrow). Apparently Kerry will face it around 6am.
  • There is a red weather warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford.
  • The rest of the country has an Orange weather warning but that can probably change so be aware
  • There is a high chance of power cuts so remember to get lots of bottled water, torches, candles etc.
  • Charge your phone to 100% and if there are power outages DO NOT use your phone in case you need it for an emergency. Read a book instead or something.
  • In case of floods protect all important documents and stuff. Put all valuable items in high presses.
  • Stock up on food too (Last time we had a storm this bad we forgot to buy food for the house and it was awful)
  • For people who have anxiety about the storm remember that this is only temporary weather and do whatever you can to keep yourself calm. Whether that is reading, drawing or keeping yourself busy by cleaning the house. The storm won’t last forever and I promise you’ll be safe.
  • Check whether or not your school/work has been cancelled to avoid any unnecessary travel

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment but if anyone wants to add anything to the list feel free to write away. Stay safe Xx


have you found something to do that for you?
maybe, maybe.


“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.”  - (x)


The War Boys call him “lucky,” to be favored by the Imperator.

The Sisters call him her “support/partner.”

Furiosa calls him “reliable.”

Max thinks the correct term they’re looking for is “furniture.”

But all things considered, he’s been used for worse before. He doesn’t mind being of use to Furiosa.

I said I wanted to draw a series of doodles of Furiosa using Max as various forms of furniture mostly to lean upon…and him making bemused grumpy faces.

The Throne is especially for bonehandledknife 


#these two scenes imo show exactly why shaw considers root her safe place #let me explain why #so the first gif is just the most serene and content i’ve ever seen shaw #like ever #she’s in eternal bliss and all root is doing is rubbing her back #look at her lip bite #she couldn’t be more of a cat purring in this moment #and then onto the second gif #shaw would legit be on her death bed swearing she’s ok or that nothing is wrong #that’s just how stubborn she is #but in the second gif she actually admitted that she didn’t know if she was ok #the only person she felt comfortable enough to admit that to was root #she’s never been this vulnerable with anyone else #but she loves root and she trusts her so it was just easy for her #what i’m saying is… #they will never not fuck me up


I’m so glad that this might be the last doodle that I post on my blog before Hurricane Irma knocks out my power for potentially weeks hahahahaha