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Think of napping as a basic right, not a petty luxury….

Establish a few basic preconditions. Find a safe space, like an unoccupied office or a dedicated rest area, where you’re unlikely to be bothered. Block out light with an eye mask. Absolute quiet is not a requirement for sleep, but if you are in a particularly noisy place, like a factory, use earplugs. You don’t need to lie down. Napping can be achieved sitting upright, cheek on the desk. “Bring along a small pillow for your head,” Léger says. The ideal snooze time will depend on your sleep schedule, but most daytime workers experience peak drowsiness in the afternoon. Léger hopes that someday, a quick slumber will re­place the post-lunch coffee. “Napping is much more powerful than caffeine,” he says, “and there are no negative side effects.”

Patients often tell Léger how they sneak into the bathroom or into their parked cars to nod off during the workday. Their fatigue embarrasses them. Do your part to destigmatize naps by talking openly about how pooped you feel. Tell your co-workers you intend to sleep for 20 minutes. “There is nothing shameful about a nap,” Léger says.
—  How to Nap, New York Times

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im TIRED of seeing comments saying larries ruined H&L's friendship. good lord how weak of a person must you be to let a supposed "fan conspiracy" tear you apart? antis really dont get it do they?

That is truly one of the WORST arguments. Like, really? All of the boys are openly supportive of LGBTQIA+. Their concerts revel in safe spaces. Harry dances with rainbow flags. Louis is out at gay clubs. You will not convince me EVER that their friendship was ruined by larries or gay rumors. 

  • millennial: wow this has been a really hard week
  • baby boomer: wElCoMe to BEING AN ADULT!!!! Time for your BIG KID PANTS because LIFE SUCKS and you better GET USED TO IT!!! What?? Were you expecting a SaFe SpAcE?!?!?

i’m definitely wary of people that are like, “you talk like you’re from tumblr! all of your discourse is from tumblr! you’re just repeating everything you’ve learned from tumblr” because like… honestly academia is not accessible because it’s a) difficult to get access to unless you’re affiliated with an institution b) academic language is difficult to understand - they’re writing for a different audience and i’m not always at 100% where i have the executive capabilities to read through dense, conceptual, highly crafted academically minded literature and i’m sure many people can relate c) we need to hear different voices and different perspectives and oftentimes the voices we need to hear can only get published on social media because of like… institutional oppression. 

things like emotional labor and intersectionality and the need for safe spaces and so many topics related to queer theory are important and they’re real and in order to be better caregivers and helpers and friends and lovers, we need to know about them. a lot of these academic concepts are about respect. they’re meant to teach us how we’re oppressed and how we oppress others and how others and what we can do to be better to each other. 

sometimes the only way you get to know about these things is from crowd-sourced knowledge. that’s revolutionary. that’s amazing. it’s free! you’re not in debt and you’re not obligated to do homework on it unless you want to. however, we’re not all peer reviewed and that has consequences. we have to peer review each other. 

one thing i suggest is that we make sources known and that we cite things “PROPERLY” (i am a slave to APA style- everyone that knows me well knows this) so we avoid co-opting ideas and like… blatant plagiarism 

social media is a neutral tool - it is what we make of it. 

Privileged folk ridiculing safe spaces is so funny as if men don’t refuse to enter “girly” stores and have “man caves”, as if white people don’t avoid black neighbourhoods, as if straight people don’t ostracise gay people from their social circles, like who’s really the one with the safe spaces lol

Gentle reminders for Pride Month

Out does not always = Proud.

You can be proud without being out.

It’s okay to be closeted for your own safety.

You are not any less valid if you’re not out.

Your identity still matters if you’re not out.

You’re not “lying” or “faking it” if you’re not out.

It’s not “just a phase” if you’re not out.

Your feelings are still real if you’re not out.

It’s okay if you aren’t sure of your sexuality yet, and aren’t comfortable coming out.

You matter,

You’re real,

You’re valid,

And you’re allowed to take time to figure yourself out.