Maybe Rebecca is left reeling because Aaron straight up tells her that she was being a piece of shit for taking advantage of Robert when what Robert needed was a friend to help him…not try to sleep with him (I say try cause I’m still not convinced it happened). And he’s all, “that’s what I did in the same situation. Because that’s what you do when you love someone.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you make fun of people for protesting, crying, having a panic attack, or needing comforting because Donald Trump is president, and you blame it on “participation trophies”, you’re confessing to having an extreme amount of privilege.

There are Muslims who have to worry about their loved ones being deported. There are poor and disabled people who have to worry about losing their healthcare due to a preexisting condition. There are victims of police brutality who have to worry that the crimes committed against people like them will be taken less seriously than they already are. There are victims of sexual assault who are reminded that a man can brag about sexually assaulting women and still be supported by many people. There are victims of hate crimes who have to worry that the KKK, Nazis, and white supremacists feel more validated with Trump as president.

And despite all of that, you’re still able to think it’s literally just a game.

˗ˏˋ little emoji asks ˎˊ˗

🌟 | what techniques do you use when you can’t fall asleep?
🐰 | is there a story behind your favorite stuffie’s name?
🌸 | do you have any interesting or unusual hobbies?
🌵 | is your reaction fight or flight when someone is mean to you?
☁️ | how do you cheer yourself up when you’re sad?
💦 | does thunder scare you or do you love storms?
🎀 | did you ever play dress up when you were younger?
💫 | do you believe in extraterrestrials or ghosts?
💿 | what are your favorite little space movies?
💧 | do you own any bath toys? how many?
🌱 | when did you discover your little side? how did you begin to explore it?
🍼 | do you prefer juice, milk, or water?
🌷 | have any advice for littles struggling to identify themselves?
✨ | when was the last time you wished upon a star? did your wish come true?
💭 | what helps you regress on days when little space seems out of reach?
✈️ | do you travel with any little supplies? what do you never leave the house without?
🐭 | what pet names do you love to be called?
🌿 | how do you motivate yourself to get out of bed on lazy days?
📩 | do you enjoy coloring? what’s the last thing you colored?
💎 | are you materialistic or a minimalist?
💒 | have you ever thought about leaving little space permanently because it frustrated you?
🌙 | do you like bedtime stories? which is your favorite?

What I heard all day from right-wing tumblrs: Berkeley students torched Milo’s speech, Berkeley should be defunded, it produces nothing bit snowflakes

What I learned in 15 seconds of actually reading official statements: Berkeley students were protesting for hours before 150 masked people showed up from off-campus, Berkeley canceled the talk and made sure Milo was safe.

Fucking echo chambers.