safe spaces

Privileged folk ridiculing safe spaces is so funny as if men don’t refuse to enter “girly” stores and have “man caves”, as if white people don’t avoid black neighbourhoods, as if straight people don’t ostracise gay people from their social circles, like who’s really the one with the safe spaces lol


Even if Pai’s repeal of net neutrality has to go through the Court of Appeals before anything can take effect, and even if changes to the internet would be gradual in the unlikely chance the repeal would be accepted by said court, we will still need to fight for our internet.

Keep calling your reps! Keeping making noise!

If fandom communities are important to you…

If online friendships are important to you…

If online safe spaces are important to you…

If having a voice is important to you…

If finding a job is important to you…

If running a business online is important to you…

If online shopping is important to you…

Do not stop fighting for the internet until we are assured that it will not be taken away.

Being Little: Nicknames

These are just a couple nicknames that are not meant for a specific gender, nor are they for everyone!

~Baby Boy
~Baby Cakes
~Baby Doll
~Baby Girl
~Cuddle Bug
~Cutie Pie
~Cutie Patoot(ie)
~Fruit Loop
~Honey Bun
~Jelly Bean
~Lamb Chop
~Little Boy
~Little Girl
~Little One
~My Everything
~My One and Only
~My Love
~My World
~Num Nums
~Other Half
~Teddy Bear

I talked to a prison guard today and he told me that every time he has to put a pedophile in his cell the first time he gets there, after he’s locked him up he shouts, “Maybe time in here will make you learn not to sexually abuse children!” and all the inmates mutter and stuff. The pedophiles usually beat up the next day.

  • person: okay i just want a single place thats safe for maybe an hour for me to exist
  • self-proclaimed anti-sjw: I want the entire world to be safe for me to never have consequences, not even just exist but literally never have any consequences, you selfish fuck. what about my feelings??? you're all such babies. unlike me. the person that wants everywhere to be just for me.

Things that mean a lot to a little

  • Praise!!! Even just “good girl/boy/little”
  • Attention in any amount
  • Checking up on us randomly in the day
  • Falling asleep on the phone together
  • Any pictures you send
  • New cute pet names
  • Doing anything/everything to encourage little space
  • Not necessarily understanding breakdowns/triggers, but helping us through them
  • Messages consisting of any action between ** (like *kisses you* or anything else)
  • Reading to us. It can be a news article just read. A cg’s voice is sooo soothing
  • Joking around
  • Treating us like you treat your friends
  • Supporting major decisions
  • Being super patient with us
If you need a safe space, see a therapist. University is not a safe space. If university is done right, it’s a radically unsafe space. If you want to go somewhere and get yourself taken apart, intellectually, and then hopefully get put back together, then go to university. Everything you believe should be challenged in every possible way.
—  Jordan B. Peterson, Strengthen the Individual: Q&A
Little Space: Apps

Here is a list of apps that make me feel little that I have, have played, or heard about. They are for all ages in little space. I did not group them by little age, as it varies person to person. These games may not be for everyone, but I hope this list helps! There are many coloring, cooking, dress up, and puzzle apps out there. The list would be far too long to be if any help if I included them all, but if you’re looking for more apps than this, you can go to search in specific categories in the App Store! I know this isn’t the longest list ever, but I will also be adding to it! If you have any more Apps you enjoy, feel free to add to the list!

I have an apple product, and I know these are compatible with Apple! I have labeled them by game type then by their developer if there are multiple games I enjoy by the same developer. If there is only one game by one developer, I will not list the decoder.

Animal Collecting Games:
Here are some animal collecting like games!

Tapps Tecnological da …:
(A very long developer name, but really any of the animal evolution games! The games by this developer seem cute!)
~Cat Evolution
~Cow Evolution
~Dragon Evolution
~Giraffe Evolution
~Goat Evolution
~My Virtual Bear
~My Virtual Pet Shop
~Octopus Evolution
~Platypus Evolution

Storm8 Studios LLC:
~Dragon Story™
~Pet Shop Story™

Misc. Developers:
~Alpaca World
~Barbie™ You Can Be Anything
~Battle Cats
~Magikarp Jump
~Neko Atsume
~Pet Home
~Pocket Frogs
~Puzzles and Dragons
~Tap Tap Fish -Abyssrium
~Tiny Monsters™
Dress Up Games:
~Any Barbie dress up game
~Barbie Magical Fashion
~Covet Fashion
~Fab Life (if you delete this game or change devices, you will have to start over, I’ve had this happen when changing phones)
~Hello Kitty Nail Salon
~Love Nikki
~Monster High Frightful Fashion
~Sago Mini Babies Dressup

Life Style:
(I wasn’t sure what to call this very tiny category, but these two apps help me when I have to be big, while still being little!

~Fortune City
~Plant Nanny (helps keep track of how much water you need to drink a day, while growing a cute little plant!)

Micromanagement Games:

Here’s a couple micromanagement games!

Glu Games Inc:
~Diner Dash
~Hotel Dash
~Wedding Dash

Oriented Games:
~Pretty Pet™ Pony
~Pretty Pet Salon Asian
~Pretty Pet Tycoon

LDW Software, LLC:
~Virtual Families 1 & 2
~Virtual Town
~Virtual Villagers 4 & 5

Other Developers:
~Cooking Fever
~Monster High™ Minis Mania (This is the only game I have that was created by this developer, but there may be more games to check out!)

Other Games:

These are just some random games that are loads of fun, but I don’t have a specific category to or them in.

Budge Studios:
From the apps I’ve looked though, this developer seems like a good one for little space! There are many more than this list, but I tried to cover some of their app topics! (I have the Hello Kitty Lunchbox game, and if you want to be able to do more things, you need to pay which is no fun, but you can still re-create the same recipe over and over to unlock new things! I assume this is how some of the others by this developer are!)
~Care Bears: Wish Upon A Cloud
~Chuggington Train Adventure
~Hello Kitty Lunchbox
~My Little Pony: Harmony Quest
~Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
~Strawberry Shortcake Berryfest
~The Smurfs Bakery
~Thomas and Friends: Express Delivery
~Thomas and Friends: Go Go Thomas

~Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot
~Palace Pets in Whisker Haven
~Where’s My Water?

~Tiny Towers

Other Developers:
~Banana Bunch
~Barbie Life™
~Care bears rainbow play time
~Crossy Road
~Cut The Rope
~Duck Life
~Ever After High™
~Feed Animals
~Monster High™
~Plants Vs. Zombies
~Smurfs Village
~The Ships
~Toca Hair Salon
~Unison League

literally no one is forcing you to go to a “safe space” so if you can’t fucking keep your mouth shut and stop yourself from spewing bullshit hate, … you literally don’t have to go to one. 

… you have no reason to be in a safe space … their existence does nothing to you you fucking asshole. it’s literally fucking meaningless to you. you’ve just picked a fucking buzzword and decided to arbitrarily be against it based on how it sounds because you hate marginalized people, but you don’t want to say that’s why you’re uncomfortable with safe spaces

and just to be a fucking asshole: sounds to me like you want the world to be your safe space, whereas marginalized folks just want one small area where they can relax. you’re not asking for safe spaces to stop existing, you’re asking for everywhere to be YOUR safe space. that’s literally what your doing. 

yall out here like “if consequences exist in any place, even a place i will never go to, i hate it.”