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Keiynan just posted a InstaStory about "You've got a safe space here" And I have this feeling that he is shading SG... Like, he came out not long ago, and he is such a good example of an actor embracing himself, that I have this feeling that he is telling us. Love him

Of course he is. He works for the CW. They probably heard about it. Besides, it’s been a big drama. I knew I chose well in stanning. Honestly? I stan the right people

This blog is a safe space for anyone who is:

Non binary
Gender questioning
Gender queer
Gender neutral
(The list goes on)

Reblog if your blog is a safe space too! 😁

Reblog If Your Blog is A Safe and Welcoming Place For People of All Races, Genders, Ethnicities, Religions, and Sexual Orientations
you are still a valid little if you:

• have tattoos or body piercings
• smoke / drink / use
• embrace your sexuality
• didn’t have a troubled childhood
• still live with your parents
• are overweight / underweight
• drink from a regular glass
• don’t wear diapers / pull-ups
• don’t wear onesies or footie pajamas
• dislike using pacifiers
• prefer showers over baths
• would rather collect books instead of stuffed animals
• think glitter is too messy to keep around
• pink or blue ( or rainbow ) isn’t your color
• find coloring / crafts boring 
• find cartoons or disney movies non-entertaining
• don’t eat sweets
• dislike chicken nuggets / fruit snacks / macaroni & cheese
• dislike juices or milk
• prefer actual children over animals
• have kids / are pregnant
• need space / alone time
• have a mental disorder ( not only anxiety & depression )
• have a physical disability
• are a member of the lgbtq+ community
• don’t have a caregiver
• & more…

you are too unique to fall under a stereotype perfectly so don’t worry about your body type, regressors, or whether you’re a “real little” or not, you are valid no matter the situation. there are no rules to “little” - all you need is yourself to get lost in the feeling.

Little Foods🍴✨💙

- Macaroni and cheese
- Dino/Chicken Nuggets with ketchup
- Fish Sticks
- Sunny side up eggs with toast dipping soldiers
- Pancakes or waffles with LOTS of syrup and whipped cream
- PB&J sandwich
- Alphabet soup or spaghettios
- Pigs in a blanket (baby hotdogs wrapped in buttery dough)
- Lucky Charms cereal with banana

- Baby Carrots and Ranch dip
- Ants on a log (celery spread with peanut butter and raisins for ants)
- Trail mix
- Goldfish Crackers
- Applesauce
- Yoghurt (regular or frozen)
- Apple slices with peanut butter
- Pretzels
- Strawberries

- Rice Crispie Treats
- Oreo cookies and milk
- Jellybeans
- Superman Ice cream
- Mini cupcakes
- Fairy bread (white bread spread with butter and covered in candy balls)
- Gummy bears
- Donut holes

- Apple or orange juice
- Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
- Milk (warm or cold)
- Fruit smoothies
- Slushies

How to be an angel 😇

-collect anything silks!! silks are a key factor to feeling angelic. opt for a champagne colored silk or other neutrals. you can have silk sheets, a silk robe, and little teddies
-drape yourself in white long dresses or loose white button downs
-if you wear heels, keep the white, clear, beige, or champagne and wear them with your robe
-wear gloss instead of lipstick
-wear gold jewelry instead of silver
-paint yourself with glittery body mists and sparkly stuff!!
-be friendly and gentle, especially to your lover !

How to be a queen 👸🏻

-appreciate yourself ! confidence is the most powerful look you can wear, and if you want to feel royal, accept your natural beauty
-wear LONG dresses/ robes, if you can get a long silk robe… do it!!!!
-make yourself or find yourself a crown that fits you
-spruce yourself up! dress up for yourself, do your make up, make people want to be you
-be kind, but assertive, always know when to say no
-stick to finer perfumes that last long, they give you a more grown up/ royal feel
-stand up for what you believe in
-wear your hair down or in a fancy updo (you wouldn’t want pigtails, ponytails, or something with a headband)
-take care of your skin!!!
-invest in some beautiful sheets to take artistic selfies of you glowing in them
-speak properly and with appropriate projection
-write fancy letters in beautiful ink
-primp, take a lovely bath with lavender oil

Please don't attack young witches!

So many of these young girls and boys are trying desperately hard to understand and use difficult concepts in their daily life. We have to encourage exploration! If they use a term incorrectly, politely correct them and explain what they may have been trying to use! We need to foster growth! I’ve seen too many witches and pagans alike jumping down the throats of young kids who are accidentally being “offensive”. Please remember what it was like when you first started. Remember trying to find your footing.