This blog is a safe space for anyone who is:

Non binary
Gender questioning
Gender queer
Gender neutral
(The list goes on)

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Reblog If Your Blog is A Safe and Welcoming Place For People of All Races, Genders, Ethnicities, Religions, and Sexual Orientations
you are still a valid little if you:

• have tattoos or body piercings
• smoke / drink / use
• embrace your sexuality
• didn’t have a troubled childhood
• still live with your parents
• are overweight / underweight
• drink from a regular glass
• don’t wear diapers / pull-ups
• don’t wear onesies or footie pajamas
• dislike using pacifiers
• prefer showers over baths
• would rather collect books instead of stuffed animals
• think glitter is too messy to keep around
• pink or blue ( or rainbow ) isn’t your color
• find coloring / crafts boring 
• find cartoons or disney movies non-entertaining
• don’t eat sweets
• dislike chicken nuggets / fruit snacks / macaroni & cheese
• dislike juices or milk
• prefer actual children over animals
• have kids / are pregnant
• need space / alone time
• have a mental disorder ( not only anxiety & depression )
• have a physical disability
• are a member of the lgbtq+ community
• don’t have a caregiver
• & more…

you are too unique to fall under a stereotype perfectly so don’t worry about your body type, regressors, or whether you’re a “real little” or not, you are valid no matter the situation. there are no rules to “little” - all you need is yourself to get lost in the feeling.

🌱 You are Little and you are available to say: 🌱

🌻 I don’t like it
🌻 I don’t want to
🌻 I can’t do it by myself
🌻 I need you
🌻 I feel alone
🌻 I don’t feel well
🌻 I don’t feel comfortable
🌻 I don’t feel safe
🌻 I want to be loved
🌻 I deserve to be loved
🌻 I must be respected

How to be an angel 😇

-collect anything silks!! silks are a key factor to feeling angelic. opt for a champagne colored silk or other neutrals. you can have silk sheets, a silk robe, and little teddies
-drape yourself in white long dresses or loose white button downs
-if you wear heels, keep the white, clear, beige, or champagne and wear them with your robe
-wear gloss instead of lipstick
-wear gold jewelry instead of silver
-paint yourself with glittery body mists and sparkly stuff!!
-be friendly and gentle, especially to your lover !


After I wrote about my coming out story and the significance of queer Muslim representation on @theboldtypetv for @glaad, I opened my DMs so that folks could come out or make a confession anonymously. 

Here are just a few. 

Check out the whole thread on Twitter: